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Linkedin web site  for entertainment pro fessional  about its  skills and expertise
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Linkedin web site for entertainment pro fessional about its skills and expertise


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  • 1. Date : 026th / February / 2012. [ My Corporate Association & Concernity For M/s. Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. Co. ; A Time Warner Company ; Edinburg-ScotLand ; Scotland ]. [ Total Pages : 04 Nos.] Skills & Expertise Mr. Deepak: Do you have skills and expertise that people are looking for? Every area of expertise you add to your profile makes you easier to find. Start adding skills and expertise. Skills & Expertise1. Film Production: AFter Commencing My Film Content Projects From August , Year2009 Till February , Year 2012. I Had In My Imaginative Mind To Conclude From Me That The Film Projects For Film Production Main Feilds Could Be Like Arts / Commercial / Creativity Type Pictures . Its Like Planning About Me For the Years Time Projections For Film Production .2. Film: It Always For Me That Films Makes Good Business In Their Multiplexes & Cinema Halls Film Exhibition Time . Every or Certainly Important Films Are Produced with Its Film Production Team with Big Investments ; To Click Its Collections For Big Super Collections. Its Too Uniquely Important For Audience / Spectators To Feel The Entertainment Quality Standards. [ !! This Application Expertise was Gained By Me During Nearly First Four From Years 1996 Till 2000 & Then One Year From Year 2004 Till 2004 For My Corporate Tenure with M/s. Cinecita Pvt.Ltd. ( C/o. M/s. Cinecita Comoptronics Industries Pvt. Ltd. ) ; Mumbai . To PerForm In Acquiring Class Projection & Sound Formats Reproduction In Cinema Halls & Multiplex with My Team !! ].3. Stage : IF To Present The Stage Programmes Qualities In Todays Innovative Technology Entertainment. [ The Previous Visualization Stage Experience : It First Makes Me Think Primarily On Contents / Acting Talents / Music Arrangements & Locations with Set Ups ] .
  • 2. 4. Musical Theatre: The Music In Syncronisation / Background Musical Sound Score & Their By The Actors Singing / Acting Role Plays For On Live Theatre Programmes. [Its Important For Me Now To Visualize Those Previous Efforts & To Form Some Themes In Future Life Time Leading To The Write Contents].5. Broadcast : In Context To My “ Linkedin ProFile “ For Entertainment ProFessional . Its Important To Grenerate the Dramatic Contents / Film Contents . IF Its Broadcast Programmes The Speculative Observations Could Be the Programmes Projects On Similiar Lines Like “ FU Bai Fu “ & For English It May Be Like “ Freinds “ / “ Ellen Degenrative Show “. Their New T.V. Programmes Contents To Be Concluded By Me In Future Life Time . Its Too Worked Manily On Line Live Edditing ; If Require It May Be “ Aired “ For the Next Day Programme Time .6. Entertainment : Films / Sports / Business News On T.V. Channels / Musical Live Concerts / Broadcast Programmes / Broadcast Episodes / T.V. On Live In Hall Music Concerts / Discovery & National Geography T.V. Channels. [ My Time Involvement About Veiwing The Applications For Entertainment Sector ] .7. Feature Films : In This The Interest & Inclination For The Features Films Are Adventure Films / Animation Graphics Films . The New Application Adventures Films Could Be Important In Producing The Contents To Variate In Its Applications Pertaining Like Or About My Ideas & Mind Enscapping . The Acting Talent with Search For the Previous Acting Talents & To Project the Different Newer Acting Talent / Costumes Matching their Life Styles For The Color Varrying Lights & Design Set Ups. The Acting Role Plays & Story For The Content About The Film Projects May Be Class Pleasing During Its Avaliability For Film Exhibition Time .
  • 3. Feature Films [ Continued ] : The Animation Graphics Projects Are Already Making Good waves on its Film Exhibition at Current 2012 Year Time . My Dubbing Voice Could Be Avaliable For the Future Animation Graphics Project Incorporating Some Film Projects with Graphics Films About The Ancient Time .8. Television : The Primarily Importance For Me To Visualize The Travel Programmes . Some Time Involvement For T.V. Programmes On Cartoons / Disney T.V. Channels Mainly About Its Dubbing Voices Quality / Film Graphics & Location Graphics Designs .9. Creative Writing : The Newer Interest To Conclude In My Future Time About the Film Vewing For The Up Comming & Later Date Releasing Films . The Film Trailers Like Film Promotions Acquired From Film AFFinity & Flixster Web Sites / Film Promotions Trailers At the Multiplexes , Cinema & T.V. Channels. Some Film Themes Can Be From Me Like Creative Writing . If Their Time For Presenting these Some Film Theme Prior To The Release Date For The Big Films At the Multiplexes & Cinema Halls.10. Commercials : The Latest Veiwed By Me Are The Film Advertisement Commercials with its Latest Design Color Combination Were Seem To Be Lucrative To Make It Feel Class On its Advertisement Production. [ Its In My Planning About Advertisemnt Content For “ Steel Plant Project “ in India By The Foriegn Investments . Its For M/s. Laxmi Mittals Inc. Co. The Future Steel Plant Project In India ].11. Music : Its Could Be Current Invlovement For Singing In Night Time From 19,00Hrs To 21.00 Hrs Times For Some Interntional & National Musical Songs & Albums .12. Short Films : I Had Veiwed Short Films On Broadcast Channel From The Mexican Country About Their Social Life / Spiritual Life / Industrial & Newer Developments .
  • 4. 13. Coordination : This Application For My Corporate M/s. Warner Brothers Picture Inc. Co.; Scotland . The Business Networking For Films Importance Due to Film Reveiws In Connection with My Web Site All Film Principlas. The Another Importance Is From My Web Connection Members ProFessional Corporate Sites Like Linkedin, Xing. Proskore. My Space , Dont Stay In , FreindFeed & Messenger Live / Freinds National & International For Newer FaceBooks with Family Members Connections / My Customers at Twitter Web Sites / Social Networks Web Sites Like NetLog & Tagged [ For Tagged Web Site : Sorry From Me To All] . ** My Film Reveiws Application To All With Their All NotiFication & Inclination For Me To Read Their Own Findings / Snap Collections / Greetings ** .14. Customer Relations : I Had Very Good Customer Support Corporate Expertise For Nearly Nine Years. The Customer Relations Will Defintely Important For Me Like Inspiration To Energise My Role In Future Film Projects.15. New Business Development : Many Hollywood Film Projects In Recent time Are Definetly Producing Film with Class Developments Like Film Electronics Cinematograpghy / Graphics / 3D Digital / Sound Mix / Newer Type Film Contents.16. Public Relations : It My Interest About Relations In Context To The Public / Citizens with Their Generations / Freinds Need To Visualise Films At Multiplexes & Cinema Halls. The Enjoying Time At Malls / Refrestment Fast Food Centres .17. Media Production : The Latest Media Production For Business Aspects Is At Its Class Particulars To The Business News / Investments National & InterNational Venues / Newer Development Projects.18. Social Networking : The Newer Social Network Web Sites Has Links For Our Own Messaging To Be Networked & Importantly Connecting Newer Freinds & Individual Coonections To The Social Networks.
  • 5. 19. Budgeting : It My Interest To Complete In Future Life Time : One Year CertiFicate Course In “ Electronics Cinematography From M/s. Film & Television Institute Of India. Its For My Newer Another Class Profile In “ Film Director “ Role For International Films / Movies.20. Theatre : The Latest Trend To Be Importantly About Newer Theatre Stage Events / Programmes / Dramatics Programmes In India ; Especially In State : Maharashtra. This Will Allocate Time For Films / Broadcast & These Stage Theatre Programmes During WeekEnd Night Time. It Has Future For Some Social Life Meetings To PerForm Speech Events In Certain Weekly Days Time & Form Social Team Networks. [ From Mr. Deepak S.Sawant ; Nick Name : Ronnie ] ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;