Winning the Consensus-Based Sale (CEB)


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The old sales playbooks no longer work – the actors in your sales processes aren’t as reliable as you once thought. Watch this presentation from CEB to understand how star sellers are navigating this new dynamic by selling to different people in very different ways than tradition prescribes.

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Winning the Consensus-Based Sale (CEB)

  1. 1. Winning the Consensus- Based Sale Scott Collins Director|Advisory Services
  2. 2. Changing Customer Buying Behavior
  3. 3. The CHALLENGER SALE 1. In a world in which customers can learn on their own, what they are looking for is the thing they couldn’t learn on their own (i.e., the idea they missed). 2. Best salespeople bring new ideas to the table, effectively challenging customer thinking 3. Best companies equip their salespeople with insight-based messages that lead to, not with, what makes them unique Three Lessons Learned
  4. 4. Moving Beyond a Vision Purchase Decision Customer Status Quo Agreement on a Vision Single Stakeholder Agreement Organizational Consensus Agreement on a Vision
  5. 5. Bigger Groups, Fewer Purchases 0% 50% 100% n = 3,000 Source: CEB/Motista 2013 B2B Brand Survey; CEB analysis 5.4 Average Buying Group Size 81% 55% 53% 31% 1 2 3 4 5 6+ Size of Buying Team 60% Purchase Likelihood 60%
  6. 6. Conventional Wisdom: Engage the Coach 1. Readily accessible and willing to talk 2. Provides information unavailable to suppliers 3. Pro-supplier’s solution or products 4. Good at influencing others 5. Speaks the truth 6. Credible among colleagues 7. Conveys ideas in savvy ways 8. Delivers on commitments 9. Will personally gain from sale 10. Networks reps with other stakeholders Advocate/Coach
  7. 7. Seven Types of Customer Stakeholders The SkepticThe Go-Getter The Friend The Teacher The Guide The Climber The Blocker
  8. 8. Star and Core Performers Choose Differently High Performer Focus Zone Core Performer Focus Zone Go-Getter Teacher Skeptic Friend Guide Climber
  9. 9. Mobilizers Get the Deal Done
  10. 10. Don’t Let the Title Fool You
  11. 11. How to Find Mobilizers
  12. 12. How to Engage Mobilizers Customer Coaches the Rep Rep Coaches the Customer Core Rep Engagement Strategy Star Rep Engagement Strategy 1. Understand stakeholders’ goals 2. Determine criteria for purchase 3. Understand stakeholders’ relation to each other 1. Arm the customer to teach 2. Help buyers build consensus 3. Help customers understand purchase process
  13. 13. Pick Winners, then Pursue Core Performers Star Performers The “Wedge” The “Nail”
  14. 14. Learn More @CEB_Challenger Group: The Challenger Sale From CEB
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