Build a Social Intelligence Platform


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In this presentation, our Director of Engineering looks at some of the technology that makes our social intelligence software tick. There is a lot of technology that goes into analyzing data and generating predictive analytics. If you have any questions about our software, please let us know.

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Build a Social Intelligence Platform

  1. 1. Build a Social Intelligence PlatformJason Xue, Director of EngineeringSDL Social Intelligence
  2. 2. Build a Social Intelligence PlatformCharacteristics of Social Media Data2 Big data Billions of daily posts and tweets are generated from tens of millions ofindividuals across social networks and open-source channels Heterogeneous Sound and movie files, images, documents, geo-location data, weblogs, and text strings Some data are structured but most are not Hundreds of languages and countries Real time According to Domo, every minute:• Twitter users average over 100,000 tweets• Facebook users post 684,478 pieces of content• Tumblr Blog owners publish 27,778 new posts
  3. 3. Build a Platform for Social Media AnalyticsData Process flow for Social Intelligence3Charts forInsightsAggregationandModelingSearch andReportsDataProcessingDataCollectionSocial intelligence is to gain insights for a specific brand, product, or subjectmatter from social media data.
  4. 4. Build a Social Intelligence PlatformData Process flow for Social Intelligence4• We collect social media data from multiple distributing channels in a realtime manner, including Gnip, Sprinn3r and BoardReader.• We perform language/country detection, duplication elimination, spamdetection, blacklist/whitelist filtering and sentiment calculation. We also tagcontent using category rules of key words.• We make available reports on result volume, demographics, location, andother metrics, which helps identify the right data sets for generating insights.• The data sets for products, brands, and customer relevance are aggregatedand modeled to provide a comprehensive view of predictive measures thatwill empower you to make the right decisions on optimizing your customer’sexperience.
  5. 5. Build a Platform for Social Media AnalyticsSocial Intelligence Platform Components5 Search framework and data Customers can search by language, country, date range and key words Historic data is available back from Jan 1 2008 Data set can be downloaded and integrated with BI tools Customer data can be uploaded to perform joint analytics Social analytics and modeling We provide a Customer Commitment Framework with four levels ofcustomer behavior scores and charts Modeling language for general data transformation and computation
  6. 6. Build a Platform for Social Media AnalyticsSocial Intelligence Platform Components6 Platform APIs APIs will be used for integration with customer applications APIs will include search, modeling and analytics Application UI framework It includes reports, charts and workflows It provides social widgets that can be integrated with UI applications We have two products now - SM2 for social monitoring and The CustomerCommitment Dashboard for analytics
  7. 7. Build a Platform for Social Media AnalyticsSocial Intelligence Platform Users7• Social Intelligence Platform can be used by market strategists, productmanagers and customer service support for analytics, modeling and research.• Social Intelligence Platform can be integrated with other SDL products to betterimplement our global vision for customer experience management.• Social Intelligence Platform can be integrated with third-part applications aspart of their business intelligence solution.
  8. 8. Build a Platform for Social Media AnalyticsSocial Intelligence Platform – Marketecture8`Application UI FrameworkMarket Strategists Customer SupportApplication UI FrameworkReports Charts Social Widgets WorkflowsSDLProductsThirdpartyApplicationsPlatform APISocial Analytics and ModelingSearch Framework and DataProduct Managers
  9. 9. Build a Platform for Social Media AnalyticsSocial Intelligence Platform Technologies9 ElasticSearch – A distributed search engine that indexes all the social mediadata coming to the platform. The data is composed of content and meta datawhich are both indexed by date ranges. Hbase - A non-relational distributed database that stores and accesses thesocial media data by permalinks. Hadoop – A programming framework for large data sets that offers supercomputation power for searching and modeling through MapReduce jobs in adistributed environment. SQL Server – A relational database that handles structured social mediadata, such as profiles. MVC and HTML5 - A software architecture pattern and a markup language forstructuring and presenting that are used to build the UI application framework.