Master Social Intelligence Like a Wizard


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Ultimately the chasm between insight & execution has disappeared – optimizing digital content for sharing and ensuring relevance through segmentation is more important than ever before. To effectively develop digital strategy, you must first understand customer online behavior through online data, and monitoring is only the tip of the iceberg. By applying SDL’s Customer Commitment Framework, our clients cost effectively benchmark, understand and drive activity to secure competitive advantage, win new customers and grow customer value over time, in real-time.

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Master Social Intelligence Like a Wizard

  1. 1. MasterSocialIntelligenceLike aWizardRuss Taufa, Insights Manager, SDL
  2. 2. SOCIALLY CONNECTING STRATEGYContextThe challenge is analyzingand making sense of the vastdataset that is available...“90% of the data in the worldtoday has been created inthe last two years alone.”Source: IBM/bigdata2
  3. 3. SOCIALLY CONNECTING STRATEGYHow we think about social dataTime & $ willing to investMonitoring &listeningSocialinsightsSocial Intelligence:Predictive measurementand indicesUseofinsightindecisionmaking3Limited Scalability
  4. 4. SOCIALLY CONNECTING STRATEGYKey market trends in social4 Environment is maturing, driving the market toconsolidate The move to ‘social intelligence’ or ‘socialbusiness’ is happening• This is also driving the implementation on Enterprise‘workflows’ Flurry of new entrants into social:• Not just driven by ‘start up’ SMBs, but Enterpriseswanting to play
  5. 5. SOCIALLY CONNECTING STRATEGYKey market trends in social5 Consolidation is creating a focus on socialintegration of software• Large software players are acquiring businesses tointegrate into ‘suites’ We are focusing therefore on using SocialIntelligence to enable an end to end customerexperience
  6. 6. SOCIALLY CONNECTING STRATEGYOur toolset: solutions to solve for any business problemSM2CustomerCommitmentDashboardProfessionalservicesS O C I A L I N T E L L I G E N C EData collection andvisualizationReal-timepredictivemeasurementData deep dives &customizedreporting6
  7. 7. SOCIALLY CONNECTING STRATEGYImplications7The chasmbetween insight &execution has nowdisappearedBe clear about thevalue prop behindeach social channelOptimize digitalcontent for sharing& create clear callsto actionIntegrate thecustomer journey:enable connectionpointsBe relevant:segmentation ismore importantthan ever beforeStructure the datain a way that worksfor you7
  8. 8. SOCIALLY CONNECTING STRATEGYKey Takeaways8Social is another data set tosupplement and complementexisting research, but cannot beignoredIn order to effectively strategizein digital, you need tounderstand customer onlinebehavior through online dataStart with your businessobjectives vs. customer demandsin mind when building socialstrategy to ensure a fairexchangeSocial monitoring is only the tipof the icebergSocial intelligence metrics allowfor a high level strategicsnapshot in real-time – deepdives into the data reveal driversof the score leading toactionable insightsBy applying researchmethodologies to social as adata set, we can map customerjourneys and create audiencesegmentations to ensure contentis relevant and targeted drivingefficient marketing spend & ROI