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Welcome to My Digital Community

Welcome to My Digital Community



An introduction and overview of My Digital Community developed by the Small Business Owners Alliance, LLC. Describes how MDC operates and utilizes the best strategies and design to optimize web ...

An introduction and overview of My Digital Community developed by the Small Business Owners Alliance, LLC. Describes how MDC operates and utilizes the best strategies and design to optimize web presence and maximize market exposure in local communities to improve marketing effectiveness. Further describes the integration of the Freedom360 business model with its systems and tools to support businesses and organizations through improved communication, collaboration, and efficient operations.



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  • The Small Business Owners Alliance welcomes you to My Digital Community and Freedom360.  Our mission is to help business owners and their community achieve extraordinary results by making it more convenient, more efficient, and more rewarding to communicate, collaborate and conduct business with each other. Small Business Owners are the backbone of every community and the community is the backbone of our country. Our country’s financial position has put tremendous pressure on our local governments and businesses at all levels.  Services are being cut, education funding is being reduced, businesses are failing and unemployment is at an all time high. The Small Business Owners Alliance was formed to address these challenges and provide support for the businesses and the community where we Live, Work, Play, and Shop.
  • The Small Business Owners Alliance built My Digital Community to provide a comprehensive marketing strategy. The overall design, the linking strategy, and the sharing capabilities all lead to increased marketing exposure for everyone in the community. Our analytical reports enable you to track your marketing results.
  • Available from any computer or mobile device with internet access, our web based system was designed with the tools to help businesses and organizations communicate, work more effectively and more efficiently.
  • My Digital Community is about Marketing… marketing is about communication and My Digital Community is the best online communication package available. We create a community network by linking businesses, churches, schools, and organizations together in a controlled web based environment to make it easy for anyone who Lives, Works, Plays, or Shops in the community to reach out to each other..
  • Freedom360 is about Operations… Included in our Platinum membership, Freedom360 is a turn key business system for business and organizations. The Freedom360 Toolbox is full of systems and tools that save time, improve communications, promotes collaboration, and is fully synchronized…online web conferencing, a private, corporate chat room, shared documents, blogs, surveys and much more.
  • Each digital community has a public Home page. The content is provided by members focusing on the impact local businesses have in our Community and how their involvement improves the quality of life for everyone. This is the place for our local businesses and organizations to be recognized.
  • The home page includes the latest communication tools…Share your thoughts and ideas with our blog tool, promote Events with an ad page, online registration and payment option… learn from your customers with the survey tool, and communicate in real time in private chat groups.
  • Visually Share your story with our easy to change picture or video portal
  • Capture your prospects contact information with our join us or follow us buttons
  • Use the News feeds to keep your followers engaged, share testimonials from others or use our Spotlight News to promote your company or another company that you network with.
  • We provide a Fav links area to make it easy for users and visitors to find the community’s other leading online sites.
  • Use our sponsorship ad space to promote other business affiliates and network members. Click on their logo and link through to their community site.
  • Link to our Community Directory from any community site to find any business, organization, Church, school, or association.
  • The center piece of each community is our online community directory, much like yellow pages, except with FREE REGISTRATION. The directory provides all contact information, email link, website link, and directions through Google maps. Companies can register in one or more categories to make it easy for people to find you. Update your contact information easily to make sure it’s always current.
  • Search our listings by community, by category, by name, or mark as a favorite for an easy return to the groups you follow. Registered users can upload events, use the classified section, promote special deals, and allow others to comment.
  • Every business or organization needs as much exposure as possible , so we’ve made it easy for a business or organization to register with the Community Directory and to keep their contact information current and accurate.
  • Our Community Directory is fully synchronized through your mobile device with our My Digital Community iPhone and Android Apps. Our mobile app provides easy access to contact information, click through to a community site, find those closest to you using Google mapping, and it’s all linked to social networking sites.
  • Each Member has a Home page very much like the community home page. Every site has the same dynamic web based tools and each site is designed to offer a consistant navigation alignment leading to greater usability.
  • While it’s important to offer consistent navigation though out the site, it is also important to keep your site fresh, current, and relevant. Click on Use My Tools and use our Drag and Drop web creator tool to modify your site’s look or to add other applications and components…
  • Registered Platinum members can click on the SBOA Toolbox link to sign into the private management portal through our Single Log In system.
  • The OneLogin application is perhaps one of the nicest features of the Freedom360 Toolbox. A secure, cloud based system that allows “one click” access to all of your programs that require a user id and password. … no more trying to remember the myriad of User IDs and Passwords… or even more frustrating … missing one character and having to start the process all over!!
  • One user ID and password allows easy access to the Freedom360 Toolbox. You control the password and our system encrypts everything else. If you feel your security has been compromised, simply change one password everything is secure again.
  • The Freedom360 toolbox utilizes current and future cloud applications containing the best business and productivity applications available…google apps, evernote, online meetings, and video conferencing to mention a few. Each application is cloud based and fully synchronized between your corporate account and your teams individual applications.
  • Each Registered user can add their personal applications allowing the same easy access to personal programs. For a quick snapshot of the current situation, click through to your private management dashboard..
  • Each member has a private, secure management site, a one page dashboard designed to improve communication and collaboration and to make your operation more efficient. Use Communication Tools like Skype and WebEx Collaboration tools like Google Apps, Toodledo, & Evernote Marketing Tools like Constant Contact, Wordpress, and all social networking update tools.. Use Yammer, a private, secure internal communication tool now used by over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Yammer enables users to communicate, collaborate, and share more easily and efficiently than ever before. It reduces the need for meetings, increases communication across silos, surfaces pockets of expertise and connects remote workers. This enterprise-grade software is built from the ground up to drive business objectives.
  • Someone once said, "We will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught." We provide the training and support needed to learn the systems and how to use the tools. Our workshops are conducted within a private online training site creating a study group environment that is supportive and collaborative allowing you to build relationships while you’re learning. Ask questions, share ideas, links to interesting articles, documents, images and schedule events with your team in your private chat group. We’ll help you slowly implement and integrate some or all of our systems and tools with the ones you presently use. The Starting point in this educational process is our Freedom360 Orientation Workshop
  • This four week - one hour per day online workshop is designed to give you an opportunity to use the Freedom360 Dashboard while you learn to use the best business productivity tools available today.
  • The first two weeks of Our Freedom360 Workshop focuses on productivity and Communication Applications… we set up your dashboard and teach you how to use our core tools. The second two weeks focuses on marketing and networking tools. We get you set up and using Constant Contact and teach you how to develop an email marketing campaign, how to use a CRM, and guide you through the use of social media .
  • Each site is designed specifically to maximize online exposure and to optimize your web presence where it matters most…in your community and market. Enjoy the benefits of our business and social linking strategy, our geo targeting strategy, and our follow us feature to attract a following and to keep them engaged.
  • THE END RESULT… A web based business system that provides an opportunity to double or triple your web presence and exposure within the community and region by joining in a “linked environment” designed to increase everyone’s search rankings. In addition to using the more widely recognized method of friending and following through other social networks, we provide The Spotlight News feed, Follow me in My Digital Community, and personal ad space to cross promote by linking your site with others. Promote special events with each other by sharing event calendars and participate in a full integration with each other’s social networking sites.
  • Often referred to as “word of mouse” marketing, viral marketing is the single most empowering tool available to marketers today. When Universal Orlando Resort and Warner Brothers announced the opening of a new Harry Potter attraction they could have selected a more traditional marketing approach with Super Bowl TV ads, blimps, Magazines and late night television appearances but they didn’t. They held a top secret webcast at midnight with the top seven fans on the Harry Potter fan club. It has been estimated that within two days those seven people told tens of thousands within the fan club. The media picked up on the fan club hype and began to write articles and provide news coverage. Warner Brothers estimated that 350,000,000 people around the world heard about it. I can’t promise that 350,000,000 people will hear about you but I can promise you that the people in your community will.
  • Find out more today about what this program could mean to your company or organization by going to our website and registering in The Community Directory…It’s free and easy. Visit our Freedom360 Site and join one of our webinars to learn more about the Freedom360 Orientation Workshop.
  • If you want to start the New Year with a whole new focus and purpose, My Digital Community and Freedom360 are for you…I guarantee it.

Welcome to My Digital Community Welcome to My Digital Community Presentation Transcript

  • Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Comprehensive marketing strategy
    • Linked community network
    • Designed to maximize online exposure
    • Increased sharing opportunities
    • Marketing research and analytics
    Marketing! Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Improved communications
    • Enhanced collaboration
    • Work more efficiently
    • Increase effectiveness
    Operations Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Tuned for maximum search results
    • Community linked
    • Socially integrated
    • Geo targeting
    • Local mobile app
    • Networking
    My Digital Community is about marketing
    • Freedom360 toolbox
    • Single login feature
    • Management dashboard
    • Fully synchronized
    • Training and support
    Freedom 360 is about operations
    • Drag and Drop Creator
    • Add components
    • Keep your site current
    • Create additional pages
    • Team collaboration
    • Follow tasks
    • Share schedule
    • Paperless filing
    • Knowledge base
    • Communicate
    Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Group communication
    • Private meeting space
    • Share links & files
    • Ask questions
    • Share ideas
    • Track historical data
    • Robust notification
    Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Your business resource
    • Online support
    • Webinars
    • Private discussion
    • Workshops
    Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Four weeks… 1 hour per day
    • Learn to use our core tools
    • Learn to use a CRM
    • Learn to develop a marketing campaign
    • Learn with others
    Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Google apps
    • Skype
    • Online meetings
    • Evernote
    • Toodledo
    Cloud based communication & productivity tools Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Constant contact
    • Follow us feature
    • Linked environment
    • Maximize searches
    • Geo targeting
    • Sharing made easy
    Viral marketing and networking Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Spotlight news
    • Follow MDC
    • Personal ad space
    • Share event calendars
    • Share testimonials
    • Affiliate programs
    Sharing & Following Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Affordable
    • Immediate return
    • Effective
    • Track results
    • Changeable
    Viral Marketing Visit http://sboa.biz
    • Register for the community directory
    • Learn more about Freedom360
    • Join our next workshop
    Get Started Today! Visit http://sboa.biz
  • Get started today!