Sdl helps u.s. pharmacopeial convention optimize customer experience


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Transcript of "Sdl helps u.s. pharmacopeial convention optimize customer experience"

  1. 1. SDL Helps U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention Optimize Customer ExperienceMaidenhead, U.K.March 27 2013Pharmaceutical authority leverages SDL LiveContent and DITA to speed time to marketSDL (LSE: SDL) today announced that the U. S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) has selected SDL LiveContent® asits new component content management system. SDL LiveContent will help USP to provide a better userexperience for its worldwide audience while simplifying the creation and management of its publications.Founded in 1820, USP is a global, scientific nonprofit organization that sets standards for the identity, strength,quality, and purity of medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements manufactured, distributed andconsumed worldwide. USP’s drug standards are enforceable in the United States by the Food and DrugAdministration, and used in more than 140 countries.Every year, the organization publishes a comprehensive book (print and online) of public pharmacopeial standards,which it releases to global chemical and drug regulators and manufacturers. Previously, the company was usingmultiple systems and platforms in order to create, manage, update and deliver the content for this publication.SDL LiveContent allows USP to deliver this content in multiple formats, including PDFs, print on demand and e-books. It also encourages self-service for customers, who can access the publication and customize the contentthrough a simple Web browser. This makes it easier to find and consume relevant content, ultimately leading to abetter customer experience.To create a more seamless and efficient content creation and management process, USP chose SDLLiveContent after an extensive review of vendors and platforms. Offering powerful DITA management, SDLLiveContent organizes and manages all of USP’s structured content, so that it can be easily shared, filtered anddelivered to any channel.“We knew that we wanted to implement DITA and SDL was the best solution because of its out-of-the-box DITAcapabilities,” said Linda M. Guard, vice president of Publications at USP. “By replacing our old custom XML solutionwith SDL LiveContent, we expect to see a return on investment in the form of improved automation and moreefficient turnaround times for our global publications.”
  2. 2. “USP holds a huge responsibility which makes it even more critical for them to be able to bring content to marketfaster with a more efficient way of managing and delivering publications to customers,” said Jan Jaap Kolleman,CEO of SDL Content Technologies. “SDL LiveContent enables USP to manage and deliver a richer customerexperience to global communities by simplifying the design and delivery of their publications, which in turn helpsUSP ensure the quality, safety and benefit of medicines and foods around the world.”About SDLSDL enables global businesses to enrich their customers’ experience through the entire customer journey. SDL’stechnology and services help brands to predict what their customers want and engage with them across multiplelanguages, cultures, channels and devices.SDL has over 1,500 enterprise customers, 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries. 42out of the top 50 brands work with SDL. For more information, visit for SDL (Americas) – Mary Placido+1 415 318 4375mplacido@golinharris.comSDL – Mary Galoski Parsons+1 781 756 5454mparsons@sdl.comSDL Europe and Corporate Headquarters – Vicky Ryce+44 (0)7792 662213vryce@sdl.comKnow more on:  Global Communication  Translation Management System  Global Information Management