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Issue 1 Sept 2010

Issue 1 Sept 2010






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    Issue 1 Sept 2010 Issue 1 Sept 2010 Document Transcript

    • the ECHOES Scottsbluff High School | September 2010 | Volume 94| Issue 1 Let the (paintball)GAMES beginHow an ordinary Oklahoma field became a re-enactment of D-Day | pg. 15[ ] THIS Junior Chris Lang, in his paintball gear, sits in a helicopter that played a role in a D-Day MEANS re-enactment. The re-enactment was held in Oklahoma where attendees were split into WAR Axis and Allies teams. Courtesy PhotoMission: Uganda | pg. 5Jack Johnson’s new sound | pg. 11Tennis teams facehomelessness | pg. 16
    • Cheerleader Court rules cheerleading NOT a sport t rait s story byBeing Happy SCOUT WILSON | news editor “It’s hard to be a sad cheerleader. By 8 A.M., the temperature hadEveryone wants to be pumped up already soared to 80 degrees and senior and if you’re LaTosha Rojas was drenched in sweat. happy, you In the previous hour she and automatically eleven other cheer squad members had get into what- stretched, practiced cheers and chants ever you’re and rehearsed multiple dance routines. doing which They closed out the last half of practice happens to be by stunting. cheering oth- It was an exhausting routine played ers on.” out every Monday, Wednesday, and – Briana Friday of the entire summer, one that Robles, 12 would put many athletes’ workouts to shame. Cooperation Still, it had little impact on the out- “In cheerleading, you get ordered come of a federal court judge’s ruling around to do cheers. It’s crucial to in July that said cheerleading is not a be cooperative for things to turn out sport. right. We also do stunts and for one The ruling came about when Quin- person to not be on the same page as nipiac University in Hartford, CT, tried the others is dangerous. Cheerleaders replacing volleyball with competitive need to be able to adapt to anything cheerleading to meet gender-equity and being cooperative helps.” requirements. – Briana Robles, 12 U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill ruled cheerleading does not qualify Being A Leader under Title IX as a sport. “Being a leader is a good trait Title IX specifies in order for an because we activity to be considered a sport it must need people have coaches, practices, competitions on our squad during a defined season, and a govern- to set good ing organization. The activity must examples and have a primary goal to compete, not to make good de- School Junior Nicole Towne rallies the student section at the Cheyenne East volleyball game won the Bearcats 3-1 earlier this only support other athletic teams ac- fall. Although many people believe Nebraska cheerleaders are grounded, stunting is allowed with a certified coach cisions so that Spirit and approval by the school’s administration. Photo by Gordon Rock cording to Associated Press reports. the squad runs Quinnipiac, and seven other schools, smoothly.” recently formed a governing body, – Megan the National Competitive Stunts and University this past summer. proved by the administration,” Surbur Gealy, 12 Tumbling Association, to govern and Besides academic requirements said. develop competitive cheer as a future cheerleaders must be able to perform a Some stunting students may see thisPositive Attitude “ sport. proper jump, be loud to bring boldness year will include an elevator which can “Being positive is a good traitbecause it hopefully passes the positive Reaction to the ruling received out of a crowd, and keep their poses be taken further to an extension. Oneattitude on the team that is playing andalso the crowd that is at the game.” Having Fun – Megan Gealy, 12 “Being fun is very important; we mixed reviews locally. “Some larger schools have com- petitive squads that travel all over and compete, but most schools in Nebraska have not reached that point yet,” cheer coach Deb Surbur said. I feel it should be ruled as a sport, being we have to do the same “ want people The squad recently started par- to have fun just as much ticipating in the state competition, but does not have a defined season. Mem- thing other athletes do. as we are all the time. No- bers are split on opinions regarding the court ruling. -LaTosha Rojas, 12 body wants “With this in mind, I do feel that the clean and sharp. group of cheerleaders can have the flyer a cheerleader court ruling was correct,” Surbur said. Experience in gymnastics isn’t re- do a forward summersault to dismount. who never brings out “I feel it should be ruled as a sport quired, but is recommended. Cheerleading may no longer techni- the fun in any- because we have to do the same thing “It is always fun to show the crowd cally be a sport, but it provides some- thing.” other athletes do,” senior cheer captain what skills we have,” Rojas said. thing special at sporting events. – Christina LaTosha Rojas said. Skills which they do have including Some students think without cheer- Tarin, 11 Cheerleading has requirements just some new and exciting skills the girls leaders there is something missing. as any other sport. To try out, girls must have been demonstrating by stunting, “We will always have cheering in Outgoing have a 2.0 GPA and all squad members which is basically anything from a the crowd but without the cheerlead- “Being outgoing is important must keep a 60% or above in all their simple lift to a toss with the cheerleader ers there would be a lack of tradition,” because we can’t be shy. We need classes to cheer at events. flipping through the air. Rojas said. to be involved in everything and be There are also opportunities for girls “Many think Nebraska is ‘ground- Though this court ruling over the exciting to get the crowd pumped at pep rallies and games.” to improve their skills at cheer camps bound,’ which means no stunting, but summer may affect cheerleading at the – Christina Tarin, 11 during the summer. The squad at- in all actuality the ruling is that you can collegial level, it won’t change much of 2 | NEWS tended a camp in Denver, CO at Regis stunt if your coach is certified and ap- what high schools do in Nebraska.
    • Reconfigured parking lots add spaces, BRIEFLYg s pe akin but did not follow adopted ‘Krzyzanowski’ planstory by National Merit ScholarsRYAN MEISTER | news writer TheKRzYzANowSKIplan •Seniors Madelin Parsley, Karin Senior Meghan Pritchard arrived at Shedd and Sara Frederick haveschool at 7:45 on the morning of Aug. been named National Merit23. She turned into the east parking lot,crawled over the speed bumps, andbegan the search for a good spot. a Called for 150lot compared to east parking stalls in the Scholar semifinalists, making this the most semifinalists the school But something was different. Every- has had since the 2008-2009thing was black. Shiny. New. the old 128 stalls school year. While the new surface was nice, Shedd became the thirdwhat Pritchard was actually hoping for member of her family to bewas more parking spaces. named a National Merit Scholar The additional spaces that were semifinalist.promised last spring after the school Her brother Dan, a 2008 SHSboard adopted then-junior Erik Krzyz- graduate, and sister Sandra, aanowski’s makeover plan to add extraspaces to the east lot. 2009 SHS graduate, also quali- “The reason I had decided to re- fied for the honor.design the parking lot was that there “I’m hyper-competitive whenwere so few spots for kids to park they it comes to my older siblingswould always have to walk quite a “The proposal went very well and Eric’s plan called for. This could be for (even though they’re not), so I they told him that when the time came a number of different reasons. It mightways to get to the school, so I thought was extremely excited when Mr. to repair the lot they would try to apply have been as simple as he forgot to fig-I could make it easier on those kids,” Porter told me I had been namedKrzyzanowski said. the plan the way it was,” Principal Rick ure in the six inch line for each space, Porter said. which after a little while to tend to add a semifinalist,” Shedd said. However, not everything worked The semifinalists will be in-the way it was supposed to. However, in the middle of the up,” Porter said. process, Krzyzanowski’s plan had to be Erik was excited because of the formed if they have qualified for “In my original plan, there weresupposed to be three rows with parking altered. plans adoption last year, but wound finalist standing later this year.on both sides and then two ends, one Then, at the beginning of the current up disappointed with the way the planby the building, and the other by the school year, many students complained was altered. Oktoberfestpractice field. When I presented this that there were fewer spaces in the “I think it was stupid that they redesigned east lot than there had been didn’t follow through with my original •On Oct. 2, the band will beplan to the board, last year, I just ex-plained the idea. They thought it was a in previous years. design because now it seems like there travel to Sidney to competegreat idea and decided they would try School officials refute this rumor as are fewer spaces in the parking lots.” in the Sidney Oktoberfestto enact the plan how it was,” Krzyz- simply untrue. Krzyzanowski said. parade and field competition.anowski said. “The rumors going around about Students are learning to cope with the number of parking spaces are not the parking lots as the school year pro- After the proposal, Krzyzanowski true, there are actually more spaces, gresses, but many still wish that there Homecoming!was anxious on how the presentationwent. they just weren’t able to get as many as were more spaces in the lots. •This year, Homecoming will be on Oct. 15 against the U.S. Cellular cup winners announced Sidney Red Raiders. The home- coming dance will follow onScottsbluff finishes third in Class B for second consecutive year Oct. 16. Foreign Exchange... Class Bstory bySCoUT wILSoN | news editor each class features schools earning Top 10 points from their respective athletic Principal? The Nebraska School Activities activities.Association (NSAA) announced the In the case of coed schools, the fine •Vice Principal Matt Huck is2009-2010 U.S. Cellular Cup winners arts activity points are divided in half in China first semester on anin June. Scottsbluff took third place inClass B for the second year in a row in and awarded to each school’s boys and girls U.S. Cellular Cup totals. All-School exchange program. Huck will be posting some ofthe combined all-school boys and girls The all-school division contest in- U.S. Cellular Cup finalists his stories on the school’s web-competition. cludes all activities in which each high The Bearcats were the top finishing school participates. site under the “China Exchange” 1. Omaha Skutt Catholic - 590public school in Class B, behind tra- Member NSAA schools earn five section.ditional athletic powers Omaha Skutt points for participating in an NSAA 2. Lincoln Pius X - 475Catholic and Lincoln Pius X. sponsored activity. 3. Scottsbluff - 397.5 One Acts The U.S. Cellular Cup features a Activities Director Lee Dick wasgirls’ division, boys’ division and a pleased with cup results. 4. Gretna - 390 •“The Insanity of Mary Girard”combined all-school division. “It’s an indication of the quality 5. Beatrice - 362.5 has been chosen as this year’s Schools within each division are of our activities sponsors. The credit 6. Omaha Gross Catholic - One Act competition play.divided into four classes (A,B,C and should go to the activities sponsors and 357.5 The story revolves aroundD) based upon enrollment used for the students for all their hard work,” Dickboys basketball classification. said. 7. McCook - 332.5 a sane woman forced by her The U.S. Cellular Cup winners are All schools that finish in the top 8. Seward - 330 husband into an insane asylum.determined by a point sysem based eight (plus ties) of a state championship The play was last performed nineon performance in state championship event will receive points. 9. Blair - 327.5 years ago.events within each division and class. Winnings schools receive their cups 10. Norris - 265 The boys and girls competition in this fall. NEWS | 3
    • Jessica Littlejohn & Teresa Scanlan One year; two queens; two different storiesstory by SomebodyASHLEIGH SMITH | feature writer has to do them Most little girls pretend to be prin- story bycesses or dream of wearing a crown. RACHEL CLEMENS | feature writerTeresa Scanlan and Jessica Littlejohn, Junior Chris Hartsuiker plods intoboth 2010 SHS graduates, experienceda bit of royalty during the summer by his house, clumps of dirt falling offparticipating in pageants. his boots. He is looking forward to a While they were given a glimpse of shower and some rest after 8 hours oftheir childhood dreams, they learned non-stop irrigating. IT’S A Junior Chris Hartsuiker spends his day laying irrigation pipes for the summer’s harvest. The strenuous DIRTY JOB hours took up most of his summer. Photo by Chris Millerthe ups and downs of being a pageant That’s right. Irrigating.queen. Hartsuiker works for local farmer “When we were in a drought it took “I have to clean up vomit, change Scanlan won the title of Miss Jerry Lovelace all summer, 40 hours a two times more water to irrigate com- briefs, dress people, make the beds,Nebraska on June 5 in North Platte. week. pared to this year,” he said. and any type of assistance the residentsAt 17 she became the youngest Miss A typical day for Hartsuiker con- There are many reasons why Hart- need besides giving medication,” sheNebraska ever. Along with a crown, Scanlan re- sisted of waking up at 5 a.m. till noon. suiker does his job. He grew up on a said.ceived a 2010 Pontiac G6, free servicing He then took a break until 6 p.m., where farm in Goodland, KS, where his family Being a CNA is not the easiest job inand cleaning for it, a free Blackberry he started back up and worked until 10 had the biggest farm around. the world.with a year of unlimited service from p.m. His family then moved to Scottsbluff “I took a resident named Mac to theViaero, a $10,000 scholarship, a $6,000 Hartsuiker lays pipe for the water to looking for a new start after the bank bathroom and while I was waiting forbudget for Miss America prep, com- run through, then he has to open up the took their farm away. him he had a seizure,” Wickard said. “plimentary hair care for a year, and gates for the water to set in the rows. Right after Hartsuiker moved to I held him until he was finished andseveral travel opportunities. “I like working outside and with my town he didn’t work for a few years. He afterward poop, pee, and vomit were Her favorite pageant perk, how- hands,” Hartsuiker said. “Plus the pay then was offered a job by Lovelace, and everywhere.”ever, is the opportunity provided. Sheplans to use her title to further promote is good.” he took it since he grew up around it. It only got messier for Wickard.her platform helping girls with eating Hartsuiker has to unclog the pipes, Occasionally Hartsuiker wishes he “One time a woman residentdisorders. which often have dead frogs and sticks. had a different job in welding or with wouldn’t get off the toilet for three Jessica Littlejohn, this year’s Miss The biggest catch was a dead raccoon. animals. hours and the bathroom was covered inScotts Bluff County, had quite a differ- “The pipes are really heavy. They Junior Chelsea Wickard also had diarrhea,” she said.ent experience. don’t go together very easily,” he said. a dirty job this summer as a Certified Although her job was very physi- Littlejohn’s pageant period started “It is extremely strenuous work.” Nursing Assistant at the Residency. cally and mentally stressful, Wickardoff positively. She made new friends, Hartsuiker also has to fertilize the Wickard faced the brunt of the entire sais she enjoyed getting to know thegot to know herself better, and was able crops. medical field. residents.to speak in front of people. “The fertilizer can stink really badly, top However, she also learned the dan-gers of being a pageant queen. some can be explosive, but it helps to During the bull riding event at the keep bugs and harmful diseases off thefair in early August, a bull escaped plants,” he said.while the pageant queens were being The worst was yet to come.introduced to the crowd. “When I reached my hand down dirtiest jobs The bull charged at Littlejohn, there was a rattlesnake about an inchthrowing her in the air like a ragdoll. from my hand,” Hartsuiker said. “ItShe landed on her left side with her freaked me out!”back to the audience, when the bullthen stepped on her arm. He enjoys many things about his Littlejohn received a concussion, but outside job. In order from “aww, sick!” to “ehh, not sono serious injuries. She only remembers “It is easy work if you know what bad”, here are the top ten dirty jobswaking up in a hospital, but nothing you are doing,” Hartsuiker said.about the accident. This year was a different irrigation 1. Roadkill Collector 6. Ape Urine Collector Through her pageant experience and season.her trauma, Littlejohn has kept an opti- It was very slow and Hartsuiker 2. Manure Inspector 7. De-construction Workermistic attitude and realized how much didn’t do a lot of irrigating in the spring 3. Portable Toilet Cleaner 8. Zoo Cleaner support from others 4. Crime-Scene Cleaner 9. Hot-Zone Superintendent4| and early summer because of all the pageants have given FEATURE her. rainfall. 5. Pest Control Worker 10. Dentist
    • Man on a MISSION Junior Jed Weis shares his faith on a summer trip to Ugandastory byMEGHAN PRITCHARD | feature editor own interests. But things changed when he went to “What should I do this summer?” a winter retreat with his youth group. This question is on everyone’s mind “I needed a reality check of whatonce school gets out and for junior Jed Jesus did for me,” Weis said. “I wasWeis, he needed an excuse to get out of determined to live my life differentlyScottsbluff. and give up the party life.” It was the summer before Weis’s And he did just that when he gotfreshman year. Ready for the new home, living for Jesus as best he could.experience of high school, he needed “I’m not perfect and I mess up often,something to keep him busy until the but I’m forgiven by the greatest sacrificefirst day of school. of the world,” Weis said. Fellowship of Christian Athletes It’s an everyday growth and strugglecamp to him was just going to be a fun for him.excuse to get away from Scottsbluff. “It’s not easy to live for Jesus but Little did he know it would change completely worth it because I get tohis whole life. spend eternity with Jesus someday in On the Thursday night of camp the heaven,” Weis said. “I read my Biblemain speaker talked about the world every day and pray as often as I can.”and how people lived for it. But God had something more in “People may call themselves Chris- store for him.tians, but unless you believe in Jesus At Mitchell Berean Church whereand live your life for him, it’s merely a Weis attends, youth pastor Barry Hol-title,” the speaker said. brook had arranged a mission trip to Those words ran Weis over like a Uganda for July 10-29.bulldozer as he realized the truth of the “When I first heard about it Istatement. thought it would be a cool experience NEW Junior Jed Weis embraces a Ugandan girl at a school where his evangilism team taught Bible stories. Weis said the kids loved Before this epiphany, Weis had FRIENDS touching his skin and his hair as they visited. Courtesy of Jessy and a fun thing to do,” Weis said. “But Richard.called himself a Christian, coming from I soon realized that the trip wasn’t justa Christian family; but when he looked about having a good time.”deep into his life he knew he lived for and heating and resembled a mediocre Weis told the woman that to be Twenty-three people signed up andthe parties and friends. American home except for one thing: saved she just had to tell God that she had to raise about $3,000 each to go. He wouldn’t make it through the the mosque next door. couldn’t live on her own anymore and “We raised our money through sup-pearly gates. In Africa the main religion is Muslim that she wanted to give her life to Jesus, port letters and a trap shoot fundrais- That night Weis was saved. and witch doctors are found in every believing that he died on the cross for er,” Weis said. “God provided enough He realized that Christianity wasn’t village. Being a Christian in that coun- her sins. money and supplies for the whole trip.”just believing Jesus was real, but an ac- try could mean being kicked out of the As Weis and the interpreter walked The team finally left July 10, 2010tual relationship with Jesus Christ and house by a spouse, losing everything about a shout came from behind them. with a 10 hour layover in London.living a life that reflects the Christian they have, or even death. A man from the drunken group, re- When they arrived in Uganda theyfaith. The team’s mission was to evange- alizing that he needed Jesus, stumbled stayed at the home of a missionary He was prepared to be different for lize to the people in the towns by going down the road to ask Weis how to be family.Jesus, but the pressure-packed world hut-to-hut and offering Bible school for saved. “To America the house would beof the underclassman high school years the kids and people. After getting over the initial shock typical and livable; to Africa it was adragged him down by making him act “I mostly helped with Bible school Weis told the man more about Jesus mansion,” Weis said.how he was before he found his faith: where we taught them Bible stories, and how to be saved, like he did to the The house had indoor plumbingpartying, cussing, and indulging in his sang songs, and played games,” Weis woman. said. “I thought it was cool that he chasedUGANDAtoday But a few times his evangelism took us down the road to hear more of what him down a dangerous path. we had to say,” Weis said. Weis walked with his interpreter The trip proved to be a success; Weis• Population: 31,657,000 down the dirt roads to different huts, and his missionary team brought 500• Languages: English, talking to anyone they could find. people to Christ. They wrote down “Be ready, because this group has each person’s name so that local pastors• Luganda and Swahili could stay in touch and plug them into been drinking,” the Ugandan interpret-• Life Expectancy: 53 er, Richard, said. churches close to their village. years Feeling totally unprepared, Weis “I will never forget the experience I• Literacy Rate: 76.8% spoke about Jesus through the inter- had in Uganda and hope to visit again (men), 57.7% (women) preter. someday,” Weis said.• Religion: Christian After getting no response from the Having the trip come to a close, men, a woman close by, who had lis- Weis was ready to go home and show (66%), Muslim (16%), |5 tened to everything Weis said, spoke up through his life actions Other (18%) saying that she wanted to be saved. that he is a Jesus freak. FEATURE
    • The 2010-2011 Echoes Staff Anne Talbot, PsyD Psychological & Neuropsychological Assessments encourages you to support those Mark Hald, PhD Forensic Psychology All Age Groups Nicole Vidlak, PhD308-632-8547 Individual, Marital, Family www.optionspsych.biz businesses who 2622 Ave C Scottsbluff 308-632-8547 T& advertise in CompanyBring this ad in & get Check out our The Echoes. 10% off DAILY SPECIALS Space is available by contacting The Located @ Echoes Ad Managers: Casey Sigrist & Miss Me Jeans 2925 North 10th St. Chandler Brill or contact Mr. Pitkin in Gering, NE Offer good room 130. Call 635-6248. through Oct. 1 635-3384Cat Calendar MulligansSeptember Events23rd- SB Var.@Ogallala vs. S.Valley & Gothenburg- 3pm At the Monument Shadows Golf Course23rd- FB 9th vs. Gering- 5pm24th Native American Day25th- VB JV & SHS JV INV- 10 am25th- GGO JV & VAR @ Alliance- 9 am Great food & atmosphere27th- FB 10th and JV vs. Chey Central- 5 pm Open to the public all year round 2550 Club House Drive Gering, NE 69341 308-635-6868October Events1st -GGO Var GNAC 2 Hatsings- 9 am1st -FB Var vs. Grand Island Northwest- 7pm1st- VB- Twin City Inite- TBA4th- Teacher in service NO SCHOOL All school-year long8th-Booster Club Pigskin Picnic Tailgate@Gering-5pm Every 10th9th- SAT testing11th- GGO State @ Grand Island11th- Columbus Day student gets a12th- SHS Vocal Recital- 7 pm14th- BTN State @ Lincoln- TBA free lunch Student Specials The Cat Calendar is brought Available to you by the 2201 Broadway Scottsbluff SCOTTSBLUFF BOOSTER CLUB 632-3644
    • A change for the better the ECHOES staff Students have lost perspective about the new dress code rules A lot about this school changed over make them feel uncomfortable,” princi- life, who find themselves pulled from editor-in-chief | KARIN SHEDDthe summer. pal Rick Porter said. class or unable to enter the building 1. Newly paved and freshly painted The purpose of the dress code is due to clothing violations. Male or fe- news editor | SCOUT WILSONparking lots. to put an end to the MTV-esque at- male, brown, white, or black, young or 2. Freshmen flooding the cafeteria tire so popular amongst both males old; none are immune to the rules. news writer | RYAN MEISTERevery day at 11:30 because all other and females, and The messagelunch options are closed to them. redirect the focus of is clear: the dress 3. Shorter passing periods during students. The point The views expressed code is here to feature editor | MEGHAN PRITCHARDwhich visibly sending a text no longer in this editorial were of school, after all, is stay. As well it feature writer | RACHEL CLEMENSspells trouble. to get an education, should, because feature writer | ASHLEIGH SMITH But one difference has infected the not to audition for supported 11-1 by school is not Newpsyches of students and, fueled by “The Real World” York during fash-dedicated administration crack-down, or seduce a mate The Echoes staff ion week; the halls center section editor | GABRIELLE CARLINgrown to apocalyptic proportions. (which, contrary to are not runways 4. The dress code. popular belief, can and members of center section writer | ETHAN HUGHES It floated around in the rumor mill still be done effectively with a dress staff aren’t admiring spectators. Wefor a while, and, upon its official an- code-appropriate wardrobe). are here to learn, and the social aspectsnouncement shortly before school start- “(With the dress code), there is a of school shouldn’t overshadow the entertainment editor | RUSSELL MORGANed, facebook exploded with statuses greater chance that someone will be education.and comments either singing its praises judged for their thoughts, actions, and At the very least, we students entertainment writer | VICTORIA BRAVOor denouncing its stricter guidelines. character rather than how they are should obey the dress code for fear of The opinions of students and staff, dressed,” Porter said. “When I interact what might happen if we don’t. Imag-however, are moot, because none can with someone, I want them to show ine a future where all fashion freedom sports editor | KELSEY EMPFIELDargue with the good intentions behind me who they are by how they think, is thrown out the window, a world sports writer | MADDIE HOLSCHERand the fair enactment of the dress how they speak, and how they conduct where every student walks the halls incode. themselves rather than what they have matching khaki pants and red or white sports writer | MICHAEL MILLER “Last year, clothing became more or where they come from.” polo shirts.and more revealing as the year went The administration’s adamance on The administration means business, adviser | TERRY PITKINon, and I’ve heard from both staff and this point is immediately apparent by so take it seriously. Cover up.students that certain types of clothing the many students, from all walks of The Echoes is a monthly pub- lication printed by the Business Share the groove Farmer. The Echoes is a member of the Nebraska High School Press Association and the International Order of the Quill and Scroll. The Echoes encourages read- A lack of school dances limits fun, funds for students, clubs ers to write letters to the editor A well-groomed teenage boy, his dance, Homecoming, Winter Royalty, might dissuade other forms of enter- in response to a story, but doesshirt neatly tucked and shoes as shiny and Prom. Eliminate prom for 90% of tainment, especially those of question- reserve the right to publish saidas a freshly-waxed car, pulls open the underclassmen, and that leaves about able legality. letter.door to the school. His date, a perfectly half of all students with just three ex- And if that weren’t enough rea- The Echoes also encouragesprimped and styled teen girl wear- cuses to dress up in their fancy swag. son to add a few more dances to theing the latest fashion in dresses, glides Why so few? Dances are a safe - this calendar, they can also be an excellent all readers to submit their ideasthrough the entrance on three-inch is ensured by form of fund- for story coverage, feedback onheels. They can feel the pounding beatand quick, high-pitched melody of Cas- the several adult staff members The views expressed raising for clubs who rely mainly stories, and any other input. The Echoescada’s “Every Time We Touch” even be- monitoring the in this editorial were on themselves to Scottsbluff High Schoolfore they see the hundreds of teenagers clump of danc- function. The Drillbobbing up and down in the center of ers at all times supported 12-0 by Team, which hosts 313 East 27th St.the cafeteria. The two teens toss $5 each - and fun - with a dance near the Scottsbluff, NE 69361at a teacher manning a table outside the fringe ben- The Echoes staff beginning of every Letters with obscene, slander-and charge into the circle, their bodies efit of burning school year, has a ous, libelous, or false informationblending into the mass, individual fea- a few hundred monopoly on thistures lost in the rush of movement. calories - way for teens to spend an cash cow because there is currently will not be fun. The letter must The short narrative above is a brief evening. only one miscellaneous dance allowed; also be signed to be run. Contentsketch of a classic tradition enjoyed by And, for those of us too young to why not give other groups the same may be edited due to grammati-many, if not all, high school students frequent night clubs or get married, chance? The Key Club, for instance, cal or content needs. A signedin America, a time when teenagers, the chances to show off our sweet dance tried last year to raise money for under-awkward in-betweens of humanity, no moves come few and far between, privileged families through a dance, but copy must be presented to thelonger kids but not quite adults, get to which makes the lack of school dances their attempts were shot down because Scottsbluff High School journal-gussy themselves up in their Sunday that much more frustrating. the dance quota had already been met. ism department, room 130. Also,best and dance the night away with Furthermore, it seems dances should By the reasons listed above, the please check out Echoes Face-a couple hundred of their similarly- be encouraged by adults who are look- strict limitation of dances is illogical at book.com group and MySpaceattired peers. ing to mold students into responsible best and unreasonable at worst. More Lamentably, the opportunity for young men and women, as they are dances would benefit many people page online!such carefree frivolity is severely lim- inherently drug and alcohol free. Hav- - underclassmen, Key Club-ers, and 7ited for SHS students - the Drill Team ing a dance to attend on a Friday night everyone in-between. OPINION |
    • At a glance... A look at the new rules and what they mean to students. Handbook Says: Student Translation: Don’t sneak the New & ‘Improved’ freshmen out for Freshmen will lunch. remain on campus Being dressed to impress Lunch throughout the school day. Student Translation: CRUNCH Modest is story by hottest y’all. GAbriEllE CArliN |center section editor Students struggle to adjust to the new dress code rules Handbook Says: It was 6:45 on a Monday morning changes were made. “I’d actually rather have a uniform good intentions. when junior Cheryl Salazar rolled out of “We as a staff found it a little hard to be instead of being told every day that I’m “One of my biggest issues is that I like Shirts and tops must have bed. She dragged her feet to the bathroom as consistent as we wanted to be with en- dressed inappropriately. I just think they for our students to make a good impres- and let the warm water of the shower necklines close to the collar forcing the dress code. We haven’t changed took it a little far this year,” Salazar said. bone. Shorts and skirts shall wake her up. Feeling more alert, Salazar threw on it that much, other than to define it a little However, enforcing uniforms isn’t at sion on the adults that walk through our building. I am really proud of the students The new closed campus lunch rule puts be of a length where they a pair of athletic shorts and a yellow bit more,” Porter said. the top of the administration’s list. in this school and I want their appearance students, teachers in a race against time “ Many students have been surprised by “I think we could switch to uniforms, to make a good impression,” Porter said. sweatshirt. Once she was finished with are close (3-4 in.) to the top her morning routine, Salazar was on her how much the teachers and administration Maybe their motives aren’t too bad story by ing between homeroom, we’ve seen a loss of the knee. way to school. are crack- after all. Plus, there are some exceptions ETHAN HuGHES | center section writer in revenue. In past years, the ten minute Salazar entered the school doors with ing down My first reaction was ‘Really? Are you kidding to the new rule. window between 1st period and homeroom on the new P.E. classes, sports practices, after It’s the same story. The 11:30 bell rings generated the most revenue. Some of our confidence, but was stopped in her tracks Student Translation: when Principal Rick Porter pulled her dress code. me?’ But by homeroom, I was at my house school activities, and dances will be for lunch and students file into the cafeteria staff members who worked snack bar have “I regulated, but not as extremely. only to be greeted by a sea of hungry faces, had to find more hours in the kitchen. But aside and told her to go home and change No further her shorts. definitely changing into some jeans.” “These environments require different faculty, upperclassmen and most com- they miss seeing the students and conversing wasn’t ex- rules. We aren’t going to send someone monly, freshman. with them as they come through the line.” explanation “My first reaction was ‘Really? Are you needed. kidding me?’ But by homeroom, I was pecting the -Cheryl Salazar, 11 home during these activities if they’re The school board recently passed a rule Sittner said. Handbook Says: at my house changing into some jeans,” teachers to be this strict. outside of the dress code limits, but still which forces freshman to stay on campus for lunch. With around 200 students in the With all the negative attention focused on Salazar said. decent,” Porter said. the new rule, many find themselves ponder- Cell phones, personal Students have been busted all over I don’t think the way our students dress is but right now that’s not my goal. How- It’s all about understanding and learn- freshman class, obvious problems arise. ing: ‘Why the change in the first place?’ that inappropriate. I mean some girls dress ever, if we can’t get the students to go ing the appropriate times to wear certain “The lines are the biggest issue. “I think it’s to keep kids safe. listening devices, and campus, making this story all too familiar. really trashy, but I don’t think my shorts along with the dress code we would have clothes. Students don’t want to stay in Decrease accidents at lunch and tar- In fact, Porter estimates that in the first other electronic media five days of school, about 50 students were too short,” Salazar said. to take things another step,” Porter said. So ladies, hang up your booty shorts, line so many of the older ones dies to class. I think some parents Some students are so fed up with the Students have been complaining left and fellas, buy a belt, because the new and leave, and some freshman devices may be used dur- have been asked to either not wear the new restrictions that they’re flirting with and right about the new dress code, but choose not to come to requested it as well.” Sittner said. same thing again or go home and change. “improved” dress code is here to stay. “I wish I had open campus, but ing lunch and passing Students are left wondering why the the “U” word. That’s right. Uniforms. the administration isn’t budging on their lunch all together.” I don’t know where I would go. I periods. Peggy Sittner, food usually bring my lunch from specialist said. home.” Madden said. Acceptable unacceptable “The lines are re- “A better option would ally long, it’s annoy- be a split lunch hour. One ing. On average I get group comes, and then an- like ten minutes to other in ten minutes.” Handbook Says: eat.” Freshman Ra- Sittner said. chel Madden said. Although it is Pride and care of young, the new SHS. Each student Madden is rule seems un- just one of many popular. should be respectful students who are To add and take pride in the directly affected insult to injury, the school’s fine facilities. Student Translation: by the passing of the recent rule, and she five minute passing has not only cut cafeteria doesn’t have it the worst. revenue, but has directly affected the DECA “I’ve always gotten through, but there Don’t trash the are a lot of people who choose not to eat, store during its once booming ten minute passing time. school...don’t because it’s such a hassle.” Madden said. There must be a positive reason be a jerk. Lunch is not the only time students are why the school board made the change, but no longer eating. until a positive benefit is seen, we’ll just have “With the switch to five minute pass- to wait in line and rush to class. Shirts must cover the collarbone, midriff, and shoulders No tanktops; shorts must be 4 inches away from the knee; no exposed underwear8 | CENTER SECTION CENTER SECTION | 9
    • MISGUIDED PASSION POLITICS: the art of stereotyping The road to finding a passion can be illusory personal commentary by KELSEY EMPFIELD personal commentary by KARIN SHEDD “And now I announce the new class It was great that we had won, Warning: this column contains least have it explained to them by oneB 2010 girls bowling state champions… because all of my teammates and I had uncensored discussions of potentially of television’s many political punditsScottsbluff!” worked hard for this moment through explosive political/social issues. and accept that as concrete fact. When most people are announced hours of practice. It was well earned. Reader discretion is advised. This kind of political enlightenmentas the winners of a major competition, My team was on top of the world I am about to state two facts about is also, it seems, omniscient, as if thosethey are normally jumping up and (or at least the Nebraska high school myself, each of which relate directly to who possess it have insider access todown with excitement. bowling totem pole), but my emotions It’s probably one of the happiest didn’t mesh with the victory. I felt re- two controversial social issues of today. the opinions of those around them. Mytimes of their lives. ally happy, but I assumed my feelings Then, based on that information, I in- encounters with these people usually However, it was not like that for me. would be taken up a notch. vite you to guess with which of the two follow the same pattern: Last winter, the Scottsbluff/Gering Possibly I did not have a fulfilling major political parties I affiliate. Politically savvy person: *inquiresbowling team was amazing. And by feeling because I’m not passionate Okay, here they are. about my social opinions*amazing I mean undefeated, which is about bowling. I started bowling my I support gay marriage. Me: *verbalizes same ideas statedsuper cool. freshman I habitually recycle because I am con- earlier in this column*And winning year and cerned about the health of the planet. Politically savvy person: “Oh, sostate was When most people are thought I Now, with those facts in mind, it’s you’re a liberal Democrat?”cool, too. This loved it. It’sis a com- announced as the winners a fun activity time for you to guess: am I a Republi- One little conversation like that,mon goal formost sports of a major competition, they and I enjoy doing it, but can or a Democrat? I’m going to take a shot in the dark and BAM! I know who I am in life: a tree-hugging, big-oil-hating, hemp-teams, and are normally jumping up and I can’t hon- and guess that many of you selected the sandal-wearing, left-wing hippie. Oh,most don’treach it. So, down with excitement. It’s estly say I’m legitimately Democratic Party. Well, that particular party is known for its support of gays and I also get personally offended when somebody comments not-so-it should’ve probably one of the in love with and concern over climate change. positively about President Obama. Themade mefeel over the happiest times of their lives. it. I am pas- Maybe some of you, sensing reverse responsible person always casts me an psychology in my guessing game, apologetic look and says somethingmoon. It was not like that for me. sionate about chose the Republican Party. Also sen- along the lines of “oh, sorry, I forgot Now, softball. Idon’t get me love to pitch. sible, because clearly there’s a lot left in you’re a Democrat.”wrong, I was very happy, but winning I love hearing the crack of the bat when this column, which means I had more I guess it’s nice to have this decidedstate wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I get a hit. to say beyond, “why yes, you’re right, I for me. Now I don’t have to think about Whenever you see people like Bruce If I had won state softball, I think I’d am indeed a Democrat.” it myself. I’ll just sit back, tune my TVJenner or the Yankees winning they are have felt different from winning state So here’s the truth: I don’t know. to a left-wing news station, and vigor-just so…beyond thrilled. It seems like, bowling. Yep. I have no idea. How could I? ously nod in agreement with every-if they would happen to die at that mo- I don’t dream about winning state As much as I like to sound educated thing Hillary Clinton says.ment, they would feel like their life is bowling, but I almost cry thinking and aware, the only thing I know about But, instead of resigning myselftotally fulfilled. about winning state softball. I did not experience that fulfilling I am fortunate to have discovered the economics of running a country is to that fate, I will instead peel awayfeeling. my passion at a young age. Now I that FICA took a considerable chunk of the thick layer of sarcasm coating this Perhaps it was because I did not realize that I am going to give my all change from my summer lifeguarding column. The point I’m trying to makebowl to my full potential. to softball. Hopefully I will know how paychecks. I’ve never even taken an ac- is this: I’m tired of being pigeon-holed I did okay, but okay is never good Michael Phelps felt winning the gold counting class, so how could I possibly into a political label based on nothingenough for me. Call me a perfectionist, medals at the Olympics. fathom the potential ramifications of more than the two social opinions Ibut even though we had won, I wanted My advice to whomever reads this any bill that passes through Congress? actually hold. Who knows? In ten years,a second chance. I should have picked column is to find a passion whatever Oddly enough, I seem to be one I could be the most fiscally conservativeup that spare. I should have taken a it may be. Some of my teammates’ of the few people I know who feels person to ever express an opinion indeep breath before I threw. Should passion is bowling. So bowl! If yourhave, should have, should have. passion is band or art, go for it. Shoot this way. Apparently, most American America, interning for Rush Limbaugh But maybe I did not get that success- for the stars and reach your dream. citizens are able to decipher and com- or organizing Tea Party rallies.ful feeling because I had false expecta- Find your passion and go all out. prehend the political jargon (Macroeco- But I think, before I make that transi-tions. What have you got to lose? nomics? Line-item veto?) tossed around tion or any other, I need to find out I thought that being the best would by our nation’s representatives, or at what on earth a “subsidiary” is anyway.feel…well…better.10 | OPINION
    • One of today’s most popular musicians steps away from his usual style to show... You don’t IRON INSPIRATION Robert Bly’s book was a significant inspira- tion to Johnson’s production of his new album. He refers to the theme of the story know througout the album. Jack Photo courtesy of Bing.com countless times this past summer. he keeps his usual mellow self, he has From his answers, it’s been gathered grown into a tougher man. that three people are responsible for the That growing process took a step change: his father , Jeff Johnson; author when Johnson had his third child, a Robert Bly; and Johnson’s new baby baby girl. His song for her is found on daughter. the new album; entitled, “My Little Last year Johnson’s father passed Girl”. Johnson writes in his new albumPUTTING IT ALL Jack Johnson in his L.A. studio recording his The second change comes with new album, To the Sea. It is Johnson’s fifth away. about his approach to fatherhood and TOGETHER studio album to date. Johnson’s voice. Jeff Johnson was a great inspiration leaving behind who he used to be. Photo courtesy of Bing.com He has always sung with his relaxed to Jack. He was a professional surfer, In an interview with Outside Maga- monotone and eventually worked the and he was always in the water. He zine, Johnson was quoted, “I’m in the story by vocal chords on the occasional chorus; RUSSELL MORGAN | entertainment editor however, in once fixed up an place where I’ve had a few kids and lost old boat and my own dad last summer,” he answers. Jack Johnson has always been the the new al- sailed from “It’s this transitional period, where definition of “chill” music. He’s as- bum, we hear California to part of me is reaching in one direction sociated with the surfing and “tree Jack sing- re- Hawaii where and trying to hold on to the people I’m hugger” lifestyle. ally sing. the Johnson losing, and part of me is reaching the All of the above are true. His voice family finally other way to hold on to these new kids Countless interviews of Johnson, or rings out and settled and coming into the world.” simply his lyrics, will tell you that he is it doesn’t Jack was born, It’s a very interesting phenomenon a very mellow person, an avid surfer, let up until the youngest to see artist’s mature through their and extremely involved in protecting the last track of three broth- music. Johnson’s new songs reflect the environment. ends. ers. the changes he’s gone through and he Die-hard fans can barely sit still To un- The cover makes many references to his family when the rumor spreads about a new derstand the of Jack’s new and the inspirations he’s come upon in Jack Johnson album; however, the crit- third change, album is a recent years. ics know to expect the same old song one has to picture of his Music is a powerful thing in that and dance: He’ll sing about love, the understand father build- how it relates to the life of its listeners. environment, take a few shots at the Jack. ing a wooden Musicians are real people, though we government, and sing about living the Through- wave while he often see them as supreme beings. Mu- simple life. out his career, AND HE On father, Jeffof his new buildingJohnson places a model of attended college the cover album, photo his Johnson, a wooden wave sicians experience the same everyday there has al- His first four studio albums follow WILL BE while attending college in California. Jeff was a great inspi- at UC Berkeley. struggles their audience does, and that ways been one ration to Jack and passed away soon before Jack started this exact trend. thing Johnson A WILD working on the album. Robert Bly is their inspiration. So when Johnson announced his MAN Photo courtesy of Bing.com wrote the book Johnson’s new album covers his new album this past spring there was would never titled, “Iron growth into both fatherhood and adult- the usual excitement, and the same sing about: the John: A Book hood: the stages of life some listeners expectations. ocean. about Men”. are yet to reach, are approaching, or The new album arrived June 1st, It seems strange, seeing as it is the Johnson’s keyboardist, Zach Gill, have established their tenure. and it was nothing short of a complete basis of his lifestyle, but it is for that gave the book to Johnson as a gift be- It’s something all people will be a shock to fans and critics alike. exact reason he won’t sing about it. It fore his father passed. part of and face in their life; as a result, The first noticeable difference came is such a close force to him that he has The book tells the story of a young they can relate to Johnson’s works. from his new look: he strayed from his always kept it in. prince who is taken to the wilderness Everyone will be the prince taken to usual buzz cut and grew a head full “To the Sea” is the title of his new by a wild man to be guided through the wilderness someday. of hair along with a beard. As Outside album, and Jack is talking about the many trials that help the prince in his Magazine put it, “He’s turned into a ocean. quest of becoming a real man. So why the change? 11 wild man.” Johnson is the prince, and though ENTERTAINMENT | Johnson’s been asked the question
    • P LAY SOME MEMOUNTAIN MUSICstory by Baker, who also went to Mile High Music Festival for the first time this year, was able to see Jack John-VICTORIA BRAVO | entertainment writer son’s show. Johnson was her favorite performance on the first “Take these chances; place them in a box until a day, but Dave Matthews Band, who she first saw inquieter time, lights down, you up and die,” blares 2007, was her favorite overall.Dave Matthews Band’s “Ants Marching” at the 2010 Matthews closed the festival on Sunday night.Mile High Music Festival in Denver on Aug 15. “The entire festival was really tiring, like, stand- Senior Susan Lawrence’s* heart soared when lead ing around and camping out to see ‘Dave’ but it wassinger Dave Matthews belted out the first line of the totally worth it, because it was such a happy envi-chorus. ronment. So many difference people were there from It was Lawrence’s first time attending Mile High little kids to older people, and they were all there toFestival. enjoy the great music,” Baker said. She was able to go with her mother and two of Baker purchased what were called ‘Early Birdher close friends. She was sick the first day of the Tickets’ in April, which cost about $150.festival and was unable to attend Jack Johnson’s Lawrence however was not as lucky; she paidperformance, but she still enjoyed her time there $175, but said it was worth it, and that she wants toimmensely. go back in the future. “I was sad because I didn’t get to see my favorite Both Baker and Lawrence braved the three and aartist in the world, Jack Johnson, but it was okay,” half hour drive to attend the festival that was held atLawrence said. Dick’s Sporting Goods Field in Commerce City, just outside of Denver, CO. Unfortunately, Lawrence contract- ed food poisoning on the first night of the weekend getaway. Despite her sickly state, Lawrence concluded she enjoyed the overall ordeal. One part of the experience Lawrence particularly enjoyed was getting to meet one of the people that performed, Joe Purdy. THE LINE The flyer for the festival included the line up of artists and what days the performances were. The spectrum of shows ranged “I got to shake his hand and I told UP from small indie bands up to headline artists (above). Dave Matthews closed the entire festival on Sunday, August 15th. Mat- thews will be taking the year of 2011 off, and the Mile High Fest. him, ‘you are so awesome!’” Law- was one of his final shows of the year (below). rence said. Photo courtesy of Bing.com Both Lawrence and Baker agreed that attending the festival was the ten ft. away,” Lawrence said. greater deal, rather than going to one “Music festivals are way better; I mean they’re single concert. more tiring and everything but, it’s a better value,” A normal ticket for a Dave Mat- Baker said. thews Band concert ranges from The festival was a better value for both Baker and $77 - $211, but at Mile High, $150 - Lawrence musically, not to mention, a better value to $175 buys more their wallets. SATURDAY Jack Johnson closes the festival Saturday night, August 14th. Mile shows and better High was in the middle of Johnson’s tour promoting his new al- NIGHT bum. Johnson invited many guests up to play with him, including seats. Donavon Frankenreiter and Paula Fuga. SPECIAL Photo courtesy of Bing.com “You can actually bring your own seats, like lawn chairs, but most stand or sit Lawrence was literally speechless when asked on blankets. We were frontwhat her favorite part of Mile High was; there were row for Keller Williams, prettytoo many to choose from. close for ALO, probably ten “My favorite part was getting to listen to the live rows back for Jack Johnsonmusic, dancing to it, and being able to get away one and about 20 rows back forlast time before school started,” Lawrence said. Dave Matthews Band,” Baker Senior Margaret Baker said her favorite part of said.the festival over all was spending time with her “Everyone was standingsister. shoulder to shoulder, but we “It was really fun to get to have that whole week- were probably 20 feet awayend with my sister, and enjoying great music at the from Dave Matthews, and wesame time,” Baker said. got front row for Joe Purdy. When we went to see Trevor12 | ENTERTAINMENT Hall, we were probably only
    • Air Conditioning Repair Tune upsBrakes Engine Diagnostic Service Cooling Sytems CV Axles Custom Exhaust ServiceComing Soon! Your opportunity to purchase a copy of the award-winning Scottsbluff High School yearbook. On sale in October! NE Licensed Technician & Instructor Located @ 102 E. 23rd Call for an appointment @ 220-0077
    • Off to a great start......but looking along very well,” Brown said. for more “Most of us have played together for years, so we have excellent team chemistry,” Salazar said.story by The team’s ultimate goal is to makeMICHAEL MILLER | sports writer school history with a first ever state ap- pearance, which is more in reach than Junior Cheryl Salazar stood quietly ever before.in front of Scottsbluff High School. She “There are so many strengths of thisbreathed in and slowly pulled open the team. They always support each otherglass door. in practice and in games and they work Her white Nikes squeaked on the together as a team. They also have greatnewly waxed floor as she greeted team unity. It’s just a matter of puttingher old friends. A new vigor surged all of the factors together in one game,”through her veins and a smile shown Vogel said.across her face. The team is well-rounded on and off Everyone’s first day of school is of the field. The senior GPA average isnerve-racking, but for Salazar, it was 3.89, which is yet another school record.even more so. This was her first day “I’m really proud of how hard allback to Scottsbluff after transferring of the seniors have worked over thefrom Scottsbluff to Mitchell last semes- last seven years and how they’ve keptter. together as a team. They all have great Throughout the day she went from character and they are all great kids,”class to class with only one thing on Vogel said.her mind: softball practice. “We have many good hitters. We “I loved Mitchell, but I loved soft- have two great pitchers, Kelsey Emp-ball more. I transferred back to Scotts- field and Maci Stouffer, in addition tobluff so that I could play,” Salazar said. two great catchers, Megan Brown and In a normal transfer case, this Maddie Holscher,” Vogel said.would have meant she couldn’t play The close games make the team keepany sports for the first full semester of level-headed.school. However, she was able to avoid “The team plays best when theythis and be eligible immediately upon SHE’S Junior Cheryl Salazar makes a throw from shortstop at a recent game. After have to come back from a deficit or spending last semester at Mitchell High School, Salazar is back for her thirdher return due to the fact her parents BACK season with the ‘Cats. Courtesy Photo from adversity. It’s when our backs arelive in the school district and she did against the wall when we play the bestnot participate in any Mitchell sports. because then everyone is focusing,” Salazar definitely picked a good Vogel said.year to play. She is one of the twelve of depth on the roster as well, along “The team is more experienced this With state in sight, the team pushesreturning letter winners and the team with a good amount of experience. year and we only lost one senior,” Sindt through the most rigorous part of theiris off to the best start in school history “We have nine seniors, which is a said. season with the GNAC and districtwith a record of 19-5. school record,” head coach Kendall There are many factors to the team’s tournaments still ahead. “This season has been great and the Vogel said. success, but the underlying theme is “We’re all trying to work for state.team received me very well when I Five of those letter winners are now team unity. We’re striving to get there. We havecame back from Mitchell,” Salazar said. team captains: Kira Bowhay, Megan “The team is sticking together and a good team so we all work hard and A lot of their success is due to Brown, Kelsey Empfield, Marcie Sindt, encouraging each other, and just getting hopefully peak at districts,” Vogel said.the stingy defense they have shown along with junior Maddie Holscher.throughout the season including acomplete shutout in the Lexingtontournament, where they faced four Stouffer adds depth to talented softball teamteams and left all of them with a zero When Maci Stouffer walked in Scottsbluff High on Aug. 23 she may have been aon the scoreboard. junior, but it was her first day attending public school - ever. That was not the only shutout they After being home-schooled her entire life, Stouffer chose to come to Scottsbluffposted, however, as they have also to play softball.throttled Alliance 12-0, and the season The high school nearest her home, Gordon-Rushville, didn’t offer the sport.isn’t over yet. Although Chadron was closer, Scottsbluff’s softball program appeared stronger Defense isn’t the only thing that has and there’s only a 45-minute difference in drive time.led the Cats to success thus far. They This semester Stouffer is taking two classes each morning which fulfills thehave also showed a lot of character school’s twenty-hour miniumum requirement. The other classes her motherthroughout the season. teaches when she arrives home. This was best displayed at the As the team’s starting pitcher this fall, Stouffer and her teammates are enjoyingsecond Scottsbluff-Gering game, where a lot of success.they came back from a 6-2 deficit to “My favorite experience of the year was the Gering double-header. The atmo-defeat the Bulldogs. sphere was great; I’ve never seen that many people at a softball game,” Stouffer With so many letter winners, the said.team dis- plays a good deal Stouffer said she is eager to help the team reach state for the first time in the A FORCE IN Junior Maci Stouffer prepares to throw14 | SPORTS a pitch against Sterling. school’s history. She also splans to return next year to help out the team after it THE CIRCLE Courtesy Photo gradutes nine seniors.
    • A D-Day re-enactment paintball style Junior Chris Lang participates in the world’s largest paintball extravaganza in Junestory by “Ours!” everyone repeated like aKELSEY EMPFIELD | sports editor well-oiled machine. Just as the shouts ended, people Junior Chris Lang stood in the make- started flooding out of the boat andshift U-boat, fiddling with his gun. onto the rugged terrain. He tried to not He glanced to his right; two other push the other soldiers as everyoneboats were moving along next to him. started running around the bend seek-To his right was a third, just like his. ing shelter from the Germans. The chatter around him got quieter ‘Find the nearest cover. Find theand quieter and anticipation built as the nearest cover.’ The voices in his headfleet of boats approached Utah Beach. repeated as his heart beat out of his Lang’s fellow soldiers stood next chest.to him, most of them of the Bravo and He tucked his gun under his armCharlie companies. Silence suffocated as he dove for the closest bush, buteveryone present. SPLAT! A twinge of pain raced through He stared at the 4th ID commander his ribs on his right side as bright yel-as he moved in front of the crowd to low paint exploded onto his shirt. Hespeak, “See those Germans? Go kick the had been hit.crap out of them! Whose beach is this Did Lang spend his summer in Iraq?going to be?” No. A Pose With Junior Chris Lang stands next to a poster at a recent D-Day reenactment in Wyandotte, OK. Lang was on the Allied Fourth Infantry division. The conference lasted a week and Lang took part in the festival with two Paintball (equipment) 101 The Best close friends. Courtesy Photo This summer, Lang participated in were lucky,” Lang said. It all ADD$ up a D-day reenactment. It was paintball extravaganza in Wyandotte, OK, home Lang heard about the conference through friends and registered last of the world’s largest paintball event. March over the phone. Lang requested This year was the event’s 13th an- to be a part of the Ally team and was Helmet $100 niversary and took place on a 60 acre placed on the allied 4th infantry divi- Camo Shirt $15 field. People from all over the world sion. came to take part in the incredulous The conference started June 6, 2010 Camo Pants $35 event such places included: New Zea- with registration and check-in. Gloves $15 land, England, and America. During the week, there were mini- The event attracts both war and scenarios: Battle of Stalingrad, Bridges Paintball vest $60 paintball buffs, but Lang went for the and Bangalors, V2 Rocket Mission, Air- Underarmour Cleats $80 paintball. field Assault, and Civil War Style Battle. Tippmann A5 “Paintballing is just a hobby that These events all led up to the grand I really enjoy. I like more recreational finale, D-day. The battle of D-day Paintball gun $200 activities,” Lang said. started at 9 a.m. and lasted until 5 p.m. Among the paintball enthusiasts Eight hours of non-stop vigorous battle. were World War Two veterans. TOTAL $505 “Once you start the game, you get “When I was participating in the immersed. All you want to do is take D-day reenactment, I felt like what the out the Germans,” Lang said. veterans would have felt in the actual The game also has a competitive D-day battle,” Lang said. edge. There is a point system for each Lang drove 1,000 miles one way to battle. Whichever team holds the Wyandotte with two friends and one of designated area gets points. The longer his friend’s dad to take part in D-day. a team holds an area, the more points The event recreated D-day, Allies vs. they receive. Germans and everything was histori- In the games this year, Lang’s Allies cally accurate. lost to the Germans. When they approached Utah beach, But beside the paintball games, the which was not a literal beach, but rather event has many other activities includ- a field, the gamers rode on U-“boats” ing 36 vendors on the property. which were flat beds with plywood for “Without a doubt, I am going again the sides. next year,” Lang said. “If you made it off of the boat and 15 didn’t get hit in the initial wave, you SPORTS |
    • NO PLACE NO PLACEhome toto call home call story by SCOUT WILSON | news editor Not What It’s A lone ball rests in a crack at the condemned high school courts. The team now holds practice at the Scottsbluff Cracked Up Country Club. Photo by Terrence Lake To Be Condemned courts force boys tennis team to relocatestory by Although there were no serious “Plus we have a small team this year post tensioned concrete which is aMADDIE HOLSCHER | sports writer incidents with players getting injured, with only 12 guys out so it’s a lot easier special surface that helps prevent split- the condition of the courts made play- to give individual attention to every ting by placing cables in both directions At 3:20, senior John Haslam gath- ing more difficult when the ball would player and focus in on what they need and tightening them once the concreteers his books and leaves his Anatomy land on one causing a re-serve on the to work on.” is poured.and Physiology class behind a pack of play and a laughing matter against the For the Scottsbluff Invitational, Using this material is essentialstudents. school. matches were held at the country club, considering that the soil underneath the Instead of heading to the locker “It gets kind of embarrassing when Gering High School and Oregon Trail current courts is soft clay and gravel,room, Haslam goes to his car, heads other teams come and have to play on Park in Gering. The Cats finished in 7th setting up any other surface for majorto Sonic for a Route 44, and drives 1.9 our courts when they have brand new place with a 5-17 record. splits.miles to the Scotts Bluff Country Club ones,” Haslam said. The plans for new courts to be built “The post tensioned concrete doesn’tfor practice. Teams won’t be playing on the are pending. Designs are being made prevent cracks but it prevents those The boys tennis team can no longer courts any longer, but challenges still by Baker and Associates in Scottsbluff cracks from splitting open,” Jack Bakerpractice on the closed courts at the high arise with the transition to the country and bids will be placed in December by from Baker and Associates said. “Thisschool. They have to hold practice at club. several different contractors. means that there may be hairline cracksthe country club. “It gets inconvenient to drive out “Once the bids are in, the school at the most.” Superintendent, Rick Myles, closed there every day and it is different going board will vote on whether it approves This will provide for a much nicerthe thirty-year old courts in late July from having six courts to four, but the of the cost. If it goes through we are playing surface and a longer life expec-due to large cracks which had become courts are definitely better and we get aiming to have them complete by next tancy.a liability. shade too,”Haslam said. fall,” Dick said. “I’m really pushing for this to go “Since this spring, the courts have “From a coaching standpoint, the The process would include tearing through. I really think having goodgotten much worse,” Activities Direc- country club has a great setup to see out the current courts and then build- facilities would expand the program,”tor Lee Dick said. “The heat seemed to everyone and really try to help each ing new ones on the current location. Lewis said.make the cracks expand even more.” athlete,” head coach Nate Lewis said. The new courts will be made from Goodwin enjoying banner season The places they call home The tennis team has been Senior Nate Goodwin isn’t wast- forced to use a plethera ofing any time this season. Coming off courts across the twin citiesa state-qualifying run last year and a for practice, duals and itswinning record to start off this season, invitational this season.expectations are high. The team regularly “I’m pretty happy with how things practices at the Scotts Bluffare going so far,” Goodwin said. “The Country Club (above right)guys on the team are a lot of fun to be which is also where thearound.” teams holds it duals. His season has been highlighted by In order to host the an-a third place finish at the No. 1 singles nual Scottsbluff Invitationalposition in the Scottsbluff invite and a meet on Sept. 4, competing5-2 record at the North Platte Invite. teams played at Oregon Although he is satisfied with the Trail Park (immediate right)way things are going right now, he and at the Gering Highwants to continue to strive toward his A BANNER Senior Nate Goodwin is shown in action at the Sterling dual where he won his match at School courts (below right).goals. YEAR No. 1 singles. Photo by Terry Pitkin Head coach Nate Lewis “I just want to keep working hard and assistant coach Davein practice and do my best. My goals Goodwin said. Griess spent the day driv-for this season are to win districts and With the way things are going, it will ing to each location to keep make it to the sec- be no surprise to see him reach these tabs on the team.16 | SPORTS ond day at state,” goals. Photos by Terrence Lake