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Robert Rose, CX Summit Keynote - Content, Context & Chaos
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Robert Rose, CX Summit Keynote - Content, Context & Chaos


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. @Robert_Rose
  • 2. We can skip this part, right? Growth, fragmentation, multiple channels...
  • 3. The true challenge is the pressure of executing fast and chaotic change while simultaneously delivering increasingly profitable, data-driven results.
  • 4. CMO’s feel the pressure “on the clock”
  • 5. CMO’s feel they don’t have the right people
  • 6. CMO’s feel unready for technology ... and yet...
  • 7. “Creating customer experiences with content will have huge effect. We have to figure out how to stay relevant and engaging.” CMO Fortune 500 CPG Company
  • 8. They’re not unaware. They’re just wrong.
  • 9. Who’s afraid of the marketing hipster?
  • 10. A centralizing, grounding force.
  • 11. Most organizations are siloed Now even within marketing
  • 12. Most organizations realize these silos are inefficient, at best, and want to transform
  • 13. B2C & B2B processes for CXM share a vision, but are more different than alike
  • 14. Marketing doesn’t really need or want any more technology
  • 15. WEB SOCIAL CRM BRAND EMKTG PR Website Content SEO Traffic SEO Leads Facebook Twitter LI Likes Followers Twitter CRM Community TV RADIO Strategy ???? Blog Email Content Working on it Press Newsroom Earned MediaNot Fortune 500 Insurance Company
  • 16. !Unified! Content! Process! !Social! Brand! Social! CRM! Brand! Web! Team! E: Marke<ng! Public! Rela<ons! Can you re-align content engagement as centralizing force Find new, cross-functional roles within each team Centralize content/experience strategy Measurement aligned for content, not teams.
  • 17. “A fragmented approach to content leads to inconsistent messaging; huge variations in voice, tone, brand, and messaging; and an inconsistent customer experience.” Rebecca Lieb
  • 18. We Forgot Marketing.....
  • 19. Build your content and experience power grid, one house, one street at a time.
  • 20. An experience, and content imperative
  • 21. Everything our CMS doesn’t do What we wish a CMS would do The sexy, cool vendor new features How marketers purchase content technology THE SPREADSHEET
  • 22. CMS Doesn’t Do Wish List Sexy, Cool New Features We’ll wait for Phase 2 on this. Our rationalization for purchase We don’t understand this stuff How marketers purchase content technology
  • 23. All WCMS Fail All SOE’s will FAIL Implementation focused on change is critical CREATE: CONTEXTUAL CONTENT DELIVER: CONTEXTUAL EXPERIENCES
  • 24. Technology optimizes experience. Understanding the audiences enables optimization of content.
  • 25. Reviewing content and contextual experiences
  • 26. CMO’s depend solely on marketing research and competitive benchmarketing.
  • 27. Solely using data in aggregate to optimize experiences, only perpetuates biases you may already have built in.
  • 28. AMBIENT CONTEXT: Just be observant... CONTENT NEEDS: Insight
  • 29. IMPLICIT CONTEXT: Infer from behavior CONTENT NEEDS: Empathy
  • 30. Financial Services Consultancy Engagement or frustration? Long form or short form content? SOLUTION: Understand audience needs and deliver appropriate content to appropriate channel
  • 31. EXPLICIT CONTEXT: Noting/Listening To Preferences CONTENT NEEDS: Intimacy
  • 32. •  Volunteer*to*go*on*the*Summer*“Get*To*Know*Ya”*Tour* •  Visited*30*Customers*in*10*ci?es*over*12*Weeks** •  NOT*About*Product*–*About*Connec?on* •  Discoveries*Galore…*Photos*Galore…*Stories*Galore…* •  They*didn’t*care*about*75%*the*stuff*we*were*talking*about.* •  Wanted*us*to*help*them*with*adop?on*programs….**More*FUN* One innovative example…!
  • 33. Investing in creative uncertainty
  • 34. data in hand is used to optimize transactions - not create relationships It’s the engagement that’s important, systems can come with time.
  • 35. “We delegate what’s uncomfortable. Process makes us comfortable, organized and scalable. But do we need to pit it against creativity? We require mental and physical space for ideas to be shaped, shared, iterated, stomped to smithereens and reiterated.” - Beth Comstock CMO, GE
  • 36. I was either going to have to spend 2 Years teaching our agencies and structuring the process to do this. Or, I could give it away and get straight to work.”      -­‐  J.  Mildenhall
  • 37. Jonathan Mildenhall VP, Worldwide Creative Coca Cola
  • 38. What Is Your 10%
  • 39. Thanks....