Issue 5 January 2011


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Issue 5 January 2011

  1. 1. ECHOES Scottsbluff High School | Jan. 20, 2011 | Volume 94 | Issue 5 Hometown royalty 2010 SHS graduate Teresa Scanlan named Miss America 2011 | pg. 3 Scanlan performs as Sharpay Evans in SHS’ 2010 musical, High School Musical. photo by Gordon Rock [also] Major victory for the gay rights move- ment when President Obama signs repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell | pg. 5
  2. 2. Valedictorian requirements changing For the class of 2013 and beyond, only one student will claim the title of Valedictorianstory by and salutatorian, there will be a new possible for a student to get B’s in in courses and get students to engageSCOUT WILSON | news editor category added to the equation for the classes of 2011and 2012: an Advanced AP courses and still keep a 4.0 GPA. Students who are scoring A’s have a in harder more challenging classes,” Cantril said. The second semester has com- Placement (AP) valedictorian. better chance in the running for AP For the classes following 2012, themenced and, with it, the excitement of This will give students an oppor- valedictorian as their GPA could be second category will cease and thegraduation. tunity to compete with other students higher than a 4.0. regular system will revert to the new Graduation is a time of crying enrolled in AP courses, rather than The regular valedictorian and weighted system.mothers, long processions, time con- less academically challenging classes. salutatorian will be based, as always, This in turn could result in thesuming speeches, recognizing student In order to be eligible to be the AP on accumulated percentage rather selection of a single valedictorian andachievements, and awarding the top valedictorian, students must take at than GPA. salutatorian for the classes of 2013 andof the class. least one AP course, but the more a Principal Rick Porter believes it beyond. The top of the class is a coveted student takes the better their chance will be a good thing for students and Students expecting the same oldgroup made of the students who keep at the title. their GPA. status quo in May with the graduationtheir grades as a main priority. One reason for this new title is to “One of the goals of the change is speeches maybe pleasantly surprised. In recent years, however, that ‘cov- introduce a weighted Grade Point Av- to raise the GPA by getting students to Instead of the traditional valedic-eted group’ has grown significantly in erage (GPA) scale, where AP courses challenge themselves to try for those torian and salutatorian speeches, asize, with some classes having numer- are ranked on a 5-point scale. titles,” Porter said. committee will be created for studentsous salutatorians and valedictorians. This means if a student receives an Counselor Rick Cantril also thinks wishing to audition to speak at gradu- To combat this phenomenon and ‘A’ in an AP course they will get five it would be good for student enroll- ation.restore the tradition of valedictorian credits rather than the traditional four. ment in class. This change could be a permanent With this new system it would be “It should increase participation part of graduation for years to come.The future of study hall Teacher salaries in Nebraska story by make an average of $2,933.74 per It may become mandatory for all grades RYAN MEISTER | news writer student, while our teachers make $2,660.59.story by Nebraska nationally ranks 42 in Even though Lincoln schools haveSCOUT WILSON | news editor Principal Rick Porter has seen good average teacher salary in the United States. What, if anything, does this say a higher population, they have a bet- things come from this study hall. ter student-to-teacher ratio than SHS Riiinnggg! “It seems that some sophomores about Nebraska? does. On average they also get paid It’s 11:30 and you know what that are taking on an attitude that they are It says the average teacher in more per student than the teachers atmeans........IT’S LUNCH TIME! failing and that study hall is some- Nebraska makes around $40,382 an- Scottsbluff. Students have already burst out thing they need to do and want to get nually. With the teacher per student The question then becomes ifof their classrooms creating a flow of their grades up,” Porter said. ratio being 13.5 students per teacher, Scottsbluff teachers have a higherhungry and impatient teens. The study hall certainly does create it means teachers make just under student to teacher ratio than Lincoln Many are going to the parking lot a lot of incentive to have good grades $3,000 per student. Southeast, why don’t our teachers gethoping to get a chance to get out be- and would be good incentive for all This ranks Nebraska teachers’ paid as much or more?fore the chaos of driving teens ready students. wages at about the 25 percentile in the The answer: property tax. Propertyto get far away from school. This will become a reality in the nation. tax is what pays our teachers and But for some the lunch bell sym- oncoming years as juniors will be However, teachers at SHS make supports our public school system,bolizes more than lunch, it’s also the added to the list of students who with an average of $45,230, compared to and with Lincoln’s greater populationcall of study hall. a failing grade will face a mandatory Lincoln high school teachers which they can afford to pay teachers more, This year there has been a manda- noon study hall. make $46,940. even though they have several differ-tory study hall during lunch for any The following year seniors will be At Lincoln Southeast High School ent districts.freshman or sophomore with a failing added to the list, creating an all-grade the student per teacher ratio is 16:1, Even though teachers don’t getgrade. mandatory noon study hall. while in Scottsbluff the average is paid enough, most of them teach for 17:1. the love of teaching and not for the2 | NEWS This means that teachers in Lincoln economic aspect of it.
  3. 3. BRIEFLY SHS Graduate wins Miss America s pe akin g Teresa Scanlan’s victory is a first for Nebraska and the nationSpeech team wins story by prestigious SCOUT WILSON | news editor Cheyenne meet “And the 90th anniversary Miss family’s America, your 2011 Miss America is….. restaurant Recently the Scottsbluff Miss Nebraska, Teresa Scanlan!” watchingSpeech Team has been on roll What followed was the collec- the eveningasthey placed first in a challeng- tive gasp of a family, a community, a Cheyenne meet as well astaking second at Alliance on the state, and a nation, all reacting to an “I wassame day.. unprecedented achievement. at the the The Wyoming meet took On Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011, Teresa, Skyportplace over a two-day period, a 2010 SHS graduate, was named the and besideswith four preliminary rounds, 90th anniversary Miss America at the crying I wasa semi-final round, and then Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Casino jumping upfinals. and Resort, making her the youngest and down. The meet gave students the winner since the age limit (17-24 years I ran intoopportunity to compete against of age) was imposed in 1938 and the the kitchenspeakers they will face in Marchto qualify for Nationals in June. first Miss Nebraska to ever win the and started Schools involved in the meet title. screaming,included Fort Collins, CO., Teresa’s win sent shock waves of ‘She won!Lead and Deadwood, S.D., as excitement and pride through the Teesh won!’well as Green River and Chey- Cornhusker state and left the Nebras- and then Ienne, WY. ka fans attending the pageant hoarse ran to all the The Cheyenne Central Heart from cheering. tables at theof the Rockies Tournament “We were expecting her to do restaurantresulted in several Scottsbluff really well, but as the cuts kept hap- screamingspeech members displaying anoutstanding performance plac- pening and she kept being included, and cryinging them in the top positions. we kept freaking out,” sophomore and telling In Drama Interpretation: Christine Scanlan, Teresa’s younger every per-Nick Roussel placed first, Sara sister said. son I saw,”Frederick finished second, and Emotions ran high when 2010 Miss SchluterTyler Webber took fifth place. America Caressa Cameron placed the said. In Humorous Interpretation crown on Teresa’s head. Follow-Webber took first, while JayGrote placed third in Extempo-raneous Speaking. In Original Oratory, MaddyParsley placed third, Frederickplaced third in Poetry, and inDuo Interpretation Rousseland Webber placed second ” “There was a lot of crying when she won and then I was silent and stood there staring at her for about two minutes and then I started crying again,” Christine said. Senior Taylor Counter, one of Tere- ing the coronation, Teresa was ushered to a press confer- ence where sa’s closest friends, was in the balcony she talked about the experience. HIGH SCHOOL Teresamusical, High School last MUSICAL year’s Scanlan performs in Musical. Photo by Gordon Rock “I’m so excited to see what this year has in store for me,” Teresa said.while Victoria Bravo and Kirby section among “These girls are After the press conference, TeresaThornton placed third. strangers at the at the highest level was allowed an hour in a suite over- With nine speakers from We were expecting her to do looking Las Vegas to relax and catch ” casino. imaginable; they’reScottsbluff at the Cheyenne “They really well, but as the cuts kept up with family and friends. incredibly, high-meet, some ‘rookie’ speakers happening and she kept being “It was crazy because she all ofcompeted at Alliance. called her caliber girls that are The Bearcat speakers name after a included, we kept freaking out. just so amazing in so a sudden had a bunch of securityfinished well, placing second long wait and -Christine Scanlan, 10 many ways,” Teresa people around her,” Counter said.behind Gering in the team race. I went crazy,” gushed about her “There were two guards outside the This was an impressive Counter said. competition in the room and three in it.”accomplishment considering “I don’t even remember her being pageant. Teresa was then whisked awaythe ‘rookies’ competed against crowned because I couldn’t see any- Despite being the youngest com- by pageant officials who flew her tosome of the tougher speakers thing from the tears in my eyes,” New York to begin a series of public petitor at 17, Teresa said age did notofromGering. appearances, some on national talk The Scottsbluff/Gering community affect the outcome. Derrick Goss placed firstin Informative and Andrew celebrated similarly from nearly 1000 “We didn’t know ages. That didn’t shows like “Fox and Friends” and miles away. matter because at this point it’s about “The View”.Holsinger placed first in En-tertainment, with Goss taking Choir director Brad Ronne, who what we’re doing; it’s about what At this point, no one, not evenfifth in Entertainment followed worked with Teresa last year in show the projects we’re involved in; it’s Teresa’s family, knows when she willby Latosha Rojas and Michael choir and in the spring musical, found about our dreams and our hearts and get to return to the Panhandle.Wright. the experience nerve-wracking. what we’re doing. It’s not about age “She won’t live with us anymore In Duet, Mariam Castelli and “When it was down to the final because age really is just a number,” and she now has a full time job withSarah Hall placed second while five, I was so nervous,” Ronne said. barely any breaks until Christmas,” Teresa said.Nikki Catrina Anderson and Christine said. “Each time they called a name that Because she so thoroughly con-Michelle Clark placed fourth. For security purposes, Teresa’sJoey Orozco placed second in wasn’t Teresa, my eyes got bigger and vinced the panel of judges of this idea, my palms got clammier.” Teresa won a $50,000 scholarship and schedule is not made public.Serious Prose. Senior Jessica Schluter, another |3 a year of domestic and international close friend of Teresa’s, was at her travel. NEWS
  4. 4. BACK After dropping out of high FOR school in 2009 and a stint at the Pine Ridge Job Corps, junior ROUND Skyler Sullivan is hoping to TWO make the most of his second Second chance at SHS. Photo by Terry Pitkin CHANCES Newman said she sees all kinds of different reasons why kids decide to drop out. “Some kids have school phobia while some struggle with school and just get tired and worn down but some live at homes where families are After dropping out of school a year in turmoil. For example, there are kids whose parents just got out of treat- ment and feel like they need to be at and a half ago, junior Skyler Sullivan home with their parents to make sure they aren’t using. Kids get behind in has returned to finish his education credits early on in high school and feel like they can’t catch up,” New- man said. Newman said drug and alcohol usage is another problem that oftenstory by cally translates to upgraded juvenile tennis. makes it difficult for a student to be inRACHEL CLEMENS | feature writer detention center. Dakota Britthouer, a senior at school. Sullivan received $25 every two VALTS, also dropped out of high There are many things the school There are decisions and moments weeks. school. can do to try and convince studentsin every teen’s life they regret. “My experience at Job Corps was Britthouer decided to drop out of not to drop out. They include things like getting pretty rough. I didn’t really talk to high school because he was scared of They are shown statistically whatthat speeding ticket, not studying for many people; I was kind of a loner. getting jumped by people that didn’t their lifetime earnings would be.that final, sneaking out of the house, They treat you like you’re in prison, like him and he found it hard to con- Counselors also talk about alterna-dating the wrong guy or girl, shop- and I threw up every day from the centrate while seeing people he didn’t tives and how difficult they would be,lifting or not getting involved in an food they served,” Sullivan said. like in class. or showing them different ways theyactivity or sport. After Sullivan’s seven months at He dropped out in 9th grade, after can graduate. For junior Skyler Sullivan, one of Job Corps, he decided he wanted to being sentenced to the Department “Kids really only get one opportu-those moments happened when he come back to high school. of Corrections, a juvenile program in nity to go to high school. Sometimes adropped out of high school at the When he first got back to Scotts- South Dakota, at age 11. kid drops out of high school and triesbeginning of his junior year in 2009. bluff, Sullivan was going to start CNA A person is required to stay in the to come back and they are too old, After a year and a half Sullivan’s (certified nursing assistant) training program until age 21 unless they’re and don’t fit in with the age group ofback for another try. and GED classes. released early for good behavior. classes they would be in, so we can’t “I regret dropping out of high “I thought about getting a GED, During Britthouer’s freshman year put them back in. They only have oneschool in the first place. I probably but with the economy right now a he got into trouble and was locked up chance to make this work,” Newmanwouldn’t be having as many troubles GED probably isn’t going to get me at the end of the year. my life right now if I wouldn’t have very far in life,” Sullivan said. “I also After getting out of jail, he wanted Students under the age of 18 whodropped out,” Sullivan said. thought about going to VALTS but to get back into school because of job decide to drop out have to get permis- Sullivan’s decision to drop out I didn’t want to be known as a kid opportunities. sion from their parents.wasn’t made on the spur-of-the- who went to VALTS. I wanted to be Britthouer started going to VALTS The legal age for dropping outmoment. There were a lot of events known as a kid with their high school in September of 2009. He registered at is 16, but Newman thinks putting aleading up to his dropping out. diploma.” Sullivan said. Scottsbluff, Gering, and Morrill High magic number on anything doesn’t Sullivan got into some bad habits. Sullivan’s mother played a big part Schools, but once a person goes to change people’s behavior. He skipped class regularly and in his decision to come back. VALTS, they’re not allowed back to Even if the legal age was raised,eventually stopped going to class all “My mom really encouraged me to regular high school. kids would still find a way to droptogether. go back to high school. Eventually she After Britthouer receives his di- out. “I thought school was pointless influenced me into the idea,” Sullivan ploma in March, he plans on enlisting “Typically kids don’t just all of aand that I didn’t need it,” Sullivan said. in the Navy. sudden drop out, it’s usually been asaid. Trying to get back into high school Scottsbluff High School counselor long process of failure, personal is- Sullivan was sent to Job Corps in wasn’t exactly an easy process for Julie Newman said the school does sues, and kids who start high schoolChadron, NE on April 27 for seven Sullivan. One thing he had to do was many things to prevent kids from without the goal of graduating aremonths. have meetings with school officials. dropping out of high school. much more likely to drop out,” New- Job Corps is a free education and Sullivan said this time around he She said counselors meet with the man program that helps young plans on trying hard to be successful. student and his/her parents and try The graduation rate from 2009-people learn a career, earn a high “I’m definitely going to go to class, to meet their needs as far as classes 2010 at Scottsbluff High School isschool diploma or GED, and find and do my homework, and everything and other programs. 88.78%.keep a good job. else I need to do to succeed,” Sullivan If they don’t have a home or mon- The overall graduation rate in the Instead of typical high school he said. ey for things they need for school, state of Nebraska in 89%. The dropoutalternated between work and school Sullivan is planning on participat- then there are many resources that rate in Nebraska has actually de- every week. ing in tennis next fall and hopes to get can be tapped into in order to help a creased in the last ten years.4 | FEATURE Job corps basi- a scholarship to Hastings College for student be successful.
  5. 5. If you ask, now I can tellThe repeal of a military law forces America to pick a side and look back at historystory by tough, learning the ropes of a newMEGHAN PRITCHARD | feature editor army. Basically anyone was in - except Lieutenant Gotthold Frederick Enslin, legitimate privacy and associational with an openly gay guy or bunk with With no time to brush his teeth, he the first soldier discharged from the rights of all service members.” him,” Griess said.simultaneously gargles mouth wash U.S. military for sodomy. During Barack Obama’s Presiden- Although he agrees they are stilland combs his hair. Sodomy (sexual intercourse be- tial campaign in 2009 he promised the his fellow Marines and brothers, the “The storm caused thousands of dol- tween two males) has been grounds repeal of the military law and, after situation seems uncomfortable.lars of damage but claimed no lives.” for discharge from the American winning the election, went right to “If you think about it this way: It’s Spitting out the mouth wash, he work on the effort. similar to a straight guy showeringreaches down to tie his shoes. “In other news, Obama fulfills one ofhis pledges.” Running downstairs, he shoveshis arms through the coat holes anddrops the car keys in his pocket. changed. ” military since the Revolutionary War, but over the past century, a lot has The United States entered World War II with new psychiatric screen- ing added to the military’s induction process; which differentiated homo- By a vote of 65 to 33, with eight Republicans joining the Democrats, the Senate approved and sent Obama a repeal of the Clinton-era law. “As commander in chief, I am also absolutely convinced that making with a bunch of women he would be attracted to, and I’m sure no one would be comfortable with that,” Griess said. But the Senate’s vote will not change Griess’s mind on serving in “The Senate voted yesterday after- sexuals from this change will only underscore the the Marines.noon the debated ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ heterosexu- profession- “I will fight next to a straight or I believe anyone should be able alism of ”policy.” als in 1942. gay guy as long as it means keeping The scent of freshly-toasted cherry Gay service to serve for their country no our troops my country and people free and safe,”Pop-Tarts wafts into the air as he members as the Griess said. “I signed up because I matter their race or sexual best ledshoves them in his mouth and slings were court- want to fight and earn my freedom,the camouflage back-pack sitting by martialed, orientation. and best not just have it handed to me. Eventhe door onto his shoulder. imprisoned, -ISS Supervisor & veteran, Jenn Parks trained if that means giving my life I would “Yes America, Obama has won and and dishon- fighting gladly give it up for this nation and itsthe law is repealed,” blares from the T.V. orably discharged. force the people.”through the kitchen just as he opens In 1944, a new policy said ho- world has ever known,” Obama said. Miss Parks, a Navy veteran, viewsthe door to speed to school. mosexuals were to be committed Not only the Senate, but most of the repeal differently from Griess. His mind goes completely blank. to military hospitals, examined by the military itself is in favor of this “I believe anyone should be able to July is when he’s scheduled for psychiatrists and discharged. transition. serve for their country no matter theirrecruit training, only a few months Throughout the next couple of “Today’s vote means gay and race or sexual orientation,” Parks said.away. He’s been waiting for almost a decades, policies were changed, but lesbian service members posted all Even though she doesn’t serveyear to finally be a part of the few, the homosexuals were always discharged around the world can stand taller anymore, she sees the future of theproud, the Marines. in some manner. knowing that ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ military service men unchanged. But he doesn’t know what to think In the 1970s, the gay and lesbian will soon be coming to an end,” said “I don’t think anyone will have tonow. This could change everything. rights movement emerged in the Aubrey Sarvis, an Army veteran and act or do anything different from the Sure, he knows some homosexuals United States. The movement chose executive director for Service mem- repeal of this law,” Parks said.and even counts a few as friends, but the anti-gay military policy as one of bers Legal Defense Network. Not only do future servicemen andhow will this change his service in the its main targets. The Department of For many, this repeal will mean a veterans have opinions on this case,military? Defense issued a 1982 policy, stating complete change in the way the mili- but many of the students and faculty Driving to school he thinks, “Will homosexuality was clearly incompat- tary can train and fight. at SHS have a say.I have to bunk with one?” or “Will I ible with military service. R. Clarke Cooper, a member of A survey was handed out Wednes-have to shower with them, now that Once Bill Clinton won the Presi- the Army Reserve, said repeal will day the 12th to eight homerooms.they can be very open about it?” dency in 1993 Congress worked right "finally end a policy which has Sixty-one students and 19 faculty Things will be different from what away to enact the existing military burdened our armed services for far members responded.he planned, but regardless of the re- policy on homosexuals. This is where too long, depriving our nation of the Fifty-two percent of the studentspeal, he will still fight for his country. the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) talent, training and hard won battle are in support of the repeal of DADT *** policy finally surfaced. experience of thousands of patriotic and 48% voted not in support of the It’s 1778. Every countryman fights DADT restricts the United States Americans. " repeal. Sixteen faculty members are infor the new world: America. People military from efforts to discover or Now the question is: what do ser- support of the repeal and three aren’twant to see this country flourish to the reveal the sexuality of secretive homo- vicemen think of this change? in support.unstoppable giant it is today, which sexual or bisexual service members or Senior Taylor Griess, an August With the repeal new and fresh themeans stopping at nothing, fighting applicants, while barring those who enlisted Marine, does not agree with changes to the law are just now goingwith everything you have, and never are openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual the policy ban. into effect. Whether this helps or hurtsgiving up. from military service. “I think the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ the military, men and women are will- The American military in the Clinton said that the policy would policy was great because you didn’t ing to fight for their country no matterRevolutionary War was small but establish “a decent regard for the have to worry about having to shower the circumstance. FEATURE | 5
  6. 6. Financial Aid Night Students and parents are invited to attend a financial aid Anne Talbot, PsyD presentation to learn more about the following: Mark Hald, PhD 2622 Avenue C. FAFSA forms • Scholarships • Pell grants • Student loans Any other questions you have about paying for college Alan Smith, PhD Scottsbluff, NE Charlotte Ingram, LMHP, ATR 308- 632- 8547 John N. Harms Georgia Nelson, LMHP Advanced Technology Center February 5 • 10:00 a.m. Pregnant? Think you might be? Drawings for door prizes will Prizes include scholarships Open and free to anyone looking to attend be held at each location. to WNCC. any college, not just WNCC. Birthright can HELP FREE and For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at 308.635.6011. CONFIDENTIAL Pregnancy Test of Scottsbluff, Inc. An International Pregnancy Service NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY Open Monday-Friday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm 24-Hour Hotline 1-800-550-4900800.348.4435 10 East 17th Street • Scottsbluff, NE SB Echos Quarter Page b_Layout 1 1/17/2011 11:28 AM Page 1 Mulligans At the Monument Shadows Are you in? Golf Course Great food & atmosphere Open to the public all year round 2550 Club House Drive Gering, NE 69341 308-635-6868 Get inspired Get informed Get in The Citizen! 633-NEWS (6397) PO Box 532, Gering or 1447 10th Street, Gering
  7. 7. When the right to the ECHOES FREEDOM OF SPEECH staff becomes the editor-in-chief | KARIN SHEDDFREEDOM TO HATE news editor | SCOUT WILSON news writer | RYAN MEISTERAmerica will be a nation divided feature editor | MEGHAN PRITCHARD feature writer | RACHEL CLEMENS feature writer | ASHLEIGH SMITH The recent shooting in Tucson is evidence of an even bigger center section editor | GABRIELLE CARLIN problem in American politics: a lack of unity center section writer | ETHAN HUGHES F reedom of speech: the shin- to his/her personal flaws, no mat- It is this atmosphere of hate and ing tour de force of America’s ter how old or outrageous, and, as a divisiveness, peddled for profit and entertainment editor | RUSSELL MORGAN political system. consequence, the ethical constraints election victories by television pun- In the late 18th century, this First of civility have been pushed and dits, rabid party leaders, candidates entertainment writer | VICTORIA BRAVOAmendment right served as a beacon strained to the point where no one is for public office, and the media alike –of hope for a haggardly war-torn sure anymore where exactly the line all of whom work under the protec-band of colonies looking to repair the on smear campaigns is or should be tive umbrella of the First Amendment sports editor | KELSEY EMPFIELDdamage inflicted by the tyranny of the drawn. – that was bared all too clearly that sports writer | MADDIE HOLSCHERBritish Parliament. Before last year’s mid-term elec- day in Tucson when Jared Loughner sports writer | MICHAEL MILLER For generations thereafter, it held tions, Sarah Palin, a rising political wounded fourteen people and killedthe promise of a better, brighter future star and GOP/Tea Party favorite for six more, including a nine year-oldfor the millions of immigrants who a 2012 presidential candidate, posted girl. ad manager | CHANDLER BRILLlanded at Ellis Island. on her website a picture encouraging Giffords herself remains in critical Today, it is the constitutional right voters to ‘take a stand’ against twenty condition after one of Loughner’s ad manager | CASEY SIGRISTmost exuberantly employed and Democratic bullets tore throughfiercely defended by American citi- Congressmen The views expressed her head. While doc- adviser | TERRY PITKINzens from every branch of the political and women tors remain highlyspectrum. We as a nation brandish (including in this editorial were optimistic about herfree speech more than any otherright as proof of the equality and fair Representative Giffords) who supported 13-2 by chances of recovery, it is currently impos- The Echoes is a monthly pub- lication printed by the Businessprinciples of our particular brand of supported the The Echoes staff sible to know the Farmer. The Echoes is a member ofdemocracy. recent health extent of the damage the Nebraska High School Press But, on Sat., January 8, 2011, 22- care reform done to her mind. Association and the Internationalyear old Jared Loughner violently bill – all well and good in the spirit We can only hope that what Order of the Quill and a bitter truth about America’s of competition that defines American remains of her life will serve as a The Echoes encourages readersexploitation of the right to free speech politics. cautionary tale for all Americans. Re- to write letters to the editor in re-when he opened fire on a crowd of What made Palin’s photo cross gardless of party or political ideology, sponse to a story, but does reservepeople meeting with Congresswoman the line from ‘competitive’ to ‘di- for us to make progress as one nation, the right to publish said letter.Gabrielle Giffords in a suburb of Tuc- visive’ were the depictions of the we all need to put aside the hate and, The Echoes also encouragesson, Arizona: recommended method for defeating no matter how much we disagree all readers to submit their ideas Too much freedom of speech has con- the Democratic health care support- with one another, remember that our for story coverage, feedback on stories, and any other input.sequences. ers – on a map of the US, over the freedom to speak has consequences The Echoes Gone are the days when two peo- respective districts represented by when taken to the extreme. Scottsbluff High Schoolple on opposite sides of an issue could each Congressman and woman, Palin Information for this editorial taken 313 East 27th St.have a civil exchange of ideas without superimposed the crosshairs of a gun. from: Scottsbluff, NE 69361resorting to mud-slinging, denuncia- Certainly Palin’s intentions were 1. Letters with obscene, slander-tory rhetoric. The proof of this blatant not for people to literally hunt down news/2010/10/22/5334751-republican- ous, libelous, or false informationexploitation of America’s constitu- and shoot the accused Democrats, and house-candidate-calls-for-violent-govern- will not be fun. The letter must alsotional rights is evident in nearly every she is assuredly not the only politician ment-overthrow-if-gop-loses-election- be signed to be run. Content maypolitical campaign throughout the to ever have made such a bold move – 2. http://tpmlivewire.talkingpoints- be edited due to grammatical orcountry, from the casting of doubt on however, this example, along with the content needs. A signed copy mustPresident Obama’s citizenship status finger-pointing on the part of liberals to-identify-dems-who-voted-for-health- be presented to the Scottsbluffand religion to accusations that Sena- who blame the entire right wing for care-reform.php High School journalism depart-tor John McCain collaborated with his this tragedy, merely goes to show 3. http://www.huffingtonpost. ment, room 130. Also, please checkcaptors during his time as a prisoner the unchecked toxicity of the current com/2008/01/17/smear-campaign- out The Echoes’ Facebook.comof war in Vietnam. atmosphere of American politics, one against-mc_n_81950.html group and MySpace page online! The focus of political campaigns, that seems to say that Americans are 4. seems, has almost entirely switched no longer the united country we once mitchell-bard/mccains-smear-campaign-from a candidate’s ideas and opinions were. wi_b_137284.html OPINION | 7
  8. 8. Spider webs,toads, and shoesOH MY! The Top 5... most irrational most common strangest phobia Three students talk candidly about their phobias phobias phobias namesstory by 1. Geniphobia - 1. Arachnophobia -Ethan hughEs | center section writer fear of chins fear of spiders 1. Hippopotomonstrosesqui- Freshman Kim DeLeon was only five yearsold on that fateful day. A day that haunts her dhi wore flip-flops. Thus forth, we can satiri- cally prove: shoes = evil,” Bartow said. 2. Caligynephobia - ppedaliophobia -over ten years later. Bartow never had a traumatic experience fear of beautiful women 2. Social Phobia - fear of long words “When I was about five, I was in my aunt’s like DeLeon or Hughes, but he definitely hadgarage playing with all the toys. As I looked a turning point, or better yet, an enlightening 3. Consecotaleophobia - fear of social situations 2. Hexakosioihexekontahexa-around, I discovered a HUGE spider web for this young Gandhi.on the wall. It was almost as big as I was! I “I’ve always hated things on my feet. fear of chopsticks phobia -walked towards, touched it, and it got stuck When I was little I would crush my shoes 3. Aerophobia -on my arm. I got scared and started to cry. I into mini sandals. In the summer before sixth 4. Eisoptrophobia - fear of flying fear of the number 666tried to get it off, but it just got worse,” De- grade, I put on flip-flops and never took themLeon said. off. I think people have more of a traumatic fear of your own 3. Paraskavedekatriaphobia - A traumatic experience no doubt. A young experience at the sight of my feet than I dochild caught in the grips of a stringy prison. with shoes,” Bartow said. reflection 4. Claustrophobia - fear of Friday the 13th 5. Arachibutyrophobia - While most of the normal world would Although these three have very differenthave brushed off the nuisance in a nonchalant phobias, all have gotten similar reactions from fear of confined spaces 4. Didaskaleinophobia -manner, people who witness the phobias in action. DeLeon, however, was stricken with fear “People will usually say ‘wow’ and laugh fear of peanut butter fear of schooland succumbed to a condition called a phobia. when they watch me run from a spider web. sticking to the roof 5. Acrophobia - Phobia [foh-bee-uh] They usually get a confused look on their of your mouth fear of heights 5. Triskadekaphobia - –noun face,” DeLeon said. a persistent, irrational fear of a specific “People think being scared of toads is fear of the number 13object, activity, or situation that leads to a ridiculous. They laugh their heads off at me, Wait, you’recompelling desire to avoid it. try to comfort me between stifled chuckles, There are an infinite number of phobias. or sometimes they’ll pick up the toads and story byPeople can be irrationally afraid of anything throw them as far away as possible,” Hughes gabriEllE Carlin | center section editor If a person grows up with a mother or father that reacts with intense fear when with a phobia. Medications, such as beta blockers, anti-and everything... said. Your heart starts beating out of your chest. shown a spider, then, more likely than not, depressants, and sedatives, may be used to For most people, a spider web is a trivial “I get a lot of questions as to why I’m You feel like all the oxygen is being ripped that person will learn to react the same way as help calm and prevent the feelings of anxiety afraid ofcommon occurrence in human life – but to wearing sandals when it’s snowing. I also from your lungs as you desperately gasp for his/her parent when shown a spider. caused by phobias.DeLeon, it’s a phobia. get a lot of laughs when people see me kick air. Experts also believe that phobias may Another popular phobia treatment is be- “When I see one, I freak out. If I get in one my shoes off as quickly as possible when I’m You stumble a little as your knees begin to develop as a result of a bad experience. havior therapy, which is an exposure therapyI’ll get nervous and teary eyed,” DeLeon said. forced to wear them,” Bartow said. give out and your hands violently shake and A person suffering from glossophobia – that helps change a patient’s reaction to the This may sound irrational, but DeLeon’s Some fears, like being afraid of the dark as fill with sweat. the fear of speaking in public – might have situation or object that sparks the fear by what?!fear of spider webs pales in comparison to a child, are grown out of. DeLeon hopes she “Stop it! You’re being ridiculous…” but, embarrassingly stuttered through a speech gradually exposing the patient to their fearsophomore Claire Hughes’ fear of toads. might one day be able to overcome her fear. no matter how many times you tell yourself as a child and had his peers point and laugh more and more, until the feeling of anxiety “Anytime I see a toad, regardless of how “I try to take steps to get rid of my fear, you’re being unreasonable, the anxiety you at him, thus ruining whatever career he may subsides.far away it is, it is a traumatic experience and I almost did once too. My parents try feel is uncontrollable. have had in public speaking because the mere Another form of therapy involves thefor me. I’ll scream, cry and hyperventilate,” to help me, but my brother just chases me Phobias - an intense, often irrational, fear thought of talking in front of a crowd makes patient working with a therapist to view theHughes said. around with them. I really hope I can over- of an object, situation, or activity, - are a scary his throat constrict. object or situation of fear in a different, more Like DeLeon, Hughes has had this phobia come this fear. I would be so proud!” DeLeon reality for approximately 26.7% of Americans. While the cause of phobias is a little hazy, positive light, the goal of which is for the pa-since she was a wee lass. said. There are over 600 documented phobias it is understood that some people are more tient to gain control over his emotions when “I have always been scared of toads, but As for Bartow and Hughes, things might recognized by medical experts. From achluo- likely to suffer from a phobia than others. confronted with fear.not to the extent that I am now. I think it all not pass over that easily. phobia – fear of darkness – to zoophobia Most phobias develop in childhood, so While many people think phobias are sillybegan when I was a little girl at my friend’s “I don’t do things to try and overcome my – fear of animals – just name it, and there’s people under the age of 25 are at a higher risk and juvenile, they have the ability to take overhouse, and I stepped on one barefoot. I think fear. I don’t see toads that often, so it isn’t a probably a phobia of it. of suffering from a phobia. and even ruin a person’s life.that’s how the severity began,” Hughes said. common occurrence, but as soon as I do I run While many people look at a person with Also, females are more likely to suffer from Feelings of social isolation and depression Although spider webs and toads may seem the other direction as far as I can go. I might the fear of the color white and think, “This phobias than males are. However, this may are extremely common in people sufferinglike odd things to be afraid of, some phobias overcome it when I get older, but it’s not guy is crazy,” the truth is that leukophobia - be an effect of men’s tendency to hide their from phobias – and people with extreme pho-one would never guess. likely since I’m not trying to conquer my fear Approximately 57.7 million Americans the fear of the color white – is legitimate. anxiety, while women feel more comfortable bias often turn to substance abuse as a way to Freshman Andrew Bartow hasn’t worn anyway,” Hughes said. So, what causes people to fear such com- talking with experts about their fears and be- deal with their fears.closed-toed shoes since sixth grade, although “I don’t really think I need to face this mon and irrational things? ing diagnosed. Almost everyone is afraid of something;he wouldn’t go so far as to call it a phobia. ‘fear.’ It doesn’t really impair me. It’s not near- over the age of 18 suffer from a phobia There’s a lack of medical research sur- Speaking of being diagnosed, how does it can be anything from germs to floss. The “I wouldn’t call it a phobia, because it is ly as bad as walking in the snow as people rounding phobias, but many experts believe one go about curing a phobia? point is to take it easy and not allow fear tocompletely rational. Hitler wore shoes, Gan- think. It’s something I was born with and I phobias stem from parents, which makes There are a couple of things that medical control your life.8 | CENTER SECTION don’t think I’ll get rid of it,” Bartow said. sense. advisors may turn to when treating a patient CENTER SECTION | 9
  9. 9. bowels of this blasted typewriter. This cell phones offer people are all well valiant effort of mine is the culmina- and good (get in a car wreck in the tion of a week-long experiment I have middle of nowhere? No problem!), the undertaken to live as my parents did dependence we in the modern world when they were my age back in that seem to have on them is sometimes simpler era, that veritable technologi- shocking. cal dark age about which my genera- Take what happened on day five, tion’s parents will reminisce and refer for example. On Friday, January 7, to as “the good ol’ days” as they drift my fellow show choir members and I into the senility of their golden years: performed at Governor Heineman’s the 70’s, baby. breakfast inauguration at the Gering To say this was a trying experi- Civic Center. ence would be like saying Jeffrey But, due to a last minute change Dahmer had only a slight affinity for of schedule of which our director in- violence. For seven days, I abstained formed us via text message, I wound from all technology not available to up sprinting into the Civic Center the average American before the year half an hour later than I should have, 1975 - no cell phone, computer, iPod, my hair disheveled and damp from microwave, satellite TV, VHS/DVD that morning’s swimming practice, player, or television remote (avoiding and crowding into the room literallyIt’s the 70’s, Man commercials has never been so hard) - all while surrounded by people end- lessly indulging in said items. seconds before the photographer snapped a photo of the show choir with the governor. In an era of Android cell phones, touch-screen iPods, and It was like being a recovering Though I’m pretty sure I looked Google Television, I attempt to abstain from it all for one alcoholic in a wine cellar - at times, like a total schmuck because of that week to live the life of an ordinary American in 1975 the temptation was more than I could little stunt, I blame neither the direc- bear, like on the third night of my tor nor myself for this schedulingpersonal commentary by KaRIn sheDD experiment. fiasco - it was a product of the times That evening, I had a dramatic in which we live. In a world of instant “Message Sent.” wound up sitting pretzel-style on the meltdown involving the inexplicable communication, the need for planning I snapped my little red flip-phone floor of my room, typing this column (at the time) disappearance of my sta- ahead disappears.shut, dropped it in my lap, and on an obscenely heavy, 1982 electronic tistics folder and textbook. When my And who knows? Maybe the gov-resumed staring out the window of typewriter emitting an incessant whir- mind is reduced to such a scrambled ernor will use my antics as a mildlymy dad’s Prius at the bleak Nebraska ring noise from who knows where blob of stress, I have trouble sleeping, amusing anecdote to entertain hislandscape blurring by at 65 miles per and making a TAP nearly as loud as a so I caved sought comfort from the guests at dinner parties - which washour. sonic boom every time I press a but- collection of movies on my laptop - exactly the thought I wanted to post Then I started bobbing my head ton (and I type at a speedy 120 words- the dulcet tones of Donald O’Connor, on my Facebook.and humming along with Elton per-minute, Ahh, Facebook. My kryptonite.John’s “Candle in the Wind” playing which By the I have used Facebook since numbersthrough the speakers from my dad’s makes my mid-2007, but, over the years, it hasiPod. room sound evolved from an entertaining pastime Your candle burned out long be- something to a finely-honed procrastinating tool.fore your legend ever did… like what I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but *click* The ethereal, otherworldly melody I imagine soldiers 3,339 - average number of text messages sent this experiment has opened my eyesof Enya’s “Orinoco Flow” cut off heard in the and received per month by teens aged 13-17 in 2008 to just how addicted I am to Mark Zuckerburg’s brain-child.Elton mid-chorus. trenches of My phone buzzed. I pulled it out,read the text message, swiftly tapped World War I). 285,610,580 - number of activated I used to spend my free time reading or playing the piano. Now Iout a reply, and snapped it shut again. Ac- cell phones in the United States (Dec. 2009) fritter away hours ‘creeping’ on my so-called ‘friends’ - commenting onI scratched my upper left arm andreached again for the iPod. cording to multitudes 600,000,000 - number of users their walls, checking up on their rela- *click* of studies, active on Facebook as of January, 2011 tionship statuses, and perusing their photo albums for the umpteenth time. Can’t buy me love, love! my genera- Breaking myself of these habits, resist- I twirled a lock of my hair around tion suffers ing the urge to remain updated onmy finger while the Beatles sang from a myriad of problems – shorter Debbie Reynolds, and Gene Kelly in the lives of the 600 million people onabout diamond rings and the kinds attention spans and poor conversa- Singin’ In The Rain turned out to be Facebook, was as painful a process asof things that money just can’t buy. tional skills, to name a few – because just the trick to cure my insomnia, Lindsay Lohan’s many stints in rehab.Then I plucked one of my dog’s hairs our lives are so inundated with though I did feel appropriate guilt But, in the end (the seventh day,off the knee of my jeans. Blew a piece technology. From iPods to cell phones about cheating in the morning. that is), I survived with my sanityof dust off my glasses. Inspected the to computers to television, most of us Surprisingly, I had significantly intact and was, I believe, successfullycontents of the glove compartment. are rarely more than several feet from less trouble giving up my cell phone. rehabilitated. No longer do I feel thePicked at a hangnail. Twiddled my an electronic device for more than a Since my family no longer has a pressing need to respond to a textthumbs. Let my finger once more drift few minutes per day. landline, my phone sat where the message immediately. No longer doto the iPod’s “skip” button. And, apparently, I so thoroughly landline used to be, and it had an I rely on my laptop to soothe me into “You’re twitchy,” my dad com- manifested the side-effects of this imaginary, circa-1970’s cord attaching sleep. No longer do I skip to anothermented. cultural phenomenon that I failed to it to the wall, meaning I was trapped song after only 30 seconds of the first “Twitchy?” I asked. realize I had done so until my dad in the kitchen any time I took a call. one. “Yep. Twitchy,” he repeated. cavalierly pointed it out to me that Still, I discovered that living without a ...okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a And that is the story of how I day. phone on my immediate person was... bit. So, here I am, trying to wrest a liberating. But I am less ‘twitchy.’10 | OPINION workable piece of journalism from the While the reassurance and security
  10. 10. Cat Calendar January21st- GSW/BSW Twin City Inv.- 4pm WR VR @ Chadron Inv. – TBA22nd- SAT Testing GSW/BSW –Twin City Inv.- 11am GBB JV & VAR vs Sidney- 2/3:30 pm BBB 10th, JV, & VAR vs Gering @ WNCC- 4/7pm WR VAR @ Chadron Inv. – TBA SP @ Gering- TBA24th- GBB 9 & 10th @ Chey. Central- 5/6:30pm February BBB 9 & 10th vs Chey. Central 5/6:30pm 2nd- Ground Hog Day27th- GBB/BBB 9th vs Gering- 5/6:30pm 3rd- Hasting Honor Choir28th- GSW/BSW @ Omaha Westside Diving Chinese New Year29th- WR JV & VAR @ Mitchel Inv- 9am 4th-BBB 10st JV & VAR vs Alliance- 4/ 7pm GSW/BSW @ Omaha Westside Swimming- 11am SP @ Kearney Inv.- TBA All School Year Long Every 10th GBB/BBB 9th vs N.Platte- 12/ 1:30pm 5th- WR VAR GNAC @ McCook- 9am BBB 10th JV & VAR @ Sidney GBB/BBB 9th @ Alliance- 9/10:30 pm SP @ Gordon-Rushville- TBA BBB 10th JV & VAR @ Sidney 4/7:30pm student gets a free lunch31st-GBB/BBB JV vs Gering 5:30/7pm GBB JV & VAR @ Sidney- 6/7:30pm SP @ Gothenburg Inv- TBA 7th- GBB/BBB 9th vs Chadron- 4/5:30pm Student Specials NCDA Show Choir Competition @ Available Imperial- 7pm 10th-GBB JV & VAR vs Lexington 5:45/7:30pm 2201 Broadway BBB JV & VAR @ Lexington- 5:45/7:30pm Scottsbluff The CAT CALENDAR is brought to you by the SCOTTSBLUFF BOOSTER CLUB 632-3644 Hey girls! Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Just wanna dance but no where to go? Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Come Zumba and get your groove on! Bollywood tunes!! Tues/ Thurs, nights 7:00- 8:00 pm Feb. 1st through March 10th (6 weeks) at the Warehouse (across from the Panhandle Coop) Student price for 6 wk. session only $40.00!! ( regular $60.00) (Drop in price $5 per class) Call Stacy @ 631-7373 or, email her at or, just show up Tuesday Jan. 24th and get ready to dance! WARNING: NOT your mother’s Zumba! =O