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Shifty Induction Session 1 & 2
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Shifty Induction Session 1 & 2






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Shifty Induction Session 1 & 2 Shifty Induction Session 1 & 2 Presentation Transcript

  • L3 INDUCTION SESSIONS The Creative & Media Diploma
  • PRODUCTION DESIGN • Designers make lots of decisions that effect how the film looks and how the visual style will make an impact on the audience
  • MISE - EN - SCENE • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Steven Spielberg 1989) View slide
  • PRODUCTION DESIGN • To make these decisions we need to work from the script (screenplay) View slide
  • THE SCRIPT • You have been given Scene 55 from a screenplay - READ IT • What is your response to it ? • Does it remind you of anything you know or have seen ? • What do you think is happening in the scene ?
  • MOOD BOARD • A mood board is a creative tool, a process that enables you to develop and share the visual direction for your project. • It's an essential activity for art and design directors.  • Mood boards are a key stage in the design process.
  • MOOD BOARD TASK • In your groups you will create a mood board for Scene 55 • Try to communicate your ideas and feelings through collage • From the magazines, select parts of images and decide how you want to show them on the sheet of paper • Parts of the mood board can be abstract, working with colour, textures and atmosphere
  • SCRIPT BREAKDOWN - DESIGN ESSENTIALS • What design elements can you find in the script ? • Make a list of things that you need to make, build or find that are mentioned in the script • What other things have you included in your mood board that help build up the visual picture ?
  • PLAN (The Mudmap) • Where is everything ? • Make a plan of your initial thoughts of the setting of the scene • Where will the characters be placed ? • This does not have to be to scale, but try and imagine what the camera is seeing
  • “BLOCKING” • A process during which the director and actors determine where on the set the actors will move and stand, so that lighting and camera placements may be set.
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY • camerawork • shot type • position & movement
  • SHOT TYPES • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Steven Spielberg 1989)
  • STORYBOARDING • Storyboards are a sequence of pictures created to communicate the desired general visual appearance on camera of a scene or movie • This is the technique filmmakers use to work out on paper what type of camera shots they will need to shoot a scene
  • • Storyboard from The Simpsons
  • STORYBOARD TASK • In your groups you will create a storyboard for Scene 55 • Try to visualise the action of the scene • Think about how the action will be framed - what type of camera shot will be used ? • Add the dialogue of the shot under each storyboard frame
  • STORYBOARD TASK • Keep it simple! You don’t need to be a great cartoonist to draw a great storyboard • No stick-men please! Try and draw how the characters might appear • The key is to include only what is necessary to communicate the action
  • • Final sequence with the original storyboard
  • BACKGROUND • Shifty (2008) Director & Writer Eran Creevy Released 24 April 2009 • THE FILM LONDON MICROWAVE PROJECT Supported by BBC Films • Film-making teams pitched their projects to a panel of experts before 2 projects were given the greenlight to go into production. • BUDGET was only £100,000