Ignite Maroc 2ème Edition - Mehdi Rafi


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Ignite Maroc 2ème Edition - Mehdi Rafi

  1. 1. Six SigmaSix Sigma andand Information SystemsInformation Systems ManagementManagement
  2. 2. Speaker: Mehdi Rafi ๏ Né à Marrakech en 1976 ๏ Gérant de e-Business Consulting Solutions - eBCS © - http://www.ebcs-consulting.com ๏ Diplômé du Lycée Lyautey, de Al Akhawayn University, et de Rochester Institute of Technology ๏ Chargé de mission auprès du président de l’Association Marocaine du commerce électronique et services en ligne (AMCSEL) - http://amecsel.com ๏ Participe au projet Maroc Numérique 2013 ๏ Spécialités - e-commerce - Conseil en stratégie, management et systèmes d’informations
  3. 3. Six Sigma give companies a concrete method and an arsenal of tools to help manage their information systems. This method does not replace ITIL, they are complementary. Postulate
  4. 4. ITIL vs. Six Sigma ๏ ITIL provides the « what » of service management has to be done - It provide a library of best practices and a framework for IT service management. ๏ Six Sigma defines « how » to achieve quality improvement - It ensures the service improvement program on critical business areas - Provides a measurement system of valuable metrics
  5. 5. Imperatives ๏ Organisations that fail to predict WHICH Processes produce defects and WHY they produce defects will experience high rework, followed by drops in customer satisfaction and corporate profitability
  6. 6. Context
  7. 7. Automation and quality ๏ Bill Gates, Hammer & Champy, Shapiro and many others have commented that “automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.” ๏ A corollary is that “automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”
  8. 8. Six sigma and lean six sigma
  9. 9. Variance reduction and sigma level
  10. 10. Entreprise strategy execution
  11. 11. Six sigma projects
  12. 12. Problem statement As Is Problem Statement In Q1FY06, for … Silver Sales, only 1 customer is quoted out of every 2 ACD calls answered which resulted in poor sales productivity & customer experience. Desired-State Increase quoting outputs from ACD calls answered by 10% within Q3FY06 for … DHS Sales Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time bound DHS Sales activity Data available in D3. Q1FY06 baseline = 50% Yes. Still room for improvement Key to drive marcom campaign, VOC and Sales efficiency. Within Q3 FY06 Why Selected • Contribute to Sales Productivity by enabling an earlier drive in Sales Rep activity. • Add value to Marketing by feeding the email database. • Enhance Customer Experience by getting more feedback from consumers regardless of their conversion status. This mitigates the risk of ESurvey VOCs giving false impressions in relation to the “happy few customers” syndrome. Scope Is : Scope Is Not : France Market Not other countries Silver Consumers Bronze, Gold and Enterprises Sales Rep Operations, Manufacturing and Services System queues (classic) Outbound teams Off line On line (internet)
  13. 13. Metrics Effective metrics are simple and understandable
  14. 14. Critical to quality (CTQ)
  15. 15. Ishikawa
  16. 16. Measure ๏ « Manage » = « Measure »
  17. 17. Improve ๏ Organisations improve their processes leveraging: - Efficient quality systems - Business Process Reengineering - Business Process Outsourcing - Efficient information and communication systems
  18. 18. Spreading the 6 sigma culture within the entreprise
  19. 19. Recomended titles