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SAP Solution BriefSAP ERP                                   Objectives     Solution   Benefits   Quick FactsSAP E-Invoicin...
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E-Invoicing: Transacting with Partners Cost-Effectively


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View this Solution Brief on SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand to learn more about the ability to connect electronically with
global suppliers, customers, and service providers.

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Transcript of "E-Invoicing: Transacting with Partners Cost-Effectively"

  1. 1. SAP Solution BriefSAP ERP Objectives Solution Benefits Quick FactsSAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand E-Invoicing: Transacting with Partners Cost-Effectively
  2. 2. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Go beyond conversion of paper invoices to electronic formatsGo beyond conversion of paper With invoice volumes on the rise, more companies are mandating use ofinvoices to electronic formats e-billing and e-invoicing because it enables them to connect electronically with global suppliers, customers, and service providers. Yet e-invoicing has had a slow start due to complex regulatory requirements, lack of standard software and integration frameworks, and cumbersome, costly partner integration. The SAP® E-Invoicing for Compliance In addition to connecting you with partners, OnDemand solution simplifies the process of SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand adopting e-invoicing, reduces cost and effort facilitates compliance. Automation enforces of onboarding business partners, and takes compliance with complex tax and other coun- you beyond conversion of paper invoices to try-specific legal requirements, even as data fully electronic invoices. Now you can economi- standards and country-specific tax and legal cally send and receive legally compliant, digi- regulations change. At the same time, by sup- tally signed invoices electronically through the porting high-volume processing, the software cloud – and in the formats your business and drives efficiency throughout your financial oper- partners require. ations. It’s never been easier to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) or capture payment discounts for early remittance – savings that go right to your bottom line. 2
  3. 3. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Drive efficiencies with a state-of-the-art platformDrive efficiencies with a SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand the documents you create into a universalstate-of-the-art platform builds on a robust architecture that lets you metaformat and then into the appropriate leverage economies of scale and the efficiencies trading partner format. The software leveragesAutomate for confident compliance of cloud computing. You can make direct elec- prebuilt partner profiles representing the busi- tronic data interchange (EDI) connections to ness logic, formats, and protocols of specificAutomate outbound invoicing your high-volume business partners for accu- trading partners for e-invoicing and combineswith more trading partners rate, straight-through processing – and rede- those with the relevant compliance rules. The ploy employees that used to handle paper software routes data for digital signature cre-Automate incoming invoice invoices manually. ation and verification and forwards all datamanagement to downstream systems for further process- It’s all possible with SAP E-Invoicing for Com- ing of inbound and outbound invoices. You and pliance OnDemand, which integrates directly your business partners achieve the highest with your back-end SAP software, translating standards of integrity. Send and receive paperless invoices with any trading partner economically – regardless of compliance requirements and data standards. 3
  4. 4. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Automate for confident complianceDrive efficiencies with a Flexibility is essential if you are going to and maintain, the more expensive it gets.state-of-the-art platform comply with the myriad of e-commerce for- Establishing a single connection may entail mats demanded by trading partners. Nowa- hundreds of mappings to fully accommodateAutomate for confident compliance days, you must be equipped to work with, for your trading partner network, and this doesn’t example, extensible markup language (XML) include the corresponding partner’s changeAutomate outbound invoicing and Electronic Data Interchange for Adminis- management requirements.with more trading partners tration Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT). To make things even more interesting, govern- SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemandAutomate incoming invoice ment and tax authorities have their own set handles these tasks through a series of auto-management of legal and archiving requirements and may mated legal and compliance checks performed even specify the document format required for each incoming and outgoing e-invoice. for legally binding original documents. The software keeps you up-to-date automati- cally on the requirements of over 38 countries. At the same time, you need to reduce your Updates in legal checks and file structures cost of compliance. With traditional, manual are part of the software’s standard mainte- approaches to compliance, the more business- nance – so you can rest easy when it comes to-business connections you have to build to compliance. 4
  5. 5. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Automate outbound invoicing with more trading partnersDrive efficiencies with a Many companies see e-billing as a key method The open and scalable approach to onboardingstate-of-the-art platform for decreasing the cost of financial operations. encourages the participation of your trading But getting customers on board can make partners, who can move gradually to 100%Automate for confident compliance the conversion to e-billing complicated. SAP participation in your business-to-business ini- E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand solves tiatives. Everyone reduces costs due to reducedAutomate outbound invoicing that problem by allowing your trading part- postage, handling, and DSO represented by thewith more trading partners ners to get on board in stages. Your customers lag between dispatch and receipt. In addition, can first receive a digitally signed PDF and companies acquire welcome support in meetingAutomate incoming invoice from there move to an EDI connection for true, their carbon emissions goals through reducedmanagement straight-through processing. use of paper, printers, and toner. With SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand, onboarding new trading partners is fast, straightforward, and cost-efficient for you – and for them. 5
  6. 6. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Automate incoming invoice managementDrive efficiencies with a Your suppliers perform better when they These documents – including the verificationstate-of-the-art platform know they will receive accurate, prompt pay- protocol – are transferred to the SAP ERP appli- ment. Even if you have a high volume of busi- cation or to SAP Invoice Management and storedAutomate for confident compliance ness-to-business transactions, SAP E-Invoicing in your archive system of choice. for Compliance OnDemand helps you main-Automate outbound invoicing tain accuracy, capture those early payment Freed up from manual tasks like scanningwith more trading partners discounts, and still achieve cost reductions for invoices and rekeying data, your procurement processing invoices. The application works with professionals gain time to perform value-addingAutomate incoming invoice the SAP Invoice Management application by activities like maintaining supplier relationshipsmanagement OpenText, helping you leverage existing invest- and leveraging payment discounts. The com- ments and automate true, straight-through prehensive reporting and audit trail function- processing. Errors are systematically excluded ality of your SAP applications gives staff useful from the process as SAP E-Invoicing for Com- tools to perform efficient searches, helps them pliance OnDemand checks the PDF invoice, manage and store the electronic documents, the structured data, the digital signature file, and facilitates compliance. and the receiver information for correctness. 6
  7. 7. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Realize important benefitsRealize important benefits With SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance •• Stronger relationships with trading partners OnDemand, your business is ready to take the by bringing them on board quickly and next step toward paperless processing in your cost-effectively and accelerating the exchange financial operations in the cloud. Whether you of accurate, trusted information in the formats handle inbound or outbound e-invoicing or they require operate in a shared service environment, you •• Lower compliance risk by applying benefit from: country-specific rules regarding compliance •• Improved financial operation efficiency and legal mandates enabled by automation, which speeds •• Reduced costs by using standardized processing and reduces the cost of invoice interfaces to SAP ERP and SAP Invoice processes, the number of days needed Management and capturing payment to reconcile disputed invoices, and DSO discounts for early remittance Embrace the benefits of fast, efficient, paperless processing in the cloud by clearing the barriers to e-invoice adoption. 7
  8. 8. Objectives Solution Benefits Quick Facts Summary Solution The SAP® E-Invoicing for Compliance •• Automated posting that reduces time lag, OnDemand solution simplifies the process of eliminates errors, and monitors invoice adopting e-invoicing. Accelerate the onboarding transmissions of business partners. Send and receive legally •• Transaction checks of format, authenticity, compliant, digitally signed invoices electroni- and integrity compliance cally through the cloud in the formats your •• Partner onboarding for global suppliers, business and your partners require. Leverage customers, and service providers via an automation with software that enforces com- on-demand interface pliance with country-specific tax and legal requirements – even if you process thousands Benefits of invoices with straight-through processing. •• More efficient invoice processes through automation Objectives •• Higher compliance and legal certainty •• Satisfy diverse customer requirements for by applying country-specific rules electronic billing •• Improved connections with partners by •• Comply with country-specific legal and tax accelerating exchanges of accurate data requirements •• Lower cost via standardized interfaces with •• Increase oversight through a unified view SAP software of invoices •• Simplify and accelerate partner onboarding Learn more Call your SAP representative today, or visit us online at /cloud/e-invoicing. CMP14331 (12/08)Copyright/Trademark | Privacy | Impressum 8 ©2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.
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