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Why The Cloud Won't Save Your Business


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Why the Cloud Won’t Save Your Business Focus Research ©2012 All Rights Reserved
  • 2. Why the Cloud Won’t Save Your BusinessAll of the hype and hoopla that has attended cloud computing is finally dying down. We’re almost in theplace where cloud computing is no longer being suggested as the miracle cure for what ails business.However, just in case you’re in an organization that thinks that the cloud will solve all of your problems,here are the top 5 reasons why it won’t:#5 – No InventoryThe benefits of cloud computing rely on moving resources from some point inside your organization to anexternal provider. It is fairly important to know what those resources are, and how they are being used,if any benefits are to be derived from moving them. You would be surprised to know the percentage oforganizations that fail to have a good and current inventory of hardware and software that they depend upon.If you don’t know what you have, you don’t know what you need.#4 – Poor SecurityInformation security is about process, people and technology. While good people can compensate tosome degree for bad process or technology, overall security is impaired when all three elements arenot at their best. Moving your technology resources (or assets) into the cloud does not automaticallymake those resources secure. Employees with poor security habits will be just a careless with yourorganization’s assets in the cloud as on-premise, but the stakes are higher in the cloud since those assetsare more accessible to others.Security for your data is your concern, not your cloud vendors’.#3 – Wrong PeopleEmbracing the cloud – even a little bit – means relying on workers that are more versatile. This isespecially true within your technology organization, where your staff is going to need to be able to managemore vendors, deal with changing standards, and integrate solutions across provider. Some technologyworkers are not fond of the cloud, and will happily move on to organizations that are more on-premisefocused. If you don’t have the right people, your company will not be able to roll with the punches.The cloud doesn’t turn average people into awesome ones – it allows good/great people to be more effective.Why the Cloud Won’t Save Your Business Focus Research ©2012 2
  • 3. #2 – No Technology StrategyHow can you be sure that the cloud will provide the applications you need if you don’t have a plan for howyour technology is managed? Who will be looking out for bandwidth consumption? Who will be makingsure that you have enough redundancy? Who will be keeping an eye on the provider? The cloud doesn’tcreate strategy – it facilitates it.#1 – No Business PlanAt the end of the day, your corporate vision and business plan drive all the other elements. What you buy,who you hire, what you protect, and what your business ultimately accomplishes, are all driven by yourbusiness plan. If you don’t have one of those, or happen to have one that is flawed in some way, the cloudwill not save you.If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.Just as a really expensive set of tools will not turn a random individual into an awesome (or evencompetent) carpenter, so too, the best marketing presentation will not turn an organization that is lackingin areas such as planning, staffing, and security into a corporate powerhouse.Don’t fall for the hype. Apply effective strategy and planning to reap real benefits from the cloud today –just as with other technologies that you evaluated and embraced. Andrew S. Baker is a hands-on architect of advanced technology solutions that increase corporate agility, mitigate business risk, reduce operating costs, and facilitate business growth for organizations in the SMB market. Mr. Baker has served for over 15 years as a trusted technology advisor to small and mid-sized organizations across many verticals, specializing in the areas of technology infrastructure, information security and cloud computing.Why the Cloud Won’t Save Your Business Focus Research ©2012 3