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Improving the Customer Experience through Social Intelligence
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Improving the Customer Experience through Social Intelligence






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    Improving the Customer Experience through Social Intelligence Improving the Customer Experience through Social Intelligence Presentation Transcript

    • Improving the CustomerExperience throughSocial IntelligenceJames Ainsworth, Social Media Manager – Social IntelligenceDivision SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    • Outline @SDLjames #TFMA2013 Measuring Background Social Data Customer Experience Case Study 1 Case Study 2 Case Study 3 Q&A
    • @SDLjames #TFMA2013 There is a fundamentalproblem in business You get the behaviour you measure
    • Why online data is so powerful @SDLjames #TFMA2013 Highly responsive & scalable: can collect & respond to insight in real time in any Geo Conversations Specific & about your actionable: can product/brand relate activities to and that of the a defined point in Unique value competition time proposition of the data set In context: Longitudinal & feedback is pure predictive: we & customer can look back & generated see the future4
    • All business problems & objectives ladder up to 3 categories Value Engagement Brand proposition
    • All businesses have 3 fundamental shared goals in the ‘Ideal customer’ Shop Share AdvocateSpending money is the Effective content production Consumers are more likely toultimate behavior, and management is critical to choose brands people in their ensure that your messages network trust and recommend.All marketing investment and customer experienceshould be driving people across all channels are All marketing investmentalong the product journey and relevant. should impact overallcloser to purchase through perceptions of the brand andunderstanding the enablers Relevancy drives sharing and build a level of engagementand barriers to purchase. brands can benefit from empowering consumers to effective user endorsement. advocate.
    • @SDLjames #TFMA2013The value of sharedcontent How does news sharing happen on CNN International today?
    • Social Media networks are the dominant platforms to share newsSocial Media:14% Facebook How is CNN news content shared?5% Twitter4% YouTube (% share)2% MySpace2% Dailymotion1% Delicious 15% SMS1% LinkedIn1% Digg 43% 30% Email1% Reddit1% Viadeo1% Mixi1% Mixx 12% IM1% StumbleUpon Social Media3% Other SocialMedia Site2% Blogs3% Through my blog Base: 1641 consumers who share news content with friends, family, colleagues, communities
    • News content shared and that which is read 3 3 4 6 Content 1 1 Visitors 10 tend to share 2 2 12 n Content 5 Visitors like to read 8 (rank order) 13 7 9 11 15 14 Base: 1641 consumers who share news content with friends, family, colleagues, communities
    • What do we now know?50% of all unique users coming to the site via shared links shared five core content codes: Purpose of article Theme of article Underlying message 1 Spectacle: Highlighting Exotic & different Story deep dive Horrific, visual, unusual cultures 2 Story deep dive Spectacle: Horrific, visual, unusual Education / imparting of facts 3 Story deep dive Science & technology Education / imparting of facts 4 Money: wealth, poverty, Humorous Education / imparting of facts economics 5 Story deep dive Nature Education / imparting of facts
    • Shared content drives customer engagement & ROI Spending If you can inspire 1.3 Reading 1 more times unique longer on your site 1.9 pages than others user deeper into your site to share a piece of your content with Showing 16%their social network you could create: uplift in 5 correct recall new unique of the brands who advertise users who with you are even more Experiencing engaged 27% uplift in favourability to the brands they see with the shared content
    • @SDLjames #TFMA2013 Racing to the heart of Formula1 Conversations How to get the wider F1 Community to engage with an F1 relevant brand?Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic
    • Sharing rates: Making it relevant @SDLjames #TFMA2013 Daily Volume 3/25/2012: Malaysian Grand Prix - highest level of buzz Total 42% Base: n=600 Twitter 45% Base: Twitter n=300Facebook 27% Base: Facebook n=150 Sharing Rates *Note: Sharing rate is the Forums 9% Base: n=150 proportion of shared content in total buzz.
    • Content archetype codes @SDLjames #TFMA2013 Content Types Themes Underlying Messages
    • Key combinations @SDLjames #TFMA2013 Content Types Themes News 36% Top 4 Driver 26% Top 4 Viewpoint 18% accounts Race review 11% accounts Sideline 8% for 68% F1 race 11% for 58% Quotes 6% Racing team 10% Gossip 4% Race car 8%Call to action 4% Sensational incidence 7% Speculation 3% F1 business 4% Others 18% Other races 4% Others 17% Underlying Messages You should know this 45% Top 4 We love great performance 19% accounts Beauty and the sport 10% for 81% F1 fun 7% Others 17%
    • Introducing the Personas @SDLjames #TFMA2013 Persona Sizing 11% 32% 57% Experience Enthusiasts Motorsports Fans Performance Gurus Through cluster analysis of 270,522 motorsports conversations , we‟ve identified three distinct motorsports personas for which we can customize content along the sharing journey.
    • Focus: Performance Gurus @SDLjames #TFMA2013 11% Vehicle Performance/ Need Expertise Validation Key channel Message boards, forums Brand X is synonymous 32% 57% Brand X position with great performance Additional detail • Those who are interested & sometimes passionate about how to optimize the engineering for performance e.g. the tires, oil, car design, etc. • Smallest segment (11% of overall conversations) • Highest level of influence/authority • Most negative around motorsports • Highest # of “Grand Prix” mentions • Dominantly male (93%) • Active on message boards/forums
    • Key channels & their roles: how to use them at each stage of the journeyChannel Before the event ‘Day of’ After the event Detailed post mortem withBlog „Meet the drivers‟ Not applicable the team Post mortem with specialForums Speculation Not applicable interest groups Twitter - guidance & trigger Real time commentary & Content signposting &Twitter to other channels fan engagement curationFacebook Build up Direct to download app Post mortem & celebrationVideo/Photo Sharing YouTube Twitpic (and others) Pinterest Real time engagement &App Engagement fun Creating a legacy
    • @SDLjames #TFMA2013Campaigns thrive ontargeted content How the Commonwealth Bank of Australia identified and engaged ‘The Liberated’
    • Introducing the Money-Mindstates @SDLjames #TFMA2013 ‘Freewheeling’ ‘Firefighting’ ‘Liberated’ ‘Juggling’ ‘Drifting’ ‘Prioritising’Money Minds-States are Opportunities exist to helpdriven by life events, the people live within theirenvironment in which you current Mind-State AND tolive and the social group in transition between differentwhich you operate …. Mind-States as their goals change
    • The essence of the Money Mind-States @SDLjames #TFMA2013 “ Comfortably providing for what I want and what I need. Free of major debts and focused ‘Liberated’ on me. My long term strategy has paid off even if the road has been a hard one” “The goal is more important than the journey. Sacrifice is important in achievement. My ‘Prioritising’ family unit is the most important thing, I can socialise later, right now it is about achieving my goals and doing the best for those around me” “ Debt is inevitable and is a tool I use to extend the margins of financial possibilities. I move ‘Juggling’ money around so I don‟t have to compromise. If you are clever, you can have your cake and eat it” “I can see people doing things around me to change their lives and I suppose I will have to ‘Drifting’ do it soon. I‟m thinking but only thinking about getting my finances in order but it‟s not urgent. I‟m doing OK” “I have spent everything I have and a lot that I dont have. I‟ve got lots of debt but life is too ‘Freewheeling’ short to worry today. I‟ll work it out when it‟s time. Right now people keep giving me money and I‟ll keep taking it until it runs out” “ Debt is a way of life. You rob Peter to pay Paul. I‟m always short at the end of the month ‘Firefighting’ so some things just get paid late. I know exactly how many days until my next pay cheque”
    • Profile of the opportunity segments: @SDLjames #TFMA2013The LiberatedShopping: for convenience Current Monthly spending incomeOn Holiday: for security Situation Current % on over- 20%Internet purchases heads where CC Financial used State % on saving 20%Immediate emergencies e.g. newboiler, new exhaust % on fun 60%Clear balance every month You have to look after itLike rewards e.g. cash back, airmiles etc. Attitudes You have to know its value to Credit Attitudes You should have a ‘rainy day’Not interest in 0% BT Cards ‘ Liberated’ to money fund / strategy2 card strategy: 1 card they use, 1 today They have earned the right tocard they keep just in case have some fun with itHad multiple card strategy It has a time and a place but you should always have a way ofBuilt up balances and proud to History of getting out of it Attitudeshave worked to pay off credit to debt It is for unplanned situations cardsFeel they have ‘learned’ the hardway Other people don’t realise its DEFINING DEMOGRAPHICS risks Mid to late 40‟s + : empty nesters or older children Income $AUD75k + High credit score/ Positive Risk score Home owners (mortgage paid off or low)
    • Initial buffet mail: Liberated Campaign @SDLjames #TFMA2013 Focus on making them feel secure Play to rate and savvy decision making Suggestion of added value Tool / calculator to allow comparison & proof (should have a sharing function to drive
    • @SDLjames #TFMA2013What behaviour can wehelp you measure? We can solve your business problems at Stand E19 James Ainsworth Social Media Manager @SDLjames Jainsworth@SDL.COM
    • Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks,service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.