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People involved in the salem witch trials
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People involved in the salem witch trials


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Published in: Art & Photos, Spiritual

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  • 1. Abria Jackson Tauraus Josey Rhe’Mechia Redding Leroy Jordan
  • 2.  Tituba was a Caribbean slave from South America.  She was sold from the Caribbean to be a slave for a man named Samuel Parris.  She watched over Mr. Samuel’s 3 children.  She would often tell the children stories about magic and spirits. She also played fortune telling games with them.  Tituba later began to tell the stories to girls in the neighborhood in around a fire in secrecy. The girls she read to were known as the circle girls.
  • 3.  Ann Putnam, Betty, and Abigail grew sick.  Many people believed that the girls’ sickness was because someone was practicing Witchcraft.  Because Tituba was a social outcast and people heard about the stories she told the girls she was believed to be a witch.  Mr. Parris beat her and told her to confess that she was a witch and he would pay for her freedom.  Tituba confessed and was imprisoned, but because she confessed she did not go on trial. However, Mr. Parris did not keep his promise.  Tituba stayed in prison until the following spring.  She was then sold and taken away from Salem.
  • 4.  He had recently published a popular book “Memorable Providences,”  The book describes a case of supposed witchcraft that had occurred in Boston the previous year.  After Mather had examed the children, he decide that the children was innocent victims of Glover’s witchcraft.  His sermons and written works fanned the flames of the witchcraft.  He declared that the devil was at work in Salem and that witches should face the hardest punishment
  • 5.  Mather played a big role in the Salem trials.  Just before Mather was hanged Burroughs turned to the crowd and perfectly recited the lord prayer  Robert Caleb had describe Cotton Mather’s reaction is his account.  In 1693, Mather recounted the trials in his book, “Wonders of the Invisible World.”
  • 6.  Ann Putnam was the leader of the circle girls  Her and the girls are the ones who accused many people of being witches.  The circle girls would gather at Samuel Parris’ home to hear Tituba tell stories about magic.  Ann Putnam later got sick and was diagnosed as a victim of witchcraft.  Putnam then began making accusations towards Tituba and several other people
  • 7.  Her parents also began accusing people of practicing witchcraft  Before the search was over Ann Putnam had accused 62 people of practicing witchcraft  In 1706 Ann Putnam wrote an apology and stood before the church as the pastor read it to the congregation.
  • 8.  adventures/salemwitchtrials/people/