History 140 Struggle and Survival 2


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History 140 Struggle and Survival 2

  1. 1. Struggle and Survival Sophia C. Young Part 2
  2. 2. Survival Through Collective Struggle Opechancanough • Male: Indian Resistance Leader • Kinsman of Pocahontas • Much-vilified architect of the bloody Indian uprisings of 1622 and 1644 • Referred to as the cruel leader of the “perfidious and inhumane” Powhatans, the “unflinching enemy…of the Saxon race” • He demonstrated resilience and political resolve in his brilliant effort to save the Powhatan way of life Red Shoes • Male: Shulush Homa of Couechitto • Tribal man (Iksa clan); common warrior • His death helped spark the Civil war • Began and ended his career changing the world; refused to be a pawn of the Europeans • Challenged the French and English to recognize the realities of his world • His vision: that the Choctaw nation might grasp the European advantages without succumbing to their rule.
  3. 3. Survival Through Individual Defiance Juan de Morga • Male: Rebellious mulatto slave • Lived in Oaxaca, México in 1627 • Ran away and for 375 pesos, forged a new identity as a freed man. • For his blatant disrespect of Arratia, he was tortured numerously and horrendously. • Upon making a pact with Satan, his torments subsided. • He rescinded his pact with Satan and upon intervention from the Inquisition was freed from Arratia. Gertrudis de Escobar • Female: Free mulatta of 14 years old when she cam before the Inquisition in 1659. • Lived in Central México • Sold into slavery by aunt • Recognized as a freed woman in her slave status and an appeal to the Inquisition was made on her behalf. • Through her horrible employment as a slave, overcame great odds.
  4. 4. Survival Through Individual Accommodation Beatriz de Padilla • Female • Born in Lagos, Spain • Not a mulatta, but a lighter-skinned morisca (half white, half mulatta). • Accused of causing mysterious things (poisoning) to happen to her two previous lovers. • As a woman of a white father and mulatta mother, she was despised for her light-skin and beauty. • Her survival gives flare to Mexican heritage. Catarina de Monte Sinay • Female: Nun and Entrepreneur • Born in Brazil • Married in a ceremony that represented being wed to Jesus Christ. • Lived in the nunnery for six years. • Her sister also was given into nunnery, both girls, by their father. • In her later years she married Gonçalo.
  5. 5. Squanto The Last of the Patuxets • Male: a lone tribal Indian • Time and Place of birth are unknown. • Rescued the Pilgrims from the wilderness by introducing them to friendly natives and teaching them how to plant corn. • Helped with the colonization of New England.