Social Media Marketing – How it Affects Your Business


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Social media has emerged as a very powerful online marketing force in today's internet driven world. Don't think social media marketing is important to your business? Read through these amazing statistics and then decide.

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Social Media Marketing – How it Affects Your Business

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA USERS Hi lolLike …. Hi lol Watching Re Tweet
  2. More than half of the Human Race IS UNDER 30 YEARS OLD ABOVE 30 YEARS They have never known life Without the internet Guess How they feel about Social Media ?
  3. Last Year, 1 in 6 marriages were between people who met through social media
  4. 1/3of women 18-34 check Facebook when the first wake up Even before going to the bathroom
  5. 95% of millennials have joined a SOCIAL NETWORK
  6. And those are your consumers co-workers CEOs Decision-makers 81% of B2B companies have accounts on social media sites. 93% of all business buyers are social media advocates.
  7. Radio took 38 years To reach 50 million users
  8. Television took 13 years To reach 50 million users
  9. The Internet Took 4 years To reach 50 million users
  10. 850 MILLION Monthly active Facebook users 1+ million websites have integrated with Facebook in various ways 77% 43% Of B2C companies & Of B2B companies Acquired customers from Facebook
  11. Added 100 million users in less than 9 months If Facebook were a country It would be the 3rd most populated in the world
  12. Social Media More than 25 million pieces of content are shared each month Share
  13. Search The number of minutes spent on Facebook per month ?
  14. The number of minutes spent on Facebook per month ? 500 billion Last year was only 150 billion
  15. LinkedIn receives almost 12 million unique visitors per day
  16. Executive from all Fortune 500 Companies are on Linked
  17. Search There are more than 600 million search on twitter EVERYDAY
  18. U.S.ABRAZILJAPAN Top 3 Countries On Twitter: 107 million 33 million 30 million
  19. Hit10 MILLION U.S monthly unique visitors faster than any independent site in history 2702.2% Increase in total unique visitors since May 2011 69% Of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve bought or wanted to buy 25% Of fortune Global 100 companies have Pinterest accounts
  20. Google 500 MILLION+ + Registered user 48%Of fortune Global 100 companies are now on Google+ 40%of marketers use Google + 70% 67% Want to learn more about it Plan on increasing Google+ activities
  21. Search 24HRS of video uploaded to YOUTUBE every minute
  22. There are 2 billion videos viewed each day on
  23. uses the same bandwidth now that the entire internet used in 2000.
  24. You would need to live 1,000 years to watch all the videos currently on YOUTUBE
  25. Traditional Media depends on intercepting the consumers
  26. Cutting through Getting attention It’s no longer about shouting the loudest
  27. Only 14% of consumers trust advertising New Face Product 100%
  28. What are you doing ? 78% trust peer recommendation.
  29. Today, people get their information online
  30. Social media is way of thinking…. And marketing.
  31. It is all about building a dialogue… With your customers co-workers potentials hires
  32. Still don’t think social media will affect your business ?
  33. It already has!
  34. SOCIAL MEDIA LEADER SBR-TECHNOLOGIES HIRE US NOW CALL US TODAY US- +1 239-935-8394 UK- 44 792-833-0719 US- +1 551-428-6642