The Future of Work and the Advent of Predictive HCM: SuccessConnect 2013 - Shawn Price Keynote

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The Future of Work and the Advent of Predictive HCM: SuccessConnect 2013 - Shawn Price Keynote

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The Future of Work and the Advent of Predictive HCM ...

The Future of Work and the Advent of Predictive HCM
Opening Keynote with Shawn Price, President, SuccessFactors An SAP Company.

Market disruptors are changing business in ways never before seen. Shawn Price kicks off SuccessConnect 2013 with a discussion of what’s happening in the market, the major trends impacting HR and the business, and the role technology plays in transforming HR. Join Shawn and special guests to learn why tomorrow won’t look like today.

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  • {"16":"Slide:\nTalent shortage & experience gap\nWho, what, where, why, when – continuous loop\nOld world – applicant and tracking\n4 step process \nSourcing\nText example \nCxO Talk story recruiting strictly via Twitter\nCelgene - huge growth last year in candidates coming across through online channels (from 15 t0 65%). With our recruiting marketing platform we provide strategy into new channels to engage and attract best fit candidates\nGamification - firm that created an online game to recruit talent with the mix of analytical and marketing skills and technology savvy required to serve its customers and quickly narrowed a pool of more 700 applicants down to six quality candidates, which it hired within a few weeks. Imagine those kind of results – more closely matched to your requirements, found faster, less expensive\nAlso about brand, social, two way\nComposite view\nWeb is resume\nGlassdoor reviews\nSocial networks mass ref\nGamification rating system for talent\nRecruiting management – still matters, but only one piece of the equation\nOnboarding\nDanger of moving slowly \nAsia retailer story \nContinually tune – not a process with an endpoint – (loyalty concept)\nLink: Learning a similar story – about what’s changed based on the changes in the world of work and people’s expectations, and HR’s role in addressing those expectations – so you can continue to attract and retain the best\n","5":"Slide: Performance & Growth – punchline is you are driving our growth\nCONNECT \nHear directly from you\n23M, 3700\n35+M\n55+M\nTriple growth – fastest 1B\n100 languages\n100K visits/mo community\n29 - 41 av time incr over mo\nBoards\nDrive:\nInnovation\nSOA Strategy\nResponsibility\nAbsorption\nSimplification\nRoadmap\nNo one has all\nChoice\nLINK: Responsibility to deliver innovation & quality\n","11":"Slide: Today’s expectations, developed for tomorrow today\nSocial – JAM, integrated, leader\nMobile – 1st and only\nExtended\nMobile expectation:\nmore mobile devices than people\n1b in social networks\n15+ billion web-enabled devices\nLink: But it’s not only about applications, it’s about expertise and content\n","17":"Slide: Learning is the foundation for all talent process.\nExperience gap implications\n3 things that count\nProduce content\ndeliver content\nBiz prob solving\nNarrow def is compliance & tracking\nTraditional – high cost, classroom, eLearning\nNow\nDemocratized\nMOOCs (Khan Academy)\nBite-sized, in time\nDiscoverable\nSelf-directed\nEngaging – “have to” to “want to” - Gamification\nImproved economics = improved flexibility\nLink: Everything we have been describing is about engagement, connections and measurements. I want to bring up another customer now. Carol Anderson from Marriott International. Marriott has contemplated a future based on innovation and employee engagement with a global workforce, connected, and driving the business forward. Please welcome Carol.\n","6":"Slide: It’s not just about scale\n1.2 to 4.8 apps\n2 v 4 releases\nInnovation & quality - diff path\nQuality journey\nAcct mngmt\nDCs/SLAs (99.8% w/service credit)* (AUS, next Canada, Russia, Brazil, China fr 6-10)\nCCO\nRoadmap transparency\nPerformance portal\nDev rigor\nJust a sample\nOur responsibility – stand up team\nLINK: The product journey has been no less interesting\n","12":"Slide: expertise and content – punchline – this is about delivering SELF-SERVICE, intuitive, beautiful – free HR\nApplication – centric content 19,500\n800 industry specific job descriptions\n250 job families \n13,000 skills \n86 Competencies across 10 Categories\n100 Pre-built Reports and Dashboards \n25 Pre-built compensation Reports \n500 Goals\n1,548 Writing Assistant Comments (18 per competency) \n1,032 Coaching Assistant Comments (12 per competency)\n170+ Core HR workflows\n60 International and country specific reports\nExpertise – 2000 KPIs and metrics\nVoluntary turnover rates\nManagerial bench strength\nPerformance based pay differential\nVerticals and strategic industries – healthcare \nDeployment, choice and methodologies\nBest practices\nAbsorption\nLink: double-click on an area of innovation in our company that we are proud of\nWhen we sold SF, we were known as a talent company, and in one short year …\n","1":"TITLE #1 BLUE\n","18":"Slide: With enormous change comes enormous opportunity. Incredible year. \nNever HR more important, relevant and impactful\nMidst of a transformation\nNew generation\nNew expectations\nSocial collaboration\nGlobal\nmobile workforces\nChanging the role of HR\nCall to Action:\nTake a look at CHRO study\nLearn during Sconnect from those doing it, done it\nTalk to us about your journey\nHave the solutions today, why wait\nSo you can deliver it. Today. Not on a roadmap. Here. Today. Now. End to end – recruit to retire – entire employee lifecycle. And the ability to bring predictive insights to the business. Today. Thank you very much!\n \n","7":"Slide: Your input – innovation bi-directional\n60 patent app\nFilling in employee lifecycle \nActionable insights – path to predictive HCM\nSocial\nMobile first\nCore HR in the cloud ready\nFOCUS\nEase of use\nEnablement\nAbsorption\nNew product: Onboarding\nNew product: iPad app\nNew: Headlines analytics\nNew: EmployeeReferrals\nNew: Absence management\nNew: Job Profile Builder and Skills Management\nOverhauled: Position Management\nEmployeeCentral is now in 56 countries\nPayroll in 23 countries\nHR Help Desk\nPayroll Workbench pilot\nSummarize\nOnly just begun\nRedefine customer experience \nLINK : innovating in this way is being guided by what’s happening in your world, our world – trends putting more pressure on HR\n","13":"Slide: employee central\nPromised last year\nSynergies\nPerformance\nCo-innovation\nGlobal and local\nPayroll\nUI\nPrebuilt self-service scenarios\nConfigurable\nMobile - Social - Integrated\nResponsibility and engagement model\nLink: HR is not an island\n","2":"TITLE #1 BLUE\n","19":"END ON MAG CAMERA TO AUDIENCE \n","8":"Slide: Trends at work and the future of work\nWho – 5 gens\nHR role in 1 culture\nDifferent expectations:\nWork-Life \nRewards \nMentorship, collaboration\nFeedback \n20% of managers don’t give annual reviews\n88% don’t give Q\nDifferent values and needs – have to address or risk losing\nPersonal brand (not enough to be cool co to gain tenure)\nInpatient – not willing to wait\nSTORY: Kira leaving – smart phone, with colleagues, already new job in place\nTalent gap, experience shortage – skilled & unskilled\nGen Y = under 2 yrs\nGen X = 5 yrs\nHiring and training\nRetaining\nSkills gap\n70% US growth – knowledge for 30 yrs\n40M shortage of college degrees in 2020 \n50+% US CEOs believe threat\nWay we work – social, mobile\nconsumer technology, personal brand\nENGAGEMENT EXERCISE - HR or IT, hug\n2/3rds will ask about social media in interview\n56% no if ban social media \n68% believe corporate devices = personal\n1/3rd prioritize social media access and mobility device freedom over salary\nLink: You live it. We live it. Provide entire employee lifecycle to address (recruit to retire slide)\n","14":"Slide: Surround strategy\nSeamless\nFamily\nKronos, etc\nSIs\n5 payroll\nLoosely coupled \nFuture-proof - HANA integration / app development \nHR help desk \nPayroll workbench\nSAP HANA Cloud Platform extension package\nBlueprint for the ecosystem\nLink: We’ve covered a lot of ground. This isn’t theory, it is here today. Shakti here to share his story of global HCM transformation in 84 countries.\n","3":"Slide: Open\nH&P\nWelcome\n1 Community\n16 customers\nPlatinum Sponsor Accenture\nAnalysts - “Masterminds of HR: Why Tomorrow Won’t Look Like Today”\nBill Kutik\nLisa Rowan, IDC\nYvette Cameron, Gartner\nJosh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte\nTeam \nLINK: Acquisition done right\n","20":"TITLE #1 BLUE\n","9":"Slide: Blueprint for transformation\nSingle app, pathway to end-to-end\nRecruit-to-retire across entire employee lifecycle\nGlobal, scalable, localized, integrated, complete, beautiful, intuitive, engaging\nSOA HCM\nblueprint \nJourney\nCoexistence\n1st \nLink: Power of 1 - 1 record\n","15":"Slide: There’s no shortage of data and type\nWFP&A = power in your hands\naggregating that data e.g. voluntary turnover \nsegment for context (hi po, sales leads, managers, engineers)\n2k library of metrics:\nOperating Profit per FTE\nCareer Path Ratio\nTurnover Rate for High Performers\nTime to Fill \nDiversity\nEx. Rewarding talent - correlation betw salary, performance rating & tenure – impact on meritocracy v. tenure\nIndex = predictive HCM\n# positions with known replacement candidate\nAverage performance and potential rating\n# replacement candidates ready now, 6 mos, 12 mos\n# not as interesting as productivity = analytics\nToday, why wait?\nLink: predictive HCM is only possible to those that have the scale. Example of process from HCM that gets kicked off from WFPA is Recruiting.\n","4":"Slide: Acquisition done right\nNot SV co\nReach\nPower\nExpertise\nCulture & DNA in cloud of SFSF\nYou\nConfused\nOne Voice\nNot Amer company\n1+1=3\nStart anywhere, go everywhere\nLINK: Through this combination we have had the best year in company history\n","10":"Slide: Power of 1\n1 set of employee master data\n1 organizational structure\n1 competency catalog leveraged by all apps\n1 set of analytics \nNot point products\nLink: Wrapped in social, natively mobile\n"}


  • 1. Shawn Price President, SuccessFactors An SAP Company
  • 2. together, today and tomorrow SuccessFactors in the present future trends and the impact on the role of HR
  • 3. t day SuccessFactors in the present SAP + SFSF single voice to the customer 65,000 employees dedicated to being cloud leader integration 27 years of HCM expertise global used by > 200k organizations globally verticals 2M community members uniquely positioned with SAP
  • 4. t day SuccessFactors in the present performance and growth you are driving growth and innovation 23M users in 177 countries full suite of connected applications 3700 customers 35 languages, most international in the industry
  • 5. t day SuccessFactors in the present investing in infrastructure focus on stability and support seamless crossover of applications execs compensation tied to your success greater visibility SLAs with teeth new chief customer office built out new DCs to bring local support invested in data centers globally
  • 6. t day SuccessFactors in the present 2013 highlights innovation
  • 7. t morrow future trends and the impact on the role of HR trends impacting the world of work mobile talent shortage personal brand 5 GENERATIONS IN THE WORKFORCE experience gap millenials social
  • 8. recruit to retire plan workforce demand recruit succession core HR .... on prem cloud onboard + train recognize + reward learning performance + goals
  • 9. power of 1 plan workforce demand 1 set of employee master data 1 competency catalog recruit succession core HR .... on prem cloud 1 onboard + train recognize + reward 1 set of consolidated analytics learning performance + goals 1 organizational structural
  • 10. power of 1 plan workforce demand recruit succession core HR on prem cloud analytics + social 1 onboard + train recognize + reward learning performance + goals
  • 11. t day SuccessFactors in the present 60 international and country specific reports 250 job families expertise + content 25 pre-built compensation reports 500 Goals 2,000+ workforce KPIs and metrics 86 competencies across 10 categories 100 pre-built reports and dashboards 1,548 writing assistant comments 170+ core HR workflows 3700 customers 1,032 coaching assistant comments 800 industry specific job descriptions
  • 12. t day SuccessFactors in the present employee central core HR in the cloud
  • 13. surround strategy blueprint for the ecosystem time and attendance, benefits, payroll SAP family unnatural advantage predelivered integrations systems integration partners integration app development HANA
  • 14. predictive HCM analytics not just looking in the rear view mirror time to fill explosion of data operating profit per FTE aggregation building blocks segmentation metrics indexes management bench strength voluntary turn-over rate
  • 15. t morrow “ recruiting future trends and the impact on the role of HR old/new world Our media has been phenomenal in US, we couldn’t be happier with results. The total hires measured was 15% in 2011 and 2012 increased to 65% through online channels. SuccessFactors did everything they said –  make very visible across the web – increased the volume, and increase quality over online channels. ” – Jim Trooper, Celgene Corporation strategic workforce planning supply and demand new realities composite view keep talent pools warm sourcing channels retail innovation extending end-to-end
  • 16. t morrow future trends and the impact on the role of HR old/new world learning and engagement content democracy learning revolution intelligently mixed modes driving engagement talent process gamification learning criticality foundation of all talent processes JAM
  • 17. t day SuccessFactors in the present right people, right place, right things, right measures
  • 18. the difference complete beautiful start anywhere