Dec 12 277th asb long version newsletter


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Dec 12 277th asb long version newsletter

  1. 1. Liberty TimesTASK FORCEMOUNTAIN EAGLE277TH AVIATIONSUPPORT BATTALIONHOT TOPICS Alpha FRG Meet- V O L U M E I , I S S U E 3 1 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 . ing: Friday, Decem- ber 14, 2012, Eagle Commander’s Corner 11:30am at SSA Warehouse. Bravo FRG Meet- ing: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 North Country. I am 3:00pm, at Bravo Hanger. even more thankful to Charlie FRG Meet- you the Families. With- ing: Thursday, out your sacrifices our December 13, 2012, 4:30pm, at efforts to be ready would Charlie Company. not be possible. Thank HSC FRG Meeting: Friday, December By LTC Enrique Ortiz you. 14, 2012, 6pm at Battalion Commander Please remember to Rhicard Commu- nity Center. enjoy the holiday. These Mountain Eagle Families, are the times to have This is a month to re- quality time at home. flect and give thanks. As Next year’s training I reflect on five months of schedule is busy and timeCONTACTS command, I am extremely will go by very fast. IBATTALION STAFF thankful to the great Sol- appreciate all that you doDUTY DESK diers that I have in this every day and count my315-774-1200 battalion. They are work- blessings for this battal-CHAPLAIN ing long hours and self- ion.315-774-1207 lessly putting the needs of our unit and higher head- VrFAMILY READINESS quarters above their own.SUPPORT I am thankful for the fam- ME6ASSISTANT (FRSA)MICHELE GALLOWAY ily oriented command we315-774-1206 have here in Fort Drum. IMILITARY FAMILY attend many meetingsLIFE CONSULTANT with senior leader here on(MFLC)315-405-7449 post and I can assure you315-212-6919 that they are committed to caring for families here inARMY COMMUNITYSERVICE (ACS)INFORMATIONAND REFERRAL Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates315-772-65571-800-826-0886 By Diana Ortiz In these days I am re- the professional work our Soldiers FRG AdvisorMILITARY minded to be Thankful to so do every day. We are proud toONESOURCE many every day actions that know that some of our Soldiers1-800-342-9647 Happy Thanksgiving to happen right next to or were recently in New Jersey as- all Mountain Eagle Mem- around us. First of all let me sisting the Hurricane Sandy Re- bers! start by saying thank you to lief. For the rest of the article, go to page 8.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Headquarters & Support Company - Talons the company will act as rear de- what you will be bringing for tachment in preparation for the food. There will be a raffle and upcoming deployment. We will presents for the younger kids. also take this opportunity to ini- We look forward to seeing eve- tiate the call roster to ensure we ryone there. have the proper information to contact all family members. Natalie NissenBy CPT Natalie Nissen I would like to welcome the Talon 6HSC Company Commander following Soldiers and their (315)774-1465 families, PV2 Emisael Avila, PFC Jordan Devlieger, SGT Ian Hello Families of HSC Fleming and SPC Jay Mendoza.277 ASB, December came Now its time to say goodbye toquick as everyone is getting SPC Joshua Seal as he movesready for the holiday season. on to another unit.I’m sure it was a welcome The next company gatheringrelief spending many days at will be on 14 December at Rhi-home during November. De- card Hills Community Centercember brings the 277 ASB for HSC’s Holiday party. It is aField Training Exercise that potluck event so please call inwill place limited Soldiers in to the orderly room (315-774-the field from 3 to 11 Decem- 1466) and let SPC Alford knowber. The remaining Soldiers inHSC Family Readiness Group NotesDawn Marie DeGrave and worked with them. We shouldHSC FRG Leader all get together with someone for Happy Holidays the holidays. Some soldiers, single HSC 277th ASBHappy Holidays HSC Families, or with families are not able to re- Dawn Marie DeGrave A US holiday held on the turn home and have big holidays 315-777-6152fourth Thursday in November, with their families and so on. This a harvest festi- holiday season find it in your heartval celebrated by the Pilgrims in to help a soldier. Single soldiers1621. Its that time of year when especially. Invite a soldier to yourfamilies all get together and en- home so they can enjoy the holi-joy some yummy food. Thanks- days instead of being is a time to be thankful, The cold weather is soon ap-not only for what we have, but proaching, Please make sure youralso for each Soldier deployed or ready and have an emergency kithere at home. As we all sit and inside your vehicle to include:watch our football games, or go flash light, extra batteries, blan-hunting on Thanksgiving day. kets, and small snacks for littleWe should remember what that ones, and a small shovel, also startday really means. your car every so often as to main- As the FRG continues to tain heat especially if you havegrow, as we welcome new fami- little one. Also make sure youlies,and say goodbye to the old have a cell phone with a fullones, I amI thankfulYtoThaveEmet L BERT IM S charge.
  3. 3. VOLUME I, ISSUE 31 PAGE 3Alpha Company - AtlasBy CPT Bryan Bolin act as a liaison between the FRGA Company Commander and the single Soldiers of AlphaGreetings Alpha Company Company. FRG is not only forfamilies! Families but will continue to and We have been tremendously build stronger bonds with the sin-busy keeping up with the high gle Soldiers of Alpha Company.tempo lately. We had the privi- If anyone is interested in vol-lege of supporting the first re- unteering for the FRG feel free tosponders in the wake of Hurri- stop by the office and talk to mecane/Superstorm Sandy. Our about which position(s) interestSoldiers were doing great things you. We are looking various FRGdown where the storm had the positions as well as key callers. Imost impact. Not only were want to take this opportunity tothey supporting those in need, thank all of the Families and Sol-but we still had missions going diers of Alpha Company for allon back home. During this time that you do and all of your sup-I learned how Alpha Company port.can come together in times ofneed and get the job done. We have an FRG meetingscheduled for November 28 and ―On our shoulders!‖we hope to have another greatturnout. We will continue to CPT Byron Mulderexpand and improve our FRG 3 1 5 - 7 7 4 - 1 0 4 1program. FRG has welcomed Smith as its TAFP; he will Alpha Company Family Readiness Group UpdatesJennifer Mulder gle soldiers as well as our AlphaA Company FRG Leader families. We hope that all AlphaHello Alpha FRG members! families had a wonderful Thanksgiv-Alpha Company is working hard to ing and wish everyone a blessedsupport our families and soldiers. We holiday season.have our next meeting scheduled forWednesday November 28th. A guestspeaker from ACS will be there to Our Soldiers, Our Family, On Ourtalk with our families about positive Shouldersthinking in our daily military andfamily lives. Alpha Company is also Jennifer Mulderlooking forward to fundraising in the 423-506-0034month of December, and organizing jenblossom1981@yahoo.coma community assistance project forthe New Year. We will also be par-ticipating in various activities duringthe holiday season to support our sin-
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Bravo Company - Hangar Rats By MAJ Del Boyer and water for the security year. We are B Company Commander element, navigation to the still planning site, cold weather training on getting a Greetings Hanger Rat and some combat focused DART train- Families: Bravo Company Physical training. All to- ing exercise News: Well, we all made it gether, it was an incredible incorporated back from Colorado. It month and a half in Colorado in the Battalion December was some great training for and the weather was abso- FTX as well as another train- all of our Soldiers as we lutely beautiful. Hopefully ing event in March. Our Sol- conducted aircraft mainte- next time we can get some diers will remain busy, but I nance on 18 airframes over down time to enjoy the area know that they are up for the a 40 day period. Our that we were in. Thanksgiv- challenge. I am truly thank- downed aircraft recovery ing came upon us so fast that ful for their service and I’m team (DART) was also util- I’m not sure the reality of the continually humbled by the ized on the top of a 9000 situation is setting in, this dedication that I witness on a foot mountain. This train- unit will deploy in about six daily basis. ing proved to be very bene- months. That means that we ARMY STRONG- ficial to everyone involved have a lot of work to do to . as it included several rides get our Soldiers up to speed for our Soldiers on a UH- with tactics and procedural 60 and CH-47. Team work courses of action. Our phase played an integral role as teams are plugging away in our Team found out work- the hangar on a daily basis MAJ Del P. Boyer ing on a hilltop at 9000 feet Hangar Rat 6 and will continue to do so has several challenges, to (315) 772-4239 through the beginning of the include: resupply of food Bravo Company Family Readiness Group Updates Karri Boyer do! Bravo spouses as can fit it B Company FRG Leader I hope to see you at our into their schedules. next FRG meeting on 27NOV Bravo Company Happenings!!! @ 1800 at the Monument 9 DEC we are meeting other We would like to take this Ridge Community Center. FRGs at our DFAC to make time to let everyone know how Everyone is welcome to come cookies together @ 1000--I very thankful we are to be a out! Please let me, Karri part of the 277 family that hope those of you with culi- Boyer, know if you plan to makes Ft. Drum such a won- nary talent will rescue me, as bring your craft/business/or derful place to be. We want to I am not gifted in the baking hobby to show off & sell at wish everyone a wonderful our meeting. It is going to be department. Ha! We will be start to their holiday season F U N ! making cookies and packing and a quick reminder to be Fin- up some holiday cheer for all careful on the roads as the ger foods of any kind are wel- 277th single soldiers. weather turns cooler. May you come if you can make some- have safe travel wherever your thing, but are not necessary. If Respectfully submitted, holiday plans may take you. we have enough people, we Mrs. Karri Boyer. We care about you all and L I B E you Y TBEST in all you will also have a bunco game or wish R T the I M E S two. I hope to see as many
  5. 5. VOLUME I, ISSUE 31 PAGE 5 Charlie Company - Ravens ing on the expanded capabilities of transmission and retransmission opera- the upgrade and involved most of the tions in our Combat Net Radio special- company. Once the upgrade was ties. completed, we validated the systems December will be a short month for to ensure they were all performing as the Ravens as we take a break or theBy CPT Matthew Thompson expected. holidays during our block leave periodC Company Commander We also sent a team of our radio but we will be fully involved in sup- November was a hectic month for operators out to the field to support porting Task Force Mountain Eagle’sthe Ravens but hopefully everyone Task Force Tigershark’s aerial gun- battalion field training exercise and theenjoyed the breaks for Veteran’s Day nery exercise. 2LT Negron, SPC brigade’s convoy live fire exercise withand had a great Thanksgiving with Cortese, SPC Martinek, SPC Elkhill, our TF Mountain Eagle CPN team leadfriends and family. We spent the and PFC Catlin spent the week oper- by SGT Ellis.month upgrading our Warfighter In- ating a radio retransmission site to We are still planning to have anformation Network-Tactical (WIN- extend radio communications for the FRG meeting at the company on Thurs-T) communications equipment. The training exercise. We also welcomed day, the 13th of December at 1630 (4:30upgrade involved two weeks of train- back our CPN team we sent to the PM) to put out information regarding Joint Readiness Training Center training in the new year, so I hope to (JRTC) at Fort Polk, Louisiana. SGT see all of you that can make it! Be safeOnline VMIS FRG Loaiza, SPC Dever, and PFC Martin on the roads once the North CountryVolunteer Registration spent the month supporting Task weather hits! Force Knighthawk’s training rota-Visit tion.There are options to Login with your Charlie Company has been under- CPT Matthew Thompsonusername and password or Register if going some changes to our mission (315) 774-1056 and organization, so over the next don’t have a profile. month you might hear about someFill out your information. changes to the Raven’s structure ofWhen you’ve created a profile, click on the company and some elements as―Volunteer‖ on the top right section of we refocus our training on radiothe page. This will take you to the Vol-unteer Management Information System(VMIS) Charlie Company Family Readiness Group UpdatesClick on ―Opportunity Locator‖ By Sarah Ellis families, like we had at our OctoberSelect ―Fort Drum‖ under Military C Company FRG LeaderCommunity and ―FRG: 10 AVN– 277‖ meeting. We are currently trying to get aunder the Organization and click Search. November has been a very busy fun, relaxed meeting planned for De-Choose the volunteer position you’d like month with ranges and training – and cember, so keep your eyes and earsto apply for. When the new page loads, December is going to be just as busy, open for details. Also congratulationsclick Apply. but crammed into 2 weeks. I wanted are in order for the Wilsons who wel- to say thank you to everyone who comed their daughter, Taylor Elizabeth,Check out the FRSA Flash! showed up to the FRG meeting on 14 into the world on 8 November at 2130.The 277th ASB FRSA Flash has lots of November. I mentioned that if there She weighed 6lb 5oz. That is all fromin-formation and is our Bi-weekly News- the FRG for this month – I hope every-letter for our Family Members and Sol- is ever a specific topic that you woulddiers. If you are not receiving the FRSA like to discuss at the FRG meeting, one enjoys their holidays!Flash, please contact the 277th FRSA please let me, CPT Thompson, orMichele Galloway at 315-774-1206 or SGT Ellis know. There are plenty of Sarah programs on base that can send peo- 865-621-2621 ple out to speak to the company and
  6. 6. PAGE 6 THE CHAPLAIN’S CORNER: PART TWODID YOU KNOW? By MAJ Jerry Johnson many women want their hus- (i.e. just the facts), whereasArmy Community Service 10th CAB Chaplain bands to do things like go their wife wants rapport (to(ACS) has clinical Military Greetings to everyone from shopping, take part in their build a relationship). MenFamily Life Consultants here at the Brigade offices. hobbies, and engage in con- often need to work on eye(MFLCs) available for walk- I will now add to the intro- versation. Men tend to like contact, body language, andin confidential consults? If duction I gave last month. adventurous outdoor activi- removing distractions like theyou feel you need some- Willard Harley teaches ties or have their wife enjoy television to give their wifeone to talk to or are hav- these five basic needs men watching games with them, undivided marital problems, and women have, subject to etc. Just like some of the otherplease call them at 315-212 adjustment, but true in at Two of the top five most marriage materials we chap--6919 or just stop by M-F8 a.m. – 8 p.m. least 80% of marriages. important needs for women: lains have presented and will We will look at the top two Affection – Women are more present, Harley speaks of theACS also has a Financial of each His Needs and Her relationally-oriented than ―emotional love tank‖ thatReadiness Program that Needs. men, and the intimate part of needs to have regular depositsprovides free counseling or Two of the top five most the relationship is not based and rare withdrawals to createadvice on financial matters? important needs for men: so much on physical pleasure a strong marriage, with anThey can provide all types Sexual Fulfillment – men as it is on developing a bond- irresistible love. So as we areof financial assistance: pull in general have a stronger ing, an oneness with their about five to six months out,credit reports, budgeting, desire for the physical part husband. So men, if you husbands and wives ask your-debt management, invest- of the sexual relationship. want sexual fulfillment you selves and your spouse howing, etc. Call 772-0050 for Recreational Companion- better show affection toward you can meet each othersmore info. ship – men desire for their your wife non-stop. emotional needs. Have a wife to be a ―playmate‖ in Conversation – According to great beginning of North a sense when it comes to Les and Leslie Parrot, men Country Winter and Happy doing activities. Of courseBehavioral Health Con- usually speak to get a report Holidays!tacts: Suicide Resources/Hotlines CONTACT INFORMATION BN Staff Duty 774-1200Connor Clinic Appoint- 24-hour BDE Staff Duty 774-1100ment Line: 315-772-2778 FRSA 774-1206 email FRG LeadersAfter Hours Emergency HSC – Dawn Marie DeGrave cell: 315-777-6152; (Holidays and A Co – Jennifer Mulder, cell 423-506-0034, JENBLOSSOM1981@YAHOO.COMWeekends) Before 9:00 B Co—Karri Boyer-cell: 315-767-6067, Bco.277_frg@yahoo.compm: Acute Care Clinic, C Co—Sarah Ellis-cell: 865-621-262, sjanee11@gmail.com315-772-5236 FRG AdvisorsAfter 9:00 pm: SamaritanMedical Center Emer- Diana Ortiz – cell: 571-228-1962, email dianaortiz2410@gmail.comgency Department: 315- Marion Harris - cell: 315-955-9106; MISSA93DE@YAHOO.DE785-4100Local 24-Hour Crisis Line:315-785-4516National Suicide Preven- WRITE A FRIEND MONTHtion Lifeline: 1-800-273- BINGO MONTHTALK HOLIDAY SEASON WINTER BEGINS AND MAYBE SNOW WILL FALLSuicide Prevention ActionNetwork (SPAN): ENJOY BLOCK LEAVE BE LIBERTY TIMES
  7. 7. VOLUME I, ISSUE 31 PAGE 7 December 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatTraining/Classes 1FRG SuspensesBDE/BN/CO FRGMeetings/Training/Events2 3 4 5 6 Care Team 7 8 Training9 10 OPSEC 11 12 Key Caller 13 14 15 Safety Class Class16 17 18 19 20 21 22 HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND NEW YEARS! BE SAFE AND ENJOY23 24 25 26 27 28 29 YOUR BLOCK LEAVE AND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY!!! Community Events Upcoming Key Caller Need Help? Call or visit Military Class Dates: Annual Holiday Celebration , Tuesday, December 12th OneSource to find infor- 4 Dec 12, 5-7pm, at the Commons. All Classes are at ACS from mation about taxes, par- Holiday Ham Buffet Luncheon, Thurs- 10-11:30am. or 2-3:30pm enting, deployments, day, 6 Dec 12, 11:30am - 1:30pm, at finances, taxes, counsel- the Commons. Call Mobilization and Deployment to ing, PCS moves & more! Fort Drum Tree Lighting, Thursday, 6 register at 315-772-0470. Dec 12, 5pm, at Post Chapel. Personal Financial Counselor is avail- Waterloo Shopping Outlet Trip, Sat., * able . Call him at 315-523-3765 to Dec 12, 8am-6pm, Parks & Recreation. help set up a budget, check your Teen Middle School Holiday Dance, credit, develop a plan to get out of Sat., 8 Dec 12, 7-10pm, Youth Center. debt, get started investing, or what- ever you need assistance with. You can also always call Financial Readi- ness at 772-0050 for this same type of assistance.
  8. 8. PAGE 8Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates, continued Thank you to all the great volun- the many provided sports and venues what you do and what you will do inteers in our Battalion who took the that we do have today for our families the coming months. May you all en-selfless step and donate their time on post. Having moved and seen many joy a wonderful, safe and specialevery day and energy in assisting the garrisons and lived in various countries Thanksgiving!Family Readiness Group in essential I can truly say that what is offered in Please take a minute and partici-needed positions. Thank you to all Ft. Drum is a wonderful palette of op- pate in the 277 ASB Family Readi-the provided systems created by the tions for Soldiers and their Families. ness Survey. Share with us yourU.S. Army or other entities that sup- Please look around and discover the thoughts and needs and know thatport our families and military today. many and easy to reach options we we do listen and support every mem-By this I mean positions like the have in this area. The ACS can assist ber of our Battalion. Looking for-Family Readiness Support Assistant you on places to go and things to do ward to hearing from you!– our FRSA Michele. This position even in the coming winter months.was created in the past four years and Sure we can always find a corner to Diana Ortizit offers an extra set of hands to sup- make improvements but take a minute FRG Advisorport Company Commanders and consider and compare (or ask a mili- TF MEtheir FRG Team. The FRSA is the tary spouse who was here some timeperfect connection between soldiers ago) what the daily options where inin their work environment and the this area fifteen years ago and you willFamily Readiness Volunteers. discover how grateful we ought to be! I am also mesmerized by the Thank you to all the resilient militarywonderful ACS building and its end- families in our Battalion. Your supportless free courses that families can and love to the Soldier helps shape hisenjoy each and every day. Finally or her everyday work. Thank you for GREETINGS FROM Chaplain (CPT) Steven Rindahl, 277th ASB Chaplain (Incoming)Greetings from the Chaplain Captain Career Course, Ft Jackson. Let me introduce myself. I am ChaplainSteve Rindahl and once this course is complete I will be en route to Ft Drum and the 277th. This will bemy first assignment in Aviation and I am very excited to have this opportunity to serve such a specializedfield. Prior to becoming a chaplain I served as an enlisted Soldier for 17 years. Since returning to theArmy as a chaplain I have served with Armor and Infantry as well as at one of our fine Army hospitalsworking with Soldiers recovering from wounds and injuries. As I prepare for this move to the 277th, I lookforward to meeting everyone and getting to know you. I have had opportunity to see the schedule of terri-fic events CH (MAJ) Johnson has laid on for strengthening marital and family bonds – if you have not al-ready done so, I encourage you to take full advantage of these opportunities to build your relationship skillswhich will be so vital during upcoming times of separation. Check with CH (MAJ) Johnson as to whatevents still have slots available.LIBERTY TIMES
  9. 9. PAGE9 BRAVO PICTURES Photos taken by Vincent Boyer Bravo Leadership serving Thanksgiving Dinner on 20 NOV 2012 to our wonderful 277th soldiers, families, and civilians.
  10. 10. PAGE10 CHARLIE PICTURES CHARLIE ON THE MOVE ( RE- TRANS training, WIN-T Inc1B training, and at the last Raven FRG Meeting ). NEVER A DULL MOMENT!!!
  11. 11. PAGE 11277th Aviation Support Battalion 277th Aviation Support Battalion History10th Combat Aviation Brigade In February 2006, the 277th Aviation Support Battalion deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom VII, where it provided combat service and support to the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, Task Force Falcon. The Unit redeployed in February of 2007 after earning the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker Award for best Aviation Battalion in 2006 and the Meritorious Unit Commendation.20125 Hangar Access Road In October 2008, the 277th ASB deployed to Iraq in sup-Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield port of Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-11, where it providedFort Drum, NY 13602 support and combat services to the 10th CAB, Task Force Lightning. The unit redeployed in October 2009 and earnedPhone: 315-774-1206 the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker award for the BestFax: 315-774-1231 Combat Service Support Battalion for the work performedE-mail: during its 2008-2009 deployment.“Freedom and Liberty”