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my powerpoint on meth

my powerpoint on meth

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  • 1. Methamphetamine
    By:Zamir Abassi
    And Mary Moll Lee
  • 2. History
    Synthesized in Germany in 1887
    Used as a treatment for everything
    Amphetamine used as inhalant to treat nasal congestion
    More potent methamphetamine discovered in Japan
    Used in World War II to keep the soldiers going
    After war was over, methamphetamine stored for military use available to people
    In 1950s, legal tablets were made and used both for medical and non-medical reasons
  • 3. History cont’d
    Became a cure-all for everything
    More abuse in the 1960s when injectable meth became more available
    In 1970s the legal production of injectable meth was restricted
    However, still being produced in meth labs
  • 4. Classification
    Psychoactive stimulant
    In phenethylamine and amphetamine class of drugs
  • 5. Nicknames
    Crank, Speed, Crystal, Ice, Glass, Mexican Crack
    Also based by color
    Soap Dope (pink)
    Sparkle (shiny)
    Lemon Drop (yellow)
    Holiday Meth (green, made with Drano)
  • 6. Physical Effects
    Anorexia, hyperactivity, restlessness, headaches, dry mouth, hypertension, hypotension, hyperthermia
  • 7. Legal/Illegal?
    Yes, Meth is illegal in other countries outside of the US. For example Australia and European countries.
    Use among youth. The 1998 MTF survey asked 12th graders about the use of crystal methamphetamine known as "ice" -- which is smoked or burned in rock form. The survey found that lifetime ice use -- which had leveled-off at 4.4 percent in 1997 after a four-year rise -- rose in 1998 to 5.7 percent.
    The perceived harmfulness of methamphetamine among youth has also declined steadily since 1992 -- when 61.9 percent of 12th graders perceived "great risk" in trying "ice" once or twice -- to 1998, when only 52.7 percent perceived great risk.
  • 8. Dangers of using
    Constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, insomnia, tremors, acne, convulsions, heart attack, stroke, death
  • 9. Addiction treatments
    One of the most difficult forms of addiction to treat
    Administering amino acids can help in the recovery process