NME - Magazine Analysis


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NME - Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. NME Magazine Analysis
  2. 2. NME – Front Cover AnalysisUnlike the other two magazinesI have researched, themasthead on this front cover isnot mostly covered with themain image. This makes themagazine look moreprofessional, serious andmature.The main colour for themasthead is red with awhite/black outline (unless it isa special or limited edition) theyare all on the top left corner ofthe magazine to perhaps be inline with the coverlines.
  3. 3. NME – Front CoverAnalysis The main image is of three male subjects, the band Muse. Unlike the Q magazine where only Matt Bellamy, the lead singer, was looking directly down the ccamera lense, all three members are giving direct eye contact to the readers of NME. This suggests that the band are personally trying to talk to the reader.
  4. 4. The background of the mainimage is of a street on anitalian mountain,this conveysthat the band are so wellknown that they are popularworldwide. The way thesubjects are arranged in thepicture creates a sense oforganisation and symmetryas the other members of theband are placed eithersideofthe lead singer, this makesthe front cover moreaesthetically pleasing to theaudience.
  5. 5. The buttons used on the frontcover, which contain smallsnippets of text,are used toadvertise the special featuresof the magaizne and also thecompetitions or quizzes themagazine is running. Thesmall snippets of text alsoallows the reader to quicklyscan or quicjly read over thefront cover so they canimmeadiately get a taster ofwhat is in the magazine.These features draw thereader into th magaizne andpropmt themto read on.
  6. 6. This secondary image is used tofrther entice the reader intocontinuing with the magazine. Thisreminds the reader that there asreother speacial articles inside themagazine.Unlike the othermagazines I analysed this frontcover is does not include very manytaglines or sub headings whichmeans that the reader is unaware ofwhat else is in the magazine, thismay either prompt them to read onto find out what else is in themagazine or it may cause them tonot bother with the magazine asthey can not be bothered to flickthrought the magazine to find outwhats inside.
  7. 7. NME – DoublePage Spread Analysis
  8. 8. The white background contrasts well with the black text and allows itto stand out more to the reader and making it easier for them to read.Therefore making it more likely for the reader to read the article. The letter A which highlights the starting point of the actual article is also presented in a much larger font, which is recognisable and consistent as it is used throughout the magazine, and also largely throughout the magazine genre. This catches the readers attention and draws them to that particular part of the page. This page has the colour palette of white, orange and black. These colours are quite an unusual combination conveying that maybe the person they are interviewing has this characteristic.
  9. 9. On this double page there are three columns of text per A4 page,conventional feature of a music magazine. The quote from Pete Doherty is also presented in a much larger font compared to the rest of the page. This again catches the readers attention and draws them into the article but it also prompts the reader to read on and find out what he is referring to.
  10. 10. The main image of musician Pete Doherty is a medium shot and covers half of thedouble page spread. This tells the reader that the article is about him. The secondarypicture in the bottom right hand corner, gives the audience a break from reading thetext and prompts them to read on to the next page.The fact that other than the main image, there is only one other image on thisdoublepage spread suggests that this magazine is aimed at an older audience whoare not concerned or botherd about lots of pictures, they just want the informationand maybe a photo here and there.