Open house 2012 for our parents


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This is the presentation information, and so much more, from our 201

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  • Last year was the first year of our new statewide assessment – STAAR (State Assessment of Academic Readiness) 6th Grade will take Math and Reading only. Their tests will be during the Spring semester.
  • Please fill out one of the forms in the back before leaving, to express your interest. Or, you can click on “Volunteers Needed” within this presentation to express your interest to my secretary (Karen Nelson).
  • In order to preserve the academic integrity, the following deterrents have been put in place, in addition to the student code of conduct consequence of ISS
  • Open house 2012 for our parents

    1. 1. Space Center Intermediate School Welcomes… The Graduating Classes of 2017-2019
    2. 2. Space Center Intermediate School“The shared vision of SpaceCenter Intermediate is tocreate excellence throughimagination, exploration, anddetermination.”
    3. 3. SPACE CENTER INTERMEDIATESCHOOL MISSIONThe mission of Space CenterIntermediate is to provide a positivelearning environment in which eachstudent has the opportunity to developand grow into a successful, productivecitizen.
    4. 4. SCIS State Assessment 2010-2011 (TAKS)Recognized Campus Reading/ELA: 97% Math: 96% Science: 93% Writing: 99% Social Studies 98% (Met Expectations)
    5. 5. Newest Texas State Assessment (as of2012-2013)
    6. 6. STAARTesting by Grade Level 6th Grade – Math & Reading 7th Grade – Math, Reading, Writing 8th Grade – Math, Reading, Science, & Social Studies
    7. 7. SCIS Band ProgramDonald McCandless, Director “…consistently recognized for excellence at both the state and national level.”
    8. 8. SCIS Orchestra ProgramLisa Batson, Director “…one of the largest public school orchestra programs in the state of Texas…have received consecutive sweepstakes in the Texas state UIL competition since it was opened.”
    9. 9. SCIS Art & Fine ArtsYou just can’t go wrong! Art – Holly Bess Kincaid Choir – Carolyn Barksdale Theatre Arts – Jessica Richards & Kathleen Hughey
    10. 10. Space Center Intermediate School2012-2013 Ms. Carpenter Principal 281-284-3312 • 18 Years in Education • 13 Years in School Administration • 11 Years in CCISD • 5th Year as Principal of SCIS
    11. 11. SCIS Assistant Principal/Counselor TeamLast Names A-L Mrs. Winters Ms. Fuqua Assistant Principal Counselor
    12. 12. SCIS Assistant Principal/Counselor TeamLast Names M-Z Mr. Rogers Mrs. Lovell Assistant Principal Counselor
    13. 13. Front OfficeHere to Serve You Mrs. Welsh Mrs. Holiday Receptionist Attendance
    14. 14. SecretariesConnecting You Mrs. Nelson Mrs. Hall Secretary to Principal Secretary to APs
    15. 15. SupportHere to Take Care of You Mrs. Apostolo Mrs. Lugo Nurse Special Education Team Lead
    16. 16. Behind the Scenes StaffWorking for You Mrs. Betters Mrs. Casas Bookkeeper Campus Data Specialist
    17. 17. Space Center Intermediate School2012-2013 Kevin Night Sheriff Liaison Officer Galveston County Sheriff Deputy
    18. 18. Bell Schedule2012-2013 1st Period - 8:50-9:35 Lunches 2nd Period - 9:40-10:25A - 11:17-11:47 3rd Period - 10:30-11:15B - 11:51-12:21C - 12:25-12:55 4th Period - 11:20-12:55 5th Period - 1:00-1:45 6th Period - 1:50-2:35 Advisory - 2:40-3:10 7th Period - 3:15-4:00
    19. 19. SCIS School SuppliesSixth - Eighth • Grade Level Supplies • Teacher Specific Supplies
    20. 20. What About Backpacks?Yes Backpacks placed in locker at the beginning of the day
    21. 21. TransportationBus Rider, Car Rider, Walker, Bicycle…Transportation DepartmentClick above to easily locate your bus route, or contacttransportation directly.Bus Riders exit to the small parking lot.All others exit to the large parking lot Note to parents picking up by car: Please enter the large parking lot, driving around the perimeter of the car. Once reaching the curb of the physical building, your student can jump safely into the right-hand side of your car.
    22. 22. Medication What to do with your student’s medicine at school…Emergency MedicationStudents who need to carry an asthma inhaler or otheremergency medication need to provide documentationfrom a physician and parent outlining this need.
    23. 23. Medication What to do with your student’s medicine at school…Prescription Medication & Medical Orders • Prescription and nonprescription medications must be provided in the original labeled container and accompanied by a medication administration request form. A parent may also write a request as long as it includes the name of medication, dosage, time and frequency along with the parent/guardian’s signature. • Prescription medication and medical procedures must have a physician’s order with instructions and be renewed at the beginning of each school year.
    24. 24. First Semester Testing ScheduleNormal Classroom TestingIn an effort to prevent students from havingmultiple tests to study for, on any given day, wehave our First Semester Testing Schedule below:
    25. 25. CCISD4METeachers, Assignments, Lunch Money, Grades…
    26. 26. NavianceStudents, Parent, and Staff…Thinking, Planning, Preparing… • 6th Grade – Learning Style Inventory • 7th Grade – Interest Inventory & Career Key Component • 8th Grade – Developing there four year plan for high school Parents will receive their Naviance login information after their 6th graders complete their interest inventory (closer to mid-year).
    27. 27. Campus Instructional Improvement Committee CIIC – First Meeting 9/12 @ 4:15• Help to establishes annual goals and objectives for our campus• Objectives address the performance of all students, including those with special needs• Assist the principal with regard to curriculum, budgeting, staffing, and school organization Volunteers Needed: 2 Parents 2 Community Members 2 Business Representatives
    28. 28. Secondary Honor CodeDeveloped by CCISD High School Students• A student shall receive a “0” for the school work, and is subject to a “U” in conduct and disciplinary action (including ineligibility in the next contest/game).• There will be no retakes for students who cheat. • Students who are enrolled in advanced academic courses (Pre-AP/AP) will be immediately removed from the advanced academic course and placed in the next lower level class.
    29. 29. Secondary Honor Code Continued Developed by CCISD High School Students• A student is not eligible for any final exam exemption.• A documented finding of academic dishonesty shall be reported on the student’s college application. • Students in violation of the Honor Code shall be immediately removed from the National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society and any other Honor Society that is an organized school event. Click to view video
    30. 30. Extracurricular Fees Thank you for your continued support!• From 2010-2012 state reduced its share of student education funding by $17 million• CCISD to appointed a citizens committee to develop recommendations for best meeting this monumental challenge • Committee recommended an extracurricular fee to offset a portion of costs associated with transportation, equipment and facility maintenance fees
    31. 31. Student Groups SSASafe School Ambassadors• Students are trained to diffuse bullying behaviors of others using reasoning, distracting, reporting, and getting help. • Since the students who are trained are identified leaders of specific groups (athletics, academic, clubs) the hope is that their friends will begin to demonstrate the behaviors they see modeled.
    32. 32. AdvisoryMondays & Wednesdays • Tutorials • Remediation • Homework • Study • Read • Enrichment
    33. 33. Advisory ContinuedTuesdays • Character Education • College & Career Readiness • Study Skills • Goal Setting • Organization
    34. 34. Advisory ContinuedThursdays Anti-bullying/Bully Awareness “Friends of Rachel” Lessons/Activities
    35. 35. Advisory ContinuedFridays Special Interest Groups by Design: • Build Relationships • Sense of belonging • Teamwork • Extending Advocate/Support • Exposure to opportunities
    36. 36. Want to Volunteer?Click Here• In order to help ensure the safety and security of our students and staff, CCISD conducts criminal background checks on all volunteers.• For more information, please contact the Office of Communications at 281-284-0020.
    37. 37. SCIS PTAKelli Bailey, President
    38. 38. We want to knowwhat you’re thinking! Please share your questions, comments, and more by completing the survey below: (Come back to complete our survey as often as something comes to mind.)