SDL Helps Brands Turn Social Media Followers into Promoters


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SDL announced a partnership with EngageSciences, a social marketing activation platform, to provide their customers greater ability to activate and engage their social media followers.

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SDL Helps Brands Turn Social Media Followers into Promoters

  1. 1. SDL Helps Brands Turn Social Media Followers into PromotersMaidenhead, U.K.April 12 2013EngageSciences partnership to monetize social CRM data for global brandsCustomers who engage with companies over social media spend more money with those companies anddemonstrate a deeper emotional commitment. As brands continue to work hard to convert fans intoadvocates, SDL (LSE: SDL) announced a partnership with EngageSciences, a social marketing activation platform, toprovide their customers greater ability to activate and engage their social media followers.Combining the EngageSciences platform with the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite gives marketers a powerful toolset to better analyze the impact of social media on customer experiences. Integrating individual interactions fromsocial channels into SDL’s high-performance database improves the targeting and segmentation ability formultichannel campaigns.As a result of this partnership, SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite customers will be able to create customized socialpromotions to:• Attract and engage fans across social networks• Create ongoing advocacy and loyalty programs• Publish the best of the social web to company websites• View deep analytics on social reach and individual fan profiles• Create segments of customers based on their activity on social channels• Gain access to real-time social reporting and analytics“Marketers need to move beyond the discovery phase and start using technology to motivate customers based ontheir preferred use of each channel,” said Bob Hale, CEO of SDL Campaign Management & Analytics division.“Incorporating data from social channels into the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite will make it easier for marketersto have the intelligence necessary to deliver individual experiences that lead to engaged customers and createbrand promoters.”“If brands want to be relevant today they need to be talking to customers across social channels and to trulyengage with these fans, they must communicate with individuals rather than generic groups,” said Richard Jones,
  2. 2. CEO of EngageSciences. “The combination of the EngageSciences platform and the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suiteenables marketers to do just this – know who they’re talking to, what to say and how to say it.”SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite is comprised of three core products: SDL Customer Analytics, SDL CampaignManager, and SDL Email Manager. The family of products provides the foundation for marketers to designcampaigns around highly personalized activities and events that are meaningful to individual customers. The SDLIntelligent Marketing Suite integrates with the broader SDL portfolio to address web content, ecommerce andmulti-media, as well as social, mobile and digital intelligence.About SDLSDL enables global businesses to enrich their customers’ experience through the entire customer journey. SDL’stechnology and services help brands to predict what their customers want and engage with them across multiplelanguages, cultures, channels and devices.SDL has over 1,500 enterprise customers, 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries. 42out of the top 50 brands work with SDL. For more information, visit EngageSciencesThe EngageSciences social marketing activation platform plays an intrinsic part in the social marketing strategiesfor the world’s biggest brands in more than 50 countries. The platform goes beyond the quest for likes andprovides brands with the tools they need to optimize their fan base to build long-term loyalty and brand advocacy.EngageSciences has regional HQ offices in New York City, London, Oxford and soon to be Sydney, Australia. Theirclient list includes BBC Worldwide, Microsoft, MasterCard, Sony, Spotify and Nokia. EngageSciences is a FacebookPreferred Marketing API Developer.ContactSDL Campaign Management & Analytics – Jennifer Roane+1 720-407-6065jennifer.roane@104west.comSDL Corporate Headquarters - Vicky Ryce+44 (0)7792 662213vryce@sdl.comKnow more on:Global CommunicationTranslation process managementGlobal Information Management