Fear Erodes Profits by Marcia Daszko


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Marcia Daszko is a Catalyst for Transformative Change. For almost 20 years, she has passionately been guiding strategic innovation and transformation from Fortune 500 corporations like Apple, Blue Shield, Boeing, Dow Chemical, HP, and Pepsi to private companies, school districts, government agencies and non-profits. Marcia facilitates new thinking that ignites new beliefs and actions with leaders at any level.

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Fear Erodes Profits by Marcia Daszko

  1. 1. FEAR ERODES PROFITS: HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR WORKPLACE FOR SUCCESS SBODN March 7, 2011 www.mdaszko.com 408-247-7757 md@mdaszko.com
  2. 2. FEAR! So What?Why are we here today?
  3. 3. The Power of Purpose: to learn how fear links to erosion of profit, etc.Provoke Your CurrentThinking;Raise a New Level ofConsciousness;Invite a new awareness andcommitment at the end of thishour: what will you do differenttomorrow?
  4. 4. Definition of Fear• “An unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger; anxious concern.”
  5. 5. What We Will Discover Together; Be Aware:• 100’s of kinds of Fear• Fears’ Impact on People & Organizations;• The Link Between Fear and Profits, the Bottom Line, Results, and Survival;• Fear Erodes Profits—and much more;• Our Job is to Identify & Reduce Fear, & Build Trust
  6. 6. Fear is not a rational topic• People’s fears are real.• Your fears are different than mine—there’s variation in everything!!What are yours?
  7. 7. Can fear motivate? Is fear an effective motivator?• Self-imposed• Threat of danger Intrinsic• Short-term (from within)• Intrinsic vs. extrinsicmotivation Extrinsic (from outside)
  8. 8. What kinds of fears do you feel?• Losing a job• Change• The unknown• Speaking up• Saying “no” or “I don’t know”• and hundreds of others
  9. 9. What happens to people?
  10. 10. How Does Fear Impact An Organization?
  11. 11. Examples Fear?Aim? Reaction?
  12. 12. The Leadership System that creates fearis the same system that creates the crisis and disasters in our world.
  13. 13. COST OF FEAR Millions? Billions? Trillions of $$$?
  14. 14. Management Fads & “Best Practices” that Create Fear and Destroy Profits & People• Holding Individuals • Ranking & Rating Accountable for the Outcomes of the System • Unclear Purpose & Direction• Quotas, Targets • Lack of Understanding• Incentives about the strategies and• Arbitrary Numerical Goals resources• Performance Appraisals • Busy work that creates• Pay for Performance complexity and waste• “Motivating” Employees • Power Point Paralysis
  15. 15. Management Fadsand most “Best Practices”create fear, internal competition, finger-pointing and blaming, toxic workenvironments . . .
  16. 16. “The most important measures areunknown and unknowable.” Dr. W. Edwards Deming“If you can’t measure it,you can’t manage it.”
  17. 17. Where is Fear?• Fear also exists and thrives in the silence of organizations.
  18. 18. Transform Your Organization:leaders work to identify & reduce fear and build trust
  19. 19. Trust Creates Profits and more
  20. 20. Success? By what Measure?
  21. 21. Take-Away’s• Build a new awareness of Fear and its Impact;• Identify more kinds of fear;• Work to reduce fear & create a plan to build trust;• Personally identify your fears, create healthy boundaries;• Measure the cost of fear: quantitatively and qualitatively where you can. Can you afford it? Does it matter? Get rid of it!• See the link of fear-causing systems and behaviors that impact the bottom line, profits, and your health.
  22. 22. References• Drive by Daniel H. Pink• Abolishing Performance Appraisals by Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins• Intrinsic Motivation at Work by Kenneth Thomas• Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer• Flash Foresight by Daniel Burrus• Free, Perfect, and Now by Robert Rodin• The New Economics by W. Edwards Deming
  23. 23. THANK YOUmd@mdaszko.com 408-247-7757www.mdaszko.com