A Few Gartner  Customer 360 Summit  Highlights  - May 2, 2013
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A Few Gartner Customer 360 Summit Highlights - May 2, 2013






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  • Gartner Customer 360 Highlights.Key Moments from Gartner's Summit,May 1, 2013 in San Diego, CA

A Few Gartner  Customer 360 Summit  Highlights  - May 2, 2013 A Few Gartner Customer 360 Summit Highlights - May 2, 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • SDL Proprietary and ConfidentialGartner Customer 360Highlights, Day 2A Few Moments from Gartners Summit.May 2 2013 in San Diego, CA
  • Gene Alvarez –Gartner, Research VP2 “A Vision for Ecommerce – and the Trends That Will Shape Your Strategy.”“Mobile provides new ways to connect:vision (e.g., QR codes), connections(NFC), payments, social, camera–eCommerce expectations havetransformed: personalization, assistance,real-time, fun, recognition -consumerization of even B2Becommerce.”“The following are some hot B2becommerce industries:• Discrete manufacturing• Wholesale• Travel/ leisure• Entertainment/ media• Retail• Telecom“Shorter ecommerce delivery time putseven more pressure on brick & mortar,via show-rooming. Stores MUST haveproduct in stock.”
  • Patrick Stakenas –Gartner, Research Director3 “Social CRMs Day is Coming for Sales.”70% of businesses SAY theyleverage social for CRM.Businesses should approachsocial for sales with themind-set of creating lead-generation activities.Become the change agentwithin your organization,championing social-for-salestechnologies.Emphasize the importanceof using social for sales as akey differentiator in yourbusiness model.
  • Scott D. Nelson, Gartner, Managing VP4 “Organizational, Cultural and Technological Changes.‖• Being organized around yourproducts fights CRM.• What would it be like if Financewas as decentralized as "thecustomer" at the C-level?• More likely to update softwareregularly than to revisit thecustomer strategy.• Being human can conflict withefficiency/productivitymetrics, Customer-centrismmore likely to keep satisfactionup.• Automating a broken processonly gets you a brokenautomated process...Not sogreat.• 7 last words of CRM: “Wevenever done it that way before.”Change management means wemust address corporate fear.Stop trying to do CRM with noorganizational changes.
  • The iPhone didn’t start thecurrent consumer technologywave. It wasn’t even the firstsmartphone. It may not havestarted it, but it did start thecurrent wave of technology-driven consumer power.Today consumers expect to beable to connect with youthrough THEIR choice ofchannel. Tomorrow they willdemand an integrated sensoryfeast. And the brands that makea 1-to-1 info connection toconsumers will be the The keyto understanding the customerof the future is in understandinghow much society has shiftedsince we were the new kids onthe block.Misia Tramp—SDL, VP of Insight and Innovation5―A Tale of Two Brands - the Tectonic Shifts in Global Business and CustomerExperience Management‖
  • To prepare for tomorrow’sopportunity we have to understandtomorrow’s customer and theworld in which they live. While thefundamentals of “people” have notchanged, the world they live inhas. To win their business we mustunderstand them, the customer oftomorrow.Think of social media sources associal data & utilize solid analysismethodologies.There is no one number that willtell you all you need to knowabout your customer (i.e., NPS).The SM landscape: like it or not,your brand is being managedonline.Vanity metrics: everyone likesnumbers that get bigger whetherits meaningful or not!Misia Tramp—SDL, VP of Insight and Innovation6―A Tale of Two Brands - the Tectonic Shifts in Global Business and CustomerExperience Management‖
  • The world is converging in a crazy,crazy way.80% of humans don’t respond theway you THINK they do.Global Customer ExperienceManagement includes providing atechnology infrastructure thatenables you to connect with yourcustomers.The only way to win is byrethinking your approach tomanaged customer relations.Know the customer, orchestrateyour organization, create a unique,choreographed conversation witheach customer.MEASURE and ACT, MEASURE andACT, MEASURE and ACT.David Ashton—SDL, VP Consulting Services7―A Tale of Two Brands - the Tectonic Shifts in Global Business and CustomerExperience Management‖
  • Photo by Gib Bassett8
  • Data is the future ofmarketing: harvest, analyze,activate and optimize.The value of data increaseswhen it is shared: it makeseveryone smarter and more intune with market trends.Interest graph marketing is anew frontier.Convergence points of data-driven marketing, betweenmedia and marketingsystems: Experiencetargeting, real timemarketing, and marketinganalytics.Andrew Frank—Gartner, Research VP9 ―The Future of Marketing is Data Driven.‖
  • Andrew Frank—Gartner, Research VP10 ―The Future of Marketing is Data Driven.‖Photo by Rob CraigDigitalMarketing isaboutconvergence ofnetworks.
  • Adam Sarner—Gartner, Research Director11 ―What’s Next for Social Marketing.‖58% of marketers sayinternal I.T. has "no rolebeyond normalinfrastructure" in socialmarketing.An example of socialmarketing: Golden StateWarriors turned $5,000into $500,000 throughsocial media.People dont care if theperson tweeting ansupport answer is inmarketing or support.Orchestrate your company.Top social KPIs used byorgs: increasedawareness, website traffic,decreased costs,understanding customerperceptions.Picture by Andrew J McCauley
  • Look forward to meeting you at: Booth # 501Thanks to everyone who sharedquotes, observations, photos andmore from Gartner Customer 360today!http://www.sdl.comThanks for viewing!12
  • Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks,service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.13