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Andy Hirst VP FS Services SAP - Business Intelligence for banks
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Andy Hirst VP FS Services SAP - Business Intelligence for banks



See the latest trends in In-memory, Data Discovery, Mobile Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Social Media collaboration for Banks - June 2012

See the latest trends in In-memory, Data Discovery, Mobile Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Social Media collaboration for Banks - June 2012



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  • SAP has been innovating. Are you ready to take your business to a new level?
  • KEY POINT:Introduce the 5 market categories SAP is investing in SIMULTANEOUSLY., all powered by SAP HANA. Stress that it is the combination of these investments across the 5 market categories that delivers the compelling and differentiated value. Furthermore, we bring our investments to life in the context of Line of Business and Industry Intersection points. So we can serve the unique needs of our customers in a specific function within the nuances of a specific industry.Ultimately, we want you to be able to employ new technologies to drive business growth while positively impacting people’s lives. We see consistent proof that the new technology solutions available today can serve as game-changing levers for business innovation and transformation, reaching beyond company walls to customers, suppliers, and the entire business network to consumers and people everywhere to run-better. People expect speed and agility with information delivered to them at them at their finger tips, sophisticated in context but radically simplified, enriching experience, across any device of their choice, enabled without disruption, and at low costs. Siloed solutions of the past, within just one area such as cloud, or mobile, in memory computing, or analytics by themselves alone won’t deliver what’s needed to meet these new-generation demands. They can only be met through a combination of all these technologies working together with each, extending and multiplying their individual impact. (1+1 =3). And this is where SAP comes in. We are delivering to those objectives by simultaneously investing in 5 key markets - database & technology, mobile, analytics, applications, and cloud. In particular, we are the only company that is continuously innovating at the intersection of mobile, analytics, and cloud, driving breakthrough performance, powered by SAP HANA, delivering instant value to businesses, consumers, and ordinary people that were impossible to reach before. To this end, each element of our strategy is aimed directly at extending our reach to people while significantly expanding our value proposition to businesses.Speaker Notes:To help our customers understand and respond to these questions, SAP’s strategy focuses on five market categories– applications, analytics, database & technology, mobile and cloud computingOur goal is to help you innovate your business and stay ahead of the competition. While each of these categories plays a role in growing your business, the ultimate power-play is in combining them togetherProving that the sum CAN BE larger than the individual parts. Layer on line of business and industry relevance -- Now you have a game-changing force to help your business run better and reach your customers, and your customers’ customers. It changes everything we do – and by extension, everything you can doIt’s your gateway to uncovering new customer markets – open the doors to new opportunities – that only a year ago weren’t even viable options. And we’re not just talking about Fortune 500 businesses SAP is helping customers of all sizes and in all stages of their relationship with us. From those who run their entire businesses on SAP, to those who have no existing SAP footprint at all There is no one starting point to your journey What is important is where you want to go and how you will take your business there. Innovation is your organization’s greatest weapon– and information technology is how you realize itThis morning, I’d like to walk you through these market categories to get you thinking what the journey could look like for your company.
  • Let’s expand the SAP analytic footprint to see the “big picture”. Business Analytics is all the components needed to enable your organization to perform at your best and achieve remarkable results.- Beginning at the bottom, you’ll notice SAP delivers a very data source agnostic platform. Many of our customers do not have an investment in SAP applications; therefore, we’ll continue to support enterprise data in almost any format. That data can reside in a 3rd party ERP system like Oracle or Lawson, in social media solutions and unstructured data (like text), in existing OLAP cubes or data warehouses, or even in an Excel spreadsheet on your computer. - The next layer up in the diagram is comprised of SAP’s five core analytic components, a comprehensive suite of analytic applications, enabling technology, and integrated BI platform.Starting on the left is the Enterprise Performance Management suite of products for managing corporate performance and financial objectives. Next is Governance, Risk, and Compliance for managing global access and risk abatement.- On to Business Intelligence, where your data is transformed into knowledge and actionable intelligence, allowing business users to get the answers to questions they need to be effective. This covers everything from data discovery, to interactive dashboards, to predictive and ‘what-if’ style analysis.- Next is our world-class solution for Enterprise Information Management, including data collection, data quality, data management, and master data management. Lastly, we deliver a foundational Data Warehouse solution with support for Big Data (such as Hadoop), high-performance analytics, enterprise data warehouses, and data marts.The next layer up speaks to the analytic capabilities that can be achieved by using one or more of these products. Business users can conduct historical or trending analysis, more real-time and faster queries using in-memory technology, forward-looking or “what-if” analysis to discover ways to make changes to future expectations, collaborative analytics which allows the business to collectively and proactively respond to business events, financial management and strategy reporting, and pixel-perfect reporting such as regulatory and template-based reports.The next layer up is SAP’s HANA solution, an in-memory analytic appliance that allows for fast execution of big and/or multi-source data sets, allowing you access to information how and when you need it to make critical decisions. HANA serves an important part of SAP’s high-performance data delivery strategy today and in the future. The last solution component is a comprehensive suite of pre-built industry and LoB analytic applications that are more turnkey and enable faster time to value, lower implementation costs, and allow IT to focus on their day job and not on a lengthier-than-expected BI project. These analytic applications are delivered with industry and LoB best practices, processes for insight to action, with reporting content needed to solve the most common information problems. We also deliver the platform for extending the analytic applications, creating your own, embedding analytic content in your applications and processes, and even use of the partner-developed applications within the SAP ecosystem.At the very top, you can see that once again SAP delivers a very agnostic solution, this time at the user interface layer. Users are most empowered by tools and devices they use most in their daily responsibilities and routine. Therefore, the analytic platform can serve actionable content to all users on a variety of devices—from mobile devices such as iPhones/iPads/Android/Blackberry, to standard web browsers, to on-demand or cloud/hosted services and integrations, to embedded content within applications, to tight integration to Microsoft Office, and even integration to Portal and other intranet solutions for business pervasiveness.SAP’s strategic view of Business Analytics overall is the integration and combination of all these components—a solution that provides the greatest level of integration across the platform for a lower Total Cost of Ownership, and one which allows for faster business user adoption in any industry with any analytic needs.
  • PresentGet RT actionable insights from large volumes of diverse data to react quickly to changing market conditionsProcessCorrelate RT+OT data from multiple sources to unlock business value and deliver better BIStoreEfficiently store massive volumes of data and provide quick and easy access to itCollectCapture all business-relevant data in varied data formats and velocity
  • Large scale extranet portals are common in financial services to improve stickiness of client relationship and to lower service costs in call centers and branches Examples Large scale retirement statement and analysis on line at T Rowe Price and JP Morgan B to B reporting portals for hedge funds form investment banking prime brokerages divisions giving up to date picture of trades, profits and settlements Wealth management statements for high net worth individuals to view portfolio and holdings We have over 100 clients in this area such as Credit Suisse ,JP morgan , AXA, Union Investment , SEI
  • In the past, every major crisis has highlighted some structural weaknesses of our economic system and as a consequence led to new government regulation. In addition, there is welcome progress to create new, unified standards that bring our global economy even closer together. The alphabet soup of IFRS, XBRL, SEPA and others is legion. The only challenge is that you need to comply with all these new standards in an efficient way within a relatively short timeSAP Financial Reporting and analysis solutions allow you to OUTPERFORM STAKEHOLDERS’ FINANCIAL EXPECTATIONSCascaded strategy and KPI’sEfficient and effective planning and budgeting that gives the agility needed to cope with uncertaintyDetailed and accurate reporting of costs and net profitability to support decision makingQuick and easy scenario analysisComplete end-to-end solutions for processing financial transactions enabled within a unique shared services framework End to end solutions for transaction processing enabled within a unique shared services frameworkFast and efficient budgeting, reporting and closingSeamless treasury and credit management operationsPervasive business analytics for self service reporting and analysis DELIVER SUPERIOR SERVICE AT REDUCED COSTReduced cost of financeEfficient transaction processing with minimal error rates Time to work with the business and add value to commercial decisionsSelf-service reporting for business users ..and benefits such as:Improved Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)Stronger Total Return for Stakeholders / Shareholders (TSR)Minimize # earnings warningsFewer days to close the booksReduced cost of finance as % of revenueLower days of sales outstanding (DSOKey banking references in this area are Societe Genrale LLoyds bank, Credit Agricole ,and UBS for financial reporting and consolidationFor Societe Generale 10 days saved on close by streamlining inter-company reconciliation of over 800 entities
  • Large scale branch reporting empowers front line employees with information on sales budgets performance by products, branch ,area or country Cross selling campaigns can be tracked to ascertain program success, managers can manage by exception by focusing on poorly performing branches , product managers can identify areas of the country or types of customers adopting new services offered by the bank SAP can provide regional ,branch or individual reporting and dashboard monitoring as required by the bank . Isbank in turkey is rolling out 10000 users of branch reports across their network detailing key figures such as net new money received , retail saving market share analysis , sales performance by product line Nationwide , reporting from a Microsoft DWH fed by SAP Transaction banking used SAP BusinessObjects with over 600 users to drive sales and branch reporting Real time, in-memory analytics and applications so business users can make better decisions faster Data analysis of customer data in a timely fashion is critical to success . In memory advancement gives more real time analysis of customer data to be used by marketing ,sales and front office employees to make better customer acquisition strategies and improve customer satisfaction We launched the first solution (SAP Human Capital Planning) to be based on our new High Performance Analytic Application (HANA) at the end of 201, but there are others in the pipeline that will deliver astounding performance. For instance In tests a dunning report that previously took 77 minutes to run took 13 seconds - 365 x fasterPlanning and forecasting based on massive amounts of real-time operational dataReduced burden on IT
  • Here is a typical dashboard for a regional manager for a branch network Click on the tabs to view different slices of information about product , branch or forecast performance Tab 1 Products sales – this allows view at a glance performance by product line The red and green bars show performance against sales targets for each product category . The slider at the bottom of the page allows you to move back in time to evaluate relative performance over time Tab 2 Branch view – breaks down sales performance by branch and region . Click on map to see relative performance of branches within this region and trends over time Tab 3 Branch targets – this allows what if analysis on branch targets . The executive can move the white buttons in each region to model the effect of upgrading or downgrading sales targets or forecasts on the overall regional performance Tab 4 Sales pipeline analysis. The executive can review sales pipeline by product line in the different stages of pipeline to estimate if targets will be made or execution needs to be changed

Andy Hirst VP FS Services SAP - Business Intelligence for banks Andy Hirst VP FS Services SAP - Business Intelligence for banks Presentation Transcript

  • Business IntelligenceAndy HirstJune 18 2012
  • “Data is the new Oil” – Clive Humbyhttp://www.photoeverywhere.co.uk/west/usa/california/sunset_oil_rigDSC_4701.jpg
  • SAP’s Five Market Categories 11 Lines of Business Cloud 24 Industries Mobile 11 Lines of Business Analytics Go to Market Applications Database and Technology Powered by SAP HANA© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 3
  • Top technology priorities of CIOs, Gartner2011 2012Rank Technology Rank Technology1 Cloud computing 1 Analytics and business intelligence2 Virtualization 2 Mobile technologies3 Mobile technologies 3 Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)4 IT management 4 Collaboration technologies (workflow)5 Business Intelligence 5 Legacy modernization6 Networking, voice, and data communications 6 IT management7 Enterprise applications 7 CRM8 Collaboration technologies 8 ERP applications9 Infrastructure 9 Security10 Web 2.0 10 Virtualization© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 4
  • Banks Implement BI for Reporting, Cost Reduction andRisk Management Q: What were the top 3 drivers for your organization to implement Business Analytics/Intelligence solutions?Source: 2010 IDC Vertical Group Survey© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 5
  • On Demand Embedded Enterprise Mobile Browsers MS Office Portals Services Content Analytics for Banking Historical | Real-time | Forward-looking | Collaborative | Highly Formatted Governance, Risk, and Enterprise Information Enterprise Performance Governance, Risk, Business Management and Compliance Compliance Intelligence Management  Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting  Enterprise GRC  OLAP Analysis   Reporting Financial Consolidation  Global Trade Services  Data Discovery  Strategy Management  Access Risk  Dashboards  Profitability and Cost Management Management  Mobile  Disclosure Management  Continuous Transaction  Predictive Analytics Monitoring SAP HANA / IQ / ASE Enterprise Information ManagementEnterprise Data Sources Other Application/ MS Unstructured OLAP Servers, Data SAP Social Media Content Data Sources Excel Content Warehouses & Marts © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 6
  • Strategic use cases for Analytics in Banking Management Finance Compliance Sales Operations Improve Be Manage Increase Operate Performance Prepared Risk Sales Efficiently Planning Bankers Enterprise Risk Branch Sales and Core Banking and Consolidation Dashboard Reporting for Banking Customer Analysis Reporting & Analysis for Banking Talent and Cost and Mortgage Portfolio Customer Sentiment Statements and Extranet HR Reporting Profitability Analysis for Analysis Analytics for Banking Reporting and Analysis Banking Mobile IRFS Reporting Real-Time Wealth IT Incident and Analytics & Closing the Books Market Risk Valuations Management Project Reporting© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 7
  • Analysis Reporting SAP BW SAP Suite© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 8
  • Analysis Reporting relational SAP BW DWH SAP Suite Operational other System data …© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 9
  • Analysis Reporting Semantic layer relational SAP BW DWH SAP Suite Operational other System data …© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 10
  • Analysis Reporting Semantic layer Sybase or SAP BW HANA 3 rd party SAP Suite Operational other System data …© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 11
  • Data Discovery Analysis Exploration ReportingHR,CRM ,Procurement Embedded Analytics Semantic layer Sybase or SAP BW HANA 3 rd party SAP Suite Operational other System data …© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 12
  • Data Discovery Analysis Exploration Reporting Semantic layer relational SAP BW HANA DWH SAP Suite Operational other System data …© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 13
  • Data Discovery Analysis Exploration Reporting Mobile Semantic layer SAP BW HANA Sybase SAP Suite Operational other System data …© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 14
  • Analytic Apps Data Discovery Analysis Reporting Exploration Mobile Semantic layer Sybase SAP BW HANA SAP Suite Operational other System data …© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 15
  • SAP Big Data Solution Capabilities SAP Big Big Data Landscape SAP Data Processing Framework Present SAP Mobile Applications, Sybase Unwired Platform SAP Business Suite SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions Collect Store Process Sybase ESP Sybase ASE SAP HANA Sybase IQ Hadoop Stream & event Transaction In-memory Analytic MapReduce processing Processing Computing Engine Engine Batch Compute Framework DB Engine DB Engine DB Engine Hive/HDFS Sybase ESP Sybase Replication Server, SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Monitor / filter streaming events (Integrate / synchronize data across deployment options) Semi-structured Data Structured Data Unstructured Data© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 16
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business IntelligenceStrategic Focus for 2012 BI 4.0 Simple Mobile Extreme Collaborative • Market • Win the • Expand to • Big Data • Capture the leadership department untapped • Real Time decision • New 4.0 • Bank users • Predictive • Information FP3 content • Instant , in context powerful in • Team your hands decisions Innovation without Disruption© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 17
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business IntelligenceNew Products for 2012 BI 4.0 FP3 Simple Mobile Extreme Collaborative Exploration SAP Visual SAP SAP Views Intelligence SAP BI Mobile Predictive StreamWork Analytics Innovation without Disruption© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 18
  • Mobile Analytics with in-memory data creates compelling value Risk SAP HANA Finance + In-Memory + Customer = VALUE Computing Trading HR© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 19
  • WHAT ARE THE TRENDS FOR ANALYTICS ? 1 In memory 2 Data Discovery 3 Mobile Analytics 4 Predictive Analysis 5 Collaboration/Social Media© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 20
  • Instant Insight with SAP BI Mobile- Bankers Dashboard© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 21
  • Data Discovery with Exploration views
  • SAP Visual Intelligence – New Data discovery tool 3Q 2012© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 23
  • Collaboration With SAP StreamWork Collaborative decision making • Unite people, information, and structure • Share and analyze enterprise data • Be productive in minutes • Secure and extensible© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 24
  • Collaborate inside and outside the bank
  • Delivering the next generation of business applications, powered bySAP HANA SAP Built Apps Partner Built Apps Custom Built Apps SAP HANA Platform for amazing new applications built by SAP, Partners & Customers Powerful in-memory computing capabilities to enable real-time, data- intensive analysis such as simulations, data mining, and forecasting Enriched with business function library Transforming the way we plan, collaborate, decide and execute© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 26
  • New analytic infrastructures Risk Calculation Engine Business Intelligence Query Results Query We now have the possibility to Aggregates dramatically simplify our analytic infrastructures Indexes SPEED & FLEXIBILITY Data Warehouse Data Marts ETL Operational Platform Analytic Data Store Copy Business Applications Data© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 27
  • Strategic use cases for Analytics in Banking Management Finance Compliance Sales Operations Improve Be Manage Increase Operate Performance Prepared Risk Sales Efficiently Planning Bankers Enterprise Risk Branch Sales and Core Banking and Consolidation Dashboard Reporting for Banking Customer Analysis Reporting & Analysis for Banking Talent and Cost and Mortgage Portfolio Customer Sentiment Statements and Extranet HR Reporting Profitability Analysis for Analysis Analytics for Banking Reporting and Analysis Banking Mobile IRFS Reporting Real-Time Wealth IT Incident and Analytics & Closing the Books Market Risk Valuations Management Project Reporting© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 28
  • Statements and Extranet Reporting SAP SAP BusinessObjects Custom App Analytic Application Analytic AppCurrent Customer Situation 24x7 access for customer and partners to secure information and analysis in back-end systems Presenting customer statements for pensions, accounts, products via web and mobileDescription Extranet reports for customer or partner analysis Mobile access to statements and analyses Secure self-service accessValue Proposition Web or mobile access to reports and analyses for thousands of customer statements with the SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio Advanced with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 solutions and SAPOutcome Opportunity BusinessObjects EIM 4.0 solutions Reduce operational costs Improve customer loyalty Return© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 29
  • IRFS Reporting and Closing the Books SAP BusinessObjects Custom App Analytic ApplicationCurrent Customer Situation Too many manual processes Align GL and operational systems to produce correct figures Meeting IAS 9 & IRFS requirementsDescription Consolidate any number of complex GLs into one Automate production of financial figures Produce regulatory filings and reportsValue Proposition SAP BusinessObjects Financial Consolidation enables risk adjusted planning and accelerated financial closes Combine with SAP Business Suite software for an Advanced with SAP BusinessObjects applications end-to-end solutionOutcome Opportunity Close your books in < 3 days at end of quarter Fewer errors and manual reworking to reduce costs Return Meet regulator concerns© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 30
  • The Citi Future State Global Financial Analytics Platform The Right Tool for the Right Purpose Data Exploration Ad Hoc Analysis Dashboards Operational Reporting Mobility • Evaluate Trends • Robust, Ad Hoc analysis • Executive Snapshot • Formatted Reports • Analysis on the go • Search + Discovery • Ease of formatting reporting • Standard Reports • Build once, deploy many • Drill Down, Slice + Dice • Flexible ‒ KPI / metric reporting • User Defined Reports places - on any device • Focus on Casual Usage • Excel Plug In ‒ Workflow for • High Volume • Self-Service comment/action Unified Reporting Layer (URL) – Business Objects Universe Op. Data MartCiti Finance DB’s: (HANA) Pearl FRS Jade Sybase IQCiti Data Sources GENESIS ECDW P2P CRC APS = Limited Citi Business Objects Use © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 31
  • Branch and Sales Analysis – Powered by SAP HANACurrent Customer Situation Analytic App SAP BusinessObjects Custom App Analytic SAP from Application Track sales figures versus budget in branches Inability to identify cross-selling opportunitiesDescription Trusted data foundation of clean data Powered by SAP HANA to deliver instant view of your customer Self service reports and dashboards tracking and monitoring sales performance by any dimensionValue Proposition SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards delivers context-specific interactive insight for sales management Market share reports and analysis at speed of thought Combine with SAP CRM and SAP HANA to deliver a true real- SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, SAP time view of your sales performance BusinessObjects EIM solutions and poweredOutcome Opportunity by SAP HANA Manage by exception branch sales Improved sales effectiveness Understand daily account balances Return© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 32
  • Deutsche Bank- Campaign Effectiveness 45 minutes >700 m records (3mths) >33m customers 2 x Hana nodes33 M Customer records 40 GBFrom 40 GBTo 6,6 GB 5 seconds Standard System In-Memory System© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 33
  • Example Analysis Savings milestones offers Balance build stimulation offers© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 34
  • © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 35
  • Thank youAndy HirstAndy.hirst@sap.comTwitter andyhirstbi