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Presentation by Andy Beggan (BERLiN Project, University of Nottingham) on OER activity for SCORE event, Birmingham, 10 March 2010

Presentation by Andy Beggan (BERLiN Project, University of Nottingham) on OER activity for SCORE event, Birmingham, 10 March 2010

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  • Influenced development of Module FrameworksSeeking further feedback from OER Africa
  • Progressive discoverability and context is importantWhere and when they need it.


  • 1. Enhancing and expanding Nottingham’s existing Open Educational Repository to progress the vision of sustainable OERs10th March 2010
    Andy Beggan
    E-Learning Team Leader
    The University of Nottingham
  • 2. Outline of presentation
    Background to OER at Nottingham
    Strategic drivers
    How we’re meeting them?
    Discoverability, reuse & repurposing
    Current activities
    BERLiN project
    Examples of OER
    Next steps
  • 3. Background: OER @ Nottingham
    U-Now launched 2007 under the e-learning strategy
    Led by Prof Chris Ennew, PVC for Internationalisation
    A member of the Open Courseware Consortium
    17,836 visitors 2009
    1713 Jan 2010
    2000 Feb 2010
    Over 1900 downloads for ‘Anatomists cookbook’
  • 4. University Strategic Drivers
  • 5. University Strategic Drivers
    Social responsibility
    Promotional opportunities
    Cost efficiencies
    Mutually supportive with multiple cross over
  • 6. OER Africa feedback on U-Now
    Address multiple audiences at the same time
    Intended level of use and target audience
    Brief description
    File size
    Technical information and publisher
    Downloading instructions
    Different approaches to navigation (browse, filter, search)
    Encourage editing and repurpose
    UKOER~OER Africa / UNESCO partnerships
    OER ‘Shopping list’ to support African HEIs
    1. Social Responsibility
  • 7. 2. Promotional Opportunities
  • 8.
  • 9. 3. Cost Efficiencies
  • 10. XPERT
    Traditional producer-centric models
    Xerte Public E-learning ReposiTory
    JISC funded under rapid innovation programme
    To progress the vision of a distributed architecture of e-learning resources for sharing and re-use
    Based on Xerte Online Toolkits
  • 11. XPERT
  • 12.
  • 13. WebCT & Equella
  • 14. Joined OCWC in 2007/8
    Membership $500 p.a.
    Mathematical institute, Oxford
    The Open University
    The University of Nottingham
    RSS submission
    Doubled visitors to U-Now
    Jan-Feb 2010 3713 visitors
    1494 via OCWC
    Open Courseware Consortium
  • 15. ‘Google-ability’
    Google Search – all items can be found
    Links (Reciprocal)
    Future developments
    Tag clouds
    Media types
    Pedagogic types
    Biographical data
  • 16. BERLiN Project
    BERLiN: Building Exchanges for Research & Learning in Nottingham
    HEA/JISC funded 12 month project under OER Programme, end April 2010
    To support a step change in releasing open learning resources across all faculties at Nottingham
    Expansion of the University’s OER (u-Now) to cover content across all five faculties (360 credits)
    325 credits published so far…
  • 17. BERLiN submissions
    High-level support encouraging participation
    Capturing examples from across all campuses
    Issues assigning credits? Led to ‘module frameworks’
    Introduction to microeconomics
    Rich learning objects add further depth
    No limitations of what can be made available
    Podcasts, videos, interactive learning content, PDFs, etc
    Copyright ‘hurdles’ main barrier
  • 18. Next steps
    Social responsibility
    UKOER~OER Africa framework
    U-Now website review
    School based and subject based RSS feeds
    Support growth of local communities
    Link to prospectuses / school webpages
    Cost efficiencies
    ‘21st Century Information Skills’
    Appropriate reuse and repurpose of OER
    Workshops, seminars, PGCHE
    New tools and technologies
  • 19. Any Questions?