The Big Data Customer Intelligence Challenge


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Présentation de Nicolas Terrasse, Business Solution Manager CI, SAS France lors de la conférence EBG L’analyse visuelle des Big Data : une opportunité gagnante pour le marketing

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The Big Data Customer Intelligence Challenge

  1. 1. The Big Data CustomerIntelligence ChallengeBig DataMarketingData VisualizationNicolas Terrasse – SAS France – 28 mars 2013
  2. 2. TRANSFORMING BIG DATA : UNE REALITE MARKETING “ Big data is a reality and affects customer engagement. As firms move from siloes of transaction- oriented systems to more integrated, socially aware ones, they will face challenges related to customer data. To improve customer engagement, companies must invest in solutions to ” effectively manage big data.Forrester: The Big Deal About BigData For Customer Engagement,Sanchit Gogla, June 2012
  3. 3. TERRA INCOGNITATHE DARK SIDE Un Gisement dormant
  4. 4. THE WHITE TERRA NOVASPACE De nouvelles opportunités
  6. 6. DATA EXPLORER, COMPRENDRE, PARTAGERVISUALIZATION « Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu’un long discours » Napoléon Bonaparte « Tu vois ce que je veux dire ? » Thomas, 5 ans "Regarde attentivement car ce que tu vas voir nest plus ce que tu viens de voir. » Léonard de Vinci « Une image vaut mille mots. » Confucius
  9. 9. C opyr ight © 2 0 1 2 , SAS Ins titute Inc . All r ights r e s e r v ed. 9
  10. 10. JOINING UP MARKETING TO CUSTOMERS NEW IDEAS = BETTER CAMPAIGNS • Credit Card Conversion Rate up from 5% to 25% NEW IDEAS = NEW CUSTOMERS • 20 million new customersWhy SAS® NEW IDEAS = SEGMENT SEGMENT SEGMENT • £300-£500 million attributed to SAS Customer InsightBig DataAnalytics NEW IDEAS = KEEPING YOUR CUSTOMERS • Customer retention of best customers now at 80%for CustomerIntelligence?
  11. 11. SAS CUSTOMERTalkTalk is one of theleading broadband, homephone and mobilecompanies for consumers Business Issue:and businesses in the UK,and in July 2012 was one Harness the growing amount and variety of data to betterof the founding partners in understand their customers; improve customer retention inthe launch of YouView TV. saturated and new markets; and increase cross- and up-sellThrough organic growth opportunities.and acquisitions thecompany has grown Benefits:significantly since it wasfounded, listing itself on the TalkTalk has begun a journey to unlock the value of its big dataLondon Stock Exchange in by utilising SAS Analytics. The business has already seen2010, and generating improvements in its customer segmentation and modelling,annual revenues in 2011 of including identifying new triggers and levers, as well as the£1.7bn. impact on customer behaviour of multiple triggers and levers working in combination. The company will add more advanced analytics and predictive analytics capabilities to its growing amount of data as it seeks to gain even greater insights into its customers.
  12. 12. SAS CUSTOMERAfter more than 80 years inbusiness, Macys Inc. is oneof Americas most iconicretailers. With annual Business Issue:revenues exceeding $20billion, Macys enjoys a needed enhanced customer insight, online andloyal base of customers across channels, to effectively measure and understand thewho come to its stores and impact of its online marketing initiatives on Macys store online each day. Tocontinue its legacy of Benefits:providing stellar customerservice and the right Increased customer insights; cross-sell and up-sellselection of products, the effectiveness; revenue and customer satisfaction, an approx.retailers e-commerce 20% reduction in churn rate.division – – isusing analytical software “With the extra time, the team has moved from beingfrom SAS to better reactionary to proactive, meaning they can look at data andunderstand and enhance its spend more time analyzing it and become internal consultantscustomers online shopping who provide more of the insight behind the data.”experience, while helping toincrease the retailers Kerem Tomak, Vice President of Analyticsoverall profitability.
  13. 13. SAS CUSTOMERCatalina helps retailcustomers reach shoppersat the point-of-sale andcontinues to promote its Business Issue:brands online with a uniqueinteractive experience. Analyze massive amounts of data to predict which customersCatalinas marketing are most likely to respond to targeted marketing is installed in morethan 23,000 stores and Benefits:14,000 retail pharmacies inthe US and 7,000 stores Catalina delivers incentives that consumers redeem at eightworldwide, collecting data times the level of traditional program methods; manyfrom more than 250 million programs boast consumer response rates as high as 25%; thetransactions every week. time that it takes to model and analyze data (250 million transactions) - processed per week has been reduced from over a month to just days. “…with the predictive capabilities we have with SAS, were able to do it with more precision than anyone else in the market.” Eric Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Information
  14. 14. SAS CUSTOMERCitibank Singapore Limitedis part of Citigroup, theworlds biggest financialservices company. With Business Issue:limited opportunities forphysical expansion through To grow market share and increase customer profitability in abranches, the banks highly competitive model is based oncentralized operations and Benefits:remote distribution thatleverages 24/7 call centers Improved customer insight enables more targeted marketingand direct mail. Multiple campaigns with faster break-even points. Results are ancustomer touch points and exponential increase in take-up rates. SAS provides trustedchannels are used to sell insights for areas that include risk, scorecards, performanceproducts such as credit management and sales-force and loans. Citibankalso extends its market “We see a return on investment from SAS, for sure. SAS is areach via industry critical part of our analytics capabilities and a vital componentpartnerships, for example, to the success of our marketing efforts.”with auto dealerships torecommend loans. Eric Sandosham, Head, Decision Management South East Asia Global Consumer Group