Issue 8 April 2011


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Issue 8 April 2011

  1. 1. theECHOES Scottsbluff High School | March 31, 2011 | Volume 94 | Issue 8SHS welcomesbiggMiltaka Milton Creagh,a different kind ofmotivational speaker | pg. 3[ ] Student-ran concert set to benefitvictims of child sex-trafficking | pg. 11Boys’ soccer team looking to defend district title, go to state | pg. 16
  2. 2. Administration monitoring student reading with reading logs BRIEFLYg s pe akinstory by In addition, it gives the adminis- reading stamina when it comes toSCOUT WILSON | news editor tration an idea on how long it actually reading tests. Students are used to the does take for students to read assign- technological world of information Prom Hollywood Nights With reading scores lower than the ments and if classroom activities need briefs and when it comes to sustained Prom is coming up soon. Ticketsstate average for last year’s juniors, to be adjusted accordingly. reading, students don’t have the pa- are $12 per person and will go on salethis year’s seniors, the administration “We have a lot of faith in our tience,” Porter said. the week of prom. This year’s Promhas taken another step to improving students. We hope based on students’ “To get students to read, we need will be April 9 at the Hampton Inn “ from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.student reading: the introduction of want of reading better they will be to find out what their interests are and This year’s theme is “Hollywoodreading logs to the weekly agenda of truthful,” Porter said. make those topics available,” Porter Nights,” so come and enjoy a night ofhomeroom. said. “The library is going to find dancing with your friends! The reading logs are set up tobe a weekly occurrence for years to To get students to read, we high interest books, along with teachers bringing somethingcome, which will give students the need to find out what their to read other than text books to Bearcats make waves at district, state ”opportunity to track their reading interests are and make create conversation topics withover the years and try to improve. “The vocabulary we issue to those topics available. teachers.” Porter believes the school speech competitionshomerooms to go over is a strategy system needs to teach studentswe are taking to improve reading -Principal Rick Porter how to read different types of This year at district speech, the Bearcats placed second to Kearneyby getting students to understand text, such as text books, manu- in the team standings and qualifiedwords in context,” Principal Rick The Nebraska State Accountability als, newspaper, and leisure reading seven speakers for the state contestPorter said. Reading Assessment for last year’s because each takes a different type of in Kearney. Senior Nick Roussel placed first in Along with student reading logs, juniors for Class B ranks Scottsbluff 21 concentration. Serious Prose and first in Duet Actingteachers are also keeping a log. Teach- out of 26 with a score of 62.90. Porter has also considered requir- with senior Tyler Webber. Webberers are recording on their logs how This score made the School ing students to carry a book around also placed second in Humorouslong certain assignments should take Improvement/Data Team decide to with them as their hall pass and as a read, giving the administration a require weekly reading logs to en- conversation starter, to get students Senior Sara Frederick placed third in Serious Prose and first inway to check how honest students are courage students to read. more involved with teachers on a Oral Interpretation of Poetry. Seniorfilling out their logs. “One problem we have is students’ literary level. Madelin Parsley placed fourth in Persuasive Speaking. Senior Victoria Bravo and sopho- Drill team wins state more Derrick Goss placed first and second in Entertainment Speaking, respectively. Bravo teamed up with again, performs senior Kirby Thornton to take fourth in Duet Acting. well at nationals A top-4 place at districts guaran- tees a spot at the state competition, so, two weeks later, Roussel, Webber, Frederick, Parsley, Bravo, Thornton, and Goss traveled to the University of Nebraska at Kearney for the state meet. The Bearcats made waves at the competition, where they compete in Class A against Omaha and Lincoln schools, some with more than triple the number of students of Scotts- bluff. Roussel and Webber won in Duet Acting, Roussel won in Serious ALL Senior Danni Becker performs the state routine Prose, Frederick placed third in Seri- SMILES and helps the drill team capture first at state in ous Prose, and Goss placed sixth in the high kick division. Photo by Gordon Rock Entertainment Speaking. Overall, the Bearcats tied for third with Lincoln North Star high schoolstory by have to be here at 6:45 every morn- elated. We hadn’t seen any of the with 66 points, behind runners-RYAN MEISTER | news writer ing,” drill team coach Angie Hinze other teams so we had no idea what up Millard North High School and champions Lincoln East High School. said. to expect,” Hinze said. On Feb. 19, fourteen Bearcat A unique part of the Nebraska After winning state, the drill team Great job, speech team!women - armed with tights, French state cheer and dance competition is had one more big competition on their State DECAbraids, bright red lipstick and seven that there is no lead-up. There are no plate: nationals.months of rigorous practice - hopped other competitive events until state. “Nationals this year was in Or-on a bus headed for the Heartland The competition began four years lando, FL, and we competed in theEvents Center in Grand Island. ago, and the drill team has won the high kick division once again,” Hinze Scottsbluff DECA enjoyed an outstanding year, winning in fifteen Two days later, those fourteen girls high kick division every year. How- said. events and qualifying thirty-sixwere back on the bus with yet another ever, no matter how new, the competi- The team of fourteen girls, ten new members for the International Con-state championship under their sus- tion is still fierce. and four returning, recorded the high- ference in Orlando.penders and pom-poms. This year, the drill team once again est score in school history at nationals, There were eight first place win- The drill team’s fourth consecutive won the high kick division. placing sixth in the small varsity high- ners, twenty-one second place win-state championship was not easily But the good times did not stop kick division. ners and three thrid place winners.won, however. there as they scored third out of 118 After competing against schools Three members were also Ne- “These girls practice incredibly all-class teams, losing only to Oma- from across the nation with at least 22 braska DECA Scholarship Winners:hard; they practice five days a week ha’s Millard West and Millard South different states represented, the girls Hattie Guzman, Meghan Pritchard,2 | NEWS all year round. They High Schools. returned home to begin the whole and John Haslam. “When we won our division I was process over for next year.
  3. 3. Motivational speaker enlightens studentsstory by and well, stupid, really,” freshman “It meant a lot to me that he talked how he actually cared and was pas-RYAN MEISTER | news writer Sarah Mercer-Smith said. “But he about drugs and alcohol because sionate about the things he said.” amazed me. By the end of the assem- many people in my life are affected by “I was shocked by some of the For a minute, junior Michael Miller bly I actually felt ‘enlightened’.” that,” junior Courtney Imel said. “It statistics he brought up dealing withthought he was in Alcatraz. “The speaker was amazing. I was motivating to me that he empha- abuse and drug and alcohol use. Also Every escape route was blocked loved the fact of how straightforward sized the point that you are respon- some of the stories he brought upby a stern-looking teacher bent on he was - he didn’t sugar coat any- sible for making your own person were pretty eye opening,” junior War-keeping all 807 teenagers penned in thing,” freshman Niki Anderson said. and your circumstances don’t matter ren Eubanks said.the freezing auditorium for the next The primary focus of Creagh’s talk as long as you have heart and work In the end it was Creagh’s deliv-two hours. was about avoiding drugs and alcohol hard.” ery and the powerful content of his With no way out, Miller resigned use. Although the primary focus of speech that won the student audiencehimself and joined the masses filtering “He made all of us realize that the talk was about drugs and alcohol over.into the auditorium. we, and all of our friends, have been avoidance, Creagh addressed other “I was extremely surprised at how Two hours later, as he exited the affected in some way by drugs and life issues. quiet the entire auditorium was whenroom, Miller was glad staff had forced alcohol,” junior Josh Lever said. “Sometimes I felt like I was alone he paused; you would have been ablehe and his classmates to spend time “I didn’t realize how many lives with all the stuff in my life, but when to hear a pin drop,” junior Crystallistening to the message of motiva- have been affected by drugs and he had us stand up for all the issues Chacon said.tional speaker Milton Creagh. alcohol,” junior Josh Pilkington said. in our life. I no longer felt like I was “I thought the speaker was awe- Miller wasn’t the only one who “I would have never thought that a battling the right alone,” junior Yadira some. He was very inspirational andthought a two-hour assembly was go- small town could be so widely af- Gurrola said. I believe he touched many of theing to be boring. fected; it really changed my perspec- “I liked how he didn’t beat around students’ lives,” senior Kasaundra “When I heard about a two-hour tive on how common these problems the bush and just told it like it was,” Klein said.assembly I thought it would be boring really are.” junior Kevin Stewart said. I also liked Homeroom skipping has consequencesPollution: is there a solution?Science classes get down and dirty to expose pollution on SHS campus Administration cracks down on homeroom skipping, particularly seniorsstory by “I was suspecting this amount story by Lunch detentions, detention afterRYAN MEISTER | news writer of garbage from the beginning, the SCOUT WILSON | news editor school, and Saturday detention are worst was the kids coming back from some of those consequences for stu- On March third, students walked the parking lots and there were even “We are a school of privileges and dents not abiding by the school rules.into the school to be greeted by an more places we couldn’t get to,” Hab- those privileges can be taken away,” Though many students expressugly surprise: trash everywhere. erman said. was Principal Rick Porter’s response disapproval of homeroom, adminis- In the commons there was a This is easily explainable by the to the problem of many students, and trators have no intention of removingshocking display of all the piles of reports of students simply opening particularly seniors, skipping home- it.litter picked up by Mrs. Habermans their car doors and dumping all of the room. “Homeroom is here to stay as theenvironmental science class. trash out into the parking lot. Just like any other rule one breaks, district judges have agreed that home- In 20 short minutes the classroom This presents a problem at the there are going to be consequences for room is counted towards a student’swas filled with heaping piles of trash. school but does not solve it. skipping homeroom. curricular activities,” Porter said. “We were studying oceans, par- “One of the first questions I asked For this year’s seniors, the conse- The possibility of homeroomticularly plastics, and we went out to my students when we got back was quences are the same as they were disappearing would result in thatdo a campus survey and pick it up to how we could change this and they last year, i.e. seniors could be faced time added to the classroom time, notsee what was out there,” Haberman had some interesting ideas.” Haber- with the possibility of not having the lunch.said. man said. privilege to walk at the graduation “If homeroom was taken away, Most of the trash left on school With the simplest ideas being add- ceremony. we could alter the periods of thecampus gets washed down storm ing more trash receptacles, to more se- Along with this is the possibility day and have five periods, requiringdrains leading to North Platte vere punishments of closing campus stripping prom priviliges - though students to take ten courses a semes-River which eventually dumps into if it doesn’t get better. seniors may not know it, it is a loom- ter. Another option could be creatinglarger rivers and finally ends up in the Littering and pollution not only ing possibility to encourage seniors to a 45 minute study hall at the end ofocean. destroys the environment of the cam- attend homeroom. the day for all grade students who are The amount of trash brought many pus, but adds to the destruction of the The same consequences of being failing a class,” Porter said.students to reality about the condition world environment. tardy or absent during a class countof our campus. for homeroom as well. NEWS | 3
  4. 4. Here to Sophomore Simon Deng In China, “When he first got here Simon was stay students have almost too compliant and you could to take a test to tell that those behaviors had definitely comes to the U.S. and move on to the come from his strict upbringing in next level. The China, but American culture has worn exam is done by on him and he has become a little bit learns the culture of individual cities lazy sometimes,” Aaberg said. to determine For Vidlak and his three young the brightest sons, the biggest adjustment of having America students to Simon in their home was the lan-story by send to the best guage.RACHEL CLEMENS | feature writer schools. “It was pretty hard to understand “In middle him at first, but the boys really enjoy After living in the United States Worden’s have parental rights to him. school in China they give a competi- having Simon around. They thinkfor only a year and a half, sophomore They are predominately responsible tive test. In Simon’s home city 30,000 he is fun. Simon likes to try to cookSimon Deng knows he still has a lot to for Simon in America. 8th graders took the test and Simon Chinese food sometimes which is anlearn about culture in America. “It is very different living with an placed third out of 30, 000,” Aaberg adventure. He is a really nice kid,” But there is one thing he is sure American family. I had a hard time said. Vidlak said.about; he is here to stay. understanding English when I first Another piece of the American The rigors of his academic sched- When Deng first arrived in got here. Americans speak too fast puzzle that has helped Simon adjust ule in China have also been an adjust-November 2009, Deng lived with and I can’t follow them,” Deng said. has been sports. ment Simon has had to make.his relatives, the Chan’s, until they Deng has had to make many ad- “Sports have been very good for Because Simon’s schedule in themoved to Rock Springs, WY, at the justments since he moved to America. Simon; the more social interaction the states isn’t as rigorous, he has had toend of the summer in 2010. The most difficult has been mastering faster he learns the language,” Aaberg learn how to manage his free time. In November 2009, Deng began the the English language and the change “ said. “He is still working on the balancejourney of moving to America with in educational systems. between his school responsibilitieshis parents. In China, and what he does in his free time,” His parents wanted to get into the Deng went to Living here hasrestaurant business here, and maybework at or take over the WonderfulHouse restaurant. Back in their hometown, Jiangmen,China, Deng’s dad worked as a chef ata well-known restaurant. school from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Mondays through Satur- days. “We go to changed my mind to think that America is better than China. “ Aaberg said. Simon’s experience in America has changed what he thinks about the country. Stereotypically, before arriving in America, he assumed Americans were extremely lazy. As it turned out, however, the school longer -Simon Deng, 10 Simon said he still believesWonderful House wasn’t what they than Americans Americans are lazy compared to theirwere looking for, so Deng’s parents and we have Chinese counterparts. He has found,moved to Memphis, TN, to work in a more subjects to do every day. We live Deng has appreciated the many however, that Americans are betterrestaurant there. at school for six days a week. We go people who have helped him adjust to people individually than he previ- Deng wanted to stay in Scottsbluff home Saturday night and go back to America. ously thought.since he was already established and school Sunday night,” Deng said. Those who have been especially “America has changed me a lot. Ithad made many friends. At Deng’s school in China, he had helpful have been the Worden family, has made me think a lot of stuff about Jamie Worden, a local judge and eleven classes total, eight in one day. Aaberg, John Vidlak, the Chan family, the different social aspects of Americafather of sophomore Luke Worden, His schedule included Chinese, math, and his friends. and China and changed my mindhad gotten to know Deng and wanted English, physics, chemistry, biology, “Mr. Aaberg has helped me with to think that America is better thanto help him out. Worden asked his geography, business, music, and art. speaking, listening and writing in China,” Deng said.neighbor, John Vidlak, who works in Simon’s passion in the classroom is English, and teaching me the things I Although Deng loves America, hethe radiology department at Regional math and he wants to go to Harvard want to know and things I shouldn’t plans to go back to China for vaca-West; if he had room for Deng. Vidlak and become a math professor. do in the school,” Deng said. tions and to visit his friends and fam-had an extra bedroom for him to stay Deng’s math prowess is obvious Aaberg has seen a lot of changes in ily. He has a sixteen year old sisterin, and agreed to take him in. not only here, but also when he was Simon since he arrived in America. living in China. Although Simon lives with Vidlak, in China. Around the world .Scottsbluff . L.A. .Las Vegas Guangzhou .4 | FEATURE
  5. 5. Getting their Laucomer has also acquired his own skills. “I’ve learned how to be more involved with other people, too,” Lau- comer said. WINGS Learning social skills and how to be involved with others also lead to making some great friends in Scouts. “I’ve kept a lot of friends. I started early so a lot of people that have graduated I still keep in touch with, and I’ve also met some pretty interest- ing people through it,” Lake said. Now that they have accomplished their goals of earning Eagle Scout rank, both boys have the chance to relax when it comes to Scouts. Boy Scouts receive the hardest “I’m not as involved now as I used to be,” Laucomer admits. “Mostly be- cause all of the older people I used to rank, Eagle, and soar with their hang out with have already left. Now there are just a lot of new Scouts that I new wings in the community don’t really know.” Although Scouts is coming to an end for both boys, they will never forget the memories and experiences they have learned over the years.story by the 5th grade. For Lake, it took seven knot tying, wood working, leather “It’s extremely rewarding to sayASHLEIGH SMITH| feature writer years to earn his Eagle, and for Lau- work, social citizenship in the world that you went through every rank and comer, five years. type of stuff. I’ve done a lot of badges finished. It was hard, but I wouldn’t After five long years of waiting, With it being so difficult, how ex- so I’ve learned quite a bit,” Lake change it for the world,” Lake said.the time was finally here. Sophomore actly does one earn their Eagle badge? explained.Lane Laucomer’s palms were sweat- BADGESing and his head was spinning as he It all starts with joining a Boystared back at a panel of judges and Scout group. From there, the goal is toleaders, all of whom were waiting to move up the ranks by earning meritevaluate his worthiness. Laucomer badges – you must have a minimumwas about to find out if he’d finally of 21 badges to reach Eagle Scoutreached his long awaited goal of status. When the time comes to earnbecoming an Eagle Scout. the Eagle, one must present a service Eagle Scout is the highest rank project in front of judges and also a group of Scout masters.achievable in the Boy Scouts of A service project is any effort or de- World crestAmerica program. It’s extremely hon- velopment that the boys work to im- Pioneering emblemorable and hard to achieve; the rank isonly achieved by about four percent prove their community by. Lake chose badgeof scouts. However, SHS is the holder to put up informational posters at theof many Eagle Scouts; two being Lane county fairgrounds this summer, and Laucomer did some landscaping andLaucomer and Terrance Lake. renovation at his church. While this First aid badge Very little Scouts become Eaglesbecause of the long process that may sound simple, both boys had torequires dedication and time commit- put a lot of time and effort into thement. projects. Eagle “It was difficult to get my eagle. It Of course, hard work deserves Personal fitness rank some fun. Lake and Laucomer havewas mostly just persistence and stay- traveled, camped, and had many badge patching with it because once you’re 18 youcan no longer get your Eagle Scout if good times at Scouts, haven’t already. Plus once you hit “Summer camp is definitely my fa-high school it’s really hard to make vorite. My father and I both go up; it’smeetings anymore. High school takes a week of just hanging out and doing Environmental stuff like canoeing and then workingup a lot of your time outside of school on five or six badges that you work on science badgetoo, so even on weekends it’s hard tocontinue and stay active,” Lake said. for about half the day,” Lake said. Both Laucomer and Lake were After all was said and done, Lakeencouraged by their parents to join and Laucomer completed all of theScouts, and it was their parents and steps to successfully earn their Eagle Personal financeScout masters who helped them con- – meaning all of the hard work and badgetinue till the end. dedication had paid off. Both boys “My dad and my mom have for agree that it was worth all of the ef-sure helped me. My scout masters and fort. Not only was earning their Eagle rewarding – they’ve also learnedthem always pushed me every step countless essential life skills. Camping badgeto keep going and stick with it,” Lake “I’ve learned anything from first 5admits. Both boys started Boy Scouts in aid, compass work, gps, geocaching, FEATURE |
  6. 6. March Cat Calendar 11th- GSO/BSO VAR @ Torrington- 3/5pm31st- SP NFL National Qualifier Inv. @ 12th- BGO JV @ Mitchell Inv.- 9am Cheyenne (LCCC) GSO JV & VAR vs Chey. Central- 3/5pm SHS Musical- 7pm BSO JV & VAR @ Chey. Cnetral- 3/5pmApril GTN JV @ Alliance Dual- 4pm1st- April Fools Day 13th- GTN A Kearney Catholic & Kearney @ SHS Musical-7pm Kearney- 1:30/4pm GTN @ North Platte Inv. - 9:30am 14th- BGO@ Hastings Inv.- 9am2nd- GTR/BTR VAR @ North Platte Buffalo GTN @ Lexington Inv.- 10am Bill Inv. -12:15pm GSO/BSO JV & VAR vs Newcastle- 3:30/ SHS Musical- 7pm 5:30pm4th- GSO/BSO VAR vs Lexington & Grand 16th- GTR/BTR JV & VAR @ Alliance Inv. Island NW @ N. Platte- 11am 8:30am5th-BGO JV & VAR @ Sidney Inv. - 9am GSO JV & VAR A Sterling- 10am GSO/BSO 9-10th JV vs Cheyenne BSO JV & VAR vs G.I. Central Catholic- Cental- 3/5pm 11am/ 1:30pm GTN JV & VAR vs Alliance- 4pm 17th- Palm Sunday7th- GSO/BSO JV & VAR vs Gering - 3/5pm 19th- High School District Cal & Band8th- GTR/BTR VAR @ Cheyenne Okie Contest WNCC-TBA Blanchard- 11am 20th- GTN VAR vs Gillette- 4pm GSO/BSO VAR GNAC @ N. Platte- TBA 21st- GTN-SHS Inv.- 9am9th- ACT Testing GTR/BTR VAR- West Ne Twilight-12:30pm GTN JV vs Sterling Dual- 11am GSO/BSO JV & VAR vs Torrington- 3/5pm PROM- 9pm The CAT CALENDAR is brought to you by the SCOTTSBLUFF BOOSTER CLUB
  7. 7. Varsity athletes and the eChOes PhysiCal eDUCatiON staff editor-in-chief | KariN sheDD news editor | sCOUt WilsON Is it really necessary for America’s finest high school athletes to take PE classes? news writer | ryaN Meister A nyone who pays even receive diplomas without sweating it the high school athletes? Is forcing the slightest modicum out in a PE class for at least a semester them to burn off calories along with feature editor | MeGhaN PritCharD of attention to American during their high school careers. their not-so-athletically-inclined peers feature writer | raChel CleMeNssociety has heard the “shocking” and While the intentions behind necessary, or even fair? feature writer | ashleiGh sMith“staggering” statistics concerning the mandatory PE classes are all well and According to the Nebraska Depart-average citizen’s expanding waistline. good - considering that one in three ment of Education, it is. They require center section editor | GaBrielle CarliN “Two-thirds of Americans are every NE student to sweat through center section writer | ethaN hUGhesoverweight, and one-third are medi-cally obese.” The views expressed two semesters of PE to receive a diploma, and participation in a entertainment editor | rUssell MOrGaN “Between 1980 and 2000, obesity in this editorial were school-sponsored sports season is notrates doubled among adults and chil- justification for waiving this require- entertainment writer | ViCtOria BraVOdren and tripled among teenagers.” supported 15-0 by ment. sports editor | Kelsey eMPFielD “Obesity is causing a drastic risein the number of reported cases of The Echoes staff However, save for maybe one or two school sports, one season of the sports writer | MaDDie hOlsCherType 2 diabetes, once thought to only type of high-intensity daily activityaffect adults, in children as young as children in the United States are over- mandated by football, swimming, sports writer | MiChael Millertwelve.” weight or obese, physical fitness is not track and field, etc. is sure to be more ad manager | Casey siGrist In order to combat this epidemic, an idea to be cavalierly brushed aside effective at maintaining the health ofAmericans turned to the nation’s - all the focus and hype surrounding young people than a semester of a PE adviser | terry PitKiNschools. Currently, 36 states require the health of school-age Americans class. The Echoes is a tri-weekly publica-physical education (PE) for elemen- has left one glaring question unan- That being said, we here at The tion printed by the Business Farmer. Thetary students, 33 for middle school swered. Echoes believe that a better policy for Echoes is a member of the Nebraskastudents, and 42 for high school What about the already-healthy the NE Department of Education to High School Press Association and thestudents. This means that no stu- kids? adopt would be to equate the suc- International Order of the Quill anddents living in any of these states will And, more notably, what about cessful completion of one season of Scroll. The Echoes encourages readers to varsity athletics to a semester of PE write letters to the editor in response class and to waive the PE requirement to a story, but does reserve the right to Pregnant? for varsity athletes. Besides, the adoption of such a pol- icy would be a win-win: in a poll of 31 publish said letter. The Echoes also encourages all readers to submit their ideas for story Think you might be? of Scottsbluff’s finest varsity athletes, coverage, feedback on stories, and any other input. Birthright can HELP only 7% said they would not take a The Echoes PE class if given the option. 19% said Scottsbluff High School they would take one, and a whopping 313 East 27th St. FREE and Scottsbluff, NE 69361 74% would still take one or more PE CONFIDENTIAL classes. PE teachers would lose only a Letters with obscene, slanderous, of Scottsbluff, Inc. libelous, or false information will not be Pregnancy Test An International Pregnancy Service sparse few of their best students, and printed. The letter must also be signed NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY those students would have the option to be run. Content may be edited due to to pursue other interests. grammatical or content needs. A signed Open Monday-Friday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Yes, America has an obesity prob- copy must be presented to the Scotts- bluff High School journalism depart- 632-5866 lem - but high school’s varsity athletes ment, room 130. Also, please check out 24-Hour Hotline 1-800-550-4900 are not part of it. The Echoes’ group and 10 East 17th Street • Scottsbluff, NE MySpace page online! All School Year Long Every 10th student gets a free lunch Student Specials Anne Talbot, PsyD Available Mark Hald, PhD 2622 Avenue C. 2201 Broadway Alan Smith, PhD Scottsbluff, NE Scottsbluff Charlotte Ingram, LMHP, ATR 308- 632- 8547 632-3644 Georgia Nelson, LMHP
  8. 8. With over 640 million Facebook users worldwide and over 95 million tweets written each day In the technology race, I’m still in the starting blocksTECH.NO.LO.GY in less than 100 years, mankind went from trillion texts were sent in 2008 in the United settings on the camera for my phone are. commentary by two men flying a kite like craft for less than States alone. It’s actually so bad, that I was recently at a Ethan 100 yards to comfortable 100 passenger cabins How about Y2K? People were going friend’s house and he had to show me where hughEs | making 49,315 commercial flights daily, trav- AWOL because every computer was sup- the ‘X’ button was on the Xbox controller! center section writer eling thousands of miles over seas and moun- posed to crash. People were stock piling That’s un-American for a teenage boy in has taken over tains, all fully equipped with satellite T.V. chlorinated water in order to survive like it today’s world! We are in an age where everything Does anyone remember Pong? The one was the impending apocalypse! Don’t even get me started on my Droid. needs to be fast: fast food, high speed inter- pixel game that could keep a generation en- Society relies too heavily on technology. I can call, text, take pictures and check my net, Derrick Rose, etc. It seems like tech- tertained for hours. Now we have Call of Duty I’m like everyone else, I text and check my horoscope; that’s it, (although messing with nology is at the forefront of our fast-paced that appears so real, it’s like you’re watching Facebook every day and get about an hour of the unlock pattern is fun). society. a movie. T.V. in, but I could go without. I am very grateful for technology. It’s A recent Best Buy commercial sums up It’s no wonder people have trouble adjust- I’m also not the most tech savvy guy either. wonderful for news, homework help or just technology perfectly. As soon as the con- ing. I have trouble functioning on the new I’m still rocking my generation one iPod entertainment, but the bottom line is, in the sumer buys the latest gadget, a better deal Microsoft Word. Nano. 100 yard dash, technology is taking a victory hits the market. According to 175 million For me, technology is moving a little too lap while I’m still in my starting blocks. Technology can be hard to keep up with, people log onto Facebook daily and over a fast. I can get by, but I have no idea what the In a world that thrives on TECH.NO.LO.GY, have relationships become less personal? TE(a)CHNOLOGY personal commentary by I could understand a small minority of even begin to keep track of it all. of doing on my own. It is often said that technology is making relationships starting online, and I’m sure As soon as I get up in the morning, I turn While it worries me that technology is each generation lazier. gaBRIELLE CaRLIn and Eharmony have produced my cell phone alarm clock off and plug my suppressing our knowledge, it’s almost “I think this generation is for the most Not too long ago, I was minding my own some solid relationships, but I find it hard to iPod into its dock. At school, I spend great more disturbing how less personal our part very entitled. Most students want instant business, lounging around on my couch comprehend the allure of meeting someone deal of time on the computer typing these world has become.Two teachers examine the use of technology in the results without much effort. I don’t think I watching a little T.V, when an incredibly on the internet. columns or researching papers. I usually Instead of sitting down and writing a would place all the blame on technology, but unnerving advertisement popped up on my It’s not just online dating either…it’s check Facebook every other day, flipping person a letter, we poke them on Facebook it certainly has played a large part,” Ronne screen. the constant texting, online shopping, vast through the channels or watching a movie is a or type on their wall.classroom and in their personal lives and show effects. The music tech class has many current and ‘out of the box’ type proj- said. “Actually a lot of people are becoming It was your typical I-met-the-man-of-my- number of e-mails, and the huge popularity of social media. daily routine, and while all of this is going on I’m constantly texting away and checking my Instead of picking up the phone to talk to someone or going to see them in person, ects. For choir, students made their own radio more inactive out of their own choice, but Of course, I reached for my remote…but It seems to me that technology is making email on my phone…it’s all so exhausting. we send them a text.story by I use things such as Facebook and texting spots for musical advertisements,” Ronne it’s because they have so many technological before I had time to flip the channel, match. the world a less personal place to live in. But here’s the thing, I know a countless Technology is slowly taking away faceEthan hughEs | center section writer daily and I would say I’m up-to-date in the said. options that they don’t want to play sports,” com flashed a little statistic across the Being born in a generation that thrives on amount of people that spend way more time to face interaction and forcing people to technology world,” Choir teacher and musical “I’m limited to an overhead in my room, Kreutzer said. screen: technology, it’s hard to imagine life without it, than I do taking advantage of the endless have relationships with their Blackberrys Technology has become one of the fastest director Brad Ronne said. but I’m taking a tech class right now and Although she feels that to a degree tech- “One in five relationships start online.” but I can’t help but think life and the relation- amounts of technology the world has to offer, rather than actual people.growing mediums in our modern society. English teacher Kiley Kreutzer admits to would love to incorporate the things I’m nology partly influences laziness, Kreutzer I’m honestly not one to judge – but re- ships we might encounter would be more so it’s no wonder that people now use the I understand that technology makes It is borderline impossible to own all the being a little less tech-savvy. learning if I could! I would love a Promethean admits she relies on it in her everyday life. ally? One in five relationships? meaningful and personal if we didn’t rely as internet as a way to scout out their future things so much easier, but is it really worthnew gadgets and gizmos, let alone keep up “I can easily use computers and a variety board or even a projector,” Kreutzer said. “I text and use Facebook all the time. I use When I saw that commercial, I couldn’t much on computers and cell phones. spouse. losing a personal connection with people?with all the apps and programs that accom- of programs as well as regular cell phones, Both agree that technology is moving and technology getting to work, finding direc- help but be a little freaked out. I understand Now I’m not going to sit here and con- I feel like technology, something that was While cell phones and computers arepany them. but I don’t yet have the knowledge for differ- changing fast, and both see the effects of it as tions, calling/texting, for entertainment and that the dating world can be harsh and demn the world for overusing technology, created to advance the world, is now starting convenient, are they truly as necessary as Even in the classroom, technology is ex- ent apps. I could learn easily if I wanted to well. communicating and finding information. I competitive, but it worries me that we live because I’m the first one to admit that I’m a to have the opposite effect. we think…and even more so, could thepanding our way of learning i.e. Promethean though. I’m not really up-to-date on the latest “The technological changes are great, but find it hard to live without a cell phone and in a society that has become so reliant on technology/electronics junkie. As our dependency on technology in- overuse of them be making our world aboards. technological equipment; it usually takes me a I think that sometimes personal interactions GPS,” Kreutzer said. technology that we can’t even meet a poten- If someone had asked me even a week ago creases, it seems like our ability to do things less personal place to live in? To accommodate the fast paced world of while to get into it,” Kreutzer said. suffer because of some of technology’s tools.” Technology is moving fast, and although it tial partner without the use of a computer how much time a day I spend using electron- on our own has decreased. The omnipotence of technology hastechnology, everyone has had to adapt and Although the two are at opposite ends of Ronne said. may be hard to keep up with, it is necessary in and keyboard. ics, I would’ve answered ‘hardly any time at I can’t even remember the last time I cited become like a beast we no longer control.learn quickly. the spectrum per se, they both try to incor- “I think we depend on technology too some aspects. I’m sure the ‘one in five relationships’ all.’ a book in a bibliography, did a math equation There’s always something bigger and bet- “I would say I’m very into technology. porate technology into their classroom and much and if something were to happen (a “I think the interpersonal parts of building statistic isn’t 100 percent accurate, but it’s What a joke. I spend such a ridiculous by hand, or didn’t take advantage of Google ter being developed in electronics, which lesson plans. technology crash) a lot of people wouldn’t a choir will become more difficult, but all the still pretty crazy. amount of time using electronics that I can’t while doing homework I’m more than capable only deepens our reliance upon it.8 | CENTER SECTION “We use technology in our stage lighting know how to survive,” Kreutzer said. more necessary,” Ronne said. CENTER SECTION | 9
  9. 9. SERIOUSLY? PERSPECTIVE: It doesn’t take a state championshipLife isn’t that serious, so just laugh it off or a perfect GPA to win at life personal commentary by VICTORIA BRAVO personal commentary by MEGHAN PRITCHARD “The world is a tragedy to those tion!” on many occasions when itwho feel, but a comedy to those who could’ve been handled differently I suck at life. more than the good?think,” -Horace Walpole And for anyone who has thought Life loves to throw curve balls at We dwell on break-ups, family That’s my philosophy. the same thing… maybe milk is a jerk, my face when things are going so well deaths, and not receiving accomplish- Stop feeling sorry for yourself and maybe it wasn’t the right time, maybe for me. Thanks, Life - you just broke ments we deserve.think about the world around you it was serious but so what? Move on. my heart. Well guess what? LIFE ISN’T FAIR.and everything it has to offer. I am so glad I was saved from a I’m a bit of an over-achiever. I have Nothing can go perfectly. I’m I walk around SHS with not what boring, overly-thoughtful, serious to do things to my best ability, no mat- always going to have something goI would consider a cheerful disposi- lifestyle. ter what it is. But for Life, that’s never wrong.tion, but one that is open to humor the I am very thankful that I had been enough. But where’s the good to remem-world has to offer me. people walk into my life and teach me I can’t say that I’ve been the best in ber? Things don’t have to be going par- very differently. a single thing - I’ve never had a first We spend so much time on theticularly great, but I am still not afraid My family, my best friends, and place trophy, never been the popular, pain of our lives that happiness is cutto crack a smile in a boring classroom people I look up to have taught me so “best friend to-all” girl, or been the too short.or act strangely to make someone much about life, and how to handle it top –ranked person in the class. I can say that besides my loss atlaugh. when it doesn’t go your way. I’ve always felt I’ve fallen short. state DECA, I’ve also had the perfect Some might call me “weird.” I They taught me how to laugh. Just Literally. I’m 5’4”. senior year.disagree. I’m just not as serious about laugh. No matter what is going on, Even in choir, the one thing at I am on the Student Senate, Nikelife as you. there is always something that can which I’m actually good. Club, and DECA Vice President. I am Some say that I pride myself in cheer you up. Singing is my passion. It’s who I the lead in this year’s musical, Aida,being that way. I don’t. It’s just how I I know that seems simple but you am and what I want to do with the my dream since elementary school. Iam, how I choose to be, and a little of would be surprised how many people rest of my life, but there have always got a solo in show choir and won thehow we all should be. forget to laugh in difficult times, my- been one or two people who are better Old West Music Festival. I received a 1 Granted - there are things that self included. than me. rating at All-State choir for the seconddeserve our serious, undivided atten- I’ve had to be reminded time and I can’t seem to win. year in a row and got called back fortion. time again by a friend, someone I Just recently I went to the state a solo. I am on the leadership team in On the other hand, there are things can always look to when I’m feeling DECA competition. My partners and I my youth group and the founder andthat aren’t as earth-shattering as we down, that everything will be alright worked on our project for six straight leader of my youth group worshipmake them out to be, and I want to and to let something run its course, to months. It consisted of a 30-page pa- band. I have a 3.9 GPA as one of theshake people for taking them too seri- stop clenching the wheel and just… per and a presentation with a script, top twenty-five in the 2011 class.ously. drive. visuals, and matching outfits. My I may have never been a state Just kidding. I don’t shake people. Metaphorically of course - I don’t project was meant for first place from champion or Miss America, but I have When… tell me… has sweating the really drive. the beginning because of all the work lived a wonderful, blessed life.small stuff ever helped anything? He can always make me laugh, we put into that paper and presenta- I know what you’re thinking. It doesn’t. It makes it worse. laugh at me, or help me when I need tion. For half of my senior year, my “She’s crying over a DECA project If I spill milk and start freaking it. We all could use a friend like that. life was DECA. when she has so much going for her?out, I’ll probably spill more milk. That’s the best medicine. Not to The top three at state go to nation- What a drama queen.” If I would’ve not taken it as comfort someone with more tears but als, which is in Orlando, FL this year. Well maybe I am, but if I’veseriously, and just Lysol-ed it up or to make them laugh, and to remind My project got fourth. By two learned one thing from life it’s thatsomething… no problem. Now I need them that life goes on. points. picking myself up from falling flat ona mop. It’s like that song Float On by After a full day of sobbing, I my face has made me better. Not be- I used to be the same way. Modest Mouse. couldn’t help but feel embarrassed ing the absolute best has made me try I used to walk around in a gloom, “We’ll all float on okay.” that I didn’t make the expectation harder. Not fitting in right away hasfeeling sorry for myself, my spilled Things might be up and down like people wanted of me. made me kinder and more consider-milk, and… you get the picture. the waves in the ocean, but we will all Not hearing my name announced ate of others. I thought “seriously, milk?”, “how float on okay. on that podium, after putting my I’ve learned from my failures andcould someone laugh at a time like Not great, not bad, not seriously, heart and soul into that project, tore grown to love the life I have. So thankthis?”, and “this is a serious situa- or jokingly. Just okay and that’s all we me apart. I had failed not only myself, you, Life, for creating in me ambition really need. but my teammates and people who to be the best and learn to take it how Seriously. expected us to win. it is.10 | OPINION Why is it we remember the bad Man, I rock at life.
  10. 10. Whe re’s the ? Local concert to benefit cause that is relatively unknown...personal commentary byRussell moRgan | entertainment editor There are 1.2 million children opportunity. It is guaranteed that a child will to be found.around the world without names- Human trafficking generates an never recover psychologically or This experience changed Morris’they are simply identified by a average of $32 billion a year, making physically from such an experience. life, and was the reason for the start ofnumber. it the second most lucrative crime in This crime is keeping the most impor- Love146. Adults, who are not their par- the world. tant generation of human existence Many people will go their entireents, refer to each child by his or her This terrible crime is mainly aimed from ever living a fulfilling life. lives unaware of such evils in thenumber. toward female children, and is a tragic Love146 is a program that fights to world. It is tragic to think that such These adults have sex with these cause of psychological and physical end this crime, and help reintegrate an experience is needed to spark thenumbers, and they sell these numbers damage in children, as well as a lead- victims back into society. The founder effort to improve the other adults so they can have sex ing cause of infectious diseases such and president of the organization, Rob The average child is quite fortu-with them. as HIV/AIDS. Morris, began his fight for this cause nate to grow up in a safe home, have two childr n e Adults: those who are supposed to a loving family, and have nothing butraise children, teach them right from opportunity before them. It is a bless- sold e ve rywrong, protect them. What does this ing that is often taken for granted.say for adults? What kind of adults Imagine a child, your age thatwould do this to children? did not have the opportunity to go minu te Severn Suzuki, in her Global Sum- to school, play sports, date, sing inmit Speech talked about how adults choir, etc. All they know in their livesteach their children one thing, but act is abuse. They can only imagine a lifeupon the world completely different. with simple freedoms. She said, “As a child, what you are Two children are sold every The concert in April to benefitdoing makes me cry.” minute, meaning that by the time Love146 will not stop this terrible What these adults are doing is you are done reading this article; crime, but it is a step.making millions of children cry. about 8 children will have been sold. It will spread knowledge, which is The average age of these numbers This is not just a foreign issue what people are in desperate need ofranges from 3-15 years old; how- either. It is estimated that over 100,000 right now.ever, these are not numbers-these are U.S. children are forced into prostitu- Not enough people know aboutchildren. tion and/or pornography each year. when he witnessed what these children are going through At each brothel where children are What scares me is that this statistic the tragedy of this crime first-hand. everyday.sold, menus are available for adults to is not widely known. It scares me He was in a brothel full of “num- Not enough people know aboutsee the age, number, and price. Adults that the stories of United States high bers”, and he saw children in a room the injustices that go on around theget to pick and choose their favorites- school students being forced into gathered around a television playing world, and it is time they join thea menu, like a restaurant. prostitution and other disturbing cartoons. All but one of the children’s fight. These children are slaves- victims activities are not heard. eyes was fixed on the screen. One The concert to benefit Love146 will be heldto unimaginable crimes that would This particular problem calls for at- little girl, #146, stared at Morris. in Scottsbluff’s Auditorium on Tuesday, Aprilmake the average child cringe. tention beyond borders. These are the Morris recalls that in her eyes he saw 19th. Admission will be $5, and all money will There are children in this world, lives of children. Innocent generations a desperate plea for help- this girl benefit the efforts to stop human trafficking andmany years younger than those cur- that should have the world at their wanted Morris to save her. reintegrate victims into society. 11rently reading this article, which will feet; instead, they find themselves in When Morris returned with a teamnever be able to experience a life of an unimaginable hell. to raid the brothel, #146 was nowhere ENTERTAINMENT |