December 2012 green press


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December 2012 green press

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, New York December 2012 ACS Green Press ~A tree free newsletter Direct questions / feedback To: Sarah Lynch : 772-5374 this issue: How Far Does a Skein ofRegarding Resil- 2 Yarn Reach?ience: Tips, tools gin to measure the joy so many baby bundles are given to E-5and techniques for new Fort Drum moms have ex- and below or to those expect-Networking 3 perienced from getting a baby ing the birth of multiples re-Through LinkedIn bundle with these finely crafted gardless of rank. blankets inside. So many new par- While the ladies were here, SgtFinancial Tips for 4 Recently, Eloise Kimpland of ents have been touched by the Jaime Rivera of 2 BCT HHC,The Holidays-a the North Syracuse American generosity of these ladies. It is a took a moment to say thankLittle Budgeting Legion Auxiliary unit 1297 and warm fuzzy feeling to wrap your you and paused for a pictureGoes a Long Way Rose Garlick of the Liverpool new baby in the warmth of a with them. Army Community American Legion Auxiliary unit handmade blanket and know Service also wants to thank 188 delivered a donation of the there are people out there thatSpouse in the 5 these women and all of those hand knitted baby blankets that give their time freely to honor ourSpotlight-Rachel who donate their time and skill ACS gives away to new mothers Soldiers and Families here at FortLee to make the baby blankets for in our baby bundles. Drum. our Families.Army Family Ac- 6 While talking with the ladies, we The ladies use donated yarn to Have you ever wondered justtion Plan began to consider how far they knit blankets for our baby bundles how far your charitable dona- traveled to bring their blankets as well as lap robes for the VACreating Family 7 tion could reach or who it to Fort Drum. We joked that if hospital. The baby blankets areTraditions touches? For more informa- we were to pull yarn from Syra- crafted by women like Kay Root tion or to register for a baby cuse to Fort Drum, it would and Betty Brown who live in theACS Calendar of 8 bundle, please call Army take 628 skeins of yarn to travel county.Events Community Service at and reach one way! That is a lot of yarn. Did you know, to make The delivery on this day was quite 772-8876 or 772-6556/6557.ACS Contacts 9 timely as Theresa Victor arrived to one blanket, it takes a little less than one skein (1 skein is made pick up her baby bundle. Theresa up of 190 yards of yarn). and her husband SPC Daniel Vic- tor, of 1-71 Cav, are celebrating The thing is, you can’t even be- the birth of their fifth child! The“ And in the act of making things, just by living their daily lives,they also make history. Knitting is clothing made in sparemoments, or round the fire, whenever women gathered together...It’s something to celebrate-clothes made in love and service,something women have always done.” Anne Bartlett, Knitting
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press December 2012 Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848 Resilience-is There a Time To Coast?Over the past several months each of  Be optimistic: Hunt the good stuff Your Resilience lunch group. This isthe Regarding Resilience articles have everyday! for anyone who has taken all or thefocused on a particular resilience skill majority of the Master Resilience mod-  Apply mental agility: Problem solveand/or competency. As of last month ules and would like to spend some time and run some real time resilience.we have covered them all. So, time to practicing and refreshing your skills.stop to coast right? Wrong!  Know your strengths and get to The group will meet every other month know the strengths of others. on the last Tuesday of the month.Resilience is a skill and like all skills it  Strive for good connections throughwill become weak and obsolete if not active constructive responses, assertive Have wonderful month – good luckpracticed and made a priority. Going communication and effective praise. and good thoughts!back to the basics often is so vitallyimportant. Much like a professional You are worth the time and effort. Butsoccer player takes the time to practice please be conscious that your practice willher dribbling or the professional pian- only be as beneficial as the effort you putist sits and practices his scales over into it. Do not stress if you occasionallyand over, resilience must be practiced. take a step backward – maybe you over react to a particular activating event or “A man is but the product of hisWhat are the resilience basics? maybe you jumped to the wrong conclu- thoughts what he thinks, he Be self aware: Avoid thinking sions. Remember with practice you can becomes.” traps, detect iceberg beliefs, and always get back on track! identify areas of control. ~Mahatma Ghandhi Practice self regulation: Practice The ACS MRT team wants to help you as energy management and keep well. Beginning November 17 from 11:30 things in perspective. am – 1 pm, in ACS, we will hold a Refresh 3 December Module 2 9:30am-2:30pm 11 February Module 3 9:30am-2:30pm 4 March Module 4 9:30am-2:30pm All classes held at ACS Building call 772-0470/2848/0509 to make a reservation Refrigerators are available for use if you wish to bring a lunch!
  3. 3. Page 3 ACS Green Press December 2012 Networking Through LinkedIn profiles already. After uploading your con-  Join groups related to your tacts and identifying who you know that is chosen career field. already utilizing LinkedIn, you should next  Follow the pages of compa- determine who you should send an invita- nies you’re interested in tion to connect with. Start by sending working for. them to people whom you would actually help professionally or recommend to a How do you turn a LinkedIn con- LinkedIn is a social business network- prospective employer if asked. Judge invi- nection into an actual job oppor- ing platform currently used by 175 mil- tations that are sent to you as well, don’t tunity? Never ask directly about a lion members to meet others who work just accept them blindly. Consider whether job, this puts the person you’re in the same industry, develop new pro- you want to be professionally linked with asking in an awkward place and it fessional relationships, and search for that person. may taint that connection. How- new jobs. It’s a great way for you to Next, consider the following points when ever, asking for that person’s ad- connect with people in your field. creating your profile and beginning to net- vice and guidance can help you However, as with any great tool, it is work: build a relationship with them that important to know how to use it prop-  Do a detailed profile. may eventually lead to a job. Even erly in order to be effective.  Highlight all of your skills. if youre not actively looking for a  Do you volunteer? Don’t forget to new job, potential employers may As a professional, the first thing one include it as a work experience. be checking out your profile. Its should consider is when to utilize  A professionally appropriate photo- very important that you keep your LinkedIn and formulate a plan to do so. graph of yourself helps others feel profile up to date and well pre- Dont wait until you need a job to begin connected with you. sented. building your network. Start right now–  Begin by connecting with people by making a few connections and your you already know. For more information on network will begin to grow. The easiest  Once you have begun your net- LinkedIn or any other job seeking way to make these connections is to work, start including professional resource, contact Employment find people you already know who may contacts. Readiness at 772-9611/2737/7987 be on LinkedIn. To do this, upload  Send a message introducing your- or 1090. your contact list from your email. The LinkedIn site will show you which of self when you ask to connect with your friends and acquaintances have someone you don’t actually know Look Who’s On The Payroll!!!!! Congratulations to the following Employment Readiness clients who have recently landed a job! Auzinda Mendes Memorial CDC Celina Quintero Sovie Law Firm (Watertown) Wesley Grinstead Freeman Bus If you are an Employment Readiness Client, please let us know
  4. 4. Page 4 ACS Green Press December 2012Financial Tips for the Holidays - a Little Budgeting goes a LongWay Consumers Cut your gift list. The easiest way to Avoid buying unnecessary warran- spend more reduce spending is to exchange gifts ties. Often extended warranties dupli- money dur- with fewer people. This might mean cate existing product warranties. ing the holi- talking to people in advance and agree- day season ing not to exchange gifts, arranging Pay by cash, check or debit card. than any with Families to draw names or only The best way to avoid finance charges other time buy for the little ones. Some Families is to not charge. of year. agree to limit the dollar amount of the Presents, Pay off your credit card bill quickly. gift exchange. If you use your credit card, pay off the travel and entertaining Find an alternative to purchased purchase and dont carry a balance. are added gifts. Be creative, homemade gifts, Transfer balances. If you have already to the usual treats, photos all make wonderful and used your credit cards, consider trans- monthly thoughtful gifts during the holidays. ferring balances to a card with a lower expenses interest rate.causing financial hardships for many Make a budget. Once you have fig-Families. When the expenses out- ured out who you are buying for, deter- If you are already in credit card debt,weigh the income, many people com- mine your overall budget and decide dont wait until the new year to makepensate by paying with credit at high what you can afford to spend on each changes, contact Financial Readiness tointerest rates which lead to ringing in person and stick to it! This helps you discuss ways to get out of debt.the new year with financial problems avoid impulse shopping. Remember, responsible spending helpsthat can last for months or even years Get started early. Good deals are usu- make the holidays a little more enjoy-later. ally available before the start of the able and the new year financially stable. holiday shopping season. Look for Financial Readiness offers one on oneThe fact of the matter is, Christmasshould never put you in debt. There good gifts that are good buys. Research budget counseling and will work withare ways to participate in the spirit of the products you will buy and be aware you to get creditors off your back. To of sales people out to make commis- find out more or to make an appoint-giving without overspending and put- ment, call 772-5196/2919 or 8526.ting your financial wellbeing in jeop- sion.ardy. Look for bargains. Studies show that “Think ACS First!”If you want to save money, why not sometimes price variations can be morevow to do so before the new year than 50% in the same area for identicalrather than after? Here are a few tips products. Some stores offer priceyou can put to use: matches. Start the new year with a financial plan Let Financial Readiness show you how! Call 772-5196/2919 or 8526 to make an appointment Happy Holidays From Army Community Service!
  5. 5. Page 5 ACS Green Press December 2012 Building Community: In the Spotlight ACS Introduces Rachel Lee Rachel designs clothing and costumes been making hand dyed costumes for from hand dyed silk. “The first time I a little over 2 years and her experience dyed a piece of silk in a costume class I will easily transfer into the custom knew I had found my passion.” ex- formals market. It is her belief that plained Rachel. Around the same time there is nothing more beautiful than a she discovered medieval reenactment woman dressed in pure silk! and a whole group of people who love hand crafted clothing. Rachel wasted no time getting in- volved here at Fort Drum. She is Rachel, who is active in her FRG, came making new friends in the ACS to ACS for the Informal Funds class Christmas Club and has agreed to be-Recently, the staff at ACS got the pleas- taught for FRG’s. According to Ra- come an instructor for the sewingure of meeting Rachel Lee. She comes chel, what she received was more than classes offered through Relocationfrom Idaho and enjoys the outside, cook- just the class. “What I got was a bunch Readiness. When she is not volun-ing and writing fantasy fiction. Rachel of new friends and opportunities for teering, taking classes or designingand her husband arrived here in August. volunteering and learning.” clothes, she is working her seasonalRachel’s husband is stationed with 710BSB. position at Bath and Body Works in Because she plans on breaking into the the mall. Stop in Bath and Body business of custom formals, she wasRachel explained that Fort Drum is her Works and say hi to Rachel. Maybe excited to hear about the Build Yourhusband’s first duty station. “I like to tell she will design your next ball gown! Own Business Workshops offered bypeople I’m so new I’m still shiny.” If Employment Readiness. Rachel has “Think ACS First”Rachel isn’t shiny, she sure does shine!The Joy of Seasonal EmploymentThe holidays are nearly upon us, and ployers understand that seasonal conversational skills and makingthey bring with them many temporary positions are short term; securing good connections at your seasonaljobs as local retailers get ready for an seasonal employment shows you are job, you might find yourself a moreonslaught of holiday shoppers. For self-motivated and genuinely inter- permanent situation. This is an op-those of you still looking for work, this ested in working. portunity to collect some more pro-is the perfect opportunity to start bring- 3. Change career paths! Seasonal em- fessional references, as well as makeing home a paycheck. Let’s count the ployment is a great way to learn new some new friends.benefits! skills and try out different types of Restaurants and shopping malls are usu- jobs to see if you enjoy them. ally open longer hours during the holi-1. Practice makes perfect! Applying 4. Pad your wallet! You’ll be bringing for a seasonal position gives you the day season, so it may be easier to fit a in some extra cash at a time of year job into your busy schedule. Many local opportunity to work on your resume when you really need it- whether for and cover letter skills as well as your employers here in the Watertown area gifts and vacations, or simply to pay are hiring right now, so dust off that interview skills. the heating bills. If you’re working2. Fatten up your resume! Every job resume and get ready to put your best in retail, you may be able to snag an foot forward. Happy Holidays! you have counts as work experience, employee discount which will make even a seasonal one. Rather than that salary go farther. have a gap in your resume, fill it 5. Network! By using your superior with a seasonal job. Potential em-
  6. 6. AFAP Conference 28-29 January 2013 Submit Your Issues Volunteer to participate ISSUE For information or to sign up to be a SUBMISSION delegate, call 772-6710 or 772-2933 Delegate training will be held on FORM 16 December 2012ISSUE: What is the issue/problem? If it’s a program or service, an______________________________________ AFAP issue can improve it!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If it’s a policy or regulation, an AFAP issue can change it!SCOPE: Why is this an issue/problem?______________________________________ If it’s a law, an AFAP issue can______________________________________ amend it!____________________________________________________________________________ If there’s a low-cost, creativeRECOMMENDATION: Possible solutions? solution, you should pursue it!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Korean AFTB Mini Level I______________________________________ 12-12-12 POINT OF CONTACT: (Optional)____________________________________________________________________________Return your form to an Issue Box Location:Army Community Service, Monti Physical Fitness Center,Magrath Sports Complex, BOSS, Education Center, ClarkHall, The Commons, Fort Drum Inn, Hays Hall, GuthrieClinic, and FRSA offices (call for specific locations)
  7. 7. ACS Green Press December 2012 Page 7The Importance of Creating Family TraditionsAs the holiday season ber events. Be sure to include lists ofdraws closer, one can supplies, special foods and thingsthink back on the times easily forgotten.spent with friends and Don’t be afraid to ditch traditionsFamilies years past. that don’t work. If no one is havingMany of us can recall fun, it’s time to reevaluate.traditions our Families Be on the look out for spontaneousheld dear and passed traditions. If a particular event ordown from generations. activity is exciting and fun, make it aBeing part of a military tradition.Family sometimesmeans spending the holidays away form a sense of identity-Creating Here are some ideas for simple butfrom home. Often we move away traditions while children are young meaningful traditions:from our Families and start Families will build a strong lasting Family  Take your child’s picture eachof our own. Unfortunately, we bonds that lead to a sense of year on the first day of schoolsometimes abandon Family tradi- “Family Identity” which is part oftions. the puzzle of figuring out who they  Have a squirt gun fight on the are. Through traditions, they get to last day of school each yearAs Families become separated, frag-mented and bogged down by every- see the roles, responsibilities and  Have upside down night once aday responsibilities and busy rou- valuable contribution of each Family month when you have breakfasttines, there seems to be less impor- member. This insight leads to a for dinnertance placed on the observance or better understanding of themselves.  Choose or create a birthday hatestablishment of Family traditions. Family traditions pass on cultural worn by each Family member onThe Family Advocacy Program awareness and values- For in- his or her birthdaywould like to instill in everyone’s stance, holiday celebrations pass  Family Olympics- a little Familymind the importance of establishing along Family and culturally specific competition with games like beanFamily traditions in today’s society. belief systems. Further, if it is your bag toss, volleyball, swimming Family’s belief that serving Thanks-Traditions create stability-Family etc. giving dinner in a homeless sheltertraditions can be a way to reconnect is a holiday tradition, it conveys the  Cooking together once a monthand or establish a sense of belong- importance of charity and commu-  Holiday traditions such as pump-ing. For military children, this can nity involvement to your children.sometimes be difficult since their kin carving, Easter egg coloring,lives are often in a state of flux. Traditions can be simple and easy to Christmas cookies, and NewFrequent moves and dealing with establish. Family traditions do not Year celebrations as well asdeployments can leave children feel- have to involve the holidays, how- countless others insecure and unsure of where ever the holidays make traditions The possibilities are endless andthey fit in. These feelings are exac- easier to remember year to year. should fit the values and beliefs oferbated by typical changes in social, Traditions can be as simple as bak- your Family. The important thing isemotional and physical worlds of ing Christmas cookies together or to remember the value of setting andgrowing adolescents. By placing having a movie and pizza night once observing Family traditions. Remem-importance on Family togetherness, a month. Keep the following in ber that establishing connections andparents help their developing chil- mind when establishing traditions: a sense of belonging is crucial to thedren feel grounded and secure in Avoid anything elaborate. This will well being of the child and Familyspite of the instability they feel ensure your tradition will be easy to unit as a whole.around them. follow through on each year.Creating traditions help children Keep a detailed calendar to remem-
  8. 8. Page 8 ACS Green Press December 2012 Note: Italics indicate class is located outside of ACS ACS Contact information on page 8
  9. 9. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building/Army Family Action Plan 772-6710, 772-9229 Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899 Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819, 772-0664 /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737, 772-1090 Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526 and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919 772-5374 Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781 Outreach Services 772-6357