En glish film reveiw tin tin film direction quality points


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En glish film reveiw tin tin film direction quality points

  1. 1. Date : 011th / November / 2011Film Direction My Points Review : In Film Directors Role Play Quality.Kind Attn.:To : Mr. Dennis Rodman [ Managing Director ];& C.C. : ( The Corporate Management Authority )M/s. Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. Scotland.A Time Warner Company ; Warner Village ,A 96 , Narin Road , Edinburg – Scotland.C.C. : 02Mr. Jon GilBert [ President )M/s. Warner Brothers Facility Studios Limited.A Time Warner Company ;CaLiFornia.Subject / Topics : Film Direction My Points Review About “ TIN TIN “viewed on 011th / November / 2011 at “ Star Cinepolis Multiplex ,Thane .Dear Sir’s & All Concern ;Film Direction My Points oF Veiw : Quality Film Points## Film Production Main Corporates Partnership / Film Production Co.With Film Production Team : Its Great Imagination About theAdventure Film Human Graphics / Nature Some Aspect Graphics &Animation Graphics.Its Has Importance About The “ Name Wonder Boy” ; “ TIN TIN “.The Film Had Some Important Imaginative Mind For the “ ProphetMouLoud” .Next Important : The Class Captain Imaginative Mind About PreviousLife Ancient Time Some Senses Then Comes In Two Factors LikeOne Prediction For Safer Life & Another To Be Like Some Slightknown Facts.
  2. 2. .## Film Direction Role Play : Its A Very Great Film Experience To BeVisualiZed By Me Especially For The Top Producer / Director “ Mr. S.SpeilBerg.The Top Principals Partnership with Film Production Team HadBrought The Film Director Expertise : Film Capture Scenes To BeClass & Excellent .The IMPORTANCE About The Film Directors Role & Team ManagementTo Form Process with the Concept Like Ship Pirates at the SeaFilm Scenes : Its Incredible . [ Its Work On Many Film GraphicsCombination To Form A Special Effects Film Graphics Scenes To GetMerged on Main Film Print .Another Is About On Left Hand Imaginative Mind Shown About TheCaptain & TIN TIN : Its A Cultivation on Desert Film Scenes.Next : Some Important Desert Counytry Living Life Imaginative FilmGraphics Scenes.## ProFessional Cinematographer Concepts : Graphics FilmmingAbout the Filmography : Excellent .## Camera Team Management with Graphics Film Team “ Its A GreatGood Film Capture Scenes .## Film Direction with the Team Management For All FilmCaptures:Its A Incredible Efforts Work Outs## BackGround Music Score From Film Director : Work Outs For TheFilm Background Score ; Very Good.## Film Director Presence About The Acting Talent
  3. 3. Its Overall Class & Incredible FilmoGraphics Acting For Humans .Animation Graphics : Class . # Story Line : The Concept of Film Is Ancient Time AdventureImportance.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Yours Trully,Mr. Deepak S. Sawant [ Nick Name Mr. Ronnie ]:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::