SCHOLAR Conference 2011 - Innovative Delivery of Higher and Advanced Higer - Workshop Part 2


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virtual classrooms and online student support

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  • Last week saw the launch of Dundee Campus, a new way to deliver AH across Dundee
  • While we’re looking at the map, this is how compact Dundee is – no more than 11 miles across. This is a factor in making what I’m about to show you feasible. i.e. Pupils travelling to meet is feasible.
  • As opposed to school closures/mergers
  • Illustration: 9 schools, small classes for an AH or minority higher. 9 staff per course committed to delivering. To be fair, schools varied in how many periods a week per subject were allocated. Some just 2, some 6 periods a week. Bring together as 3 classes (or less) per course – less teacher time needed – so fewer teachers need be employed overall. It is hoped that, although the trigger was financial, that there will be benefits for the pupils from this new way of studying… meeting more learners from other schools, having to build relationships with adults from outwith the school, taking responsibility for keeping on track for work set maybe by 2 teachers….
  • Back to maps - secondary schools – blue. Dundee University Dalhousie Building – red These are the locations for the Campus delivery
  • This is how it works - 3 hour session weekly (an afternoon) with “Campus” teacher – some subjects have uni for venue. In own Home school, pupil also has one or two periods with Link teacher. Explain with an example, e.g. Tues English or Wednesday Modern Studies. Teachers have had a full day together during SQA exam leave to plan the delivery of the course so far, with another half-day on offer.
  • To support pupils from several schools being taught by several teachers – needs online support – Glow and Scholar. Screenshot shows how Scholar can be tied to your Glow login – see welcome message.
  • This is the umbrella Glow Group created at LA level to support Dundee Campus. Various Scholar links are available – the one shown on previous slide, and also one that links to normal login page where Scholar login would be needed. (good for extended period in Scholar – beyond 50 minutes) Membership is all Campus teachers and pupils. Subgroups are for each subject being delivered this way this year.
  • One of the features is a calendar that all schools’ info relevant for Dundee Campus can be input
  • This is a sub-group – chemistry They asked for a subgroup where staff involved could have private discussion etc
  • History subgrou- making us eof the News webpart
  • Similarly maths using news and what’s on
  • All the GGs have similar basic structure. Here in Physics: Resource Store – for various teachers involved to upload files for pupils to use – either notes or tasks. Sharing the work of providing resources.
  • Another Resource Store. These document stores can be customised – e.g. here there is a column for context of the resources
  • Where there is just one Campus section, they get the choice of the original Glow discussion boards or a Glow Forum… Here Graph Comm are using the Discussion boards. You’ll see here there’s also a page where pupils will be able to upload work.
  • Where delivery is at two venues, each gets a page with a forum and an area for pupil uploads. Music provide each pupil with a logbook that they update and upload here about their progress
  • Where there are more than one Campus Section there is a page for each. On these pages there is a Glow Forum and an area where pupils can upload files such as returned tasks or homework. Here the teacher has created folders for pupils to upload work to, e.g. Homework.
  • Sticking with History, we see the use of the Glow Forums here for return of Homework. Plagiarism? – later entries actually seem to think harder just so they don’t appear to be plagiarising!
  • All subjects were “given” a basic Glow Group with the areas I’ve shown you but now it’s for t he teachers and pupils to develop them as they wish. It’s early days yet but this Modern Studies Glow Group now has an extra page with a pageviewer webpart where the delicious bookmarks staff have gathered together and tagged for various topics is being shown. I expect to see further creative use of Glow used as the weeks go by. We have had Glow in Dundee now since 2008 and many teachers use it in the classroom, but Dundee Campus is giving a real collective purpose to teachers in their attempt to deliver AH this way across the city.
  • We have had Glow in Dundee now since 2008 and many teachers use it in the classroom, and also schools use it for communication, e.g. harris Staff GG is usually top of our hits list as shown here, but Dundee Campus is giving a real collective purpose to teachers in their attempt to deliver AH this way across the city and the GGs are showing up in the weekly stats already. Stats are from 8- 15 th June. DC started 7 th June last week.
  • Many of the DC subjects are Scholar subjects and so work set can be related to a url for a page in Scholar. This slide shows how a scholar login can be tied to a Glow login. Brenda and Agnes have visited us once they heard what we are trying in Dundee and are pursuing with the Scholar development team ways to make the marvellous back end of Scholar – the monitoring and tracking – easier to use when there are multiple teachers for each pupil (Most pupils will see 2 teachers for their AH course) They are also working with Seemis to this end.
  • SCHOLAR Conference 2011 - Innovative Delivery of Higher and Advanced Higer - Workshop Part 2

    1. 1. Image from: Scholar Conference 2011 Workshop Innovative delivery of Higher and Advanced Higher Dundee Campus June Jelly E.S.O. – ICT Secondary Schools
    2. 2. From Google Maps
    3. 3. Background <ul><li>£4 Million to be saved through Education Budget 2011/12 </li></ul><ul><li>Various suggestions put to Dundee City Council </li></ul><ul><li>Dundee Campus one of the chosen options </li></ul>
    4. 4. Small classes were uneconomical to run Bringing pupils from various schools together makes courses viable Allows lower staffing ratio in school (hence saving) Helps mature pupils
    5. 5. Dundee City’s Secondary Schools From Google Maps Baldragon Braeview Craigie Morgan Menzieshill Grove Harris St Paul’s St John’s Dundee University
    6. 7. Online Support and Communication
    7. 22. Future? <ul><li>Evaluation </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Exam Results </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Savings? </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Minority Highers? </li></ul><ul><li>Future Cuts…. </li></ul>Contact details: [email_address] or [email_address] 01382 434541 Twitter: junejelly