SDL Helps Brands Improve Customer Experiences


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Today, SDL introduces the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite™, a family of software products that helps global brands understand customer data and deliver personalized communications.

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SDL Helps Brands Improve Customer Experiences

  1. 1. SDL Helps Brands Improve Customer ExperiencesMaidenhead, U.K.March 13 2013SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite helps brands understand customer data and deliver personalizedcommunicationsAs marketers continue to grapple with rapidly changing consumer demands, quickly analyzing accurate customerdata is fundamental in creating and delivering relevant experiences across digital and traditional channels.Today, SDL (LSE: SDL) introduces the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite™, a family of software products that helpsglobal brands understand customer data and deliver personalized communications.The SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite enables marketers to extract information about their customers’ preferencesand purchasing habits from the various ways their customers interact with them, such as through the website,social media or mobile devices. Armed with this information, marketers can understand what the customer wantsand engage at the right time, with the right message, in the right tone of voice, across the right channel.“There is a plethora of data available to marketers and some would argue it’s too much,” said Bob Hale, CEO ofSDL Campaign Management & Analytics. “By putting analytical business tools in marketers pockets it will make iteasier for them to identify relevant data and analyze it in ways that create meaning and insight. Marketers canthen turn this understanding into engagement and interact with their customers in the way each customer wants.”SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite is comprised of three core, integrated products: SDL Customer Analytics®, SDLCampaign Manager®, and SDL Email Manager® that provides the foundation for marketers to build campaignstrategies based on individual customer journeys. With specific solutions addressing different industries,marketers are able to access industry-specific data models that will allow them to address factors unique to theirmarkets.Australia’s largest women’s apparel group, Specialty Fashion Group, implemented the SDL Intelligent MarketingSuite and has seen an ROI of 2,200 percent on its most recent direct marketing campaigns.
  2. 2. “Data is a critical component of our business, but too much data or the wrong data can confuse our understandingof the customer and be detrimental to how we communicate with our customers,” said Alison Henriksen, CFOof Specialty Fashion Group. “Working with SDL, we are able to better understand our customer data and as aresult, deliver relevant promotions and information to our customers through the channel that is right for themand at the right time.”The SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite works with other SDL productsincluding content creation and management,social media monitoring, and language management. For more information visit SDLSDL enables global businesses to enrich their customers’ experience through the entire customer journey. SDL’stechnology and services help brands to predict what their customers want and engage with them across multiplelanguages, cultures, channels and devices.SDL has over 1,500 enterprise customers, 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries. 42out of the top 50 brands work with SDL. For more information, visit Campaign Management & Analytics – Jennifer Roane720-407-6065jennifer.roane@104west.comSDL Corporate Headquarters - Vicky Ryce+44 (0)7792 662213vryce@sdl.comKnow more on: Automated Translation Global Communication Global Information Management Translation process management