SCVNGR Redhawk Recruiter Overview


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SCVNGR Redhawk Recruiter Overview

  1. 1. SCVNGR Open House TrekU @ La Roche | Fall 2011Go places. Do challenges. Earn points.Two ways To play:• Free mobile app (iphone/android)• Text messageThe more challenges you complete, more points you earn, more likelyto earn a reward.--open House Goals:• Inform: echo the information provided on walking tour• engage: provide another way for prospectives and parents to interact with the campus• Increase number of people participating in the trek (approx. 25 participants played in the trek at the summer open house)sCVnGR is a tool to further engage, but not replace what you accomplishwith the tour.The more that potential students and parents engage and invest with the placesand people on campus, the more they feel at home; the more questions that areanswered; more that they know... the more likely they are to choose la Roche.sCVnGR is one of the tools we use to help accomplish that goal.---wHaT THIs means duRInG TouR:your excitement is contageous:• encourage them to play• Remind them at the start of the tour that they can win prizes: First place: ipod shuffle second place: $25 bookstore gift card Third place: la Roche t-shirt Top 10 finishers: la Roche/sCVnGR swagsome challenges may touch upon what you mention in the tour (giving participantsincentive to pay close attention to you for answers); some challenges may giveadditional information not covered specifically in the tour script--a way to enticethem with another reason to play.
  2. 2. aT THe end oF TouR:let them know how they’ll know if they’ve won:• If they play via the app, we will contact them through the app (via a comment on one of their challenges)• If they play via text message, we will send them a text to their phoneTo redeem prizes, direct them to the registration table by the entrance to theCollege Center.--TesT IT ouT;If you want to test out the tour, there is a u @ la Roche trek currently active. Thiswill be updated and more challenges will be added, but you can test it out to seehow it works.To test it using the app, tap the “treks” button, choose the “u @ la Roche” trek. Tapon the challenges within the list, answer them and earn points.To test it using text message, text the word “RedHawKTouR” to 728647.Instructions will be sent via text message. Respond to move on.--FeedbaCK welCome:Have ideas for challenges, additional information, and/or fun facts that studentsor parents may want to know? let me know and I can work it into a trek challengeor answer.Test it out and have a suggestion or question? Hit me up and tell me about it!after the tour? let me know about your experience! did people participate?did it keep folks more in-tune to the tour or did it distract them?--ConTaCT me:krisna.poznik@laroche.educell: 412-418-5141office: 412-536-1304@krisnapKrisna pozniksr. Graphic designer | social media Coordinatormarketing & media officela Roche College