SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Success Story @ YASH


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YASH proposed to Elan that they implement SAP’s HCM’s Enterprise Portal solution with Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) modules. This solution would deliver a world of information and resources to the desktops of HR staff, empowering them to provide employees with top-notch customer service, respond efficiently to employee requests, and free up their time to focus on more strategic, service-oriented tasks.

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SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) Success Story @ YASH

  1. 1. SAP® Human Capital Management (HCM) Success Story @ YASH Biotechnology Company Updates HCM Solution for Improved Collaboration and Productivity Four-Month Global Implementation Transformed HR into a Strategic Service Center Quick FactsIndustry: Biotechnology Objectives: Why YASH:Geography: Ireland ▪▪ Automate and eliminate paper- ▪▪ Vast experience in successful based HR processes enterprise capabilitiesThe Client: ▪▪ Optimize the time management of ▪▪ Extensive HCM implementations employees and provide seamless expertiseElan Corporation is a neuroscience- process execution ▪▪ Credibility as an SAP partnerbased biotechnology company that ▪▪ Upgrade existing Intranet portal tofocuses on discovering, developing, include remote self-service access Benefits:manufacturing, and marketing to employees and managersadvanced therapies in neurology, ▪▪ Better alignment between Solution: departmental decisions andautoimmune diseases, and severepain. With over 1600 employees strategic business objectives in ▪▪ SAP ERP Human Capitalworldwide, Elan’s primary emphasis areas of budgeting, recruitment, Management (HCM) Enterpriseis studying cell trafficking to discover compensation, and cost Portal solution with Employee Selfways to provide disease-modifying management Service (ESS) and Manager Selftherapies for autoimmune diseases ▪▪ Effectively leverage internal Service (MSS) modulessuch as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple processes in a reliable, scalable,sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel Implementation Highlights: and cost-effective mannerdisease; and in severe pain, research ▪▪ Improvement of internalefforts focus on inflammatory and ▪▪ Time management functionality collaboration due to fasterneuropathic pain. allowed Elan to electronically information flow record hours worked, attendance,Challenges and Opportunities: and time sheet information ▪▪ ESS automated paper-based▪▪ Employee errors must be marginal processes and routine tasks due to high profile nature of the ▪▪ MSS allowed managers to check company critical variances between budgets▪▪ Company’s previous HCM and actual costs implementation by another vendor ▪▪ YASH conducted extensive change created numerous inefficiencies and management program entitled, low user adoption “Train the Trainer,” to build commitment and guide key users on how to prepare and use manuals
  2. 2. Business Process Improvement Allow Employees to Focus on InnovationAs a global neuroscience-based biotechnology company, Elan must ensure optimalemployee performance to consistently achieve corporate objectives. Because of thehigh profile and critical nature of the company, employee errors must be marginal andproductivity at its best.They needed to improve business processes by effectively managing their humancapital and synchronizing communications across all channels. Because Elan supportsa geographically distributed workforce, they needed to consistently share serviceofferings to expand their geographic reach in order to augment the following businessneeds: ▪▪ To automate and eliminate paper-based HR processes ▪▪ To optimize the time management of employees and provide seamless process execution ▪▪ To provide support and increase efficiency to employees in their daily operational activities ▪▪ To create a multi-level authorization procedure that would increase dependency on HR for report creation and absence approvals ▪▪ To upgrade the existing Intranet portal to include remote self-service access to employees and managersIn order to improve their internal business processes and allow employees to focuson medical breakthroughs, Elan needed a comprehensive Human Capital Management(HCM) solution, for its ability to cultivate the skills of their workforce. Elan choseYASH Technologies as a strategic partner based on their vast experience in successfulenterprise capabilities, extensive HCM implementations expertise, and credibility asan SAP Gold Channel partner.YASH Proactively Addressed Challenges to Ensure Successful ImplementationAfter another vendor implemented a previous HCM solution, the client found thatit created numerous inefficiencies, resulting in low user adoption. End-users werereluctant to implement another HCM solution. Upon project initiation, YASH performeda comprehensive assessment of Elan’s existing landscape and consulted with theirend-users and internal IT team about their concerns.YASH proactively designed a detailed roadmap with Elan’s key team members thatdefined all of the processes and steps, SAP HCM screens and data fields that would beused, and specifications for interfaces and conversions. This ensured that users werefamiliar with the SAP HCM application from the beginning and provided a smoothknowledge transfer. Based on the proactive project planning, YASH proposed to Elanthat they implement SAP’s HCM’s Enterprise Portal solution with Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) modules. This solution would deliver aworld of information and resources to the desktops of HR staff, empowering them toprovide employees with top-notch customer service, respond efficiently to employeerequests, and free up their time to focus on more strategic, service-oriented tasks.
  3. 3. “YASH’s successful YASH implemented the following SAP HCM functionalities to meet the vital needs ofimplementation Elan:of SAP HCM at ourcompany gave our ▪▪ Time Management and Personnel Administration components of ESSemployees more ▪▪ ESS module options:flexibility, convenience,and coverage to - View and maintain personal informationensure consistent,personalized service - Record work time based on project typearound the clock, and - View benefit and payroll information provided by a third party vendorhas allowed greaterproductivity to focus on ▪▪ MSS module options:our primary business,medical research.” - Approve work time data - Manager, - View their “reporting to” employees’ personal, attendance, and absence data Elan Corporation - Auto approval capabilities - View various BW and R/3 reports The Time Management functionality allowed Elan to electronically record hours worked, attendance, and time sheet information. By involving the employees to a greater degree, management could now review and approve work hours and coordinate schedules more efficiently. The application eliminated potential errors, and ensured synchronization across all points of employee contact. Employee Self-Service automated paper-based processes and routine tasks and enabled Elan’s employees to manage important life and work events on their own. Available in multiple languages, self-service functions support more than 80 employee activities– from employee search and benefits management to travel management and procurement – in ways that improve productivity and efficiency by simplifying tasks, reducing paperwork, and optimizing workflows. Manager Self-Service gave managers an intuitive portal through which they could accomplish their key tasks. They could make departmental decisions that align with strategic business objectives in areas such as budgeting, recruitment, compensation, and cost management; manage competencies; conduct recruiting and annual employee reviews; and plan compensation and future staffing quotas. Managers could also monitor travel expenses, track budget consumption per project, and check critical variances between budget and actual costs. By leveraging analytical information and flexible reporting options, managers could now plan, measure, and communicate the effects of their strategies on overall business results. An integral part of YASH’s methodology was to uncover issues and resolve them prior to implementation with simulation testing. By utilizing an onsite-offshore model, YASH was able to successfully address the challenge of incorporating routine production changes seamlessly with minimal downtime. Because the power users at Elan were unfamiliar with the Enterprise Portal functions, YASH initiated an extensive change management program entitled, “Train the Trainer”, to build commitment and guide key users on how to prepare and use manuals.
  4. 4. Elan Realized Increased Operational Efficiency with Comprehensive, Integrated Solution The comprehensive implementation provided the added-value the company needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. With SAP HCM, Elan realized both financial and non-financial benefits: ▪▪ Decreased service costs, increased corporate margins and improved employee retention rates due to HR staff working more productively ▪▪ Increased overall employee satisfaction, by actively involving them in business processes ▪▪ Increased HR staff motivation and moral by automating tasks and allowing them to focus on strategic, mission-critical information ▪▪ Reduced error sources, routes, and paper consumption ▪▪ Increased employee productivity and enhanced internal collaboration due to faster information flow. ▪▪ Provided easier access to information for employees and managers with self-service functionality ▪▪ Managers were able to make effective departmental decisions that align with strategic business objectives in budgeting, recruitment, compensation, and cost management areas About YASH Technologies YASH Technologies focuses on customer success. As a leading technology services and outsourcing partner for medium and large global customers, we leverage technology and our flexible delivery models to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’s enterprise. YASH’s comprehensive service approach incorporates a holistic view of our customers that extends beyond delivery. This approach integrates enterprise solutions and services, proprietary best practice offerings, strategic application and maintenance outsourcing, as well as consulting and integration services. YASH is a SEI CMMI (Level 3) and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with U.S. and India headquarters and regional sales and development offices spread across three continents. YASH is also part of a select group of companies that are SAP - certified global providers of application management services. For more information, please visit or email YS-HCM-Biotech183-0811 YASH Technologies Global Presence - USA | EU | MEA | APAC • California | Illinois | Iowa | Massachusetts | Missouri | New York Texas | London | Germany | Bahrain | Hongkong | Singapore • Hyderabad | Pune | Mumbai | Bangalore | Indore World HQ: 605-17th Avenue East Moline IL 61244 USA | Toll Free: 877-766-8934 | Tel: 309-755-0433 | Fax: 309-796-1242 EU: The Mille-II Floor 1000-Great West Road Brentford London TW89HH UK | Tel: 44-20-8261-4408 | Fax: 44-20-8261-4418 India: 201-205 Bansi Trade Center 581/5 MG Road Indore MP 452001 India | Tel: 91-731-426-1100 | Fax: 91-731-426-1234© 2011 YASH Technologies. All rights reserved. Referred products/ a services may be registered trademarks of belonging companies.