How Data, Relevance and Content are transforming B2B marketing


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This presentation is in 3 sections. How will data drive B2B marketing campaigns in the future? What's the impact of relevance based marketing? Why content will be essential in lead nurture and long sales cycles.

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How Data, Relevance and Content are transforming B2B marketing

  1. 1. How Data, Relevance and Contentare transforming B2B marketing
  2. 2. Data, Relevance and Content“ ”How will data drive B2B marketing campaigns in the future?What’s the impact of relevance based marketing?Why content is essential in lead nurture and long sales cycles.•••
  3. 3. ””It no longer makes economic senseIt no longer makes economic senseto send an advertising message to the manyto send an advertising message to the manyin the hope of persuading the fewin the hope of persuading the few““M. Lawrence Light,M. Lawrence Light,Chief Marketing Officer, McDonaldsChief Marketing Officer, McDonalds
  4. 4. Data“ ”•••••Data enables you to target individual customers who have the highest propensityto consume your product or service.Better targeting is achieved through a ‘single customer view’ or SCV.Every day companies gather information on customers and store it in differentdatabases, different departments and even different buildings.An SCV seeks to merge all that data into one point that is accessible by all.But there has been an explosion in the volume of data (partly due to the increase indigital marketing) and ‘Big Data’ has an impact on SCV.According to Bryan Eisenberg, Founder of the Digital Analytics Association, theworld is now generating more data in 2 days than in all the days before 2003.
  5. 5. Data“ ”•••Duncan Stuart, Director at Deloitte Canada, confirms there are compelling reasonsfor companies to pursue Big Data...With SCV companies have a platform that can profile, segment and enhance datato make the most of the intelligence a unified view provides – and with Big Datathey can do it in real-time.Big Data and SCV require accurate customer data in order to maximise theirpotential and return on investment. Bad data makes the whole system redundant.“Instead of looking at my customer’s behaviour once a month,I can look at it every minute of every day. That kind of insight isvery, very powerful. It allows me to serve my customer better.”
  6. 6. Data“ ”The impact of bad data on a telemarketingcampaign can be seen in the chart opposite. As thevolume of bad data increases so the response ratecan drop by as much as 28.57%.The solution is to ensure your B2B customer datais accurate, and the best tool for data cleansing istelemarketing.Telemarketing can be more revealing. Interviewerscan elicit more complete and substantive answers,as well as ask for clarification and elaboration onresponses. Something that is not possible withemail, direct mail or a web page.Bad data is an excluded call, i.e. the sales agent made contact and was ableto establish the company did not meet the target criteria (wrong industrysector, wrong size, etc.)Source: SCi Sales Group, 2011 n = 53,400
  7. 7. Data“ ”•••EU Data RegulationThe EU are currently discussing a new Regulation that will provide uniform dataprotection across Europe. It impacts all forms of direct marketing and includes...An ‘opt-in’ only regimeThe Regulation would prohibit any use of personal data for commercial directmarketing purposes without consent. Both B2B and B2C.The introduction of a new ‘right to be forgotten’Which means individuals can request their data is deleted and not even used forthe purpose of suppression.Limits on profilingThe Regulation would limit any type of profiling of individuals that has a significanteffect for the individual.SCi Sales Group has a campaign asking the government to excludeB2B data from the Regulation. Please sign our official online petitionby visiting
  8. 8. ”If it’s not relevant to your customersyou don’t just lose a sale, you damage your brand“
  9. 9. Big Data and SCV enable you to send more relevant messages... and relevance isimportant.A recent study* looked at the relationship between customers and companies whoalready held some of their personal information. The customers stated:••would shift their business to a competitor if a company keptsending them irrelevant offers and communications.80%86%88%would withdraw permission for a company to contact them infuture if it continued to send irrelevant communication.would refuse to hand over further details on themselves if acompany kept sending offers they found to be irrelevant.* Source: Transactis, 2012Relevance“ ”
  10. 10. Relevance“ ”••As well as improving brand relationships, relevance also increases responseon all forms of B2B marketing. The more relevant the message, the more likelya customer will engage.Relevance can lift open rates on email by 400% and click rates by 300%.Source: SCi Sales Group, 2011 n = 8,096
  11. 11. Relevance“ ”Unmatched dataOnly partially matches profileMatched dataFully matches profileRelevant associationRelevant trade association data• Relevance also impacts telemarketing. The chart below shows the result ofusing relevant data that matches a target profile.Source: SCi Sales Group, 2011 n = 3,253
  12. 12. Relevance“ ”Even the most basic information can be used to add relevance. Here’s an exampleof a company targeting car dealers.During a sales call to a car dealer in St. Albans you might mention the number ofdealers you have nationwide. But it may be more relevant to highlight how manyyou have in St. Albans because dealers tend to compete locally.Segmenting the list also adds relevance. For example, Rolls Royce dealers willhave different sales objections to Fiat 500 dealers. So grouping dealers by carbrand will help maximise objection handling during a telemarketing campaign.•••
  13. 13. ”The secret of content marketing is to tell, not sellThe secret of content marketing is to tell, not sell“
  14. 14. Content“ ”•••Content marketing is the delivery of knowledge and opinion to your customers,helping them to make informed decisions and positioning your company as experts.It is a useful tool for lead generation, but exceptionally good on long sales cyclesand lead nurturing (where keeping the customer engaged is paramount).Content delivered at the Prospect and Lead stage is very effective, as this is whenBuyers are considering the ‘What’ and ‘Who’ questions.
  15. 15. Content“ ”Executives and buyers are bombarded by marketing messages every day. They areincreasingly selective in which messages they act upon.Content marketing has higher engagement rates as it provides useful informationthat can help buyers and executives in their decision-making.On email campaigns it can double open rates and improve clicks by almost 500%.•••Source: SCi Sales Group, 2011 n = 28,082
  16. 16. Content“ ”Research* shows that 80% of leads are not followed-up by sales teams. Contenthelps to keep leads engaged during long sales cycles, until they are BANT qualifiedand sales ready.Nurture programmes such as LeadNurturePlus are delivering outstanding results.The chart below shows the effects of nurture and content on a monthly emailcampaign.••Source: SCi Sales Group, 2011* Source: Sirius Decisions, 2011** BANT = Budget, Authority, Need, Timescale.
  17. 17. Content contains advice, information, research and facts that can position yourcompany as experts.For a company that targets car dealers, content can generate leads but it can alsobe used post-Sales as part of a customer relationship programme.So email newsletters and blogs could be produced containing...••1. Research on what attracts customer to a car dealer2. Help on how to read buying signals from customers3. Advice on positioning point of sale material for maximum effectContent“ ”
  18. 18. Content“ ”How will data drive B2B marketing campaigns in the future?The volume of customer data is increasing rapidly. Big Data and a single customerview will become a standard requirement. The EU Data Regulation will have adramatic effect on B2B direct marketing – visit to see how.Why content is essential in lead nurture and long sales cycles.Content-marketing is already improving response on email campaigns. Asexecutives are bombarded by marketing they are increasingly selective aboutengaging with companies. Delivering useful content will become the only way tomaintain contact on long sales cycles and during lead nurture programmes.What’s the impact of relevance-based marketing?Relevant data alone can increase response by as much as 8 times, and relevantmessages can deliver response rates over 25%. Adding relevance into the mix alsoimproves brand relationships.
  19. 19. Established in 2002, SCi Sales Group began life as aB2B telemarketing agency and has grown to become aleading sales acceleration specialist within EMEA.We have added other offline/online marketing tools toour portfolio, and can act as an outsourced extension ofyour sales force or a supplier of insourced sales talent.www.scisalesgroup.comFor further information, please visit our website or sign-up to our newsletter –