4 Personas to Target in the Lip Balm Industry - Burt's Bees Research


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In this example, customer personas for Burt's Bees are identified as part of a customer experience analysis. By analyzing data, we were able to identify four personas that are valuable to understand: Addicts, Vanity Fairs, Greenies and Anxious Moms. By looking at social media posts, you can ascertain exactly how groups of people think and feel about products, companies and how likely they are to buy products. For these personas, each one has different values and wants different kinds of information from Burt’s Bees. For a more detailed look at how we do this, visit http://www.sdl.com/products/social-intelligence/.

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  • When you understand what your customers care about, the reasons behind their actions, their attitudes and triggers for their behaviors you can translate these experiences into strategic opportunities. According to a Bain & Company survey, 80% of businesses believe their customer experience is superior, while only 8% of customers agreed. Social Intelligence gives you the tools and insight to better understand your customers as they progress along their journey to buying products or services, sharing content and advocating for your brand.
  • 4 Personas to Target in the Lip Balm Industry - Burt's Bees Research

    1. 1. SDL Proprietary and ConfidentialSDL Proprietary and Confidential4 Personas to Target in the Lip Balm IndustryBurt’s Bees Example
    2. 2. • With Social Intelligence, you can target audiences based on behavioralcharacteristics• Let’s walk through an example using the lip balm industry, how Burt’sBees might target its key audiencesBehavioral Targeting – The Many Uses of Social Intelligence2
    3. 3. 1. Identify Key Business Objectives Determine the design of brand and product initiatives for theupcoming year. Find the most stable audiences who value Burt’s Beescurrently. Discover new audiences likely to be Burt’s Bees brandadvocates.
    4. 4. 2. Identify Research Questions Related to Business Objectives Who is talking about Burt’s Bees online? What theme is driving the conversation? Where online are different groups communicating? What are the barriers and enablers of each group to being aBurt’s Bees advocate?
    5. 5. A valuablecustomer is onethat is committedto buying productsorservices, sharingcontent andadvocating brandSocialIntelligencegives you acontextual viewinto yourcustomers’experience.
    6. 6. 3: Add Structure to Social Data
    7. 7. 4. Analyze Relevant Conversations toUnderstand Target Audiences
    8. 8. Our trained ethnographers analyzedthese relevant conversations andidentified 4 key personas
    9. 9. Persona #1: AddictsBehavioral Traits Power users of Burt’sBees Biggest brand advocatesand most likely torecommend Excited to engage withothers about brand Sarcastic and silly Avid Twitter users forsharing and banter
    10. 10. How to Target AddictsProvide online experiences for addicts to engage toleverage their existing influence and eagerness topromote
    11. 11. Persona #2: Vanity FairsBehavioral Traits• Interested in Burt’s Bees products asbeauty enhancers• Very detailed around the specificcharacteristics (e.g. smell, feel, taste)and effects (e.g. smooth skin, silkylips)• Vocal about product quality AND lackthereof• Active product reviewers in forums
    12. 12. How to Message to“Vanity Fairs”Uplift “beauty” branding to cater to Vanity Fairaudience, advertise through proper channels, andcompete in relevant spaces
    13. 13. Persona #3: GreeniesBehavioral Traits• Drawn to Burt’s Beesproducts based on eco-friendly, natural properties• Opinionated• Activists• Concerned about impact ofClorox ownership• Aggressive forum usersrelated to news andinformation sharing
    14. 14. How to Message to “Greenies”Develop PR campaign around Burt’s Bees 2020 goalsto address green concerns and provide content foractive engagement
    15. 15. Persona #4: Anxious MomsBehavioral Traits• Prioritize Burt’s Beesfor their children abovethemselves• Skeptical about productlabels• Often unaware of “BabyBee” brand• Aggressive forum usersfor advice
    16. 16. How to message to “Anxious Moms”Ensure clear messaging of “Baby Bee” to moms toincrease overall awareness through the key forumsthey actively engage in
    17. 17. Questions? Ask Our Consultants.SDL Social IntelligenceBrianne MooreBusiness Solutions Consultantbmoore@sdl.comSDL Social IntelligenceRuss TaufaBusiness Solutions Consultantrtaufa@sdl.com