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Learn the benefits of starting a local or regional Community Foundation or Trust to create a pool of funds that can be utilized to support community projects and maintain the quality of life in your region. Community Foundations are local or regional entities with charitable status and typically carry the capacity to receive donations or bequests in the form of cash, real estate and securities.

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  • Of course, every donor has different interests and goals [Tell another story that illustrates different donor needs]With a community foundation all that variety can fit comfortably under one roof. That’s one of the things that makes us a bit different.You can use the community foundation to support the arts, or health, or education, or sport, or almost any cause that interests you. You can have an impact with your donation today, and you can plan for it to last into the future as well.Since we began in 19xx, more than xx residents have established funds with our community foundation.
  • So you can see how we take donors dreams and try to connect them with community needs.Did you know that community foundations are one of the largest supporters of charities across Canada? Together the country’s 175+ community foundations contributed $149 million to local charities last year.It’s our job to support the organizations that make this community tick. Organizations like X, Y and Z. And we support the widest possible range of organizations -- not just one sector or one population or one interest. So if the community has recreational needs or environmental concerns or youth unemployment issues we can be – and are - there to helpWe focus on the entire community. We see the community as a whole and we support it as a whole.
  • Our third role in the community is all about the big picture Because as we are working with, and providing grants to, a wide array of local charities, we learn a lot about our community -- about its needs, its strengths, its opportunities, its organizations and leaders.Because we deal with so many grassroots organizations, so many committed volunteers and community leaders in every field, we have a unique opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the community. We see the connections, the similarities and the opportunities: Here in [community] for example, we work with community partners to xxxxxxxxxxxxx [your examples like Vital Signs, promote poverty reduction, plan for green growth etc.]
  • Fast forward to today and the passion for community that William and Alice shared is still alive and well and thriving in communities all across Canada – including ours.They both wanted to build something permanent for their communities – something that would last. And other communities saw the wisdom in this and followed their example.Today there are more than 175 community foundations all across Canada including your neighbours in Guelph/Wellington, Grey/Bruce, So our community foundations have more than 90 years of experience behind us and a national network that connects us coast to coast with other communities.It’s also worth mentioning that 90 years later William Alloway’s gift is still supporting community organizations in Winnipeg and Alice’s is still supporting charities in VancouverThat’s because they both created endowed funds where the principle grows over time, and the interest is used for granting every year.Their gifts will support the causes they cared about – forever.
  • Community Foundations

    1. 1. WelcomeCommunity Foundations
    2. 2. AgendaDashboardSpeakersQ&AFollow-Up
    3. 3. PresenterCindy LindsayDirector of Member ServicesCommunity Foundations of Canada 3
    4. 4. Co-PresenterTrevor ForrestExecutive DirectorSaskatoon Community Foundation 4
    5. 5. Community Foundations – what they are all about PRESENTED BYCindy Lindsay, Director of Member Services, Community Foundations of CanadaTrevor Forest, Executive Director, Saskatoon Community Foundation
    6. 6. is a community foundation?
    7. 7. community foundation a platform for building community
    8. 8. We are a tax-exempt public charity created by and for the people of your local community
    9. 9. A community foundationhas three special features.
    10. 10. Endowment building &Personalized service
    11. 11. We are flexible… …supporting donors’ different interests & goals
    12. 12. named A personal legacy of givingfunds Donors can establish a fund in their name, in a family’s name, or in the name of any person or organization they wish to honor. Grants distributed from a donor’s fund are awarded in the name of their fund. This person or organization will always be remembered and linked to good works in our community.
    13. 13. tools Charitable fundsfor giving › Unrestricted or Community Fund Meeting ever-changing community needs › Field of Interest Fund Addressing needs in an important area of community life: arts, AIDS, aging, at-risk youth... › Designated Fund Directing gifts to specific agencies or purposes (e.g., scholarship) › Donor Advised Fund Involving donors in the use of their gift › Agency Endowment Fund Establishing or managing endowments for local charities You can create a named fund in any of these categories.
    14. 14. tools Charitable instrumentsfor giving › Outright Gifts Give cash, stocks, real estate or other assets › Appreciated Securities Eliminate capital gains tax by giving to a community foundation › Bequests Designate a portion of an estate › Life Insurance Designate a community foundation to receive a portion or all proceeds from policy › Charitable Remainder Trust Trust pays beneficiary for life and then assets transfer to community foundation We accept a wide variety of assets.
    15. 15. local grantmakingexpertise
    16. 16. We grant… …to a broad range of charities Social Services Education Environment Health Sports & Recreation Arts & Culture Children & Youth Community Economic Development
    17. 17. community leadership
    18. 18. Endowment building & Personalized service Local grantmaking expertise three Community leadership
    19. 19. 186 community foundationsAssets of $3.2B$189M in grants in 2011
    20. 20. Who are we……• Saskatoon Community Foundation (SCF)• Created in 1970, now one of over 180 across Canada• Assets total over $46,000,000• Granted over $2,000,000 to local charities in 2012• Investment income averaged 7.3% over the past 10 years
    21. 21. Building, Growing Together A Community Legacy Program• Support for smaller communities to develop a legacy program• A Community Legacy Fund can be started for $10,000 within the SCF• No start up fees,• Annual administration charge of 1.5% of the fund value• Charitable receipt issued by the SCF.• Annual disbursements (grants from income at the direction of the local community )• Funds will be transferred to the localcommunity foundation if a foundation iscreated in the future(Hamilton – Burlington)
    22. 22. Interested? Options to Consider Local advisory committee raises and grants funds SCF provides ‘back-end’ administrative support Establish Fund with Saskatoon Community Foundation (SCF) (do not need to incorporate) SCF administers and invests local funds -handles tax receipting, audit, and tax filingsLocal Community Foundation -responsible for tracking and managing all donations, issuing Incorporate as a public charitable tax receipts, filing foundation, establish a board of charitable tax return, audit etc. directors -invest funds -more hands on /day to day administration
    23. 23. Next Opportunities for SaskatchewanSteps Communities • Explore your community’s interest in creating a financial legacy • Consider partnering with the Saskatoon Community Foundation to create a community fund • Talk to Community Foundations of Canada: Cindy Lindsay, 519-725-3353 or email: • Trevor Forrest: Executive Director, Saskatoon Community Foundation,
    24. 24. Q&APlease send your questions via the Chat orQuestion widget on your dashboard.
    25. 25. Stay in TouchThank you for joining us! Verona Thibault President, SEDA @saskecdevassoc @growourregion 306-384-5817