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Health & Safety
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Health & Safety


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  • 1. Health & Safety Regulations –How Do They Impact Schools?An overview of health and safetyregulations, guidelines and practices thathelp to protect school building occupants.December 8, 2010
  • 2. Health & Safety Regulations Affecting School Districts 1 Regulations 20. Lead in Paint 2 21. Lead (Renovator) 22. Lockout-Tagout1. Air Quality - Indoor 23. Medical Waste – Regulated2. Americans with Disabilities Act 24. Occupational Illness & Injury3. Asbestos 25. Personal Protective Equipment4. Automated External Defibrillators 26. Pesticide Application(AEDs) 27. Pesticide Application (Notification)5. Bloodborne Pathogens (Exposure) 28. Pesticide Application (Athletic Fields6. Bloodborne Pathogens (Vaccination) & Playgrounds)7. Bulk Storage Tanks 29. Playground Safety8. Confined Spaces – Permit Required 30. Respiratory Protection9. Drug and Alcohol Testing 31. School Building Safety (RESCUE )10. Electrically Operated Partitions 32. School Safety and Violence Prevention11. Emergency Planning (SAVE Act)12. Emergency Planning – Bomb Threats 33. Science Laboratories13. Employee Right-To-Know 34. Security Guard Act14. Fall Protection 35. Tobacco Use15. Fire Safety 36. Water Quality – Drinking16. Fire Safety – Fire Drills 37. Workplace Safety and Loss17. Green Cleaning Prevention Program18. Hazardous Waste19. Hearing Conservation September 2010 Volume 12 Nassau BOCES Health & Safety Training and Information Service September 2010 – Volume 12
  • 3. Agenda• Safety Teams• Emergency Preparedness• Green Cleaning• Indoor Air Quality• Right-To-Know (HAZCOM)• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)• Bloodborne Pathogens & (MRSA)• Pesticide Application/Notification
  • 4. Safety Teams• RESCUE – Cross-section of school community – Assist in investigation and disposition of health and safety related complaints• SAVE – Specific representation – District-wide & Building-level
  • 5. Emergency Preparedness• Emergency Plans• Exercising Emergency Plans• Incident Command & NIMS• Evacuation & Sheltering• Working with Local Authorities• Building Security - Audits
  • 6. Green Cleaning• History• Defining Green Products• Office of General Services (OGS)• Current OGS Guidelines• Existing Products• Does it do the Job?
  • 7. Indoor Air Quality• EPA Tools for Schools• Complaints• Investigation• Testing• Consultants• Response
  • 8. Right-To-Know (HAZCOM)• Chemical Safety• Information requests• MSDS• Written Plan• Training
  • 9. Personal Protective Equipment• Hazard Assessment• PPE selection and maintenance• Training• Documentation
  • 10. Bloodborne Pathogens & MRSA• Exposure Control Plan• Occupational Exposure Risk• Vaccination Protection• Universal Precautions• Training• Exposure Incident Response• MRSA
  • 11. Pesticide Application/Notification• Who Can Apply Pesticides?• Exempt Products• 72 Hour Exemption• Notifications• Training• Documentation
  • 12. Thank You!Peter La Duca, Executive Manager Nassau BOCES Health & Safety Training and Information Service 516-396-2387