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An overview of SDL's Global Customer Experience Management Platform. For more detailed information head to

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1. Introduction
2. Today’s Reality
3. The Customer Experience Execution Challenge
4. The Customer Experience Execution Challenge Quantified
5. The Experience Is In The Customers’ Mind
6. Driving Business Goals Through Measurement – CCF
7. Global Customer Experience Management
8. SDL GIM Platform
9. Integrated Product Experience – Multi-Device Publishing
10. Money Will Follow the Flow
11. Web
12. Feeding the Content Explosion
13. Media Management
14. SDL Media Management
15. Targeting & Web Personalization
16. The Fredhopper Engine
17. Analytics
18. SDL Customer Analytics: Actionable Insights
19. SDL Customer Engagement Framework
20. Campaign Management to Make it all Practical
21. SDL Campaign Manager: The Value of Engagement
22. Be Relevant: A Simple Scenario
23. Understanding Your Customer is Key to Relevancy
24. Analytics – Stream of Thought & Actionable
25. Language Management: A Key Level of Personalization
26. Spectrum of Content That Needs Translation
27. SDL TrustScore
28. SDL Language Technologies
29. What a Partner Says About SDL
30. For More Information

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  • SDL Vision

    1. 1. SDL Vision &Innovation StrategyBob Hale, CEO SDL CampaignManagement & Analytics SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    2. 2. Today‟s Reality  Multi-directional communication  Proliferation of channels and devices  Channel relevance critical  The „empowered‟ consumer  Cyclical and multi-directional engagement process2
    3. 3. The Customer Experience Execution ChallengeSuccess in customer experience Your Messagestarts with embracing complexity3
    4. 4. The Customer Experience Challenge Quantified• The average international enterprise Synchronization points – Departments 3 – Target audiences 6 – Locations or regions 50 – Channels 4 – Brands 2 Total 65 Variables• That means there are 2080 points of synchronization to align your communication across all these variables!4
    5. 5. The Experience Is In the Customers‟ Mind Explore Engage Do Their: Their: Their: Need Emotions Action Your: Your: Your: Customer engagement Brand Sale SDL Customer Commitment Framework Customer Relevancy Brand Commitment Product Commitment Score Score Score Can you read minds? Social Intelligence Can5
    6. 6. Driving Business Goals Through Measurement - CCF6
    7. 7. Global Customer Experience Management7
    8. 8. SDL GIM Platform8
    9. 9. Integrated Product Experience – Multi-device Publishing9
    10. 10. Money Will Follow the Flow10
    11. 11. Web SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    12. 12. Feeding the content explosion• More content = more authors• More authors = usability• More content = more systems (DAM, ECM, SharePoint etc)12
    13. 13. Media Management SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    14. 14. SDL Media Management14
    15. 15. Targeting & WebPersonalization SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    16. 16. The Fredhopper Engine Product data Pricing Inventory Homepage Product and Product rating Services Catalog Margin Search Past customer data Growth Pages Current customer data Business Mgr16
    17. 17. Analytics SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    18. 18. SDL Customer Analytics: Actionable Insights • Offline • Contact details • In store • Geo-demographic • Email / SMS • Third party sources • Online / mobile • Social channels • Social engagement • Social influence Customer Interaction Derived History • Advanced segmentation • Predictive modelling • X Psychographic • Virtual ethnography • Social segmentation Behaviour Transactional• Offline • Purchases• Physical • Bookings• Email / SMS response • Returns / service• Web / mobile interaction • Online sales• Social conversations • Online service18
    19. 19. SDL Customer Engagement Framework e Web Analytics Web SDL SDL Quatron Fredhopper Mobile Web SDL Kiosk & Interaction Data SDL SDL Tridion Customer Campaign Analytics Manager SDL Media Display Manager SDL Email Landing ETL Direct Mail Framework Manager Pages Mobile Call Center Messaging Email Social Campaigns SMS CRM Social SDL SM219 Media
    20. 20. Campaign Managementto Make it all Practical SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    21. 21. SDL Campaign Manager: The Value of Engagement “Fully engaged customer represent an average 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth than the average customer..” - “Organizations that have optimized engagement have outperformed their competitors by 26% in gross margin and 85% in sales growth.” - Gallup.com21
    22. 22. Be Relevant: A Simple Scenario22
    23. 23. Understanding Your Customer is Key to Relevancy23
    24. 24. Analytics- Stream of Thought & Actionable24
    25. 25. Language ManagementA Key Level ofPersonalization SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    26. 26. Spectrum of Content That Needs Translation Advertising Websites Help Legal / Contracts Software User Interface Needs human quality Marketing Content Documentation/Manuals translationsQuality Newsletters HR Docs User Guides Knowledge Base Product Descriptions FAQ Email Support User Forums SMS Alerts/Notifications User Reviews email Wikis Blogs IM Volume There are not enough Volume bilinguals to translate all this 26
    27. 27. SDL TrustScore ™ TrustScore What is TrustScore? Predicted measure of utility between 1 and 5 Calibrated to a company‟s users What are the benefits of TrustScoreTM? Publish with confidence in any language  Determine how to manage the workflow ( Discard, send for review or publish) of this communication channel27
    28. 28. SDL Language Technologies Server Solutions Cloud Solutions Terminology Translation Memory Projects Desktop Solutions28
    29. 29. What a Partner Says About SDL29
    30. 30. For More Information • Interested in mastering the Global Customer Experience? •Learn more about SDL solutions at an upcoming event30
    31. 31. Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks,service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.