Create sales development, inside sales, and field sales
teams that work together to enhance the buyer’s journey
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SAP Cloud for Sales: Inside Sales Success - Infographic


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Inside Sales Success: A Guide for Global Leaders
Changes in today’s buying and selling behaviors have forced companies to rethink the way they build and operate a winning sales organization.

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Transcript of "SAP Cloud for Sales: Inside Sales Success - Infographic"

  1. 1. Create sales development, inside sales, and field sales teams that work together to enhance the buyer’s journey at various stages. Changes in buying and selling behaviors have forced us to rethink the way we build and operate winning sales organizations. The winning formula currently involves adopting and implementing new practices and tools, specializing and segmenting your sales force, and automating many of your sales processes—all of which you can accomplish by building a powerhouse inside sales team. Inside sales teams are increasing their use of big data and analytics to understand who is most likely to buy from your company, when they’re most likely to buy, and why. They can instantly track outcomes and activities, prioritize calls and online connection attempts, and tap integrated back-office systems. Because of the ease and efficiency of broadcasting information and sharing referrals, half of global CEOs expect social channels to be a primary form of customer engagement within 5 years. Structure your sales goals to include bonuses or commission accelerators for the team. Challenge your reps to perform, but don’t overpressure them. Compensate reps on things they control. Automate commissions. Motivate the entire team. IMPORTANT CHECKLIST BUILDING AN INSIDE SALES TEAM IS A PROVEN WAY TO ACHIEVE BUSINESS GROWTH. WITH SAP CLOUD FOR SALES, YOU CAN EMPOWER YOUR TEAM TO SELL SMARTER AND WIN MORE DEALS FASTER. THE BUYER’S JOURNEY STAGE BY STAGE Pre-Awareness Awareness Consideration Ready to Buy Purchase Re-Purchase SPECIALIZED SALES ROLES DATA AND METRICS IMPACT PRODUCTVITY EMBRACE SOCIAL SELLING Ensure you get the best of the best by looking for these traits when hiring inside sales reps: Plus, make sure you: ABILITY TO ASK INCISIVE QUESTIONS APTITUDE FOR TECHNOLOGY PERFORMANCE- DRIVEN ATTITUDE CONSIDER EACH ROLE’S CAREER PATH WORK WITH YOUR RECRUITER FAST-TRACK RESULTS BY HIRING EXPERIENCED MANAGEMENT BETTER HIRING STRATEGIES WINNING COMPENSATION & INCENTIVE PACKAGES Poor sales enablement wastes 26% of the average work week, which is why a good sales playbook includes onboarding, training, and coaching. SALES ENABLEMENT & THE ROLE OF THE SALES PLAYBOOK With analytics, companies are seeing... more pipeline growth sales cycle conversion rates win rates HOW TO GAIN THE ADVANTAGE Integrate social media with existing selling processes for deeper sales intelligence. Use social sites to learn about their prospects. Measure revenue impact of social engagement. Maintain active social media profiles. spent creating presentations spent searching for customer-related info spent looking for marketing materials Ask the right questions and suggest new ideas. Continue providing valuable information. Ask qualifying questions and more relevant information. Address open issues and confirm goals for success. Assist customer in purchasing process and schedule internal resources. Track results, nurture the relationship, and understand the helpful and appropriate time to introduce the customer to additional products or services. 1 2 3 4 5 6 A 360-DEGREE VIEW WHEN TRACKING ACTIVITIES IS EASY AND FAST, REPS WILL BE MORE INCLINED TO ENTER INFORMATION THAT ALLOWS THEM TO BENCHMARK THEMSELVES VERSUS TOP PERFORMERS AND BEST PRACTICES. of customers at the right time in their buying cycle is powerful for enhancing: Productivity Responsiveness Accuracy Service Prices Quotes Sales Orders WITH REAL-TIME customized information access, high-volume sales teams can accelerate revenue growth with: Inside sales teams can: SOURCES: Inside Sales Success: A Guide for Global Leaders eBook by Reality Works Group and SAP. Copyright 2013 by SAP