How Should Your CMS Fit Into Your Mobile Strategy?


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Do you have a plan for how your CMS will fit into your mobile strategy? Ian Truscott recently presented at the Gilbane 'Content and the Digital Experience' conference and looked at how you should approach this question.

- Talking points
- Why are we doing this?
- Is responsive the solution?
- Mobile is just context
- How do you decide?
- What does this mean for your CMS?

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How Should Your CMS Fit Into Your Mobile Strategy?

  1. 1. How Should Your CMS Fit into Your Mobile Strategy? Ian Truscott, VP Content Marketing, SDL @iantruscott | #gilbane SDL Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. What you may not know about SDL SDL provides Web Content Management solutions to over 600 customers across 5 continents and has leadership positions in Forrester Wave and Gartner Magic Quadrant
  3. 3. Questions from Gilbane…
  4. 4. Talking points In order to answer those questions – I have questions of my own.. Why are we “doing mobile”? Hasn’t responsive solved all our problems? How do we decide on the right approach? What is the impact on our CMS and content operations?
  5. 5. Why are we doing this?
  6. 6. Is Responsive the solution?
  7. 7. Is Responsive the solution? Responsive could mean compromise More than half of consumers who’ve shopped on their mobile have abandoned a purchase because of poor navigation
  8. 8. So mobile first then? A “mobile first” strategy is as relevant as an “IE first” strategy
  9. 9. Mobile is just context Canada Aged 23 Bought a coat French iPhone Looking for store address Being on a mobile device is just one piece of the context puzzle about this visitor
  10. 10. Is this mobile? Maybe better context is here – what’s on TV?
  11. 11. Rewind: Which Direction?
  12. 12. How do you decide? Eight Questions
  13. 13. Eight Questions
  14. 14. Eight Questions
  15. 15. Eight Questions
  16. 16. Lexus
  17. 17. Finally! What does this mean for your CMS? (4 quick points…)
  18. 18. #1 We are no longer publishing web pages • • We are assembling dynamic omnichannel user experiences based on content components We need to think content forwards not page backwards
  19. 19. #2 We need to be serious about separation of content from presentation – and help our authors
  20. 20. #3 We need to rethink our deployment models
  21. 21. #4 We need to think carefully about our content model • • • How do you manage variants? How do you manage navigation relationships? How do maintain our CMS principles of “change once publish everywhere”?
  22. 22. Our editor experience needs to be mobile too – todays employees will expect business tools to be mobile
  23. 23. Solution Stack Personalization | targeting | measure eCommerce | banking | booking
  24. 24. Have we done our homework? Let’s review those questions from Gilbane… • Should your CMS manage all mobile content? • Should that include apps as well? • Is mobile content delivery by the CMS active or passive? • Where does the delivery layer reside? • Is data incorporated by the mobile app or by the CMS? • Should you create a separate system just for managing mobile content? • Should your WCM mind its business and stick to the Web? • Should your other CMSs stay with whatever enterprise applications they support?
  25. 25. •Ian Truscott, VP Content Marketing, SDL •@iantruscott | #gilbane Thank You!