A2 travel and tourism guided tours swot


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A2 travel and tourism guided tours swot

  1. 1. A2 Travel and Tourism Guided ToursSWOT analysis (A04)Strengths WeaknessesThe location Opening timesThe location of my tour was the city centre of Had to rush the tour, all the attractions hadBirmingham, Birmingham being the second city different opening times and as I wanted to visitmeans that it’s got a lot to offers and that’s why I all of the I had to rush my participants before thechose to bring my participants there. To make attraction s closed downsure they have a unique experience, althoughthe participants are from Birmingham, theynever took the time to visit their own city so it Traffic congestionswas great fun for them. It’s the city centre so there was a lot of trafficAttractions before getting there, everyone was already tiredCompared to Solihull or Acocks green which are and not looking forward to walking for hours.the places most students in my class chose to -the bus took 20 minutes more than it shouldvisit, Birmingham has a lot of attractions to offer, have,the buildings have a lot of history behind themwhich I found very helpful because I always hadsomething to say about the different attractions Timingwe visited, the individuality of each attraction Not that many people were flexible, that’s why Iwas simply amazing to witness and the fact that only took four people on my tour, which was athey are always knew things to learn on the real struggle as not that many people were freeattractions makes the trip worth it at the same time that I was and I couldn’t do itUnique Selling Point on the weekend because some of them had aThe reason why I consider this a strength is part time job. The day before the tour twobecause one of the attractions I visited (The people dropped out and said they had otherMailbox) had a unique selling point which means commitments so finding two more people tothat it’s very appealing and interesting, a lot of replace them was hard workpeople visit it to have that unique experience.Costs Length of tourThe cost of taking or making this tour wasn’t Took us 5 hours to finish the tour because ofgreat, first of all for the planning of my tour I slow we were which I didn’t expect. It was also amade some resources which needed to be struggle getting from places as the city centreprinted off but it was all on the college accounts. was quite busyOn my tour, all participants had bus passeswhich meant that we spend nothing on transport Special arrangementsor anything else. My participants and I spend Didn’t make any so my group couldn’t go innothing towards or on this guided tour. private buildings.Opportunities Threats