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Firearm Forum-White Research

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  • 1. Research at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Ronald J. White, Ph.D. Vice President for Research
  • 2. Departments at SDSMT (1913 undergraduates & 264 graduates) Basic Sciences Engineering Other
  • 3. Ph.D. Programs Atmospheric Chemical & Biomedical & Environmental Engineering Biological Sciences Engineering Geology Materials & Engineering Mechanical Geological & Engineering Engineering Science Nanoscience & Physics Nanoengineering (pending)
  • 4. Research Centers Institute of Composites & Computational Atmospheric Polymer Mechanics Sciences Engineering Laboratory Laboratory Arbegast Materials Additive Center for Center for Processing & Manufacturing Bioenergy Bioprocessing Joining Laboratory Research & Research & Laboratory Development Development NSF SD 2010 Center for Repair, Refurbish I/U CRC Center Friction Stir & Return to Processing Service Applied Research Center NSF SD 2010 Engineering & Direct I/U CRC Center Mining Write Experiment Laboratory Station South Dakota South Dakota DUSEL NASA EPSCoR Space Grant Project Program Consortium
  • 5. Research Awards & Expenditures $40,000,000 $35,000,000 $30,000,000 $25,000,000 $20,000,000 Awards Expenditures $15,000,000 $10,000,000 $5,000,000 $0 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10
  • 6. Funding at the School FY 2010 Foundation & Other State 11% Appropriations 19% Grants & Contracts 47% Tuition, Fees & Auxiliary Sales 24%
  • 7. Sources of Research Funds FY 09 Other USGS, DOI, DOL, USSBA 1% DOS, EPA, USFS 1% NASA Private 2% 4% USDOT 1% 2% SD Agency 5% USDOE 5% NSF 42% USDOD 37%
  • 8. SD School of Mines Strategic Foci • Optimize enrollment • Grow graduate programs and the research enterprise • Secure resources • Continuously improve quality
  • 9. 2020 Research Strategy Materials & Manufacturing Major Science, Research Foci Technology, Energy at Engineering & South Dakota & Environment School of Mines Mathematics (STEM) & Education Underground Technology Science & Engineering
  • 10. Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) To develop an enduring international underground laboratory with a best- in-world class scientific program of research, education and outreach and do it as quickly and cost efficiently as possible
  • 11. Research Equipment EMES Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) Morphology and chemistry at the millimeter-to-nanometer scale Zeiss Supra 40 VP FE-SEM JEOL 840A SEM http://emes.sdsmt.edu
  • 12. Research Equipment EMES Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) Properties of materials and biological specimens at sub-nanometer scale Hitachi H-7000 TEM http://emes.sdsmt.edu
  • 13. Research Equipment EMES Analytical Chemistry Labs Determination of metal content from wt% to ppb LECO C/S and H/N/O analyzers Perkin-Elmer AAS Agilent (HP) ICP-MS http://emes.sdsmt.edu
  • 14. Research Equipment EMES X-Ray Diffraction Lab Compound identification and quantification; metals, ceramics, minerals, polymers Rigaku UltimaPlus Diffractometer http://emes.sdsmt.edu
  • 15. Research Equipment EMES Other Services Available on Campus (partial list)  Portable Visible and Near Infrared Spectroradiometer (350-2500 nm)  Petrographic Services  Concrete Petrography  Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy  Micro-Raman Spectroscopy  UV-Visible Spectroscopy  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (solid and liquid state)  Gas Chromatography  High Pressure Liquid Chromatography  Fiber and Polymer Analysis  Metallographic Analysis  Mechanical Testing Instrument  Particle Size Analysis  Hardness Testing  Concrete Testing  Remote Sensing and Image Processing Services  Geographic Information Systems Laboratory http://emes.sdsmt.edu
  • 16. Research Equipment Computational Mechanics Lab • Computational Mechanics is concerned with the simulation of advanced engineering problems. • It brings together highly sophisticated methods of Structural and Applied Mechanics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and encompasses numerical methods for application to various Mechanical Engineering problems. • Computational Mechanics is now a well established and growing discipline which is increasingly exploited by engineers and scientists to optimize existing products and manufacturing processes and to promote the development of new technologies.
  • 17. Virtual Prototyping Computational Mechanics Lab
  • 18. Virtual Prototyping Computational Mechanics Lab
  • 19. Research Equipment Composites and Polymer Engineering Laboratory (CAPE) Materials Research and Process Innovation and Modeling and Simulation Development Composite Fabrication • Application of state-of Technologies • Synthesis of unique resin the art modeling tools systems for enhanced • Precision, low-cost molds (e.g., ABACUS, ALGOR, composite processing via 3D computerized FLUENT) for the analysis and performance scanning, rapid proto- and design of structures • Surface modification and typing, and laser and processes, and for functionalization of additive technologies the prediction of reinforcement materials: • Advancement of pre- mechanical properties fibers, carbon nanotubes, form, RIM, VARTM and • Efficient translation of ceramic nanoparticles…. compression molding component design to • Interfacial and inter- technologies for prototype phase phenomena enhanced composite • System design, simulation performance, process • Tailored hybrid/graded and management efficiency and sustain- structures to provide ability novel, multi-functional properties
  • 20. Research Equipment Composites and Polymer Engineering Laboratory (CAPE) Characterization Mechanical Testing • Chemical and physical • Tensile, flexural, and fatigue characterization at the atomic testing, with environmental and molecular level using chamber advanced instruments • Impact testing • Optical and electron microscopy • Projectile velocity measurements • State-of-the art instruments via laser doppler velocimetry for rheological measurements • Microhardness, nano-indention, • Advanced thermal analysis and interfacial force microscopy • Defect and failure analysis by non-destructive methods
  • 21. WAECO Prepregger Gerber Precision Cutting Table Z- Stitcher Wardwell Braider
  • 22. CNC Mill CNC Lathe Sandblaster Table Saw Band Drill Saw Press Fused Deposition
  • 23. RTM/VARTM 4’x8’ Autoclave Compression Molding Walk- in Oven
  • 24. MTS w/ Environmental Chamber Thermal Analysis (TMA, DSC. . ) Ultrasonic NDT
  • 25. Advanced Materials Processing Center Design, Fabricate, and Test Friction Structures Joint Designs Pin Tool Designs Detail Designs and Manufacturing Approach Metallurgy and Strength Optimization Ti-6-4 Web and Flange Ti-15-333 Stiffeners Efficient Low Cost Fixturing and Tooling Structural Models P Static and Fatigue Testing P
  • 26. Firearm and Ammunition Industry What we have to Offer? • World class research equipment and facilities • Technical expertise and interest • SDSM&T Professors and Staff • Regional manufacturers • Firearm friendly environment