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"Carbon Management Programme" - Mat Jane, University of Winchester
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"Carbon Management Programme" - Mat Jane, University of Winchester


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. University of Winchester
    Carbon Management Programme
  • 2. Drivers
    Doing the right thing
    Environmental strategy
    Student recruitment
    Reduced utility costs
    Reduce likelihood of CRC capture
    HEFCE targets on CO2 – performance now linked to capital funding
  • 3. Carbon footprint baseline 2006/7
  • 4. Footprint and target
    Footprint of 4206 tonnes
    Included – Electricity, gas, water and oil, business travel, fleet vehicles & waste
    Absolute reduction in emissions of 30% by 2015
    Reduction to 2945 tonnes
  • 5. Progress to date
    Carbon emissions have dropped by 7.26% by gross internal area (m2) since the baseline year
    Carbon emissions by staff and student FTE (full time equivalent) have dropped by 9.76% since the baseline year
  • 6. Annual utilities spend of c. £1m
    All Half Hourly electricity now on CCL exempt tariff
    King Alfred’s Campus – Reduction of electricity consumption by 2.99% compared to the previous year
    West Downs Campus –Reduction of electricity consumption by 6.85% compared to the previous year
  • 7. PC power management
  • 8. Remote start up????
  • 9. Waste and Recycling
    Mixed (co-mingled) recycling introduced and Pay-By-Weight
    Recycling rate now 55.5 %, up from 14% in January 2009
    Diverted 182 tonnes of waste from landfill saving 80.4 tonnes of co2
    Cost saving of C. £20k (20%)
  • 10. LED Replacement for Halogen
    • Replacing 350 x 50w halogen spotlights, with 3w LED
    • 11. Expected life of lamps 10 years
    • 12. Cost £15,000
    • 13. Energy saving £5,350 pa
    • 14. Payback 2.8 years
    • 15. CO2 saving 42 tonnes pa
    • 16. Additional saving from reduced cooling requirement
  • Replacement of inefficient floodlighting
    Replacing 100 external floodlights, ranging from 70w up to 400w, with 12w LED floodlights
    Expected life of lamps 10 years
    Cost £24,000
    Energy saving £6,500 pa
    Payback 3.7 years
    CO2 saving 46 tonnes pa
  • 17. Induction lighting
    Installation of induction lamps in the Sports Hall, replacing 75w sodium lamps with 40w induction lamps
    Induction lamps are switchable
    Expected life of lamps 100,000 (15 years)
    Cost £8,000
    Energy saving £2,300 pa
    Payback 3.5 years
    CO2 saving 15 tonnes pa
  • 18. Thermal upgrades of boiler plant
    Installation of valve and flange jackets and pipe lagging
    Cost £27,000
    Energy saving £10,800 pa
    Payback 2.5 years
    CO2 saving 103 tonnes pa
  • 19. Voltage Optimisation
    Installation of voltage optimisation equipment, reducing voltage in the West downs Student Village from 237v by around 7 %
    Cost £38,000
    Energy saving £8,500 pa
    Payback 4.5 years
    CO2 saving 40.5 tonnes pa
  • 20. Voltage Optimisation results
  • 21. Voltage Optimisation results
  • 22. Future projects
    • Sub-metering of all buildings linked back to monitoring and targeting software
    • 23. Feasibility study being completed for CHP and district heating network
    • 24. Investigating biomass to replace oil fired boilers
    • 25. Replacement of street lighting with LED/solar
    • 26. Further VO projects
    • 27. Replacing T8/12 tubes with T5 retrofit