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SDL Social Intelligence Divison Webinar: Beyond the Buzz - Social Media Data Insights from the Olympics
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SDL Social Intelligence Divison Webinar: Beyond the Buzz - Social Media Data Insights from the Olympics


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. If Social Media could tellyou a story, would youlisten? THE BUZZBEYONDJames Ainsworth – Social Media Manager.Social Media Data Insights from the Olympics Photo: E GreenJames AinsworthSocial Media Manager – SDL Social Intelligence Division21 August 2012 SDL Proprietary and Confidential
  • 2. You might remember usfrom…
  • 3. SDL Recognized Leader in Global Information Management• Publicly traded company with $400m annual • Award-winning and profitable company, with revenues long-term financial stability• Over 2,700 employees in 70 offices across • 1,500+ enterprise customers and partners 38 countries • SDL is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012• World-leading innovative technology3
  • 4. Global Information Management Maps the Customers‟ Journey andDrives the Customer Experience Analysis & Intelligence Customer Content Experience Creation & Optimization Management Multi- Language Channel Management Engagement Campaign Management4
  • 5. A bit about me…before the good stuff James Ainsworth… Social Media Manager for SDL Social Intelligence Division Twitter: @SDLjames Email: ENJOY THE WEBINAR AND FEEL FREE TO TWEET -A- LONG: #BEYONDBUZZ & @SDLsocial
  • 6. Social Media Monitoring is not just responding to Twitter moaners MYTH BUSTING
  • 7. 50+ Billion stored conversations and results60+ languages20+ Automated sentiment analysisDashboardsAlertsStoryboardsCustom Sources
  • 8. Social Media Data is an enabler and actionable Highly responsive: can collect & Is highly respond to insight on any Targeted: can scalable: timescale relate specific Provides activities to access to high conversations volumes of at a defined data & a global dataset The point in time Can provide a 360 degree view of a value Highly predictive: customer (not just about their relationship to social conversations are leading indicators your brand) data Provides brings Longitudinal: unique access we can look to competitor back & track activity In context: forward feedback is pure & customer generated (not contrived) 9
  • 9. Powered byOLYMPIC SOCIAL MEDIA STORY-TELLING10 Photo: E Green
  • 10. Postcards from Twitter The biggest moments of competition, as measured by Tweets per minute (TPM) Usain Bolt (@UsainBolt) of Jamaica wins gold in the 200m sprint: 80,000+ TPM Bolt wins gold in the 100m sprint: 74,000+ TPM Andy Murray (@andy_murray) wins gold in the men‟s tennis singles: 57,000+ TPM Jamaica wins gold and sets the world record in the men‟s 4x100 relay: 52,000+ TPM Team USA beats Spain to win gold in men‟s basketball: 41,000+ TPM11 SOURCE: Twitter
  • 11. Postcards from Facebook12 Photo: E Green
  • 13. Olympic Torch Relay Facts • Distance travelled, approx. Source: Guardian 8000 miles, through 1,019 communities in 70 days • 68 modes of transport • Travelling within 10 miles of 95% of the UK population • 80cm long • 800 kg • 8000 holes – each represents the 8000 torch carriers • 10 minutes burning time14
  • 14. Torch Twitter Tweets15
  • 15. Hashtag Podium #LONDON #olympic 2012 #BBC TORCH Torch Torch CAM 75% RELAY 7% 18% Which Hashtag has the greatest share of Tweets?16
  • 16. Hashtag Adoption at Events 1000 1000 The People drive Hashtag adoptionMentions #OlympicTorch #BBCTorchCam #London2012TorchRelay 17 Torch Relay Begins
  • 17. Mentions of Places in Tweets70 Belfast Bristol Birmingham Blackpool60 Brighton Bristol Cardiff Chelmsford50 Sheffield Chester Derby Dublin40 Edinburgh Dublin Leeds Glasgow Hastings Liverpool Lands End30 Leeds Liverpool Luton20 Norwich Nottingham Oxford10 Reading Sheffield Southampton 0 Stornoway Taunton Eastenders Weymouth18
  • 18. The blur between reality and fiction70 Belfast Bristol Birmingham Blackpool60 Brighton Bristol Cardiff Chelmsford50 Sheffield Chester Derby Dublin40 Edinburgh Dublin Leeds Glasgow Hastings Liverpool Lands End30 Leeds Liverpool Luton20 Norwich Nottingham Oxford10 Reading Sheffield Southampton Stornoway 0 Taunton Eastenders Weymouth19
  • 19. What‟s your priority? Hashtag or Foursquare Check-In? 1000 1000Mentions OT BTC LTR 4sq 13-May 14-May 15-May 16-May 17-May 18-May 19-May 20-May 21-May 22-May 23-May 24-May 25-May 26-May 27-May 20 Torch Relay Begins
  • 20. Insights and Recommendations • Advocates -Diary, Community Manager Role, Torch Relay prize • Support the conversation, don‟t assume ownership • Visual Feast – User Generated Content from Sponsors21
  • 21. Powered byTHE STORY OF THEOPENING CEREMONY22 Photo: E Green
  • 22. Opening Ceremony: Demographics & Share of Voice Blog Under 18 Over 50 Message Board/Forum Microblog 18-24 Female Male 35-49 Social Network 25-34 Video/Photo Sharing Media Types - Other23
  • 23. The Opening Ceremony – Aggregate Sentiment Timeline Time: 2000 – 2059 15 minute intervals 15000 Negative Positive 10000 5000 024
  • 24. The Opening Ceremony – Aggregate Sentiment Timeline Time: 2100-2159 15 minute intervals 4400 Negative Positive 4200 4000 3800 360025
  • 25. The Opening Ceremony – Aggregate Sentiment Timeline Time: 2200-2259 15 minute intervals Negative Positive 6000 4000 2000 026
  • 26. The Opening Ceremony – Aggregate Sentiment Timeline Time: 2300-2259 15 minute intervals Negative Positive 3000 2000 1000 027
  • 27. Facebook v Twitter Content28
  • 28. “Brands” at the Opening Ceremony Danny Boyle NHS Beckham Very Negative Somewhat Negative Neutral Somewhat Positive Very Positive Beckham NHS Boyle Volume of Mentions by “Brand” Category29
  • 30. Olympic Sponsors Buzz Buzz has its place… • Buzz is good for an overview of what is happening in social. • Buzz will not tell you what is going on under the surface. Insights are value added… • Insights tell the story behind the buzz • Insights can provide answers that lead to actionable changes within a business31
  • 31. Olympic Sponsorship Facts • The Olympics Games are sponsored by 11 multinational companies (Worldwide TOP Partners) who pay almost $1 billion for worldwide marketing rights to summer and winter Games over a four-year cycle. • Olympic Sponsorship accounts for 40% or Olympic Games revenues • Fans had to use Visa to pay for items by card at Olympic venues and they also needed a card to buy tickets for events online in the first place. • In 1964, as part of the Tokyo Games, "Olympia" cigarette brand generated more than $1 million in revenue for the organizing committee. Tobacco is now a banned category in sports sponsorship. • The British Government offered tax exemptions to TOP and London 2012 sponsors based outside Great Britain on Olympic earnings. After pressure groups lobbied around the issue, a number of sponsors have foregone this „generous‟ offer. • A study by GFK has indicated that the brands associated with the Torch Relay are benefitting from their involvement when it comes to brand awareness. 25% of UK population is aware that Coke and Visa are partner brands. 15% are aware of Samsung, Lloyds TSB, P&G, BT and EDF are involved. Source: IEG/REUTERS32
  • 32. Official Sponsorship Tiers Coca-Cola Adidas McDonalds BMW GE Dow Adecco BP Panasonic ArcelorMittal British Acer Atos Cadbury Airways Omega Cisco Deloitte BT EDF Visa P&G Thomas Cook Lloyds TSB33 Samsung UPS
  • 33. Sponsors – One week before Opening Ceremony5000 acer adecco4500 adidas arc Atos4000 BA BMW3500 BP BT3000 Cadbury Cisco Coca Cola2500 Deloitte Dow2000 EDF GE1500 Lloyds TSB McDs1000 Omega P&G Panasonic 500 Samsung Thomas Cook 0 UPS 7/20/2012 7/21/2012 7/22/2012 7/23/2012 7/24/2012 7/25/2012 7/26/2012 7/27/2012 Visa34
  • 34. Volume of mentions during the week before the Games begin and their Sponsorship Tier1200010000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 TOP Tier Tier 35 Worldwide Partner One Two
  • 35. Aggregate sentiment of the Top & Bottom „buzziest‟ brands Aggregate Sentiment of Top 5 Volume Brands30002500200015001000 500 0-500 McDonalds Coca Cola Samsung Adidas Visa 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 -10 Acer Arc Deloitte Thomas Cook Adecco -20 Aggregate Sentiment of Bottom 5 Volume Brands 36
  • 36. Aggregate Sentiment of the Top & Bottom „buzziest‟ brands – Insights 1 week before Games begin Aggregate Sentiment of Top 5 Adidas paid less than the other brands and are Volume Brands generating the 4th largest volume of noise. Great 3000 marketing? Accessible brand? 2500 Adidas drill down: Discussion of Stella McCartney‟s 2000 design of TEAM GB kit 1500 1000 McDonalds are generating a lot of buzz. When you look at it closely, you see that more mentions are negative 500 than positive. 0 McDonalds Coca Cola Samsung Adidas Visa McDonalds drill down: Mentions discuss the „hypocrisy‟ -500 of Fast Food chain sponsoring sporting event. Chips scandal. Acer, as one of the TOP Worldwide partners are paying Aggregate Sentiment of Bottom over £50million but not making much of an impact. However, they are held in a positve esteem. 5 Volume Brands 60 Acer drill down: Amplifying the loyal community of Acer 50 Users will spread the good word and increase volumes 40 30 Thomas Cook are generating the second fewest 20 mentions around their association with the Olympics. Moreover, they are in a low-level defecit of sentiment 10 too. 0 -10 Acer Arc Deloitte Thomas Adecco Thomas Cook drill down: Ticket delivery fiasco -20 Cook #wherearemytickets feature prominently in37 conversations, just days before events begin
  • 37. Sentiment of Platforms during the Olympics Sentiment of Facebook data during the Olympics Very Negative Somewhat Negative Neutral Somewhat Positive Very Positive Sentiment of Twitter data during the Olympics Very Negative Somewhat Negative Neutral Somewhat Positive Very Positive38
  • 38. Sponsors – Volume of mentions during the Opening Games8000 acer adecco adidas7000 arc Atos6000 BA BMW BP5000 BT Cadbury Cisco4000 Coca Cola Deloitte3000 Dow EDF GE2000 Lloyds TSB McDs Omega1000 P&G Panasonic 0 Samsung Thomas Cook UPS-1000 Visa39
  • 39. Sponsors – Volume of mentions during the Opening Games8000 @LouisTomlinson Tweets, acer 5.2 million followers adecco adidas7000 arc @AdamLevine Tweets, Atos6000 3 million followers BA BMW BP5000 “healthy” BT sponsor? Cadbury Cisco4000 Coca Cola @freelaughs_ “Who finds it Deloitte “Ups and Downs” funny…”3000 Dow Ryan Lochte EDF GE2000 Lloyds TSB McDs Omega1000 P&G Panasonic 0 Samsung Thomas Cook UPS-1000 Visa40
  • 40. Volumes of mentions for Brands during the Olympics and their Sponsorship Tier500004500040000350003000025000200001500010000 5000 0 TOP Tier Tier41 Worldwide Partner One Two
  • 41. Sentiment During Olympics Aggregate Sentiment of Top 5 Volume Brands1200010000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0-2000 McDonalds Coca Cola UPS Visa British Airways Aggregate Sentiment of Bottom 5 Volume Brands 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Lloyds TSB Arcelormittal Deloiite Adecco Thomas Cook 42
  • 42. Aggregate Sentiment of the Top & Bottom „buzziest‟ brands - Insights McDonalds drive conversation on Twitter by encouraging Aggregate Sentiment of Top 5 Followers to check-in on Foursquare or Pin pictures of Volume Brands their “record breaking” restaurant12000 Focus activity in the relevant platform. Twitter is different10000 to Foursquare and Pinterest. Offline activity to encourage 8000 activity would drive organic mentions 6000 UPS had a specific @UPS_London2012 Twitter account 4000 tweeting highly shareable and interesting „logistics‟ facts 2000 about their involvement 0 Not much outreach to grow following or raise awareness of McDonalds Coca Cola UPS Visa British the brand‟s involvement. Low follower count.-2000 Airways Aggregate Sentiment of Bottom 5 Deloitte drove most of their social activity during the Volume Brands Games through their Facebook page. 60 50 As a B2B organisation, this is perhaps not where the greatest opportunity can be found for communicating 40 involvement. 30 20 Arcelormittal are a leading Steel and Mining company, not easy to get excited online about such things but their 10 Sponsorship of the viewing tower was a great opportunity to engage 0 Lloyds TSB Arcelormittal Deloiite Adecco Thomas Cook 43
  • 43. Before, During and After the Olympics • There was a 56% increase in mentions of brands and their involvement with the Olympics from 1 week before the Games began and the 1st week of events. The second half of the Olympics saw a 23% drop in brand associations and social mentions. In the 1st week after the completion of the Games, mentions dropped 56% and tracked at 47% lower than the Pre-Games total. • For the Bottom 5 brands by Volume, Sentiment overall is positive and remained at around the same level. As we have seen, the less exciting Brands have less chatter. This is the challenge of B2B social media and the opportunity. • For the Top 5 Brands by Volume, there was an amplification in Sentiment scores that saw McDonalds‟ aggregate sentiment dive a further 703% into the negative. A hands-off approach from the brand to combat the “ironic that a fast food…” was always going to see the public opinion take hold. Highlighting community projects could have avoided such a dive. • British Airways saw a massive 5158% increase in aggregate sentiment from their Pre-Olympic score to their duration of the Olympic score to come out Top of the Brands during the Olympics in terms of public opinion. What was the trigger?44
  • 44. British Airways and THAT tweet • How many 1Direction fans can afford a British Airways flight? • What if Stephen Fry had sent the Tweet? • Organic mention or Paid for? • A spike in buzz is nothing if it doesn‟t affect a change in the behaviour you are looking to adjust with your investment in marketing programmes.45
  • 45. Insights and Recommendations• Sponsorship can hurt brands as much as help them. How they choose to combat, support or ignore the conversation is critical• Sponsorship is not a bragging right. Visa experienced a backlash for their restriction of choice on ticket and stadium payment methods. But praised for active Digital Community.• Sponsoring the Fans and Communities of The Games is going to deliver a more organic return and increase Fans‟ values of Brands. P&G nailed this approach.• Ambush marketing efforts receive some pick-up but do not offer a long-tail involvement or association with the Games• Celebrity mentions can drive noise but do they drive sales?• „The bigger the spend, the bigger the impression‟ is not always the case. Considered campaigns can achieve as much of an impression, if not more as paying for more 46 exposure. Photo: E Green
  • 46. Talk to us about your social media data needs…Product Licence In-house Services Social Intelligence allows you to understand on and off lineSM2 allows you to easily capture and analyse data from behaviour by deeply interrogating the social mediasocial media channels to drive more informed business landscape. We provide a holistic, unbiased and globaldecisions around: understanding of your key business challenges and provide in-depth solutions and recommendations to accelerate your• Brand engagement and management business.• Market and product trending • Predict customer commitment and purchase behaviour • Develop new products and services• Competitive position and benchmarking • Create meaningful brand and customer experiences• Campaign effectiveness • Profile and target new audiences to improve marketing• Identifying and engaging key communities and segmentation influencers • Map key moments of opportunity in the customer journey• Segmenting and profiling customers • Understand triggers for customer behaviours to develop relevant content that encourages desired action• Addressing customer service issues • Identify drivers of engagement (positive and negative)• Generating sales leads and targets of opportunity • Locate and enable brand evangelists
  • 47. Thanks for listening and do you have any Questions?Follow: @SDLjames @SDLsocialEmail: Jainsworth@sdl.comWebsite:
  • 48. Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks, servicemarks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.