Cardinal Camp Parent Presentation 2013-14


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Cardinal Camp Parent Presentation 2013-14

  1. 1. Welcome to Space Center Intermediate Cardinal Camp 2013 - 2014
  2. 2. The one thing you will want to write down this evening… SCISchool
  3. 3. Introductions: • Ms. Susan Carpenter, Principal • Ms. Tami Fuqua, Counselor (A-L) • Mrs. Georgia Lovell, Counselor (M-Z) • Mrs. Megan Apostolo, Nurse • Ms. Tracy Pattat, Technology Integration Specialist
  4. 4. Who do I contact? Attendance – Karen Holiday, Attendance Clerk 281-284-3321 Health/Medical – Megan Apostolo, Nurse 281- 284-3313 General Info./Main Number - Carol Collins, Receptionist 281-284-3300 Proof of Residency/CCISD4Me – Roxy Casas, Campus Data Specialist 281-284-3325
  5. 5. Our Assistant Principals Dr. Brent Kirkpatrick, Assistant Principal (A-L) Mr. Tim Rogers, Assistant Principal (M-Z)
  6. 6. School Hours •Office Hours – 8:15-8:45AM •Student Day 8:50AM-4:00PM •Doors open with supervision at 8:15AM •Tutorials – Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15- 8:45AM (other times arranged through teacher)
  7. 7. Come join us for lunch anytime! A Lunch (Mostly 6th Grade) 11:17-11:47 B Lunch 11:51-12:21 C Lunch 12:25-12:55 *For the safety of our students, please make sure to stop by the front office to check in first.
  8. 8. Advisory – 2:40-3:10 Mondays & Wednesdays – Tutorials, Remediation, Enrichment, Study, Homework, Reading Tuesday – College/Career Planning, Goal Setting, Organization, Study Skills Thursday – Anti-bullying/Bullying Awareness Friday – Special Interest Groups
  9. 9. Afternoon Dismissal • Walkers/Bike Riders - Leave campus at 4PM bell • Car Riders - Large Parking Lot •Stay to the right to pick student(s) up from curb •When loaded, turn on left signal to pass on the left when waved on • Bus Riders - Small Parking Lot •Line-up Board •Click here for more bus information
  10. 10. When will students receive tablet computers for use? Fall 2013 •Clear Horizons Early College High School- 1:1 Latitude •Victory Lakes Intermediate 8th grade - 1:1 Latitude •Clear View High School- 1:1 Latitude •Clear Lake City Elementary 4th and 5th-1:1 Latitude, classroom sets (devices remain at school) •Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade - iPads stations January 2014 •Grade 9 and 10 Districtwide -1:1 Latitude September 2014 •Grades 8, 9, 12 Districtwide- 1:1 Latitude •Grade 5 Districtwide - 1:1 Latitude, classroom sets (devices remain at school) September 2015 •Grades 6 and 7 Districtwide- 1:1 Latitude •Grade 4 Districtwide - 1:1 Latitude, classroom sets (devices remain at school) •Grade 3 Districtwide - Latitudes in classroom sets of 6
  11. 11. CCISD Honor Code The Clear Creek Honor Code requires the following penalties for violation: •A 0 (Zero) for the school work •ISS Assignment •A “U” (Unsatisfactory) in conduct for this nine weeks in the course •A student in any extracurricular activity will be ineligible in the next contest/game •No retakes will be allowed for your student on this assignment/test •If the course is a Pre AP/GT or Pre AP class the student will be removed from the course and sent to the next available lower level course •Any Omega student who has a 2nd incident of cheating within their time in the program will be removed from Omega program. • Removal from the National Junior Honor Society.
  12. 12. CCISD Honor Code “We believe students are responsible for maintaining and supporting the academic integrity of the school by completing all assigned work, activities, and tests in an honorable process without engaging in cheating, fraud, plagiarism, or prohibitive electronic assistance. Through this effort, we will become trusted members of society and prepared for the workforce of the 21st Century.”
  13. 13. Helping Your Student Succeed •Join our PTA and stay in the know •Make sure to sign up for CCISD4Me (Our Parent Portal) – current news on school happenings, students schedule, teacher contacts, and more •Get to know teachers •Keep track of grades through Parent Self-Serve •Help your student stay organized/use a planner •Quiet place for homework •Punctual attendance 8:50-4PM (Compulsory Attendance = 90% Required) •District Dress Code (Parent Handbook)
  14. 14. Beginning of the Year Questions What should my student bring to school the first day? •Paper •Pen/Pencil •Lunch or Lunch Money What are First Day Packets? •Information and forms coming home the first day, that need your attention. Backpacks •Allowed only to transport items back and forth from school •Remain in locker throughout the day Gym Uniform •$20 for Boys or Girls (purchased through Coaches)
  15. 15. Words from our… Nurse – Megan Apostolo Technology Integration Specialist – Tracy Pattat Counselors – Tami Fuqua & Georgia Lovell
  16. 16. What Now? •Join PTA today •Stop by tables in gym •Meet up with your student in the Commons (continuing down that hallway). Make sure to take textbooks home. Pick up preordered school supplies. •Look at their schedule (which they will have with them). If there is an error, complete the form just outside either of the two exit doors to Commons Parking. There will be a drop box there available for you to leave the form. •This is the conclusion of our event. Please exit the doors leading out of the Commons to the parking lots.
  17. 17. The one thing you will want to write down this evening… SCISchool