Gartner Customer 360 Highlights: A Few Key Moments from Gartner's San Diego Summit

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A few of the many highlights from the Gartner Customer 360 Summit's first day. …

A few of the many highlights from the Gartner Customer 360 Summit's first day.

This deck is comprised of notes taken by attendees, publicly shared in social channels, and includes photos tweeted out or otherwise publicly shared. Where possible, direct links from the photo link to the original source.

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  • Gartner Customer 360 Highlights.Key Moments from Gartner's Summit,May 1, 2013 in San Diego, CA
  • Craft a CRM Vision and StrategyUnderstand new analytics, metrics and big dataGet more out of mobile and socialIncrease sales effectivenessImprove customer serviceBalance digital and traditional marketing


  • 1. SDL Proprietary and ConfidentialGartner Customer 360HighlightsKey Moments from Gartners Summit.May 1, 2013 in San Diego, CA
  • 2. Hot Topics2
  • 3. 3
  • 4. Keynote by Jim Davies, Gene Alvarez and Ed Thompson4
  • 5. Erik Wahl5We are taughtto become riskaverse andlogical.Creativity is thenew corporatecapital.
  • 6. Erik Wahl6 Painting and slide by Erik Wahl, photo via Teresa Nord(@teenord)Innovation lies in thegrey area betweenchaos and order.
  • 7. Erik Wahl7Painting by Erik Wahl, photo via Gene Alvarez @galvar60)“The smell of Crayola crayons reduces blood pressure 10 points.”
  • 8. Erik Wahl8 Slide by Erik Wahl, photo via David Ashton (@ydris)“Creativity is the ability to see what no one else sees, and make itreal.”
  • 9. Erik Wahl9 Erik Wahl, photo via Jennifer Waite (@jlw8_)FEAR = FalseEvidenceAppearing Real.
  • 10. Erik Wahl10 Slide by Erik Wahl, photo via David Wu (@davidpwu)FEAR = FalseEvidenceAppearing Real.
  • 11. Erik Wahl11 Paintings by Erik Wahl, photo via Jennifer Waite (@jlw8_)“What is a creative idea worth?”
  • 12. Erik Wahl12 Erik Wahl, photo via Kelly Burke (@kellyD_twenty20)Transcend thecommoditization of socialand share creativity aschildren do.
  • 13. 13What key social andtechnology trends willdisrupt the way yourbusiness delivers CustomerService and Support? Toremaincompetitive, companiesmust adopt a Fact-basedPerformance ManagementCulture."Drive-by" or transactionalrelationships are costly toestablish and hard tomaintain.Customer RelationshipManagement is not anapplication, it is a businessstrategy.Michal Maoz –Gartner, VP Distinguished AnalystThe Next Generation of Customer Engagement
  • 14. Robert DeSisto –Gartner, VP Distinguished Analyst14Comparing sales forceautomation of 2015, to sales forceautomation of the past will becomparing the radio to an HDTV.Salespeople will finally have atool that will help them sell,collaborate with partners,customers and other employees intheir company.Social data feeds will alter howsalespeople use SFA apps:consumerization, enrichedcollaboration, streamlined data access.Relevant sales-related contentwill be at salesreps finger tips to useduring selling situations, socialinteractions will become a normalmode of interacting. New entrants tothe profession wont know how greatthey have it.Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Analytics Power - the Future of Sales.
  • 15. Jim Davies15Todays Big Data is nextyears average-size data!Customers providefeedback every time theycall, email a contactcenter, tweet theirfriends, or engagewith an organization.95% of this feedback isignored, yet it contains awealth of business-critical insight that, ifacted upon, can helpdrive customer retention,satisfaction and growth.Recycling this feedbackthrough a holistic V.o.C.program is something allorganizations shouldembrace.
  • 16. Ed Thompson & Partha Iyengar –Gartner, VP Distinguished Analysts16If you garner feedback fromyour customers, let themknow what you did with it!Most employees do not careabout the customersexperience. Organizationsmust change cultures sothat employees do the rightthing by nature,empowered to take actionand innovate.Customer ExperienceManagement rates 3rd withCEOs for businessimprovement in 2013.Both CXM and service arethe second highest driversfor innovation, for CIOs in2013.Customer Experience Is the Next Competitive Frontier.
  • 17. Hope we get to meet! Booth # 501Thanks to everyone who sharedquotes, observations, photos andmore from Gartner Customer 360today!http://www.sdl.comThanks for viewing!17
  • 18. Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks,service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.18