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PartnerIT 2012 - matchmaking B2B event & FundraiseIT - conference and investment evening
15. – 16. November 2012.
Belgrade, Serbia

The PartnerIT is a international B2B matchmaking event organized by Outsourcing Center Serbia, followed by the FundraiseIT conference organized in partnership with Serbian Business Angels Network (SBAN) and other partners.

B2B matchmaking event
On, you have the opportunity to leave your profile and book your face-to-face meetings with other international companies and research institutions. This is a cost and time-effective way to discover new business and cooperation opportunities while expanding your contact network. All profiles will be published online and will be extensively promoted before the event and could still be viewed after the event.

FundraiseIT conference
During the conference you will be involved in the direct communication channel with competent well-known serial entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley and Europe. In the live discussions panels among successful entrepreneurs and investors you will be able to hear some interesting personal stories, information about various investing models, fundraising methods, success stories, experiences and valuable tips.

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Robin Slakhorst - Co-Founder - equity based crowdfunding

  2. 2. INDEX• Why?• How?• What?
  3. 3. SYMBID WHY?does Symbid do what it does?
  4. 4. WHY? A BILLION € GAP EACH YEARAn unmet demand for equity financing in The Netherlands alone €200mio - €1 billion (Per year, capital range from €50k - €350k) Increase for demand of equity expected due to: - Costs of debt too high - Enhanced solvability in order to be able to attract loan (Basel III)
  5. 5. WHY? REASONS FOR EQUITY GAP Lack of cost effective, standardized and legally sound distribution method for equity transfer to (large groups) of investors- Large administrative burden per deal- Limited and in-efficient match making services- Many unstandardized methods in use (excel sheet valuations?)- Very few ‘capital’ players in the market
  6. 6. WHY? HOW ABOUT ANGELS AND VC’S? type Total / year* Angels €15 Mio VC’s €10 Mio Unregistered investments estimate € 20 Mio Total € 44 Mio * Research numbers in the range €50k – €350kCurrent players would have to increase their spending in thisdomain with more than 10 times than they do already!!
  7. 7. WHY? RESULT OF THIS EQUITY GAP - No bridge towards follow-up money for growth - More and more limited access to banking finance due to a lack of solvability in the company In general: A frustrated financing cycle for entrepreneurs!FRIENDS & INFORMAL VENTURE PRIVATE FAMILY EQUITY GAP INVESTORS CAPITALIST EQUITY 30K 150K 500K 2.5M
  8. 8. SYMBID HOW?does Symbid do what it does?
  9. 9. HOW?SO WHERE SH(C)OULD THE MONEY COME FROM? The Dutch market for online private investors 1. 1 Mio investing households (stock market) 2. Total current portfolio size of €102 Billion Additionally ‘the Dutch’ have €350 billion of savings €200 Mio is the equity gap -> less than 0,2% of current portfolio of private investors (less than 0,05% including savings)
  10. 10. HOW? SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF THESE INVESTORSSo when we compare informals (currently investing in our target market) with onlineprivate investors…this is the result MISMATCH! Informal Investors Private investors MATCHTotal market +/- €44 Mio +/- €102 Billion ‘MISMATCH’(€200Mio needed at least) (early stage companies)Target market Early stage / SME’s Stock Market MISMATCHMin investment € 15.000 €1 MISMATCHAverage ‘ticket size’ € 18.000 - € 500.000 € 2000 MISMATCHMain motive to invest Value creation Value creation MATCHDemographic Mostly older men Mostly older men MATCHPotential return (if any) Multiples of input Limited (0-10%) MISMATCHImpact on result Screening/ experience Macro-economic factors MISMATCHInvestment proces Offline Online MISMATCH
  11. 11. HOW? HOW DOES SYMBID ADDRESS THIS ISSUESymbid enables investments in early stage and SME deal flow using aprocess similar as investing on the stock market.1. Minimum investment of €20,-2. All transactions fully handled and managed online3. Online portfolio management4. Online reporting by invested companies5. Full information available online6. Quality control of investment propositions by trusted partners7. Acquired shares are tradableAdditionally:- Direct contact with the entrepreneur via Symbid- Online voting- No signature needed EVER!- No copy of passport needed
  12. 12. HOW? SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF THESE INVESTORS AGAIN Informal Investors Private investors MATCHTotal market +/- €35 Mio +/- €102 Billion ‘MISMATCH’(€200Mio needed at least) (early stage companies)Target market Early stage / SME’s Stock Market MISMATCHMin investment € 15.000 €1 MISMATCHAverage ‘ticket size’ € 18.000 - € 500.000 € 2000 MISMATCHMain motive to invest Value creation Value creation MATCHDemographic Mostly older men Mostly older men MATCHPotential return (if any) Multiples of input Limited (0-10%) MISMATCHImpact on result Screening/ experience Macro-economic factors MISMATCHInvestment proces Offline Online MISMATCH
  13. 13. HOW? NEW SITUATION WITH THE SYMBID INVESTOR Symbid enables private investors to join early stage deal flow, currently only available for informals and VC’s Informal Investors Private investors SYMBID INVESTORTotal market +/- €35 Mio +/- €102 Billion €100 BILLION +(€200Mio needed at least) (early stage companies)Target market Early stage / SME’s Stock Market EARLY STAGE / SMEMin investment € 15.000 €1 €20Average ‘ticket size’ € 18.000 - € 500.000 € 2000 MULTIPLES OF € 20Main motive to invest Value creation Value creation VALUE CREATIONDemographic Mostly older men Mostly older men ANYONE (mostly (older) men)Potential return (if any) Multiples of input Limited (0-10%) MULTIPLES OF INPUTImpact on result Screening/ experience Macro-economic factors SCREENING / EXPERIENCEInvestment proces Offline Online ONLINE
  14. 14. HOW? ROLE OF SYMBIDCurrent situation New situation Informals/VC’s Symbid in place €45 Private Investors Million €102 Billion Early stage / SME companies > €200 Million gap
  15. 15. HOW? CONCLUSIONSymbid opens a door to a whole new assetclass for private investors.By offering an investing environment withthe characteristics of investing in the stockmarket but for early stage company stock.Potentially creating a new freeway for €102Billion to fill the equity gap.
  16. 16. SYMBID WHAT?about Symbid
  17. 17. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID MANAGEMENT TEAMKorstiaan Zandvliet Maarten van der Sanden Robin SlakhorstManaging Director Legal & Compliance Director of Sales Msc Entrepreneurship MSc Finance & Investments; MSc Entrepreneurship MSc Entrepreneurship STAFF Campaign Manager (2 FTE)  Legal advisor (1 FTE) Marketing Manager (1 FTE)  Project manager (1 FTE) Platform Manager (1 FTE)  Copy writer (1 FTE) Financial Content Manager(s) (2 FTE)
  18. 18. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID SHAREHOLDERS Former MD Barclays Capital London Former chairman BoD Allianz Europe Current CCO T-Mobile Former CEO ABN AMRO Real Estate Former CEO retail Bank of Scotland Top advisor banking industry (SEPA, terrorism financing, ..) NON-EXECUTIVE BOARD Maarten Timmerman Gaston Aussems • New business development • Internationalization • Sales and Partnering • Compliance Govert Trouwborst Chris Obdam • Organizational change • IT-development • Corporate governance • Strategy
  20. 20. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID LEGAL FRAME WORKSymbid uses a unique construction to ensure the fiscal and legal requirements necessary to run asafe and secure online investment platform. Profits from ‘dividends’ AND ‘capital gains’ of the shares Voting rights in executing company based on ratio of investment All transactions are executed online (no signatures, no passports) Symbid shares are directly tradable within cooperative entity All transactions handled under a EU banking license All funds are redeemable Easy pooling of investors Easy pre-pooling of money
  21. 21. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID BANKING LICENSEPartner since May 2012  Dutch financial institution  Payment services & electronic money  Complies with EU legislative requirements  A licensed ‘Electronic Money Institution’ Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Authority Financial Markets (AFM)
  22. 22. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID QUALITY PROTECTION Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4Input entrepreneur Quality check 1: Quality check 2: Quality check 3: Financial expert Social due diligence Investor Groups PRESENTS Standardized GET FUNDED by GET ACCEPTED in a AN IDEA own network Group by Group structuring of deal by selected financial (FFF) manager in order to reach the investors advisors INVESTORS ENTREPRENEUR
  23. 23. SYMBID VISUALIZED Phase Actors Deal Pre-funding Financial advisors Deal preparationPrivate funding (personal network entrepreneur) FundingInvestor Investor Investor Partners Group Group Group Investor Cooperative Shareholder Post-funding management system Financial advisors Limited entity
  24. 24. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID MARKET APPROACH Phase 1 Create technical and legal conditions to support professional online equity investing Phase 2 Attract highly qualified partners for quality deals and legitimacy Phase 3 Full focus on marketing and attracting potential investorsThe goal of Symbid is to fully complete phase 1 and 2 within the upcoming months, afterthese factors have been installed, the commercial focus will fully shift towards attractingpotential investors.
  26. 26. SYMBID ONLINE FUNDING MARKETSymbid identifies 4 types of online ’funding’1. Donation based model – low investor incentive2. Debt based model – bad for liquidity and balance3. Revenueshare based model – killing liquidity4. Equity based – dilution of ownership but no liquidity disadvantages and high investor incentive
  27. 27. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID EQUITY BASED SO WHAT?Investors will in the end want equity! Why?What if the fastest growing companies of thelast decade would have crowdfunded theirgrowth?YOU could have made quite some bucks…
  28. 28. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID EQUITY BASED SO WHAT? MicrosoftWebsite: microsoft.comLocation: Redmond, Washington, United StatesFounded: April 4, 1974IPO: March 13, 1986Microsoft is a veteran software company, best known for its Microsoft Windowsoperating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software.If you would have invested $20 in Microsoft during their IPO on March 13, 1986your investment would have been worth today? $7,200!
  29. 29. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID EQUITY BASED SO WHAT?TwitterWebsite: Twitter.comLaunch Date: March 1, 2006 $2,960!Twitter allows users to post text updates via SMS, instant messaging, email,Twitter’s website and third party applications. Users have their own profilepage that displays their latest updates.If you would have invested $20 in Twitter in their Series A investment round wherethey raised $5 million on a $20 million pre-money valuation in July, 2007 yourinvestment would have been worth today?
  30. 30. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID EQUITY BASED SO WHAT?Website: LinkedIn linkedin.comLocation: Mountain View, California, United StatesFounded:IPO: $6,810! May 1, 2003 May 19, 2011With over 100 million users representing over 200 countries around the world,LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking site that allows membersto create business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients.If you would have invested $20 in LinkedIn in November, 2003 during their Series Afinancing of $4.7 million your investment would have been worth today?Sequoia Capital, which led a $4.7 million investment in 2003, now owns 17.8% ofthe company. That stake was worth about $1.6 billion Thursday.
  31. 31. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID EQUITY BASED SO WHAT?FacebookWebsite: facebook.comLocation: Palo Alto, California, United StatesFounded: February 1, 2004Funding: $836MFacebook is the world’s largest social network, with over 500 million users.If you would have invested $20 in Facebook during their Series A investment roundin September 2005, your investment would have been worth today…?Peter Thiel invested in September 2005 500K for a 10% stake. Today’s valuation ofFacebook at $60 billion would bring him $6 billion. $240,000!
  32. 32. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID RESULTS FIRST YEAR ONLINE KPI 01-11-2012 07-07-2011 Capital invested 1.250.000 10.360 Members >10.000 510 Investors >3.000 83 Plans +/- 1000 19 Average investment 280 125So Symbid has already been able to fill 0,5% of the €200Mio equity gap in 1 year
  33. 33. WHAT ABOUT SYMBID CONCLUSION Symbid is not just talk 1. Superior platform 2. Fine tuned quality system3. Engagement with the best partners in The Netherlands 4. Shareholder / Board filled with captains of industry 5. Superior legal framework for equity investments 6. Cost effective structure in any respect 7. Proof of concept
  34. 34. THE FUTURE SO WHAT’S NEXT? 1. Strengthening position as leading early stage investment platform in NL 2. Open offices in Italy, Portugal, Germany and UK in 2013 3. Export proven model to US when JOBS Act allows it‘Become the most effective early stage and SME investment platform in the world’
  35. 35. THANK YOU THANK YOU Thank you for your attention! any questions? Please contact me on Linkedin orEmail:
  36. 36. SYMBID INFO Legal partner Technology partner Financial partnerCommercial and educational partners Contact Robin Slakhorst +31(0)6 24 23 22 33 Founder
  37. 37. DISCLAIMERThis document used by Symbid does not, nor is intended to, constitute an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buyand/or sell any shareholdings. It only presents exemplary facts, statements and general information for discussionpurposes.The information provided herein is neither binding nor should it be deemed to be complete. The information can bechanged, amended or updated at any time. This document does not contain all the information necessary to evaluatean investment. Therefore, this document shall not be the basis for a decision to make an investment. The informationcontained herein is based on sources which Symbid deems to be reliable. They are based on actualmatters, estimations and market conditions. Symbid is not obliged to update this document or to correct anyimprecision and errors. The herein contained forecasts are for illustrative purposes only and do, under nocircumstances, reflect a precise prognosis. They depend on future developments and certain circumstancesespecially economic conditions – which are not predictable. Past performance information contained in this documentis not an indication of future performance. The information provided in this document do not represent a legal, tax orinvestment advice.This document is strictly confidential and is exclusively intended for the authorized use of Symbid. This documentmust not be copied or forwarded in whole or in part. Symbid excludes all warranties, conditions, terms, undertakingsand representations of any kind, express or implied, statutory or otherwise in connection with this document or partsthereof.