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Your Best Advocates Already Work For You: SocialChorus Webinar
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Your Best Advocates Already Work For You: SocialChorus Webinar


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Webinar with Greg Shove, CEO of SocialChorus, and Liz Bullock, CEO of SASI, discussing the power of employee advocates, examples from leading brands, plus how to effectively get started.

Webinar with Greg Shove, CEO of SocialChorus, and Liz Bullock, CEO of SASI, discussing the power of employee advocates, examples from leading brands, plus how to effectively get started.

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology
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  • Liz is the former Director of Social Media at DellSASI works with Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Adobe and others
  • Businesses are facing a fundamental paradigm shift. With the increase of advertising clutter and lack of trust, customers are turning to their peers and like minded consumers to make product decisions. Think about the last time you made a purchase. What was the process for attaining information for that product and making that decision? I’m planning upcoming summer vacation with the family. I’m thinking about initially asking my FB friends for recommendations, then going to various travel sites to research ratings & reviews and peer feedback, along with photos. Whom do you trust better? Adverting brochure vs. friend or peer’s recommendation on your next vacation. More than ever a company’s brand is influenced by what consumers are saying about the brand We have a democratizing trend of the redistribution of influence. We gone from 2000 where is what very few people controlling the conversation, fixed, monologue to 2013 it is many and customers are co-creating our story, it’s a dialogue. Edelman Trust Barometer analyzes whom consumers trust and 2013 findings show an academic or person like you is 2X as trusted vs Chief Executive or government official. How companies market, sell and support their customers is fundamentally changing. Your employees are a key ingredient for success in this new modern world. How to train, activate, support and unleash them in this powerful space?
  • RISK: Dell witnessed reduction in employee social media incidents after trainingACTIVATION: Certified Dell employees were activated to create powerful customer driven programs
  • Transcript

    • 1. Your Best Advocates Already Work For You How Leading Companies are Powering Employee Advocates
    • 2. Over the next 40 minutes you’ll learn: • What leading companies are doing to power employee advocates • How to get started with employee advocates • How to measure advocate performance against marketing goals SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 2
    • 3. Today’s speakers Liz Bullock CEO & Co-Founder Social Arts & Science Institute (SASI) Greg Shove Founder and CEO SocialChorus SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 3
    • 4. Questions? Ask your questions on Twitter or via GoToWebinar #SocialChorusU SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 4
    • 5. 1 Why are employees important for connecting with buyers? SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 5
    • 6. Employees are key ingredient in new social era… More than ever – a company‟s brand is influenced by what consumers are saying about the brand 90% trust recommendations from people they know. 70% trust consumer opinions posted online. 14% trust advertising (Nielsen, 2009) An everyday employee is 2x trusted vs. Chief Executive (Edelman Trust Barometer, „13) SAS @lizbbullo ck How companies market, sell to and support their customers is changing… @gregshove What roles do employees play in this transformation? How do you activate employees? #SocialChorusU 6
    • 7. Companies must fundamentally rethink how they connect with the marketplace… Challenges: Companies are seeking “authentic” and “genuine” ways to build customer relationships. How may companies and customers collaborate in useful ways (products & services)? How do you use social media authentically and engage with the marketplace to deliver results? Answer: Companies must train and scale employee advocates to build long term relationships with prospects and customers. SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 7
    • 8. 2 What are leading companies doing with employee advocates? SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 8
    • 9. Companies powering brand advocates: IBM • 500 Thought Leaders • IBM VOICES Cisco • 1.3K employees amplifying company message Dell • 10K Certified employees • Engage on behalf of brand Sprint • 2K employees • Ninja Program Black Belt Best Buy • 3K employees • Answering customers Intel • 300+ employees • “Experience Intel” • Content generation SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 9
    • 10. Case study: Cisco Twitter analysis Employees have 10xs more followers vs. corporate accounts Only 2% of the audience overlaps with corporate accounts Employees share 29% more URLs about the company vs. corporate accounts Employees account URL reach is 2x vs. corporate accounts The reach of hashtags about the company shared by employees is 24 times that of corporate Source: SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 10
    • 11. 3 How do employees advocate beyond just sharing? SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 11
    • 12. Activating brand advocates can go beyond amplification… Listening Dell asks certified employees to do various social activities on behalf of Dell that speak to their level of interest and expertise Goal to deepen their social expertise Portal serves up activities, tracks, reward and identify the right employees to activate internal external Curating Content Thank You Social Development Events Employee Training Recruiting SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 12
    • 13. Additional benefits: engaged & resultdriven employees Recent study from National Business Research Institute: Engaged employees produce 2x as much work product in the time as unengaged employees 40% – 80% of customer satisfaction is affected by employee attitudes NBRI Identified 6 Traits of Engaged Employees: 1. Believe in their organization 2. Have the desire to work to make things better 3. Understand the business context and the bigger picture 4. Are respectful and helpful to colleagues 5. Are willing to go the extra mile 6. Stay up to date with developments in their industry Source: SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 13
    • 14. 4 How do you know if a brand is ready to activate employees? SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 14
    • 15. Employee Activation Maturity Assessment To activate employees, you need 5 critical competencies: Leadership, Policies & Governance, Training, Metrics & Measurement and Tools & Technology Maturity Ratings Stage 1: Hierarchy Competency Policies & Governance Training Metrics & Measurement Tools & Technology Leadership Stage 2: Emergent Stage 3: Synergistic Employees feel restricted to share any content about the brand, even on personal social media platforms Handful of employees are sharing brand content and some engagement with customers and prospects Robust organization armed and working collaboratively to connect with customers, prospects, advocates & Influencers No Guidelines Restrictive Inclusive No Training Ad hoc Formal Program Anecdotal Activity Tracking Behaviors & Outcomes Consumer tools used by individuals Mix of consumer tools & enteprise tools Social Functionality is integrated throughout Command & Control Consensus Collaborative ©2013 Social Arts & Science Institute, LLC. All Rights Reserved SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 15
    • 16. 5 What policies and training do you recommend? SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 16
    • 17. Policies & Governance Yes, social policy is a must… More importantly, you need to define employee advocate roles Roles Employees May Play Social Media Usage Roles within Organization Training Requirements Disclosure Requirements Social Media Bios Requirements Social Media Handle Examples SAS @lizbbullo ck Advocates Employees use personal social media accounts and will on occasion share relevant news about the company Sales, Marketing, HR, PR Social media policy, FTC disclosure requirements (bios, handles) and engagement rules "I work for ____ and this is my personal opinion" Opinions = My Own or My tweets are my own Twitter: @SarahFinley @gregshove #SocialChorusU 17
    • 18. Education: Dell’s Social Media & Community University Policy Principles Governance Training & Tools Activation programs SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 18
    • 19. 6 What are the key indicators of success? SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 19
    • 20. Metrics & Measurement Activation 9,000+ employees trained 30 courses in 55+ countries Marketing, Sales, PG, Customer Service • Awareness • • • 1,600 employees Twitter handle with Dell bio 2,000+ Brand Advocates 150+ Subject Matter Experts • • • Business Impact SAS @lizbbullo ck • • 2.2 engagements and 6.8 clicks per employee post (SME‟s) Incremental 17K traffic to Dell Improved reach, earned media @gregshove #SocialChorusU 20
    • 21. 7 How should brands use technology to power advocates? SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 21
    • 22. Tools & Technology • Internal portal to capture key data around employee advocates • Portal served time bound activities for employees to sign up and participate • “Wall of Fame” touting strongest advocates • Log activities + Leaderboard • “Find network members” to connect with like-minded employees SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 22
    • 23. Dell Super Bowl ad Dell launched 2013 Super Bowl ad solely online and via social media Activated Dell certified employees to share Super Bowl ad +6.5M views on YouTube Source: SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 23
    • 24. 8 What is needed to get started? SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 24
    • 25. To get started… • Establish clear business objectives • Obtain executive buy-in and support • Prioritize key teams or employees to drive awareness and adoption • Pilot with those key employees and co-create the program • Clearly defined KPI‟s to measure success • Implement learnings from pilot for larger scale roll-out • Drive excitement, empowerment and reward the rock stars SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #hashtag 25
    • 26. SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 26
    • 27. SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 27
    • 28. Questions? Liz Bullock CEO & Co-Founder Social Arts & Science Institute (SASI) SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove Greg Shove Founder and CEO SocialChorus #SocialChorusU 28
    • 29. Additional questions? Want to learn more? @SocialChorus @getSASI 8 Steps to Launching a Successful Employee Advocate Program SAS @lizbbullo ck @gregshove #SocialChorusU 29